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In this Office Hours, Probable Prime talks about:

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(Please note that the transcriptions will not be 100% accurate)

All right everyone, welcome to office hours. It is 4 p.m. So I'm gonna go ahead and get started

So if you have questions, please drop them in the office hours text chat. There's a thread for questions

You're not sure what this is

This is a half hour segment where prime answers any questions that you might have about Neo

So drop those in text format

And I'll go ahead and answer them in the order that they appear if there are no questions

We'll sit here in silence because that's how office hours work

Let's go ahead and get started as we do have a question right now. So Jackal Girl says I do have a question

Could you explain what the ballistic path procedural mesh is for? Someone stated that it had to do a teleportation

Teleporters, but I was hoping for some more detail. Yeah, so that mesh is used for the teleport locomotion, which is in

Default worlds by you know, when you make a new world, it's in there by default. It produces an arc which is

Mathematically a ballistic path. I don't really know why it's called ballistic path because yes ballistic teleporting


That's what it's used for predominantly

It is not that usable inside of Neos right now because you can't really affect the mathematics of that path that well

But obviously we can from C#

you can

Use it if you want you do need to do mathematics though. If you look at the

Trajectory node, I believe it's in physics that will give you similar inputs and outputs that will be needed for that mesh. It is a

complicated mesh

That's the only question we have so far. So I'll think about something else to say

Revy says updates on world updates check the announcements channel. Thanks. Next question

Okay, for those just joining us if you have any questions, please go ahead and drop them in the office hours text chat

That's a couple of channels above this one in the thread and I'll get to them in order that they appear

I think so for question here from cyber warlock. He says moving to a new render anytime soon

I don't have any updates to share on that one

Rendering is a topic which I am not involved in purely based on sort of I don't have the knowledge there

gains our graphics program it does and they'd be able to answer more about that do check the announcement section and our roadmap on the

On the github for any information about that one moving forwards we have Tyte who's asking a question who says I've been gone for a while

What's the current summed up situation regarding NCR?

You can go ahead and take a look at the announcements channel and read all the announcements in there that have the word NCR in them

And you'll be fully up-to-date if we have any more information

We will put in the announcements channel if you are going to complain immediately following me answering this question that there are no recent

Announcements then I would like you to listen to this present again

The updates are in the announcements channel if there are no updates

They're the most up-to-date updates that we have it's a bit like Windows right no one really thinks about that, right?

You know your own window actually windows is a bad idea

I guess they update like all the time like you know it's like saying there are no recent updates

It's like yeah, but like the most recent updates are there

I had a DM from someone that said will support be coming soon. I don't know what that question means please answer questions in

In the thread so I can get more information about those things

sidewalk has another question here says any updates on stuff you've been excited to work on the stroke a look at

Like personally I've been working a bunch of science projects, so those are cool

I also was working yesterday on an updated document for the MMC to clarify license issues

As you can find that in the MMC text channel that was a document which medros like this is this is needed

We're having lots of questions and confusing

No discussions about it, so I made a document summarizing licenses

For those who are unaware in the MMC one of the rules stipulates that you must have a license to

Use an asset in the MMC and that caused some confusion because apparently no one pays attention to licenses anywhere at all

The loose principle of that is that when you download something from the internet you don't own it

You might think that you automatically own it, but you don't

when you download something you're usually given a

license to that

sometimes it's

Less clear than others, but even in games you're given the license. That's called the end user license agreement. It's a license to the game

So if you don't have a license you can't use it. That's as simple as that

So make sure that you're reading the downloads reading the license of anything that you've downloaded and check that documentation for more information

Jackal says what has been the

most surprising clever thing that you've seen someone do with logics. That's gonna have to be the

Neural network world that was I think last year's MMC, but they did a whole neural network now

It does only do pong which is quite a simple neural network with not that many nodes in between it

But like the whole way that that was put together so that it is actually a neural network working logics is quite cool

Additionally is the like the traffic

NPC system the one that's got all the light little creatures that run around a village. That's really cool use

Easton says gulp. I don't know what that means. Please elaborate

Revy says have the servers been downgraded or heard people in myself noting the landfill server

Nope, not to my knowledge. If you have any issues, please make sure that you're opening up a bug report

There is a particular bug issue that you should go take a look at which is called

Assets loading slowly or something like that is on our github and you can take a look at it

I have a DM that says where do I post questions in the thread you?

