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In this Office Hours, Probable Prime talks about:

  • Assets
  • caches
  • New user stuff
  • Being considerate
  • Websockets
  • Mods
  • bHaptics


(Please note that the transcriptions will not be 100% accurate)

So, welcome to Office Hours, it is 4pm now, so we're going to go ahead and get started.

If you have questions, anything you want to know or ask about Neos, please drop it in

the Office Hours text chat that's above the one that you're currently in, and I'll answer

it in the order that they appear.

Any questions that you have.

We have two currently, so I'll go ahead and get started with those two questions.

So firstly from Aragibus, I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly, but I don't think I am.

They said, how does Neos manage the downloaded assets?

Downloaded assets are stored in what's called your cache.

If you go to the following link, which I have just been working on today actually, it talks

about the locations of both of those folders, because sometimes those get confused.

There's two folders, there's the cache, which stores temporary copies of assets downloaded

when you're using Neos, and the database, stroke, data folder, which stores a local

copy of items and things that you are saving.

So do keep those two changes in mind.

So they're downloaded to your cache, and that's simply so that you don't have to download

them again.

Let's say, for example, you join a Neos session every single day with your best friend, and

they have a particular avatar.

You don't want to download the avatar every single day, so we save it to your cache so

we can pick it up from that cache if you have it, because your friend loads faster.

That's also why, if you see new people, their avatars will load slower, because you don't

have them in your cache.

Moving forward to screen, this question, what can you tell us about future updates?

I have nothing to tell you about future updates.

There's a bunch of stuff that is obviously always being worked on.

For those who are like, the Neos team are on strike.

If I was on strike, would I really be sat here with 32 people listening to me and answering


We're still doing stuff, but for future updates, we have no announcements.

Please do check the announcements channel for any updates on that whole mess.

There we go, we're out of questions.

And Adia Shark has just trumped that route of questions with a question, which is totally


That's the point of this situation.

They are asking, does the cache have auto-clearing?

It doesn't currently, and that does lead to the cache sort of inflating a lot.

Feel free to clear the cache.

Do not clear the database or data folder, though, if you can help it.

Feel free to clear the cache whenever you would like.

I am aware of other techniques and things that will clear the cache.

Some people have got, like, batch jobs or sort of scheduled tasks or things like that.

Some people have got calendar alerts to go clear it.

Some people even got mods, which they have created or installed, which will do it for

them automatically.

It is entirely up to you, though.

The cache is also stored within a file system within Windows, if you're on Windows here,

that is designed for temporary files as well.

So some applications and some parts of Windows will clear that temporary directory for you.

That's why it's in there.

The temporary directory is, like, explicitly, if a developer is using that folder, they

know explicitly that the stuff in there cannot always be guaranteed to be in there.

That's the point of the temporary folder.

The other operating systems, such as Linux, et cetera, they also have a temporary directory,

but I don't know much about those, it's been a while since I've been on Linux.

I think that is an ideas question, so moving on to arugabuses again.

They have another question, which is some parts of NEEA cannot be translated, where

do I report that?

Go to the NEEA's locale for, like, a GitHub issue, sorry, a GitHub repository, and make

an issue there.

Try not to make an issue for, like, everything that can't be translated, because we'll be

there for, like, forever, but if there's something there that you feel would be good to be translated,

do put it there.

Things that are not suitable to go there are things like logic nodes, we don't have the

capability to translate those yet, but if there's just, like, a loose floating string

that exists somewhere, we can probably get that translated.

A good example being, I was working on the just months and months ago, but I was working

on the create directory dialogue, that's when you, like, create a directory in your inventory,

and I realized it was not translatable, and it was easy.

It was, like, another couple of lines of code to expose translation strings for that, so

I did that.

I did that because I was touching that code.

So do keep that in mind.

It's not, like, intentional, it's just, like, to update it such that it's translatable,

we have to touch it, and if it's a complicated string, such as logics, then we need to do

a lot of work to make it translatable, hence why logic is not translatable.

Translation gets complicated sometimes.

Moving forwards to Cole's question, which says, what do you think of user management

systems, logic that puts each user in their own slot and tries to keep things they spawn

within them, do you advise against having these pre-installed in published worlds?

