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In this Office Hours, Probable Prime talks about:

  • Joints
  • Session Lists
  • Sciency stuff in Neos
  • Floor reflections
  • Prime's cheese recordings
  • Prime rants about LinkedIn
  • Nuclear fusion
  • Prime's ability to read CVs and resumes
  • The complexity of Neos's internals and how its all connected
  • The (in)ability to find text with a tooltip
  • Neos on Oculus Quest
  • Other people's Neos projects
  • Storage space indicator
  • Prime (quickly) rants about calendars


(Please note that the transcriptions will not be 100% accurate)

All right. It is the top of the hour. Let me get this recording started. So welcome

to office hours. This is the top of the hour. We can go ahead and get started. I don't see

any questions right now. So lovely. That's awesome. Quick notice. I was just looking

at the calendar. There will be no office hours on the subsequent two Mondays -- Tuesdays.

So there will be no office hours on the 20th or the 27th. I'm out of the country again.

So next office hours will be in 2023 on the 3rd, which is always like the meme people

do in December. They're like, see you next year. Finger guns, jazz hands. And it's like,

please, like, go home. So, yeah. Everyone has a great holiday period.

But, yes, I will be in various parts of Europe. I've got a pack and stuff. I hate travel.

So we still have no questions. I'm going to go ahead and double check the prequestion

sheet that Nolan uses. Make sure that's empty. It is. It's empty. It's been empty since August.

Oh, we have some good questions. Great. Love it. Good questions. So, switch to English,

please. SHFR says do you have any plans to do a tutorial on the use of evil joints beyond

the simple door hinges? It would depend what I could do. I might do -- so in my public

order somewhere, there's I guess what I would call like a train lever. I don't know if that's

the real name for it. Let me just Google that. Yeah. Like this style thing. I've got two

of them. I've got one that can just free form move. And then I've got one with the sort

of break handle because I wanted that as well. Because that was cool to set up. Yeah. Like

this kind of lever. Of course, a lot smoother and less rusty looking than these pictures.

But you get what I mean. It's like a big lever. I want to make more like tactile physical

like interaction objects for Neos. I think a lot of times we rely on UIX a little too

much and it's just interesting to see. You know, we've got the Japanese community making

like full on planes work. It's like cool. It's also recently concluded, now it's December,

of course, Node-Vember, which is sort of an art thing in November where Glenda artists

just use nodes to make art. And one of them made a shader graph node thingamabob that

did again tactile controls. In this case, like a DJ deck. But they all looked beautiful.

It was like let's get more of these together in Neos. So moving forward to additional questions

there. Lex says I see this field in the world list manager for item template. Do you have

any idea how to use this? This is the component that displays the UI for the world browser.

Yes. Go ahead and take a look at how the world's

run facet works. That actually does overwrite that field. There was a lot of hacky stuff

I had to do there because Neos people can't summon modals. So that's why the modal in

the world is so gross and doesn't fit everything. But that does overwrite that. You're able

to use the item template to change what the world list manager will use when it generates

items. There's also I believe it's called world nexus. That's where I abuse UIX and

physical representation of the open sessions in the form of a circle liner with archways

which are portals which lead to each open session. I thought that was cool. It was sort

of like an art piece, I guess. I think it's like a grassy knoll floating in the sky and

then each archway is an active session. I ran that back when we didn't have that many

active sessions. Maybe in the VR chat boom that would have been crazy nonsense. But right

now it should be quite easy to look at. Moving forward to Zari's question. With you

having recently held a presentation for the Science Edu, I was wondering if there's been

jump offs for projects in the site due to the situation. I know things are usually quite

locked in. One wonders given the bad publicity by such a -- always. Like literally always.

Stuff is always happening in the science realm. Amos is the main science dude that I work

with. There is always stuff going on. So just yesterday we were doing some eye testing stuff.

And today we just booked a surgeon who is coming into today to recreate a surgical case

on actual patient scans. We're comparing it to the output from the non VR, non-Nerus process.

It's just always happening. Sometimes it's not applicable to be shared.

In this case it's real patient data. It's someone's actual face. I can't share screenshots.

But otherwise it's kind of open. Just looking through pictures. Yeah, that's nothing there.

Of course there's also an exposure therapy thingy that we did. I was going to make a

video on that. But then I can totally do that. But yeah, it's always happening. I'd love

to see more of it happen. In some aspects it's a little bit harder to make noise about

Neers due to the current kerfuffle. But in some aspects it's okay. I'd like to be louder

with what Neers can do and louder with what and how Neers can help the area. So I should

do that. But in some cases I'd like the kerfuffle to die down. I'll double check for additional

questions. Another question here from Easton. Hi, Easton. Is it recommended to use a transparent

mirror on the floor to give a nice reflection effect? In my use case the mirror is only

512 by 512 and it looks really nice. If you want to do reflections on floor, a realtime

reflection probe might be better. I'm not entirely sure which would be more heavy. I

guess it would depend if probes render in stereo. Mirrors do. I know you'd have to look.