Okay, so you're on community meetings you go up one two, three four five channels

You find the office hours text chat you click into the office hours text chat and then right at the bottom of the office hours text

Chat the last message in there is a thread and you put questions in there

If you have any difficulty with that, feel free to just DM me the question, but like it really should be

Easy to type in there

Dio says is the logic structure like a neural net and I'm presuming I'm speaking about the neural network website. Sorry not website entry

no, it's it is but

the logics is just to

Communicate with the nodes the nodes are like separate pieces of logics which are then called between each other

I can't remember the exact specifics. I did unpack something and it looked really cool

For those unaware when it comes down to like simple neural networks. It gets a lot easier to understand

you connect an input and that say an input might be something very simple like the brightness of a pixel and

Then the output might be move left move right and then based on that you can start doing

Information so the neural network might say okay if I see a one on the brightness of a pixel

Then I output one to move left

and that is

Just a very basic example

If you think about it more and more and you look into like how it works you can start to really understand why

really simple creatures are

Really, you know what we call really simple because they have a smaller brain mass

They have a smaller connectome. I believe is the term for it. Now you think about a fly maybe

The fly is just responding to a very simple neural network, which is like seek food avoid people

There is research to say that the size of brains doesn't matter as much as we thought though

I seem to remember it was something like

QI that TV show has been on my

YouTube short feed for a bit and

Something about like something about the size of the brain not being that more, you know, that my point

It's like more the development of the brain

Do clarifies I'm in terms of how graph based data structures are typically visualized by like this explanation more

No logics is not structured like a neural net. Um

Really don't understand the question. Oh, I skipped Eastern's question

I don't know what that is. Like if it's a badge then I can go look at the badge code right now and see what's there

Except I can't because my bookmarks broke to anyway, that would be


Avatar builder. Yeah, come on avatar build. All right scroll to the badges section

There is no badge with that name, but there's no standard badge with that name

It's probably a private badge or it might just be a tag. Like the problem is that people like associate tags with

Like badges but like tags aren't badges tags are just tags much how worlds can have tags users can have tags and how we add

Badges to people is usually via tags because it tags a user but tags don't always equate to badges

They just sometimes do

Yes, the neural network world is laid out like that a lot simpler than that, yes

Beagle asks not sure how much you know about custom badge installation

But I want to add a badge in but when I use the badge installer overwrites another badge I've edited and sets it back

default once you've used the badge installer once I would just go ahead and take a look adding the badge manually to the badge installer

It shouldn't be that difficult to go find the existing custom badges and add another one, but if you're using a community-based

Integration then you should go speak to the member of the community that made that integration

I can only help with real badges because I don't know

I don't know like how that one works. It's usually

Episcolians one that people use I don't know how it's work

I don't use it because I have enough badges Beagle clarified that it's the custom badge thing

Yeah, you'll have to speak to the the maker of the custom badge thing

Yeah, corpse just a tag like you can see it there like it's literally it's just a tag like it's not a badge

It's a tag

So you see how this is like it says tags Neos team years admin that allows Fruxius and anyone else with those tags to perform

Things that you guys can't for example I can I can delist an item from the world browser

I can feature an item in the world browser. I can save stuff to the Neos team inventory like you know it's it's tagged

It's not badges, so I would calm down and and enjoy

Knowing that all badges are not tax moving forwards to questions

maestro says

Thank you. I'm in touch discord

What is the license turns that I might need to know about if I want to do it for your project to say requirement?