I advise you have them in pre-installed in published worlds, they're fantastic at controlling

the craziness which is people's disrespect of your world.

That's truly what it is sometimes.

I mean, it's not usually, but, like, sometimes it is.

Like, I go in worlds sometimes, and there's just, like, a absolute tidal wave of crap

in the world that people have just left and forgotten.

Clean up after yourself, please.

If you spawn a gun that you're no longer using, don't just drop it in the world.

Clean it up.

For creators as well, the best thing you can do to be compatible with those systems is

to go ahead and use the local user space node rather than the root slot node whenever you're

re-parenting something.

It is literally a, you won't notice the difference from a creating point of view 99% of the time.

Just swap uses of the root slot node with the local user space node and you'll be good.

Local user space node refers to the slot which a user is parented to and not the root slot.

So if you created a world management system where Colza spawns in the world, they get

their own slot, they get parented to it.

If Colza's object uses parent with root slot, it would parent, I don't know, weapons, arrows,

grenades to the root slot.

But if it used local user space, all of their weapons, arrows, grenades, et cetera, would

be parented to the Colza user slot, enabling a world management system to clean up effectively

once they were gone.

And then, again, just for reiteration, clean up after yourself, please, like, please.

I feel like I should, like, meme it a little bit more, like, get a 3D model of a toy chest

and just, like, put it in the world and, like, put a user management system in there and

detect when there's more than, like, 20 items abandoned in a user's slot, like, spawn a

toy chest and be like, it's time to tidy up.

Like, with a gif of me waggling my finger or something.

It's time to tidy up, poor waggles finger.

Or you'll go on the naughty step.

Moving forwards, Zafford being says, dumb question.

There are zero questions in the entirety of this Discord which are dumb.

If you have asked the same question every single day for an entire year, someone will

answer you.

It's not dumb.

Like, Neos is complicated.

We all learning together.

Let's make sure that we get that correct.

The question that they're asking is, do you need to port forward to stream to Twitch inside

of Neos?


You don't need to port forward to do most things inside Neos.

You can change some of your network settings to be a little bit easier to join to from

other users, but we do have systems in place that mean you don't really need to port forward

at all.

If you're having a particular issue with Twitch-related streaming stuff, please go ahead and ask it

more directly.

Rigibus has another question here, which is, is the free 25GB storage still available for

people who make locales?

I don't know.

I noticed yesterday that the locale repository had a little bit of neglect going on there,

which is understandable because we're not currently doing updates, but what kind of

like tugged at my heartstrings, if you like, to make me kind of fix that yesterday was

I noticed that two separate people had translated properly, as in a manual translation rather

than a machine translation, the game into Chinese.

And I thought, if we've got two people doing that substantial work, then we just need to

handle it.

So I merged all applicable mergers that could be merged just so that we didn't have that

happen again.

I don't want people doing potentially weeks' worth of work that we're then accidentally


Even if we don't intend to sort of make an update right now, we can at least say like,

hey, the Chinese translation has been done once, maybe work together on improving it,

but don't do it separately.

But it seems like that's what actually happened.

Two people separately did the translation from scratch and I'm just like, ah, that shouldn't

be bad.

That shouldn't happen.

That's, that's like a waste of time.

Oh, they'll, they'll resolve it, I'm sure.

All right, moving onwards.

We have a question from Thermo.

Is there a BeeHaptics integration?


BeeHaptics is entirely integrated into the game.

You just need to make sure that the BeeHaptics software is on and running, that you've tested


You've got buzzes on your BeeHaptics stuff before you launch Neos and then it will be

in there and working.

The problem that you might have with the BeeHaptics integration though is that not a lot of stuff

inside Neos supports it from a development point of view inside the game.

Inside the game, objects need to basically say, hey, I would like to be BeeHaptics.

I would like to be a BeeHaptics dut ad.

Please buzz haptics when they come near you.

It should by default work with other people's hands so they can like touch poke, you know,

prod you, et cetera.

But you can also make objects work with BeeHaptics.

If you'd like an example of that, I have tutorial videos on my channel or you can go ahead and

visit Sojourner's Island made by the Neos team, which has a bunch of haptics integrations

that are, you know, it's actually an event to sort of showcase that we had BeeHaptics.

