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In this Office Hours, Probable Prime talks about:

Well basically everything because of the influx of new users.


(Please note that the transcriptions will not be 100% accurate)

Okay, well we are now going to get started. It is 4 p.m. so welcome to

office hours. This is office hours of me, Probable prime. I'm a member of the NEOS team and I'm

gonna answer your questions. As a reminder, which I've been saying like every couple

of seconds before this, if you have questions please drop them in the office

hours chat that's two above the one that you're currently in the community

meetings chat and I'll get to them in the order that they appear and I'll answer them. Let's go ahead

and take a look. So we have a question from Light Lotus who says what is

happening with NEOS? Why has nothing been said about the state of leadership? It

has. If you check announcements you'll see the updated information there. If

there's any additional information we'll share it in announcements. You'll get

tidbits information randomly from from various members of the team when they

answer various questions but like no news doesn't mean nothing's happening it

just means that there's no news. There's like there's a difference there right so

we can't say nothing's happening and we can't say nothing's not happening we

just we can't tell you like anything until we can tell you stuff like so no

news means wait for more news. Thumbs up. Cool.

Moving on ones to Duff's question. Duff says with the huge influx of VLC players

migrating over to NEOS what the scene what are the what are some of the key

things we should be teaching new players that the team and all the community

members would like to emphasize on? I personally and I can't enforce this of

course because it's not on any guidelines it's not me speaking as an

official capacity is for you to be considerate. There's a lot of sort of you

know cool stuff that you can do inside Neos but being considerate is incredibly

important. I have a list of ways that you can be considerate on a personal page on

the Neos Wiki once again this is not like mandated this is not like do this

or you will die this is just my personal opinion about how you can be considerate.

There's also the social videos that exist in my social VR playlist which

I'll go ahead and link as well. As Shifty says in the comments consent is super

important there are other social issues which are very important consent being a

very very large one in that ground. So they would take a look at the social

videos there and the social videos we have Reading the Room which is about

basically when you join a Neo session it might be unclear what's happening in

that Neo session you just take like a couple of seconds you know figure out

what's happening what type of session is this what type of users are in this

session how best can my existence my energy influence this session. In some

cases the answer is not at all in which case you can just leave there's nothing

bad about that you're just like hey it's the wrong session happens all the time

in over in VRC right you join the 20th black cat of the day to see who's in the

black cat and you're just like well this group are over here listening to

terrible rap music in the corner in front of a mirror I don't think this is

the world for me and you go on to the next black cat that's you know exactly

the same thing happening over here on all Neos if the if the session isn't

suitable you just just move on VRC for me is like vibe hunting a little bit

different in Neos because there's you know so much more you can do but in VRC

I mostly vibe hunt I'm like I'm looking for a particular vibe usually just chill

and not terrible rap music yeah there's also the myths list actually I do want

to cover that one so misinformation is rampant and so if someone comes up to

you and they say something on the lines of I heard this or he said this or she

said that or I heard this or the dev said this no they're doing this etc do

check that miss list it's not exhaustive there are other ones there those are

just the myths that like they they ground my gears on that day that I wrote

that page at the wiki is a community project feel free to add more myths to

that page additionally I have a screenshot from our friends and I say

that because we should be working together as you know social metaverses I

have a screenshot of a message from the VR chat team which I just want to like

signal boost here in a way that I know out it's my office hours which is like

hey do what you can to combat misinformation as well like a lot of

sessions I was in I would say 20 to 30 percent there were some people in the

corners or sometimes just blatantly talking about it they're like oh yeah

like you know VR just stealing credit card information now and it's like well

what is the like what is the source of your information like oh you heard it

from a friend okay where did they hear it from Oh friend and you trace it all

the way back and it's just like they read an offhand comment somewhere that

doesn't make sense like if you go direct to the source you'll get more information