I mean the license terms of Neos

Take a look at our end user license agreement and our terms of use as well as our user guidelines

That's all you need to abide by you do whatever you want provided. You're abiding by those those are all available on the wiki and

some are available like in in

like in steam and stuff

Eastern there is not a place on the wiki for tags because tags can be literally anything and the amount of tags that you'll see

Will grow exponentially and they don't mean anything. There's also not a page for badges that are

Eastern you need to just chill out because just to tag like it's meaningless right if you look at your world any world that you've published

It's gonna have a tag for like everything that you put into the world name for example if you called the world

The cool cabin by the sea it will have a tag

That's called the because like our tag systems just like bad right now

So it doesn't mean anything. It's just like it usually is signaled in behavior, right?

It's exactly the same as slot tags, but the difference is in then that slot tags. You can only have one

Because we don't have collections yet, whereas we do have collections in the API so you can't do that and we do have

Collection like abilities for the world browser. That's also why the MMC uses tags and not the world name

As a reminder for the MMC you do not need to put MMC or MMC 2023 or MMC 23

In your world name just put it in the tags

It's up to you

But I've seen a bunch of worlds where they've like got like I don't know it still seems like people think that they need to

Put it in the world name, which you do not all right moving forwards. That's done

Wherever says have we turned you into a fairy yet? I don't know maybe you should find out

Pam-pam says how am I today? I have pink lemonade. So I am amazing Jackal says, what is your favorite kind of cheese?

I do not answer cheese questions because I answered them all search back through the notes

Those who are unaware what pink lemonade is pink lemonade is lemonade that has

Raspberry juice in it. Yeah, it's fine on the session names

It's just like when I come to set up the I run the voting systems from see when I come to set up the voting system

And I go into one of the voting booths and like the entire booth is just like water wall MMC

It's so hard to find like a particular entry that you're interested in because they all start with MMC

And you just look at like a sea of MMC space blah blah blah blah, and it's like what like just like what?

You know just like here's an example. Let's say a

Blockbuster film was entered into a competition and you go to the award ceremony, and it's like


MMC the shining has won the award for the best horror film and it's like

Anyway, it's a matter of preference, but just know it's not required like if you still choose to put it in great

It's just if you think you need to you do not

Beagle says have you ever wanted to participate in MMC I participate in every single

MMC do says we needed a vetted wiki article almost at misconceptions that go around Neos

Yeah, well we've got optimization guidelines, which Lexus provided

We've got myths

Haven't actually updated in a while. That's because things calmed down. I guess but yeah his his myths

And then we've got things to avoid as well

Which I recently had to clarify that things to avoid didn't mean against the guidelines because we had a bunch of stuff around that

But those three pages should help as for vetted. We don't like we don't really need them to be vetted

I do check like edits that occur there, but

What amazes me is that even with those pages in existence I still hear things which are like

Literally on that page and I'd understand if they were on Twitter or a different platform because people may and we haven't read that

But like I hear these things from like mentors and mod sometimes and it's like come on Beagle says

What are you working on for this MMC? I don't have any plans right now

What I usually do bear in mind I can't win is I've tended to sort of go for the art category

So if you go back to MMC 2022, you'll see that I have an entry in the art category

the reason behind that is because art is sort of like

subjective and

Open to interpretation and also quite creative. I don't actually need to spend a lot of time on logics, right?

If I make a game I need to spend like hours making the logic for the game

You know making sure all the parts work teams shooting whatever it is that needs to work works

But if I do art, it just needs to look good and in some cases that means like silly stuff

So the art project I did last year was based on I'm not gonna be able to find it

There's there's a note in the world

It's good untitled on purpose because I called it untitled and then lots of people DM me and were like you should title your project

I'm like no

No, it's untitled on purpose and so I just renamed it to untitled on purpose to meme this year's one will also be called untitled

Yes, that is a perfect example of art

Moving forward to additional questions Revy asks. I wonder why unity for rendering back when we picked unity

It was probably the best option available. You have to remember the that Neos has existed since sort of before

Before you can gather right? It's been a long time in the making

Lots of people particularly in the crypto scene. They're like Neos has only existed since 2020

I'm like no Neos has existed like as early as I think 16 17 or 18

But it's you know, and it's like cool

We used unity back then and we're kind of just stuck on it because we've been on it that long

Like the very first sort of idea of Neos like almost predates the Oculus Rift, right?