It is not OSC and we do not have OSC support.

Moving forward, Specs says, I would very much like to add port forwarding to my router to

make it easier for users to join me.

What port range would I need for that?

It's not port forwarding.

It's a NAT type.

If you go to the wiki, I'll get the link in just a second.

The networking information page has some information about that.

It's just making sure that your NAT settings are good.

We are like, it's 2022.

No one should be like manually port forwarding unless I don't know they're playing like Half

Life or something.

There's a setting right at the bottom there of recommended here we go American versus

British in my brain.

I live in America, but I'm British.

Recommended router configuration or if you're American, recommended router configuration.

Both is like good and fine.

Strangely enough, British people will call the tool thing and you know that you do for

woodwork or whatever, the router there, we will call that a router.

For anything else, it's root or router.

It's very confusing.

Yeah, I went to a woodworking class once and we got that, the router, and I'm like, oh,


And I was very confused when people started talking about routers, I'm like, why do people

plug in this woodworking tool to their Internet?

That doesn't make any sense.

Very interesting, though.

Moving forwards, Stifle says I was curious about the answer to this question back on

October 21st, 2019, oh, deary me, let's get out some sepia-toned cameras and stuff.

You made a tutorial with segment mesh and slot segment mesh and asked why can't slot

segment mesh be collapsed into segment mesh and later stated that would be a question

for the NEOS team, since you are part of the NEOS team after the video was made, what was

the answer to the almost three-year-old question?

There are a lot of cases where accidentally for in some cases very valid reasons, but

for some cases just sort of like either a combination of forgetful reasons or just time

pressure, different things have been created that really don't need to exist and they need

to be sort of collated back together.

I was trying to think of that word, collate, I was thinking staple, but no, staple and

collate, collate is the word I was looking for.

So slot segment mesh and segment mesh are a good example of that.

As are our myriad of PBS shaders, Geens wants to eventually collapse all of those into one

PBS shader with all of the settings exposed in a way that makes sense, such that we don't

have like we have so much duplicate code for PBS rendering in our shader files, it's sort

of crazy.

Another example where I want to do it is the axis aligner aligner components.

They all work completely differently from a technical point of view, I mean from a functional

point of view as well, they do different alignments, but from a technical point of view, it seems

none of them can agree about the best way to update themselves, the axis aligner does

it in a way that is not performant, the object grid aligner does it in a way that is performant

or isn't, I can't really remember.

It would be great if we could just sort of collapse all that together into an aligner

component, which then had a method that would also allow additional methods for alignment

to be sort of written well.

That's a really good example of sort of refactoring where we talk about that sometimes, it's like

what if this was one component that had a method of alignment and then it'd be a lot

easier to sort of establish that the behavior was consistent across all of those components

rather than vastly different because they all work differently for some reason.

Moving forwards, Zafford's got back to me with a question.

They say when I go to a WebSocket plugin and try to connect it to Neos, it all says disconnected

even though as far as where the ipm port is correct, ah okay, double check which version

of the WebSocket plugin that you are using.

There is a complicated matter that is unfolding, basically OBS WebSocket the plugin just rolled

over to version 5 and version 5 is not compatible with Neos currently.

That is like probably like the highest priority in terms of like my tutorial item that I'll

be fixing when I'm able to because 5 is incompatible with earlier versions of the OBS WebSocket


Additionally, for added insults to injury, OBS Studio versions which are greater than

I don't know right now I think it's like I don't know the number but they will by default

include OBS WebSocket in them so if you have downloaded and installed OBS Studio from the

website like within the past sort of few weeks it'll probably have OBS WebSocket 5 installed

in it so you'll go ahead and have to replace that with a version before 5 and then it will

work if it's 5 or later it will not work.

If you are running OBS on the same computer that you are running Neos on to use it you

don't need to change the port or IP address settings I have not changed those since 2019

they just work.

You also don't need port forwarding because if it's a local connection doesn't matter

it's just like oh that's me that's my computer whoop and it just connects it doesn't need

to go out to the network.

All right moving onwards Dark Witch Dreams welcome to the community because they only

just recently joined that's why I'm saying welcome.

Sometimes I should read and then answer but sometimes I just like read and answer at the

same time.