there so there we go moving forwards let's take a look at more questions

Jin says question is anyone team set up a hardware wallet part of the principle

of cryptocurrency is anonymity and I don't understand why this doesn't exist

anymore my crypto wallets are incredibly secret I'm not going to tell you what

they are where they are who they are how many I have what they have on them

that's not the goal of crypto right the goal of crypto is that there is a level

of anonymity to it sharing information about my wallets publicly is problematic

and I don't know why we've got to that point I don't know why we have those

domain names you can link to a wallet address and be like yo you can see all

my bank transactions you can see much cheese I'm buying right so I have a

counter question to that which is could you please provide a transaction history

of your entire bank account over the last millennia and I'll take a look at

that and find all the weird stuff that you've purchased moving on to their next

question T asks what are the plans going forwards in regards to influx of ERC

players we actually scaled quite well we got some comments actually from this

these groups as well so we have two volunteer groups within the the Neos

community and the largest sort of Neos team is an umbrella term called the

mentors and moderators moderators are responsible for guideline violations and

and just sort of keeping things in check and I want to say police because they

aren't police right they're not beat cops they're not gonna arrest you they

don't have tasers they don't have firearms they're there to just try and

make sure everyone's safe and if there's issues that come up they're there to try

and resolve them and then there's the mentors and there is a lot of overlap

between this the mentors are a volunteer group that are designed to help you out

with inside Neos now it is not correct to say that if you're not a mentor you

can't help anyone and everyone can help at any time I was in MTC sessions

yesterday helping out and I'm a team member I had one person and one person

only who direct messaged me and said should you be working on the actual

platform rather than helping out new users and I just said no I didn't want

to entertain that with any other answer right we had an influx of new users we

needed as many people as we could so I was helping out new users I think I'm

entitled to do that those groups were scaled a lot sort of earlier on in the

year we scaled them a lot we added a lot more to them and and like I said even

from some of those people inside those groups they're like only scaling too

much like don't we have too many mods or too many mentors based on yesterday no

we have quite frankly enough or in some cases not enough like it was it was very

very very busy so we scaled quite well for those and we'll probably continue

scaling if we see additional upticks such that they can grow and scale as the

as the platform grows and scales for information on the mentor program which

is I don't to say free to join because that makes it sound like it's some sort

of paid service but like it is you know it is anyone can join it anyone can

become a mentor and remember if you're not a mentor you can still help it's

just like hey if you want to go that extra mile and become a mentor then you

can go ahead and become a mentor there's information on mentors when I can spell

it correctly here and there's also information on the moderation team

moderation team is a little bit more difficult to join because it's a

different level of commitment that's there actually don't think we have

moderation applications open currently but there we go

additionally there's also this lovely page I wrote called how to help which

talks about the ways that you can help us do cool stuff so there you go there's

how to help I know there's lots of links today but that's because I have written

a lot of those pages or collaborate on those pages with the community and they

just have so much information you'll see a lot of repeated questions in the in

the discord and we're fine to answer repeated questions of course but hey if

you're if you're nervous about asking questions or you think it might be a

silly question it's not but also remember the information is on the the

wiki there as well and if there is information on the wiki that you think

is missing go ahead and edit it anyone can edit it anyone on the planet your

mother your father your grandfather your aunt your cousin your dog anyone who can

access a keyboard can edit the wiki no permission is required if you want to

edit the wiki and feel like contributing then there is a page called contributing

