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In this Office Hours, Probable Prime talks about:

  • Some weird log files
  • Swizzle Drivers
  • The Problem with Alt accounts for me(not other people)
  • If Froppy is actually Froox in disguise
  • The Platypus


(Please note that the transcriptions will not be 100% accurate)

Okie dokie welcome to prime time this is the half hour segment where I answer

questions from you guys so drop questions in the questions and help

channel. Go ahead and just ping the roll again just let people know that we are

getting started and then I'll get started with the first question which

has been queued up here by Zetaphor. Thank you for that question. They are

asking hey prime we're all noticing some interesting arrow logs showing up in our

temp folder indicating the use of caffe2, a machine learning library these

spaces to be correlated with us running our nearest clients and only started

around a week ago. Do you have any insight on this discussion here? Are you

sure you can't find that like anywhere else? We haven't updated any of our like

libraries or anything. Alright let me go to my temp folder like it's not that I

don't believe you guys it's just that I'm trying to find the fastest way to

get an answer here and so if I have files as well data doesn't exist for

some reason. Local temp just in local temp like no other folder or anything

like in the root of local temp yeah I got them. Weird. Alright I'll have to dig

into that one some more it's a good on the ping there I did see the ping come

in before but we'll start it with like I'll dig into this after after this

office hours segment we'll move on to questions if they are there if they're

not I'll just mute and dig into this way let's take a look there are no

additional questions right now so please get some questions into the questions

and helps channel not the questions help channel sorry the questions prime time

thread within the office hours text channel I'll get to them as soon as I

can whilst we wait for questions I'll be looking into this log awareness I thank

you I don't answer questions about food it's just questions about Neos. So one of