They hope that this question is okay for the conversation there are not many questions

that are not okay for the conversation if they're not okay it's not like you've done

something wrong it's just like hey I'm not the right person to ask but I'm sure that

this question I haven't read yet is perfectly fine.

They jumped into Neos they haven't jumped into Neos yet and the big reason is just how

large and overwhelming it seems on top of the social anxiety is there somewhere you

can point me that or I should start to have it be less overwhelming yes a good way to

start and not be overwhelming is to make a couple of sacrifices but these are good sacrifices

so sacrifice one is pick an avatar that's already in the game don't think about importing

your VRChat avatar if you've come from VRChat or whatever avatar just pick one that's in

the game and then number two is don't build.

We get a lot of sort of questions and comments about like why don't you have a non-building

mode right you'd go to the start of Neos and you'd hit play and say like I want to build

I don't want to build the really only difference between those two versions of the game would

be we would disable the ability for you to open up the building UI but strangely you

can do that yourself with a mentality shift right you can say I don't want to build therefore

I won't spawn the inspector tip or the logics tip I won't spawn those and I don't want to

build and then you can just sit in front of a mirror if that's what you're doing watch

videos whatever you want to do you don't have to build and then that will make it viral

vastly vastly less overwhelming you pick an avatar that's already in the game and then

you just don't build and then it should be less overwhelming because you don't need to

learn anything there you should you should just you know chill out watch videos and hang

out with people you may have some difficulty finding open sessions that are not technical

that's something that I wish our community culture could change about majority sessions

you go into someone if they're not talking about technical matters to do with Neos they're

talking about technical matters to do with just like other stuff you know go in there

and they're just like well I heard the Nvidia 380 is better than the 390 like the parallelization

of the neutron floating into the flux capacitor and you're just like yeah I'm inebriated and

I just want to like lie in front of a mirror and watch videos like it's sometimes difficult

to get that kind of setup so there you go at the point where you want an avatar set

up if you know that you're going to struggle or be overwhelmed it might be worth sort of

booking time with a mentor there's no official way to do this but if you find someone with

a funny green badge in the discord or in game you could say like hey Tuesday 3 p.m would

you help me get the avatar set up for me and do most of the work for me because I don't

want to get overwhelmed and they'd be happy to sort that out right they'll need some files

from you of course to get it done but like they'll take care of it for you there's always

two ways of learning in Neos and it's great if you're explicit with a mentor about your

intentions there I've seen both of them and especially with the recent sort of uptick

in players there are players who are like can you help me set up my avatar and show

me how to do it or can you help me set up my avatar because I want to be comfortable

in Neos those are two different scenarios like they don't want to know how it works

they just want an avatar that they're comfortable with and then once they're comfortable maybe

they'll have an opportunity to learn but they don't necessarily need to have the opportunity

to learn they don't necessarily want to learn and both of those are okay usually in other

circles such as like learning programming that's not okay like if you went to like I

don't know a learning programming community on discord and you're like could someone write

code for me would be like no because you won't learn but like if it's your avatar totally

understandable you just want to feel comfortable inside the game someone will help you out

we have lots of insight from from from mentors there holy's fantastic froppy who is a mentor

and a moderator so they've got like all the not as many badges as me but like all the

badges they're very helpful as well as link is very helpful specs as well like everyone's

helpful here just just ask questions yeah yeah yeah you've not managed to complete the

collection there froppy if you get on the team you'll still be missing one yeah it does

it does unfortunately sound like jumping in is the best start but just jump in with with

that mindset right the mindset being i don't need to build and i can use one of the existing

avatars and then just like have an explore uh no you don't uh learn things you should

go is a good way of looking at or don't but if you just like i don't want to learn totally

fine it's totally fine uh i reckon best has another question here which is what is the

mobile friendly toggle it's right i'm giggling not because of the question but because of

of that checkbox um so that checkbox is uh basically like a little sign um that has no

validation or features or functionality about it at all if you turn that on you are basically

raising a little sign that says i'm a mobile friendly session and whether you actually

are a mobile friendly session or not um doesn't matter so it's the equivalent of basically

you know standing outside of a coffee shop and saying we have free coffee and then you

go inside the coffee shop and they don't actually have free coffee it just it doesn't mean anything