to the wiki which can also help like I said lots of links here it's linked down

all right let's go ahead and move onwards let's take a look okay so we got

that one whoever's reacting with cues can you also get thank you for adding

the the checkmarks are you but it's Lex today thank you so much I do want to

double check I know who's doing it every day so we got dust question we got the

hardware quality question and we got takes question onto hacks question access

so a good way of handling syncing to inventory or things loading into the

world and it's recently it's been a bit slower than usual with making things to

appear making it harder to help people put their avatars together there was

some server load issues yesterday because quite frankly we didn't know

that we were going to get a larger like a scale event we have now adjusted our

infrastructure to handle that scale event including the registration cap

which may seem annoying for questions about the registration cap do ask I

won't go into it unless there's an ask though because I could talk about it for

like 20 minutes and I don't want to waste that time so if you're interested

please go ahead and ask um so we are adjusting things to make that a little

bit better what I would say there is if you are helping people out consider

using a more performant avatar I don't want to say look like it's a mentor even

if you're not a mentor but I don't want to say as a helper you need a uniform

because you don't need to abide by guidelines of course but like maybe a

lighter avatar might help because then when you're joining the session to help

them you're then not em what's the word for like burdening that's the word

you're not burdening that session with your avatar you're you're just giving a

light thing for your presence your character and then everything else

spawned in is targeted for them then that will give like a little bit less

load on that session steam randomly just disconnected from the internet that's

fine and jump scared me on my computer and then other than that is just just

think about what you're spawning there are some items that can also be created

without using the inventory for example if you add like a developer tooltip

component to an empty object it should automatically create a cone it'll be old

red cone rather than the new sort of gold sparkly dev tip but it still works

same with the logic step it will create a blue cone for you so can also be like

an emergency thing we still noticing issues do please continue reporting them

we do like seeing those we can do more I mean can we do want to hear about that

if there's any problems all right let's move forwards to TPW use question hi

TPW I see that you're new to the discord so welcome to Neos as was TK actually so