It would be fine. Some places do that process to get reflections on the floor. They usually

have it on a toggle switch for graphical settings. So make sure that's in place. And just go

for it. There are much better ways to do it. But hey, just go for it. Zach says can I get

a clip of you saying something about cheese? You can indeed. Go to my public folder. Go

to art. Go to cheese. There's a bunch of creations in there where I say stuff about cheese. There's

even a folder where I misspelt cheese. It says he's. There's no C on the front of the

word cheese. He's wisdom. Where I talk about various cursed things about cheese. Oh, hey,

mirrors work better than reflection probes. Go for it. There's really no other way to

do it. If you've done reflection probes and they've formed worse than mirrors, then your

only option is mirror. Make sure it's turn off. You also figure out when you can turn

it off. Do cull that effect. If they're not in the room, maybe the room's still loaded

because you haven't done culling. Turn off the mirror. In a very old map by me called

tea garden, there is actually a slightly opacity, slightly transparent, I guess would be a better

non silly way of saying that, mirror inside the fountain. And that only turns on when

you're really, really close. And it's sort of been tailored there. Lots of people use

the fountain and tea garden as a bath. It's just like it's not what it's meant for. It's

not what it's meant for. Whatever. No one goes there these days. So it's fine. Cool.

That's all the questions we have. So I'm going to sit here and think about cheese. And I'm

going to sit here and sip this tea on mute, of course. Any streams or such planned for

the holidays on news? I'm sure Nexlin will get some stuff sorted. I don't know what their

plans are. I do know this week's stream will focus on creator geometry. So look out for

this month's or last month's creator jam content. Accidentally open linked is completely aside.

Keep typing questions, please. I'm going to ramble. I open linked in. And I'm going to

say there's a bunch of posts there being pushed to me through sort of like recommendations

rather than me following them. And some of them just make me feel ill. I think they're

making a joke here. But there's like a post from someone saying that they cooked dinner

in their hotel room using a kettle rather than charge the company for their dinner.

Even though they could totally charge their company for their dinner because they're away

on a business trip for that company. So charging dinner to that company is the right thing

to do. And they're like, it's the little things that get you promoted. Like, okay, cooking

chicken in a kettle in your hotel room is what gets you promoted? I'm no. Another thing

that really bothers me as well is like everyone saying, yo, I wake up at 4am and like, I don't

know, like, run a mile climb a mountain and do half my work before 9am. This is what you

should do to what they actually mean when they say that is find time in your day where

you don't have distractions. That's all it means. So the reason why they get up at 5am

is because their day is so distractible when other people are awake, so that the health

advice there shouldn't be wake up at the crack of dawn because that's not suitable for everyone.

Some people need more sleep. Some people don't like mornings like I don't. So it should say

schedule time in your day where you have time to focus. That's all it needs to say. It doesn't

need to say I wake up at 4am. I wake up at 3am says the next person who's got like, you

know, a line of supplements they want you to buy. It's just wake up with enough time

for you to do the crap that you need to do during the day. If that's 4pm, Alex, fantastic.

If that's 3am, fantastic. But most of these self help people are like, it's got to be

3am because that's a magic number and let's snort my brain supplements that you can buy

on my blog. It's like, okay, dude, chill. Zari has a filler question, which is absolutely

fine. We don't have any nearest questions. It's just me being angry at LinkedIn. So a

filler question gets me off the LinkedIn approach. So Zari says any thoughts about the U.S. announcing

today that they reached fusion ignition? Getting more energy out of an experiment than they

put in? I'm more excited about that after watching one video on YouTube, which really

isn't that long. And I'm amazed because like it's a really, really good video. It's not

that long. And they literally make fusion happen. So here you go. This is by a channel

called, it is her name, so Cleo Abram, but the series that she's running on there is

a huge if true. And they build a small fuser in Simone's garage. It's not a free energy.

Because it's a small one, it's actually expensive to run. It's like running like a vacuum cleaner

or a hair dryer on full. It takes a lot of energy. It's sucking all the energy out the

wall. But it is doing fusion. And so then the only thing, and I say the only thing,

like it's simple, is for them to do exactly what they do in that video, but get more energy

out than they put in at home. And then like energy is solved. Of course, that's very difficult

to do. And that's why only sort of institutions and governments are doing it. And if you look

at the fusion chambers that they're using, they're like huge and very confusing. But

I learned more about fusion in that 30 minute video than I've done in the past many years,

including education. It's also incredibly pretty. It's just naturally pretty, which

is interesting. Like new power source, naturally pretty. Let's scroll down and look at questions

now. So linker says do you offer CV or resume proofreading for technical Neos users?