uh we did want it to mean something originally it just it just didn't you know uh it is crazy

there it's also sort of paired with checkboxes that actually do do stuff do do lol for example

the unsafe mode checkbox will enable unsafe mode and that does actually make stuff happen

um for those who are worried about unsafe mode it's quite difficult to make unsafe mode

not safe counter to its name but the moment you check unsafe mode it will force your session

to lan only um you can thank me for unsafe mode um i caused it to happen let's see what

we've got uh for other questions here oh gina hello uh i've been loading sessions that are

taking a lot more time uh than a year ago any recommendations or tips to optimize world

loading in assets near spawn first there is nothing um that you can do to optimize uh

the order in which my assets load in right now um if you're having slowness we do actually

have an issue open for assets loading slowly um there is a sort of community fix for that

which is to just clear your cache but i don't understand why that makes assets load faster

but hey maybe it'll work for you um but that might speed it up but no we have no load control

right now um even if you have stuff like disabled checkbox wise or like culling zone wise it's

still got a load it's just it's a problem we got to like fix it somehow later uh arabis

if you asked 500 000 questions i would answer them all and be totally happy with that so

don't don't don't feel bad about that this is this is question time if you answer you

ask one fantastic if you ask 50 fantastic the poop poop poop poop poop uh that is the

cash slinker if it's in local temp solarax neos that's the cash oh if you're forcing

the cache path argument um sometimes the app path the other one will still refer to the

old cache path in its saved settings which means that even though you've done cache path

it won't listen to it which is really annoying um and actually caused me to just rewrite

the uh relocate neos folder guide again because i'm like wait a moment the only real way to

make sure that data path and cache path are listened to in their entirety is to nuke everything

and start again both cache and data that's the only way to make sure that they are listened

to so that's probably what's going on there with slinker's issue um it looks like a rigor

versus question about scaling working on desktop is uh answered uh froppy says it's control

shift and mouse wheel for scaling enabled that will scale you on desktop um i'm seeing

a lot of comments on my youtube videos about this as well um so i want to state it as well

there should be no reason why features work strangely between our platforms that aren't

stated somewhere so i had a comment which is like i guess publishing worlds on linux

doesn't work no no publishing worlds on linux should work if it doesn't that's a bug please

provide a log if you're listening i did comment on the the youtube comment with that as well

and then someone else said is it known that logics doesn't work on the dix i'm like no

no logics should work on the dix if you're having an issue please let me know let's figure

it out um froppy says the arugopus uh said that scaling objects doesn't work only scales

one time and stops working well i'm on desktop right now so if you just give me a second

um i will go ahead and see if i can reproduce that so i'm gonna go ahead and i'm gonna create

a new 3d model box and i know you can't see this i'm just describing what i'm doing to

fill dead a time and i'm moving it around and i've made it smaller with scale and i'm

letting go of it and i'm going to grab it again and i'm making it bigger if you can

describe the exact sequence of button pushes you're doing it might be that it also might

be uh just something to do with the actual object that you're scaling do remember that

certain objects cannot be scaled by design it's actually a checkbox that you can enable

on the object and uh if it's not enabled there's usually a good reason for it although sometimes

there isn't a reason for it and someone's just forgotten to check that on let's move

forwards um agro force says is there a way to drag stuff around in your dash in screen

mode i don't know i've never been able to get ui edit mode to work in screen mode so

i'm just like i don't know uh eastern if eastern's here they might know they're the desktop national

treasure i'm going to tag them there we go um i i yeah let me just without a mod right

the mod didn't exist and i'm pretty sure pretty sure eastern was doing about mod all right

anyway moving forwards um that's that question's answered uh zacutole says are graphics lowering

mods safe i don't know i am reasonably certain that they are but i cannot say that they are

because mods are unsupported by the neos team if that makes sense i would suggest asking

the neos modding community what they think um but i can't answer that officially uh zafod

says one more thing how do i get the screen to pop up in obs uh i think froppy answered

that with the like tools web socket server settings uh i don't really know what you mean

by screen though um if you can clarify if you mean the game screen just use like a game

capture or window capture whichever works for you i alternate between game capture and

window capture because obs is fun as our window capture standards like for example if you