welcome to the discord as well while Neos has great tools for developers one

thing that turns new people that aren't tech savvy is the complexity of the base

menu especially with the influx of VLC players is there any vision of

streamlining things where it remain pretty much the same it will be like

night and day eventually so what we want to do is initially we want to first of

all replace all the old UI with new UI easy way to explain that is actually

using dark mode and light mode anything that is in light mode right now and that

includes inspectors because those are light it needs to be like entirely

reworked in some cases from the ground up to be in our new UI system there's UI

which is the old UI system and then UI X which is the new UI system once that's

all reworked it will have an initial pass which will improve the UI the UX

design of those those units initially but it also allow us to continue

developing that UI further in response to feedback from you guys and ideas

suggestions enhancements added to that because of the way that we build our new

UI it is entirely customizable as an example here to kind of illustrate

what's going on the world browser which is in the new UI scheme there's more

work that we need to do on the UI on the world browser for sure but it is in the

new UI system that is entirely editable by you as an example of that there is a

facet I made which is a simplified world browser that just shows the worlds that

you're in allows you to close out of them it's probably the most popular

thing I've made in a long time another example and I don't know if I can

remember the name of the world there is I think that's called Nexus portal I

should actually visit that last night seemed crazy something like that it's a

world that I made where I took the world browser and I made it 3d again and so I

made each world that is in the world browser as an active session a like

doorway in this like grassy knoll floating in space and it used to be

quite easy to make that render because there wasn't that many sessions open but

it'll probably be a mess these days but again that's just me editing the world

browser added to that parts of the world browser actually generic so for example

the search bar there's nothing in that search bar that determines that it's

searching worlds the search bar just says this is what's in my search query

and the world browser then picks that up using sort of interrupt between those

segments and it means that they can sort of be dragged around a little bit what

I'm basically saying there about rambling on too much more is once the UI

is over to the system you build it yourself hey you want an inspector

that's bright pink you can build it yourself hey you want an inspector that

is in still in light mode even if we default to dark mode go for it you want

an inspector with different font go for it you want a bigger font size go for it

want a small font size go for it people already do this they create custom

inspectors and feel free to continue using those but once we have that new

system in place for inspectors it'll be a lot easier to do that and it'll be a

lot less prone to errors and issues so and a short summary everything's gonna

change like honestly it's gonna look like you put you know your ducks and

your whites together in the laundry machine and it's come out like a

completely new garment and you're just like cool yes I now have a grey t-shirt

instead of a white t-shirt moving forwards let's take a look at what is

next okay so neko gama has a not a question just something I'd like to

bring to attention since I'm since I'm since I mentioned the miss list neko was

recently asked by decent our friends if Neos is owned by Facebook due to the

term metaverse just want to give a quick heads up I don't like this and there's

nothing I can really do about it asking whether Neos is owned by Facebook is

kind of the same as asking if any book that you own in your library of books on

your bookshelf is owned by Facebook because it's got the word book in it and

I understand the confusion and I wish that Manta hadn't chosen that particular

name but that's just the way that we were in the world that we live in Neos

is not owned by Facebook if it was we would have to declare it and if we

declared it it would be on the bottom of our website and it would probably be a

part of the UI and hey maybe you'd need a Facebook account to log into Neos so

we are not very easy to prove that I will add it to the miss list I would

also encourage those that have that kind of thought process to look beyond words

and and finding associations for that so the the word meta that's in metaverse

just means like different or adjunct to the normal thing so there's a good

example there being meta data so metadata is data about the data so a

good example of metadata is a picture that you saved to your computer the

picture which might be of your favorite cheese collection is a picture that's

the data there's computer you know code or binary on that computer which is

describing what that cheese collection looks like but then there's meta data

which is when you took the picture what like focus and zoom that camera was and

etc and that metadata also isn't owned by Facebook it's meta data additionally

there is a company called meta threads who I'm vaguely aware of because I used

to be in the streaming area as a job and they had really good outfits and

clothing they're probably angry right now and there was another company that I

believe currently is suing meta because the use of the name but I don't want to

comment on that because it's not like a good place to sort of comment on the

affairs of other companies scrolling down to another question Alexios says

and UI streamlining is desperately needed but you know the situation after

us is there any team members working developed at all or is everyone in the

protest thing it is difficult to use the word protest I've heard some people use

the word strike it isn't either of those we have stopped working because of

negotiations currently it is not a strike it is not a protest if it was a

strike or a protest I wouldn't be here speaking to you if you strike from let's

say a factory job you don't go to the factory if you strike from a programming

job you don't program and you don't attend the job we have everyone in here

like I saw shifty typing shifty has some messages I saw Canadian get typing

there's probably got messages from them on the scroll list but I keep the scroll

to the questions I'm answering so yeah we're still working but we're working in

other areas depends what you what you mean there is still stuff happening it's

just we're not releasing updates currently moving forwards to the next

question that's exactly the same question from index there yeah news is

still being developed we're still working we're just not releasing updates

Jin has updated the question hardware alerts which says I only want to know if

the news team takes seriously security seriously with hardware wallet questions

most crypto teams devs marketplace recommended hardware to users to protect

themselves based on a confidence of any on the team took it serious and an

advocate of such I am an advocate of hardware is and if you ask me what I

recommend you store your cryptocurrency on I would say a hardware wallet what

that's a different question though that's hey prime what would you

recommend to increase the security of your Neos account and I would say hey go

ahead turn on 2fa make sure you have a password not using on any other site and

when you create and turn on 2fa make sure you save those backup codes a part

of turning on the 2fa process will ask you to save the backup codes and I know

some people don't if you don't save your backup codes and you lose your 2fa

device you kind of screwed so when a computer tells you to save backup codes

and this is any platform of 2fa if they present backup codes to you you save

them so yeah I we are security serious like we have a security policy for

reports and security etc we take it very secure it's very securely we take

security very seriously was I was trying to say and we have a lot of looking

insight and information that we're looking at as security grows what that

doesn't mean is that I need to talk to you about my personal life or my

personal crypto wallets that is a bad measure if my front door has no lock on

it it doesn't mean that my code is insecure it just means that I'm

replacing my front door actually have a friend who's replacing their front door

it blew open in the wind and got wrecked and they bought the wrong size door so

they had to return it I'm like I didn't think that was like a thing that could

happen but it was a thing most the wrong size handle I can't remember anyway they

