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In this Office Hours, Probable Prime talks about:

  • Myths
  • World Backups
  • Networking
  • Asset Generation
  • The importance of brushing your teeth
  • The Titanic


(Please note that the transcriptions will not be 100% accurate)

All right, so we'll get started it is primetime the office hours AMA segment where I answer your questions and

We'll get started do any questions that appear last questions are

Not here. I will just sit in unimaginable endless silence whilst I check tracking for a parcel that is going all the way to Tasmania

Really? I got that check information off to the Lord bucket head says how has my day been so far?

I really also like personal questions, but since questions are kind of dry. I'll go for it. Oh, yeah good

I have a giant mug of tea, but I'm gonna go ahead and and chug and

On the rest of my day. I guess anyway um

after office hours at least

Moving forwards to unnamed cyborg cat who says is Neos ever going to be finished yet

I don't think Neos will ever ever be finished

unlike games which are

Like real games like nears is is always going to be ever-growing

Once we get through all this stuff

Let's think of an example here

I take the the latest Legend of Zelda game right that has a defined start point and end point and yeah

There could be DLC of course that could be DLC

But there is a defined start and end point where that game will just not require any additional work whereas we have a metaverse

that's going to need additional work until the end of its existence as a reminder for those who have just joined or run away please drop

questions in the

Thread that we have up in the office hours text chat. I'll answer them in the order that they appear

If there are no questions, I will sit here in silence until

Questions appear just the nature of office hours

Whilst I wait for questions. I'm gonna go ahead and push another couple of buttons to make sure that a

parcel appears at

my house

Scheduled package, please arrive today. Excellent. Oh

We have a question from Risa. Thank you Risa says another cjism

We've been having more world performance issues namely the lockups

We feel when avatars load in what we've noticed is that saving allowing the world to reload often clears this up when the same number

Of users are present in the world as typically buyers a few hours

Before we need to save and reload again any thoughts on what we could be causing the performance to degrade over time until they restart


Potentially unused assets have you like does the cg worlds have the cleanup unused assets checkbox enabled on their sessions?

That that might help that's really the only thing I can think of that would be like people loading in and loading out

They do. Okay. Yeah

interesting to sort of monitor that I guess

My public folder somewhere. There's like the world health thing

I wanted to make it like a huge thing in the end. I just had two accounts the

Direct children of the roots law and the direct children of the assets law and and seeing if that goes

Up and down throughout the session might be a sort of indicator if cleanup unused assets is working

And then I don't really have any other ideas unfortunately right now. We have two additional questions here from Marcus

Thank you for this first question. Why do you like news? I don't actually know

I know that like, you know a team member should have like a really good answer here. That's like

Businessy and like, you know, if it's the like energy of the company

but I don't I

Like it. I don't know why


Sorry, I'll get a words on that one. Oh

Then the second question is what would be some things to say to someone to try to get them to check out

Neos with me

Firstly make sure you're not

Guess like bullying is the wrong word nagging nagging would be a good word

Make sure that nagging them like some people are just happy what they're what they're doing

You know, they're happy in there. There are applications and they're happy

Not having a you know, boiling screen strapped to their face. So do keep that in mind

Don't don't pester people if they've said no a few times anyway, um

without the way

The focus on what you can do but also what you can experience a lot of times

I see players focusing on what you can do and that's where a session might turn into sort of like Gary's mod style session

And to that point you can do Gary's mod style stuff on Gary's mod

You can also do Gary's mod style stuff on many many games. For example, if just playing around with guns go play h3vr

if it's just

Goofing off then Gary's mod, even VRChat covers that rate show them what is unique about Neos

Take them on a world tour show them the community and how helpful they are

Also, try not to make their first session as about avatars as like it needs to be

Because they want to feel comfortable in their avatar

But like maybe suggest

Using one of the already uploaded avatars so they can get a feel of the game before they spend like four hours uploading their avatar

The first time because it will take them a while. Um, that's worked quite well for some people

I think it was like a friend once who resolved

I don't know

They were the first person I saw that idea from they came in to sort of see what Neos is about

And I sort of asked them if I wanted, you know, they wanted help him point in their VRChat avatar

And they went you know what? No, just just give me an avatar

That's like close enough to the avatar and show me what this can do

I'll worry about my avatar later and I really appreciated that sort of perspective on how they wanted to play the

Play Neos because it means that they didn't

They didn't spend their first session like EDP and inspectors. They fit the first session

Learning what we had to offer in the event that they have their avatar created and updated and stuff like that

It gave them more reason than later to get their avatar in

Lex's question here, which is I've noticed more frequently in the past months

The S variant servers either get stuck or stop entirely with no indication of uses

Except for broken textures and shaders. What would be a good way to find these specific users to notify the team?