try and capture chrome and you're playing media on netflix like regardless what tab

is netflix will just like blank out or something or stop playing or spotify is like you're

recording i'm gonna pause it's just like guys what are we doing and then there's like hdcp

that's the thing that like makes protected content go through a hdmi driver and i'm just

like ah stop making standards okay let's get back on track to some sort of sense of normalcy

back to questions um magic says what would you say is the most under used um undervalued

feature that should be highlighted to new users um honestly not building like i know

we just talked about it uh with the sort of you know questions of being overwhelmed but

not building like it's very common for the mentality to be okay you set up your avatar

now you need to start building which then leads into the mentality of when i've started

building i'll make myself a custom multi-tool and a custom inspector and i'm just like no

go play games go experience stuff go play cabin of the seasons go look at the neos

fester it's running by the way there's a festival running made by the japanese community it's

amazing there are booths there are worlds go look at it uh you know you don't need to

build i guess would be the most underutilized feature of of of neos um and don't make a

custom multi-tool just use the standard tools please uh so safe what is now further clarified

what source does the in-game neos camera use in sources on obs it doesn't um okay so all

the obs um all the obs integration that we have inside neos does is integrates with obs

web socket to send a signal saying start recording stop recording or start streaming stop streaming

that's all it does um the camera itself when you enable the mirror display mode what it

will do is it will take the camera's view and it will mirror that to the the on-screen

um ui so if you have your headset on enable mirror to display peek under your headset

through the nose hole like you all do i know you'll do it peek through the nose hole and

look at your screen you'll see that it's displaying the camera view and not your view it separated

those two and then in obs you just capture using uh game capture or window capture the

window of neos and then it will display whatever the camera has recording inside obs and that's

how the magic works right um and it's only available like some people like why doesn't

mirror display work in desktop it's because it would be incredibly jarring to try and

make that work in desktop it might be possible if neos could like i don't know spawn two

display windows of neos and then one would be the mirrored and one wouldn't be the mirrored

and then you'd capture the mirrored one and play on the non-mirrored one but at that point

you're like running the game twice i mean you kind of already are doing with mirrored

to display but like the the glory about how it works is because you've got a headset on

your face that's got screens inside it well usually a screen sometimes two screens i never

remember which which headsets use two screens and which headsets use one screen that's just

sort of got a black bar in the middle that you can never see because it's behind the

lenses but whatever um that's that question done uh alexis are there any secret menus

or buttons that mods or devs have in neos there are many um none of which i can remember

right now i guess there's one like the world browser has some extra stuff if you're on

the team um which is you know subject to change but i can um remove a world from the world

browser or feature a world or add a tag if the world's having difficulties in searching

from the world browser um there's one other place but i can't even remember where it is

none of the like stuff that the team have access to in game is like scary or secret

or you know can't be told it's all like the stuff that we should have access to and permissiony

stuff um for example and i'm going to say this on record and i'm also going to say prove

me otherwise if you think so um the team including mods do not have access to private sessions

and the reason behind this is because when you start a private session we don't tell

the neos cloud where it is and you can verify this using wire shark or like a man-in-the-middle

proxy whatever you want like there is no information other than you are in a private session we

don't know where that private session is for us to join that private session we need to

first of all know where it is so like what ip address or setting it's on and then we

also need like an invite tokeny thing which again you can validate using wire shark right

i don't want to see in like two or three years people going like yeah but like mods and team

members can join your private sessions go validate it get wire shark get a man-in-the-middle

proxy prove it like we know that you're in a private session but that's the equivalent

of me saying to froppy hey i'm at home right now so froppy now knows i'm at home but they

don't know what i'm wearing or what i'm eating or what i'm looking at or what i'm doing but

they know that i'm in my house so we know that you're in a private session but we don't

know that anything's happening there or where it even is which is the same froppy doesn't

know where i live unless froppy does in which case froppy please don't don't like please

don't please don't attack me no anyway moving onwards back to some sense of normalcy again

i think they do stale take a 360 preview and um sorry spec said private sessions don't

take a 360 preview i think they still do and the reason behind that is uh depending on

which way you get the invite you'll be able to see that 360 view uh before you actually

join and then even in worlds that you're in which are private sessions they appear in