It was the Oculus Rift dev kits that the freaks was using to sort of pioneer this and look at it

Some of the Neos code predates motion controllers for VR

So back before you you had the vive ones before you had the oculus touch controllers

In fact, there's a footage somewhere on his channel of him using you know

That like razor controller thing that had like a sort of ball in the middle Hydra, I think yeah razor Hydra

That would look really weird. I'm glad razor became less sort of like let's make stuff look like a alien movie. I

Don't remember how that works. If anyone knows how the razor Hydra works. Let me know is it is it like what's the ball do?

Magnetic. Oh, that's cool. Which reminds me. I've seen a recent uptick in controllers, but you use

Magnetic sensors for the joystick which I think is great because it means they don't get as much drift because there isn't like moving parts

There are still more moving parts, but like the moving parts are just moving parts

They're less less like electronical and stuff like that. It also means that are easier to swap out etc. Yes ponder the razor Hydra orb

Magnetic that's interesting. Yeah, Revy says hotspot connectors from an mechanical keyboards

Yeah, similar to that like I can on this keyboard

I've not done it because I don't need to I can pull off the key cap, of course

But I can also pull out the key and just like throw it across the room go pick it up

Put it back in again without unplugging the keyboard. It'll just work. My keyboard's cool. My keyboard uses lasers as well

So the keys I have

Don't mechanically interact with the circuit board at all

All they do is lower a tiny piece of plastic that blocks an LED and that detects the block of the LED as a key

Press it's ridiculous. Like it's absolutely ridiculous. The keyboard needs to do that, but it works nicely. I

Can't adjust the strike depth. No

That would be like like a price point increase. I wouldn't be prepared for I don't want to talk about keyboards too much because I

Really do believe that over like over engineered and overplayed. I do not have any keyboard recommendations at all

What I will tell you is

Consider if you really need RGB or if you just think you need it. I've noticed a lot of people that like have RGB kit

They just like let it do the sort of like RGB strobe where it just goes like I'm blue. I'm purple now

I'm red now. I'm orange. I'm like, do you need do you need that?

I recently went round my bedroom and I did the thing where you put electrical tape over all the LEDs and it's like oh, yeah

Now like it's pitch black when I go to bed and I enjoy that

So do you need light? Do you need it to have light? Oh, but it looks cool

How long do you actually spend looking at your computer? How long I spent forever looking at it in

in terms of looking at the screen, but I

Remember the last time I like detailedly looked at the side of the PC case

It might just be like how I've got mine set up, you know, do we have any more Neos questions?

Let's get back to let's get back to Neos. Oh

Hell yeah, we got three

Neos questions, let's go through them

After MMC, I'm looking to sorry Beagle says after MMC

I'm looking to create an educational world of theoretical physics focusing on studies like black holes and whatnot

What you've been just did working with me on it. Unfortunately, I can't commit to working on any

Additional Neos projects. I just have too many and then Neos itself being a project

It just it really ruins my mood for like working on stuff

you'll know that if you know me enough to know that like occasionally I just make memes because

Like it's easy to make memes because you can stop the moment. The joke isn't funny anymore

Other than that like it's all full of like crazy projects. I don't have time

Lex says well near scene be feet be

Okay, sorry. I'm struggling to read for some reason be a feature eventually worked on when things get wrong again

We still do plan to work on near scene and it will give us a lot more control over

Testing and feature flagging and stuff like that

Revvises are there any plans to support more DIY open source standards for eye and mouth tracking?