Um, we have pretty good notification on that one from the QC team

More is always welcome. Of course. I am actually starting to mean that a little bit with a days since asset server


Image, which I'm gonna get set up somewhere


You can usually see it in

in the logs as a failure on a particular like

On a particular gather job usually for like new shader files or something like that if they can't be got

Then then that's usually the problem if you see an increase in things turning pink randomly. That's also an indicator for

That happening as well

Yeah, C's link has got it. I get kind of annoyed about that one. Obviously we're a little bit stuck because we can't you know

do much about that, but


want to like

There's like

There's a whole class of like computing and engineering that happens at like big companies called observability

So observability is a little bit different than development observability just means sort of like what is happening?

What is happening?

And so large companies large corporations

They invest a lot in observability just so that they can see stuff and this actually goes like sort of beyond or tangential to data

Science where it's like, okay what data insights can we get about our users? This is basically just like what is happening?

Show me what's happening. And so getting more observability on the asset process

Processing for the team will allow us to do stuff like that. Now. I have worked for many corporations

Where you know if stuff goes wrong someone gets a phone call. I don't think we need that

Um, but we do need somewhere that like alerts us to it. I

mean probably a

But you know, like we'll see what we can do. Um

I'm not quite sure why that keeps happening, but it's about once a month and it bothers me. It bothers me. Um

Let's move onwards

A follow-up is a plan to move asset variation generation and uploads back to the client at some point. Clients do do some of it

But that's certainly an option that we wanted to look at

We also want to look at sort of more peer-to-peer style things and people get sort of like worried or concerned when I say that

but it's basically just like

hmm a

Friend of yours which happens to live like the next town over has the assets for this particular session

Maybe they can give them to you rather than you going to a server that's on the other side of the country. Maybe

just say

So that would also help in that regard because what that would mean is like hey

Maybe the asset variant like server doesn't have that particular thing all up-to-date, but hey, maybe someone in the world does

Windows Defender took action on threats. What's good on Windows Defender? What did you find?

Oh, Windows Defender is telling me that my hosts file has a lot of entries in it that it finds suspicious

Yeah, I think so and does be blocking all the track as you have is is that's totally sus

Thanks for letting me know windows

It's like you put stuff on your host file of my yeah, that's what it's for

All right. I'm not seeing any more questions

Ozi asks, what is a funny near Smith you see going around recently?

I think I actually edited the myth page out of sort of like anger the other day. Let me go see what I what?

I added but look at the history

Yes, yes

Apparently Neos is an airline in Italy. Yeah, I don't remember making that issue

This one is referring to

So like there are a couple that keep that keep coming up recently one is that Neos isn't multi-threaded to that

I say go to your debug screen and just play Neos without open. You'll see background worker threads. You'll see background threads

You'll see all sorts. Lots of stuff is multi-threaded. Another one is the

If you're in a session Neos users can access your hard drive. The answer is no they can't

So great, thank you for spreading that rumor

We keep getting

Let's just say the you know, the crypto community keep coming in and they keep saying is this project dead

It's like ha well

like one of the team member is like here every single week for half an hour talking to you guys and then on

Wednesdays and on Fridays we have the streams and then like hey those moderators that we've got

They've been burning those capture bots all the time

If it was dead

this place would just be a wasteland would be covered in capture bots and family servers and

weird OnlyFans advertisements and fake Elon Musk's I

I have seen so many fake Elon Musk's like they're all over like YouTube shorts tik-tok YouTube reddit

It's basically just like them deep faking sometimes good sometimes bad

deep fakes of Elon going like buy this crypto currency

Crazy anyway, yeah, so if it was dead, I wouldn't be here talking about Elon Musk deep fakes

other ones that come with like the sort of like

Weirdness in some of our features being similar to features and other platforms

For example, people assume dynamic bones on Neos is the same as dynamic bones elsewhere. It is not

It's our own

Own implementation, which means that for Neos, it's it's better

Like I'm not gonna say it's like better than fizz bones or better than the original dynamic bones. That's not for me to qualify

It's better for Neos because we own it. We don't have to pay anyone for it

It is compatible with all our stuff and it will get any improvements that we make to Neos because of that

Additionally like nothing else on Neos

That you use as a feature needs to be paid for like you only pay for storage

And yeah, there's the end this client and stuff like that

But like you want to build like an you want to build the next Legend of Zelda and Neos there is nothing