the world browser just for you and you'll be able to see uh 360 previews of that world

just for you because you have an invite in the world browser or more specifically anyone

that has an inviting capability of joining that session should should she should see

in the world browser but again yeah if you'd like to to challenge that the wire shark man-in-the-middle

proxy ask the modding community have a look uh moving forwards arriba says is it possible

to edit uv maps inside neos no um mesh data is mostly static there are exceptions to that

for example you can remove blend shapes by baking your blend shapes do you do baking

your blend shapes will improve the performance of your avatar more than any other thing particularly

if you're a rex avatar um so please do bake your blend shapes but uh that edits mesh data

is what i mean um there's other stuff that you can do to edit mesh data such as like

fiddling normals recalculating tangents stuff like that by the way for three models there

what's the difference between normal and a tangent i have no idea anyway um you can't

edit uv maps moving forwards to screeners question someone friends list had the username

changed but i still see their old name on my contacts this other people see their new

name um that is probably a quirk for how the friend system works um please open a github

issue on that one it will be quite low priority but it's important that we have stuff like

that logged so we can take a look at it i know that the uh like the other one is like

sometimes the first message that you receive from someone will say it's coming from 1970

and people always joke that's just like a bug with like how you receive that first message

and how it tries to get the data to you as soon as possible that means that it doesn't

have a valid date so it displays the default date which happens to be the first date that

can exist in computing which happens to be in 1970 for those who are unaware your entire

computer right now every single computer including your phone and like if you've got an internet

of things thermostat it's also doing it it's counting the number of seconds since a specific

date in 1970 because we decided that's how time works i don't particularly know why it

was 1970 but that's how computers work when you synchronize your clock which is something

you need to do to make sure that neos connects correctly what you do is you ask another server

usually an ntp server but that basically means network time protocol but basically you ask

another server how many seconds has it been since 1970 and that computer says it's been

this many seconds and you go oh shit i had this my bad and then you adjust it that's

how time synchronization works it's it's silly also uh time synchronization breaks in 2038

but don't worry about it like there'll be a solution by 2038 january 1 1970 yeah i couldn't

remember if it's january 1st yeah it's january 1st 1970 it's called unix time um it is it

is fun i used to be a timekeeper uh lex says the windows epoch is different it is different

but still counting number of seconds since a specific date yes procedural meshes are

different as they just says uh down there that's uh another example uh nat says is the

position of the 360 preview of findable slots so i could say throw a box or something over

it no um if you don't have any of the thumbnail components uh there's a video tutorial on

my channel about how to use those um then what it does is it asks each user in the world

to take a 360 periodically and that usually comes from your head or near your head i can't

remember which and then each person in the session is taking that picture and then it

um the host of the session asks all the users in the session hey who has the most recent

headshot and then someone goes me pick me and then that's the session thumbnail unless

you use the the components in which case it's it's a slot that you can find i think that's

all the questions we have uh lucas has a uh answer to the normal versus tangent thing

so thank you so much for this because i i didn't i could of course google it but i'm

in office so thank you for for looking it up for me so the normal of the mesh is the

forward channel blue of the normal map the tangent of the mesh is the right channel red

of the normal map there's also by tangent which is the up green channel but this is

the last one that but this last one can be calculated by a cross product of the others

yep i understand that excellent thank you thank you lucas i believe that's all the questions

we have uh if you have any further questions or danger you are the last person who can

type a question log group has confused me a lot yeah me too i don't think it works correctly

i think we need to do some more work with it um other people have used it like it has

um like uh has moods i was trying to think of the word like it has nuances that's the

word i was thinking i ended up with like it has moods a lot of group is like i might work

i might not i need to like look up maybe document this existing behavior so we can understand

what needs to happen like if you were to go speak to fruits and be like oh what you need

to do the log group he'd like launch into like a very complicated explanation of plans

he has for that component but i want to get the current behavior sorted so that we understand

what it can do today with that i believe we're done so um i'm gonna go ahead and end here

if you have any further questions please go ahead and direct message me them or put them

in the questions and help section do remember that we're all here to help you look for a

green question mark above someone's help uh someone's help above someone's head they will

help you out greatly and uh above all else clean up after yourself in a while thank you