had to replace their door and it was a big sort of spectacle because you know

you need to get a door the right size moving onwards um it has an update on

moderation team which has applications on an as no-kneader basis fantastic get

also mentions that needing new mods would be identified like different

languages different locale stuff like that that would be good to see if you

haven't seen it already if you looked at the Twitter hashtag we have a large and

I mean quite large representation in the Japanese area Japanese locale Japanese

language they are fantastic they do some of the amazing things take a look at the

MMC 2021 2022 2019 it should just look at all the MMCs for crazy creations

from that community the same goes for Korean as well we have a lot of Korean

users that are amazing I have since some sort of rumblings of Spanish which is

cool so we've been looking into like that I know that we have a Spanish badge

we sometimes give out to people or actually don't know anyone that's with

I've not seen it um but yeah if you are in a growing area of language or locale

that you think that we might need we'll take a look and have a look at it

we haven't seen it as well we have built by the Japanese community actually we

have some translation devices where you can basically just like stick them to

your head and then when you speak the translator text in whatever language you

want will appear above your head and it's beautiful moving forwards to other

questions which is maybe we have another one from neko thank you for that I did

want to ask one thing I noticed is a bit of performance for high use accounts by

hardware not being even halfway utilized is this more of a network ish or

something bigger the force in the US is a very complicated beast I'll call it a

beast because it's one that the nearest team are going to tackle with multiple

tools and implements there are a lot of things that we just haven't done when it

comes to optimization and we plan to do one of those being we want to optimize

the IK a little bit and then another one being hey want to optimize entirely the

renderer by replacing it which will get us some optimizations we also want to

optimize the language that Neos is written in and by that I mean we want to

change the version of dotnet we're using which gives us again performance

improvements just simply because hey we're compiling to a different target so

there's a lots of things that we need to do there it is something that we know is