But like there is nothing you need to pay for

Provided it stays under one gigabyte. Yeah, you know, I mean there are no features

moving forwards to

Exos what's the recommended amount of dedicated WAM I have the server we have

recommended system specs listed on the steam page for the steam for like the the head head full

I'll see opposite of headless heady the one with the head non headless

What is the opposite of headless


containing a head anyway for that we have that on the steam store page and


For headless there's lots of conversation in the headless client

I don't think we provided any official recommendations there simply because the headless client is still in air quotes


Testing you're sitting on an early access game in beta. So like, you know, everything's in testing. But yeah

Foxbox asks when is a good time to clear your cash other than windows thing if you're out of storage because Neos has 150 gigabyte

Yeah, that just happened today for me

unlike I

Mean some of you might be like this. I'm like you though

I've got like four versions of Neos that run on my computer. So they've all got varying degrees of

Cash stored on them, which is is cool. So I need to go through and do that. Um,

A schedule might make sense, which is what the V T

Oxalis says, um, I don't think a schedule makes sense

Maybe another does I kind of do it based on?

Sort of like who I'm interacting with as an example. I haven't been to create a jams in a couple of weeks

That's not because I don't want to go to create a jams. I just haven't had the chance

So I probably have a lot of creative jammy stuff in my cache that I can clean out. That's it like

Small example, but it might be like a you know, a bigger example that might be useful. I guess might be

Let's say VBL FC happens again, right? So you go to VBL FC that means that you've got the entirety of the VBL FC

convention center hotel

Rooms in your cache and then anyone that attends you've got in your cache and then after VBL FC

You go back to your private world to work on your custom inspector or multi-tool. You don't need

VBL FC in your cache anymore. So you might want to clear out at that point

Git asks or inspired using threads for office hours and do you find that helped out?

That would be

Eastern came up with the idea and I think it helps simply because when I'm

Updating notes or taking a look at what I did for the episode description over on sounder

Sometimes I am delayed on that simply through having a busy life and then I have to scroll up through Canadian Git's office hours

Or moderation's office hours or scroll around a little bit with it being in a thread. It just keeps everything contained

I also find that it prevents spam in some cases because it's like focused

I think it's working for like containerizing them

Probably not needed but it works

Like says how would you be able to tell what was right for cash? Would you just leave stuff based on time? Yeah stuff based on time

Good example might again be you know, or parallel might be the junk drawer in your house

You know, if you haven't sorted out your junk drawer in about five years, you have no idea what's in it

Okay, so I think that's a good example

You know, if you haven't sorted out your junk drawer in about five years, you have no idea what's in it. Okay, so out your junk drawer

so when I get this like

Jaw surgery project finally finished I'll be clearing out my cash because it will have basically

Way more models of teeth and bones and jaws and skulls in it than I need

And I want to spend as little time as possible thinking about my teeth is you know

For those who are not practicing good dental hygiene, I'm not judging here. I'm just saying like you should brush twice a day

Juries out on flossing from my point. I actually ended up reading scientific papers on flossing

You know flossing is kind of a little bit silly when you go to the dentist or the dentist is like wow

I could tell you've been flossing and I'm like, yep

Yeah, totally in the back of my head. I'm like I have a single time at all

No, but you mileage me very because I have literally the world's most expensive toothbrush. I have the most expensive Phillips toothbrush


Remember when I bought it, but I do I don't know how we got to teeth. Oh, yeah the dental stuff

Yeah, I don't really want like think about my teeth teeth were expensive, etc. Etc

Preference like what teeth are expensive. Yeah, if you start having dental issues then

You'll find out how expensive teeth are the best way to delete your cash, which is a question from fox box

Which is you know, is there a best way to go about clearing your cash is to follow the guide?

I wrote that says how to clear your cash

Uh moving back up to Marco's question. He says do you have any favorite worlds or worlds?

I really like the time and gears. I've been to time and gears like randomly some because it's like it's it's cool. They're

It's cool. They're all in the wall is like usually my go-to well to just like sit when I'm like half paying attention

To existing I really do like sort of experience your art worlds. I'm less

it's not to say that these are good, but like I'm less bothered by

Like the chill out was that you see basically if your world has string lights and lots of cushions

Then your world is probably fantastic and very beautiful. But like it just has nothing for me. It's like, you know the 12th or 13th

string light and cushy cushion world that I've seen so

You know

That's why our hole in the wall gets like that. They're also like 72 grooved late, right?