things about these log files is that is the temp directory and that the temp

directory is bombarded with just absolute bullshit 24-7 so yeah no it's

not so the next question we have from Zetta is it's possible to drive

rotation from a pan of 3d or other 3d components no quaternions are

four-dimensional vectors that are like they have different rules completely

different rules to regular mathematics because of what they need to do and how

they need to work wiggly would be the any way that you could do that honestly

like some form of other components would be better at that point it is float to

Q not float 3 we render it as float Q and sorry we render it as float 3 in the

inspectors because float Q's don't make sense to the average user so we do

Euler Euler and interpolation in the in the inspector so that's just a display

thing it's not something that you can like use so just like find a component

that works if look you maybe value gradient drive will be a good way to do

Pana or just use logics the you know the amazing feature that we added to Neos

for you to use that it also says that they didn't using logics in the end for

their rotational issues just great they want to make sure that they weren't

reinventing a component yeah um there are a few like mapper components that

might do it for you but don't worry about like reinventing a component just

just do it whatever way works for you obviously if you need to optimize later

do it but for the most part it'll be okay just reminder for those who are

just joining or have not heard before this is office hours if your questions

please drop them in the office hours text chats thread for this particular

session that's a few channels about the one that you're currently in I'll ask

them in the order that they appear any questions will do thank you so no

question here from Zari who asks is there a way to load assets when joining

a world before one actually spawns into it for the chugging lagging when one

joints more properly session yes you need to customize it yourself though or

build a tool to do it there is a functionality in the open world logics

node which will prevent loading into like switching until the world is ready

I have heard it can be flaky but people use a lot for portals and well

transition systems to take a look at that there we get Lex has made a while

preloader which is the the tool that I was referring to moving almost stars as

a question is there any way to get a single foot value to drive let's say

just a Y value in a float to with just components of needs to be done in logic

that's fun too well in logic you would just do a pack XYZ or a pack XY to get

it into the appropriate data type that you wish to get into for non logics

methodologies look at the mapper component so there's a transform drivers

mapper something there those do very specific things which are often not

usable for this situation but like sometimes are if those don't work try

the swizzle drivers which are in relation swizzle drivers or I think

relations yeah the swizzle drivers kind of snuck in mostly because people don't

know what swizzling means it kind of sounds weird

swizzling is really much what you're after though it just means rearranging

like a vector a little bit don't answer questions about cheese in the prime time

office hours I ask questions about Neos what is your favorite type of cheese is

rejected you can search the previous notes for answers to that particular

question for example that's a new cheese question so Fuzzy Fox you'll manage to

get that new cheese question that I haven't had before but we'll go to

pandas question first which is what you like to do on your spare time lost or

Neos I have no spare time on Neos like if I'm not testing random bugs or

helping out people then I'm just trying to chill in the world but often when I'm

trying to chill in a to a world it turns into someone will come in and start

talking about mods or plugins someone will start coming in and talking about

how so-and-so feature of Neos needs to be written because they poked around in

the source code and they found out that they didn't like the way it is written

and I'm right there with you I just can't really do anything about it right

now so maybe don't do that to an Neos team member thanks or someone will come in and

complain about something which is understandable given the current climate

those are kind of like bad interactions but then if people come in and ask

questions that's usually the best interactions right they come in and

they're just like I'm trying to learn how to do X I'm you know I'm trying to

build this avatar make this thing I love those questions right because we're not

like it it's almost like meta conversations about Neos are thrown in

the same bucket as like crypto conversations you know how I'm like no

one wants to talk about crypto and Neos this like signs and various worlds

crypto conversation users will be shot or whatever I want like meta-Neos

discussions to also be in that bucket what do I mean by meta-Neos discussions

I mean discussions about the current situation about the code base about the

lack of certain features about the roadmap about like plans like accepting

Neos at face value and moving forwards with that to build something is my

favorite interaction with other users rather than being in a corner talking

about mods plugins or which part of the code base they'd like to read right if

they could it's all good like I get why you're doing it I'm not faulting you for

it it's just you know I've been working for like 12 hours today and trying to

hit chill out and someone's like this so-and-so thing makes no sense and I'm

like yeah I agree so now jumping down to what's your favorite cheese model that

you've come across so that's actually a cheese sandwich made by sloppy

mcfloppy using the ring of the neolander they just pulled out then area in the

lander they made a cheese sandwich it is in the cheese folder which is in my

public folder art and then cheese that is full of like basically everything

there including cheese wisdom which is a series of audio clips which apanda not

cloud panda recorded with my permission I didn't realize the recording I gave

them permission post afterwards and then I misspelled cheese wisdom very badly in

the folder name so I need to remit the folder by keep forgetting to anyway

there's some funny sound effects in there including explanation of why

platypuses do not have udders or nipples I promise you that audio is in there and

it's interesting because platypuses are mammals which is very confusing when you

look at a platypus it's like that's a duck or a beaver I'm very confused sir

asks have you ever thought about an alt if you haven't trouble in game

recognition I've never used an alt it's just like bad like I understand why

people do it I just like it's it's it's not my my dealio the the gains that you

get are not that much as well because like even though now people don't know

that you're a Neos team member some people will then know that you're a

Neos team member and then you've been decloaked and then even if no one knows

that you're a Neos team member you know you don't speak like for example has

anyone thought maybe froppy is actually Froox they both start with F and froppy

is mute and they never speak and they're really cool and Froox is really cool so

like is Froppy Froox or vice versa like who knows anyway that is you know one

way of doing it is being mute but so like even with that right if no one

knows who you are you still have that burden there right so if you're inside a

session and people are complaining then you can still hear that feedback and

internalize that feedback even though you're on your own so it just wouldn't

work out froppy you're cool I've seen froppy and Froox in the same

session so that they're fine unless they're like multi boxing and like you

know splicing their VR into multiple computers at once you know yeah they do

both have two O's let's move forwards on some additional questions sorry says

have you felt that the videos about reading the room have had a tangible

impact on the behavior in Neos or do you wish people would point people more to

them in game I wish people would point people to whatever resource helps them

understand how that sort of avenue of stuff needs to work maybe my video

doesn't work for you for whatever reason and you need some other sort of resource