That is a skill that I do have and can do. Depending on how many, I would have to actually

charge for that, though. So maybe just for Zlinker, I don't know. But if it's like 200

of you, then it's going to charge some money. I've got to make up my cheese time. Let's

move down and see if we've got any actual Neos questions. We have two Neos

questions. I am awesomely happy that we have two of those. So I've got a question how flexible

is Neos? I think you mean in terms of development, I'm not sure. I'll answer in

terms of development. But please do take the opportunity to clarify that if you would like

to. They're saying let's say you need to modify and think how easy is that to do. That hugely

depends on like what angle it is and how coupled those things are together. When I talk about

coupling, I want you to imagine, you know, those big sort of things that couple electrical

systems together or railway cars together or, you know, chains together. How coupled

things are together is how long it takes to edit. So as an example here, in isolation,

logic nodes are easy. Particularly logic nodes that just do mathematics or operations. So

the plus node, very simple. The minus node, again, the same one minor code. Any of the

sort of avatar related nodes, they start getting complicated because they're coupled to the

avatar system. So then they start getting more and more difficult. There are significant

areas that are very difficult to do. Those ones for me are ones where I have no idea

what's going on because they've got some fruit's magic going in them. Ones that are coupled

very tightly to other systems. For example, there being Twitch. We are aware that the

Twitch integration that Neos has is fragmenting because it's old and it's breaking. Updating

that is the equivalent of basically just rewriting it because we need to move to a new version

of their library. It's a new version of their API and it's just going to be a mess. That

is on my plate to do. That takes a while. But just a logic node, easy. Let's take a

look at the next question. Is there a way for a tool tip to access the label of the

UI element the user clicks on? Find out what text the user clicked on the specter. It depends.

I love that. It does actually depend on what type of text label you mean. There are some

that would allow you to do that. But most wouldn't. What you need there is effectively

component access. In most cases, tool tips, I say in most cases, tool tips can only really

see the slot or the collider that a tool tip is aimed at or clicked on. From that, you

can't get a reference to the label component on that. Be it a text renderer, a piece of

text in terms of UIX or any other variant of how we render text. There's about ten different

ways. You can't get a reference to that. What you need is dynamic component access, whatever

you want to call it. Where you can take a slot and say give me the components on that

slot and I want the first one that looks like text and from that component, I want the text

field. That's a feature we don't have. Hamish has linked a video on how close nuclear

fusion is. I presume Hamish knows more than I do. All I know is those two did it in their

garage and they did explain, hey, this is using more power than it's generating. Alex

says do anyone have an optimized Neos APK build? Ask Xlinka. That's another example of coupling. It's basically

just sort of like how safe is this change? Logics knows usually okay. Logics knows it

should touch other stuff. If a logic node has an impulse going into it, one of those

white ribbons. It's vastly more complicated than the ones that don't. Alex says will the

new YouTube DL be included in the new version of Neos? When we resume updates, lots of things

will happen. Probably that included. I think it says how in trouble if I just dump the

Google drive link here. Probably not. I mean, like, you shouldn't be doing it, but, like,

whatever. Well, I guess the PR friendly version of that would be I don't personally mind.

Other people might mind. So your mileage may vary. With that, I don't believe we've got

any additional questions. I'm just scrolling around, making sure I missed any. By the looks,

things were good. And then that's a third party link. So, hey, it could give you a virus.

It could not give you a virus. I don't know. I'm not validating or anything. Sorry. I had

to answer the door so I will catch up with questions now. It was one of those things

where it's like oh, God, drop the headphones and run. I will take a look at what we've

missed. Another fellow from Zari who says I guess any project you've seen recently that

you're excited about in addition to the aforementioned Japanese community which continues to be scary

creative. Not that I can think of on Neos. I haven't really been on Neos, like, socially

in a while. I've been kind of busy with other things, sorting other things out. I'm always

interested to see what people see and do and make. I'm really interested if it's not a

multi-tool or an avatar or like an inspector or anything like that. So make more games,

make more art, make more, like, experiences and I'll be happy to check them out. I am

starting to think about and get excited by MMC which is coming up in February which isn't

actually that far away. I know it sounds ridiculous that February isn't that far away but it is

not far away. And then we have a question here from Easton who says are there any plans

to improve the storage facet to act more like the cloud storage indicator? You'll have to

explain what the complication there is. They sent a photo and I'm looking at it. Yeah,

so the storage usage status one is probably just like the logged in user whereas cloud

storage space indicator is, you know, for the whatever you want to look up. Make a issue

if you'd like to see advancements in that. Yep, you'll have to make a issue to request

that. We will talk about it. And with that, I don't see any further questions and we are

at the half hour mark. So I'm going to go ahead and end things off here and I will speak

to you guys at the next office hours in the new year. Do feel free to ping me wherever

you'd like, ask questions and I'll get to you as soon as I can anywhere else. It's just

office hours that is stopping until third. Yes, the third. I thought it was the second

for a moment. You know how half the calendars that you have start the week on Sunday and

half of them started on Monday and sometimes you can set that with a setting for other

times you can't and it's really annoying. Yeah, that anyway, I will see you guys again

sometime soon. Stay safe out there. Remember, cheese is good and I'll speak to you later.