It's it's it's still a hangout world, but it's not got string lights or cushions

So we both actually do have cushions, but like it's a it's a theming thing. I

Don't know like the words for architecture. The one I do know is brutalism, which I quite like

for my own weird taste, but

The all of the chat was in the archer and being brought over they all are the similar architecture

I don't know the name for that, but they all are that exact architecture. There's this really word

Well, I can't remember the name of actually I'm gonna go find the name. So those that play yeah, I can go find it

I know the weirdest like you have any favorite worlds away. Here's a VR channel. This is just an example right of

Where our tastes might differ very favorite worlds

Trying to find it

Favorite world. Yeah. No

Okay, the the thumb the fails are loading on the on the website and it says like world is currently available

Unavailable on like basically half of them. So I'll give up on that list. Oh, no. No, I found it. I found it

So there's a world here called FF CR which is like again by a hangout world over there but

It's really weird

And I feel like there's a story to it. So there's art to it as well. So like I like that

no one will hang out with me it so sometimes I'm just there by myself, but I

Guess that was sort of a play on I like walls which I'll hang out

But but but maybe consider being a bit different than than the usual one. I'll move on to questions before I continue to ramble


Alexa I'm surprised anyone's in it. Yeah, I was like there's a story here. Like there's there's like a narrative

I'm gonna spoil too much but like explore and you'll see lots of stuff. That doesn't make sense

there's also lots of

Buttons and stuff that I can't really like figure out and

Sort of like weird

Anyway for example of brutalism by the way desert meeting space which now is a 2021 version

Thanks to soap who found out that there was actually a skyline geometry for that world. I just lost

So do check out desert meeting space 2021

I up the brightening the lighting so it's not just yellow now and looks better

Marco has a question here, which is do you have any tips?

So people just can't find motivation to brush their teeth or really do any hygiene stuff. Oh, okay

Daddy daddy prime is now giving people life tips

The strange one for brushing your teeth that I have is get out of the bathroom, right?

Of course, I like I leave my toothbrush in the bathroom, but I don't brush my teeth in the bathroom

ah, that's already a title that many people have given me and I don't want it but

Most people have issues with

Brushing their teeth because of the sort of loss of time of doing other stuff and I'm like cool

Well get yourself some wireless headphones

Go in the bathroom grab a toothbrush

Grab the toothpaste shove it on the brush start brushing come back to your computer and watch your funny cat memes on

On your TV or whatever. You don't need to be in the bathroom to brush your teeth

You just need to be in the bathroom to I guess spit out the toothpaste and rinse your mouth out

That's all you really need

Also for inexplicable reasons due to that my toothbrush often ends up on my computer desk, so that's it

That's a good reminder

Then there's habits as well

Like here's what I'm trying to break right now, which is kind of difficult which is when you're alone when your alarm goes off

What's the first thing you do? Do you grab your phone because that's like

Literally what most people do they wake up and before even leaving their bed, but they're checking their phone

The thing you should do when your alarm goes off particularly if it's an alarm and you need to get up is without even thinking

About it stand up

I don't care if you stand up like a zombie and then check your phone standing by the side of your bed

You just need to get out of the bed right get upright

That was advice given to me by some random life coach on YouTube. Usually I hate life coaches on YouTube

They're like I wake up every day at 3 a.m. And do like

Deadlifts of horses until 5 a.m. And then I eat 17 breakfasts before I deadlift some more horses and then at 9

I'm ready to start my day job. I'm just like that that isn't life coaching. That's just insanity. Thank you

Okay, so we do have a question here apologies I'm talking about deadlifting courses and missing the fact that there's still a question

Lex says what defines the order of items in the inventory there?

That broke recently actually and kind of scared me. I jumbled the order of a folder and I thought I'd lost something

But I'm not quite sure I think it's like the date I'd have to look I haven't opened the codebase today

I can open it. I don't know how much longer I'll be here. I'll go ahead and open it

There's a defined order. I can just like control T around and find it

All right. Codebase is loading. IntelliSense is just like

My RAM is just skyrocketing. I see other questions feel free to do feel free to keep them coming

I will be answering this question from Lex by just control T around for a little bit

So if you got any other questions, please drop them in there

Yeah, I don't actually have the source of architects. I don't think so. At least I remember what was in there

Am I one of the empty ones?


control T



Active avatar color is color dot magenta

Yay, and that's sort of like mixed down a little bit

Do you try initialize? Here it is. Start task root


Open begin generating update directory items. There we go. That'll do it

Yeah, this will probably take a little bit longer than I have time to like dig into it