or mechanism for that I wish we had more I wish had faster ways of doing it as

well a good example of that would be over on VR chat where in the loading

screen they'll put up random messages I'm one of the like your best messages

there is like don't do shit without people's consent or we'll ban ya but like

really worthy nicely worded I'd car with exact wording so I was like paraphrasing

there it's a good message right and yeah people don't read it because it's a

loading screen and they kind of just zone out but it's about like making that

information available to people and available in a way that can be consumed

that video might not be like the best way to do that I don't know what the

best way is what I do know though is that that video has led to a lot of

people give me feedback that they have enjoyed it and I also know that has

shaped a lot of people's way of you know interacting with people on Neos which

evidently you know will rub off on some other parts of the population as it sort

of spreads culturally in a sort of tribal way right so it has done good I

just wish there was some mechanism we could do to sort of like you know swoop

down into your brain you put a headset right we could add some like surgical

instruments to your VR headset and just let you know slot it directly into your

brain with some drills and stuff it's really the only way we'd get everyone

like on that information and hey my my videos terrible on all of the social

videos I'm like disclaimer I might be poo-poo poo-poo pee-peeing this up I

might be like literally being hypocritical and sometimes I am and

that's because we're all not perfect right sometimes I might fail to read

the room sometimes I might but in an accident they take over when someone's

helping someone like we're not perfect and so I keep that disclaimer there

because like hey you want to call me out on something go for it if we learn and

grow together we'll learn and grow together or as if we just like I don't

know get scared about and hide in the corner we'll get scared about it and hide

in the corner Zachary has a question here which is if I built a world and I'm

not sure if I did something an efficient way could I ping you and let you swing

by to take a look I do not have time to do that best bet is to ask in the

discord for a mentor specifically a mentor that is suitable for world

building the efficient in air quotes ways of building a world do spread

around a little bit again like that tribal knowledge we do want to write

them up on the wiki given the current climate wiki editing is is less of a

priority for me right now but we do want to write that up on the wiki

particularly dispelling any myths about stuff which does not improve world

performance such as the video I did on asset the asset the duplication system

and how that is frequently bypassed almost accidentally dorky confirms that

as an Australian who has studied wildlife that they are still confused by

the platypus fantastic thank you for being confused by the panelists also get

confused by the pangolin which I believe is also like a rodent or maybe they're

a mammal I can't remember pangolins are interesting moving towards two

additional questions Ruscio says for the delay or delay with value node when used