Yeah, the way that that works is if we have a headset that has eye or mouth tracking will implement it like almost regardless, right?

But we'll implement it at the speed and timing and planning as we do with all devices

As for open source, I'm aware of a few standards. I don't know which standards winning right now

But yeah, we'll take a look at it

But we'll take a look at it framed around the headset and use like as an example here if there's only one person

Using a headset. It's unlikely to get prioritized, but if someone comes in and says

Five percent of your user base are using quest pros now right now and you don't support it

That's a much easier conversation to have about supporting it. It's a bit like browsers like what percentage are using it in Explorer 6 guys

Do you need to support Internet Explorer 6?

if you're working in

Corporate banking you do need to support Internet Explorer 6 usually. IE6 was out of support many many years ago

But if you're in corporate banking you usually need it or if you're in a nuclear missile silo

You kind of need to support like Internet Explorer 1 in some cases

Not the Internet Explorer should be used inside a missile silo. Hopefully everything in there is like largely offline

Look up and look into the silos and how they're operated by the way. It's kind of interesting

some of those silos are manned 24/7 and

They have various mechanics that basically mean that if like an officer leaves their chair like alarms go off and stuff because someone has to

Be in their chair at that silo 24/7 just in case it's needed. It's it's interesting

There's pictures of some of the rooms and it's just like that looks like a job which is

Depending on how you look at it stressful or not stressful

Because like if you're called on to like launch a missile then you know, the world's kind of messed up

So there's nothing really you can do about it, but most of the time it's not gonna be so you just you know

Sit there. I guess they'd run drills though a bit like firefighters, you know, like what I always used to think like

Oh, you know firefighters do nothing when they're not on cool. No, they do drills or they clean

Revvies clarify and they were talking about I track VR

Which I should add I track into almost any headset go ahead and open up a cab issue for it

We'll see if we can prioritize it

Maestro asks is VR OS program app allowed to be developed or is that too far?

Please restate that question. I have no idea what you're asking

Jackal clarifies. Yeah maintenance is also what they do. Yeah it

Yeah, I remember I was young I wanted to be a firefighter and a policeman at the same time

We are at half past. So anyone that's typing go forward and and ask your questions

Otherwise, we'll be leaving off here once we run out of questions. Okay, so Roussier's question first

What's the determining factor when nodes go red is it based on a process time limit or max iterations?

I'd have to look into it. Not entirely sure

It's running time. I'm not I'm not entirely sure

I'm sorry

And the next question maestro says if I make the time to develop an OS around your program as a soft app

Is built on top of the stack is their core limitation such as running it locally not being allowed as and I'd like to make

The program you guys have linked to a server VM in the US would be provided by your program

But the back end we provided by a programming IDE in VR logic would be placed on a separate server using web

I don't think you'd have much luck doing that because we don't have things like screen sharing

text editing of the kind that you are speaking about

So I don't I just don't know I don't think half of what you're describing there would work though

Particularly whilst we're on unity, but even once we're off unity that may require a commercial license depending on what you're doing on it

so, please go ahead and take a look at

The terms of use and the guidelines and the end user license agreement if you have any more questions about that you can email

hello at

Shadow says could there be

Controller emulation with logic's node be nice for making VR gloves work without external mapping

We do have an item on our to-do list road map what we want to call it

Which is more sort of generic device support and what that would allow you to do is make

In a similar way, but not identical to a plug-in a way for your device, whatever it might be including

You know if you built it using circuit boards and an Arduino yourself

Support Neo, so that's probably what you're after I believe that's on one of our roadmap boards with that

I'm gonna go ahead and call things closed. That's the end of this office hours if any additional questions

please post in questions and help or

DM me or I don't know like send me a carrier pigeon if you do that

Let me know though because like my curtains are still closed

I won't see outside on my balcony and making pigeon noises at me, and I will see you again next week