Let me see if the private variable has more on it

Okay, it looks like whatever order the API returns it in

That's a sort of question I guess I can answer like so

it used to be the every single part of

Neos that

Fruix created was sort of automatically ended up in the same Visual Studio solution and

then part of that Visual Studio

Part of that Visual Studio solutions post build script will

Copy it to the the unity side of things such that they were all synced up

So what I predict happened was at one point

architects and Gen X and stuff like that were part of the

the Neos solution and were copied to the unity directory and the unity directory is

Just sort of built on top of like every time we need to rebuild unity project we rebuild unity project

And then that will update the DLLs that do update but the ones that don't update just kind of live there

It is something that I want to clean up

As well as any dead code that we have we have a bunch of stuff

That's just like completely commented out on the code base. I'm getting rid of

Strange stuff where I'm just like, oh, that's cool

Then like weird components that don't make any sense

Shout out to

Where is it up down?

I need to switch branches to find this

If Syro is here or a panda's here

He's like up down control, I can't remember the name of it it's in uncategorized

It is a very very weird component

That is just designed to make something go up and down

And it's beautiful and we have a lot of fun with it like that though. That's sort of like weird stuff. I'm trying to clean up

I think it's part of Classroom. That's probably why I don't see it anymore. We split classroom off to its own repository


Architects was probably I don't know I would have to ask freaks

But like if I could guess based on just their naming scheme, it would probably be sort of like architectural tools

A good example of that might actually be stuff that is in my public folder under tools architecture tools

So I have a staircase generator in there. I have an archway generator

I had sort of grand visions for additional generators, but then the

Japanese community made the builder tip and that's much superior so I stopped working on that builder tip much more superior

like mathematically it should be possible if you're using primitives to


Give me a four by four room

With a door here and here and here and here

And then it should be able to like mathematically figure out using a metric type of logic, but you should be able to figure out

Wait logic. This is so dlc that is

Yeah, we'll clean that stuff up as soon as we can um, let's take a look

Make sure i'm not missing any questions, and then we'll leave off. Okay, so that's done. That's done. That's done. That's done. That's done

Scroll down to oh marcus. Is it spelt colour or color depends where you are. Um, there's this interesting channel

Which I can't find right now because it will probably take too long

I will find it and then i'll drop it in the office hours text chair. Um, which goes over sort of the

Origins of words and um, an interesting one. I watched it's actually a youtube short channel

So, you know, you watch like 20 and you're just like where is my life gone?

Uh was about the difference between the pronunciation of herb and and how you americans say it which is herb


In some parts of america, of course

Well, you just don't pronounce the h for some reason and you really over stress the b and all sorts of weird stuff like that

But that was all explained and I found that kind of interesting

Um, a lot of the sort of differences in spelling and also pronunciation

Come from the distances that existed between america and the uk when it was like, you know

First in existence and developing and and you know using language. It's like cool

Remember it used to be like I don't know like a two-week boat ride to get between there and we didn't have the internet

So that's cool

I always think about that like, you know, I fly back and forth from america quite often

And it's like I don't know what to do with my life. I don't know what to do with my life

And it's like, you know, that doesn't you know, seven hours eight hours

Isn't that long compared to a two-week boat ride is what it used to be?

And this is a two-week boat ride without any electronics remember like I don't know what they did


What would you do for two weeks on a boat?

It's not like a particularly nice boat as well because it's like it's just like a transport boat. It's not a cruise

Same thing goes with uh, the titanic, um, when you watch the titanic

Pay more attention to the the lower class decks

Because those are basically sort of university dorms or in some cases

They look like prison cells where people were just there for however long the titanic was meant to you know

Um journey, which is a long time

Anyway, if we're talking about the titanic, I believe that we have gone off track enough to cancel, uh, cancel end office hours. However, um

Um, speaking as I mentioned the titanic if anyone would like to um play a video game, which is amazing

You should play titanic adventure out of time


it is just like

One of the like best pieces of of 90s video gaming I have ever seen

Please play it don't question it if you don't know anything about it and you're you know, you've never played it

don't question anything just

Just please just go play it

Uh, marco says that there's a question actually. Thank you. Lex for pointing out. What happens if you delete empty dlls, uh

Uh, if they're not referenced anywhere, it should be fine. But ideally don't do that. Don't give me as a reason to hate you

and with that we'll leave off play titanic adventure out of time and uh

I will uh, see you guys next week ping me, uh questions help

If you've got other questions and uh notes and stuff will be up when we get to them. All right

I will see you guys later. I gotta push like five buttons because they change the way that you end stages

So here we go. Bye. Bye