with no input can you blame the default behavior it seems like it's performing

some kind of delay based on its ability to prevent some loops going red is it

equivalent to a single update delay you mean the delay one with time I mean I

guess you can just look at both let me take a look delay no this is a base

class interesting delay the dot evaluate cool start with that so start delay

gets a second it looks like it'll do whatever the default value for a float

is but by its nature if you know anything about C sharp you can just go

figure out right it does task dot delay and then whatever the default value for

a float is and so I believe if you do like the equivalent of a weight a weight

task delay zero you still bump execution out of the synchronous you bump it you

still bump it to an asynchronous location even though there is a zero

second delay so that might be the update cycle that you're saying basically it's

like diverting to the next update loop because you basically said hey break

here we're going into a weight land and then come back literally less than a

second exactly zero seconds after that so yeah even if it was zero you'd get

that basically one update cycle delay I would much rather you use the updates

delay for those who are aware the delay and delay with value nodes take a time

so that's good if you want sort of like cooldowns or a time sequence or

something like that the updates delay node will delay events by a number of

updates which is basically just sort of everything updating in the world that's

sometimes needed you'll frequently come across it with dynamic variables and

reparenting sort of creating dynamic variables dynamic variable spaces you'll

know when you need an update delay node eventually again I'd love to wrap some

guidelines on those but like sometimes I literally just throw them in there

because stuff isn't working like if you've ever like got logics and you're

like I really really think that this should work and it doesn't work and it's

like 5 a.m. and I haven't had any sleep and I need it to work try throwing in

some updating relays try floring in some to update delay nodes two is usually a

good number and see if it works and then slowly start removing those elements

until it you know stops working again and then you'll figure out where you

need those particular items all right I didn't realize that I needed to scroll

down so if I was just sitting there in silence just cuz I didn't realize I

needed to scroll down so give me a second once I catch up just make sure I

haven't delayed any questions here so Zetta says during performance penalty to

the initial load of an avatar for slot strict assets that are marked as

inactive are they loaded and left inactive yes that exactly actually comes

up good way of thinking about that one is the good old sort of like drummed in

via moderation thing about do not have appendages on your avatar right even if

the mesh loader the mesh is right even if the slot is disabled the mesh renderer

is disabled I'm still going to end up with an appendage on my computer in my

cache so don't put appendages on your avatars by default and you load cloud

avatars instead if you need your appendage load into the avatar that has

the appendage or spawn the appendage and attach it to yourself don't keep it

there same thing goes with Zetta's question there which is if you don't

need the object in this case it could be something more innocuous than an

appendage don't have it on the avatar good example being like guns right so I

see a lot of people will have like a holstered gun on their avatar which they

shoot I don't know like once a week you don't need that on your avatar or maybe

you need one that is inactive and doesn't have logic on it if it's part of

the character that you want part of it to be you know it's there then they're

just it's an inactive gun then you'd have less of a cost there because you

won't be loading the logics on the gun and then hey if you need the gun you can

support it in or update it or cloud spawn it or do all sorts of stuff like

that socks I don't respond well to dots you'll please need to enunciate and

elaborate on your your thought Lux asks what kind of world building tools that

don't exist ready do you think people who are more artistically orientated

appreciate to help their creative flow I haven't seen some people get hung up

making stuff because they don't want to bother with delving deep into inspectors

or the gizmos and kind of wonky doing architecturally precise things

architectural tools are certainly something that we need a really good

example being the builder tip by Gehepe which is one of the amazing Japanese

creators that we have that lets you snap together various tile sets to really

really quickly make buildings and objects a little known fact about the

builder tip is that you can make your own sets so let's say that you just got

an amazing I don't know let's say city pack on the sketch fab and you know it's

got snappable stuff like a park and then like a bank or whatever you could load

that into the builder tip like it doesn't have to be walls it doesn't have

to be doors it could be like road pieces for a racetrack it could be stairs it

could be you know it could be fruit that you want to like tessellate for some

reason like it could be hexagons that you want to tessellate on a floor like it

doesn't need to be the default pack you can just add stuff to it

additionally sort of architecturally speaking it's just sort of like more

tools that like feel good to use a good example which I use a lot right now but

not a lot of people realize exist is if you go to essential tools and you look

around there there's the meter tool tip the meter tool tip allows you to measure

stuff in the world and not a lot of people need to measure stuff I do because

I do a lot of science it's important to make things off to scale but once you

start using the meter tip you feel like it feels good right there's no

inspectors to it you're like I want to know how big this appendage is I can

measure it using the meter tip I don't need to get an inspector it was too good

not to carrying on peach says do mirrors have an option to not show other

mirrors reflections if so please do a video I don't believe that is a thing

right now that would be more of a gains question I do believe we have a github

issue open about it where there's talk of mirrors and stuff like that my advice

there is just don't show a mirror to another mirror which I know is like sort

of a cop-out but like it depends on your scenario there was that MMC entry forget

what it was called but it had lots of reflection based mechanics as a puzzle

game so sorry I forgot its name but they must have done some tricks there to

figure that out with that I don't believe we got any additional questions

I'm gonna go ahead and cool things here if you have any additional questions

please drop them in questions and help DM me or anything like that and I will

get back to you as soon as I can thank you for sitting here with me today to

talk about tools and I will see you again next week