a is a miss on our part is that we can't have worlds with as bigger numbers as

other platforms but do know that we are taking a look at it if you want to know

what you can do to kind of mitigate that the the biggest thing you can do is get

out of an avatar that has full IK we call them head and hands avatar

sometimes they're called flatties I don't particularly like that one because

my head and hands avatar isn't flat but if you remember the default avatar that

you had when you came into Neos when you were creating your account before you

set up your avatar it just had hands and that floating headset you can create as

like those using basically anything if you import a bench a park bench into the

game you can go to avatar creator slap the headset the head part of the avatar

create on that concrete bench hit create avatar and you'll have a head and hands

avatar that looks like a bench with hands those are more performant I don't

want to tell you to do that all the time or say like you must do that because

again you lose the character there you lose the full body tracking you lose the

legs you know you lose the chest so it's it's up to you and then in addition to

that is to make sure that you're watching whatever you're spawning in good

often examples there being video players trying to keep video players low I've

noticed a couple of people will do the sort of thing where they like they'll

spawn in videos and just kind of like cue them up like a deck of cards each

video player is causing like quite a lot of performance problems so like just

try and keep that down that isn't a big contributor to performance but when you

got like you know a deck of cards of ten waiting videos to play yeah lots of

other things there you have a specific questions about what you need to

optimize do let me know so moving onwards Sven oh second it's not Sven

second I've been pronouncing that one right so second asked her to confirm on

blend shapes if they are zero are they still a performance problem is only when

they have a value if they're on zero they have a performance problem if they

exist they have a performance problem the performance problem occurs because

we need to load data into various parts of Neos that determine what will happen

if that blend shape changes so a good example here and it's a really silly one

I wish I you know but it's a really good example is there are a lot of avatar

bases which have a I mean I'm gonna like generalize here a little bit apologize

for that they kind of have a male female slider it might be boobs it might be

butts right but you can change the presentation of the avatar to be male

presenting or female presenting if you have made the decision about what you

want that character the avatar to be that blend shape needs to not exist and

you can do that by baking your blend shapes I'll go ahead and link that

tutorial in the in the chat here what that does is it takes the current

position of all those vertices with that blend shape applied and then applies it

to the the base blend shape or the basis if you've made a blend of terminology

and then it deletes that blend shapes would no longer needs to exist and what

that does is it signals to the to the engine to Neos hey I'm not going to

change wherever or not I have breasts anymore in this avatar I have locked

that choice in and again I'm not saying that that needs to be permanent if you

save two copies of the avatar one that has those blend shapes baked and one

that doesn't then the one that has those blend shapes baked is more performant

and if you ever want to change those slides again you can load the unperformant

one and then make those changes I'm searching YouTube for Baker blend shapes

and I got some very weird results I need to go to my youtube channel and search it

there like how to bake a cake no bake your blend shapes not a cake here we are

moving moving forwards to an additional question where I scroll the scroll the

scroll the scroll the scroll toy says a bit of an off-topic question any cool

hardware it's popping up that's got your attention lately I'm still a streamer at

heart I used to stream a lot I don't anymore but I am like really wise to the

streaming hardware area the coolest piece of hardware in that area that I

bought recently not recently it was actually like almost a year ago now but

I still love it every day the reason it comes to mind is because the place I

bought it from was like a local store because they had it in stock and Amazon

didn't and that store like still every like six months sends me a little letter

with their catalog attached and just says like thanks for being a customer

here's our catalog in case you need anything else and it's just like it is

like slightly annoying but also kind of cute as a company doing that but anyway

so yeah it's the go XLR mini it's what I'm actually talking to you on I like

it is every day I don't use it to its full advantage but like it solved a very

big issue I had with microphones so that was cool as for new hardware more in the

realms of the like VR space I'm a backer a backer I'm a pre-order of the

ettie controllers and I'm really interested in trying them because I I

think I might like the feel I don't know if I'll actually like them but I

pre-ordered them so I'm kind of like biased to be like I want to try them

just in case I've let you know waste my investment here unfortunately the ettie

controllers have had a couple of production delays they are very

understandable it is very difficult to get a new product to market when you

need to build circuit boards and also like the actual plastic that goes around

that so I am patient with them and I'm excited to see what they can do with

them we do have limited support for an earlier version of the ettie controllers

they will probably need to be additional work when they're the ettie controllers

in their final state arrives but I will be quite motivated to do that seeing as

I'll have them lying in my apartment let's move along why the Duff says why

do people from VRC keep asking if they need to buy dinner bones for Neos this

is an unfortunate naming problem that we have so when it comes to Neos we have

dynamic bones that are very very very similar to VR chats fizz bones and VR

chats dynamic bones which actually aren't owned by VR chat long story but

you know like we have very similar things but they are completely different

so if you want to draw a Venn diagram there is like no overlap in terms of

code like VR chat fizz bones completely different from dynamic bones the asset

library thing and then our dynamic bones completely separate from both of those

other two the problem there that then happens is because dynamic bones are

called dynamic bones in Neos they think that they are the same thing and that's

quite perfect like it's it's a perfect mistake and a confusion to have and

that's why they ask if they need to buy it if you are a member of our community

please get a banner get on a horse and charge into the sunset with a giant

banner dynamic bones on Neos are free the reason why they're named dynamic

bones or close to that language is because of the opposite of that we

didn't want to name them something really obscure because then people would

have the opposite problem they wouldn't feel that they're familiar they wouldn't

know how to talk about them etc that's also the case with the case with fizz

bones right whenever I think about fizz bones which is what PRC uses now I'll

find myself calling them dynamic bones just because it's in my vocabulary even

though they're completely different you need to call things what they are and

that association has power and so therefore calling them dynamic bones has

power I added them to a couple of avatars yesterday and I said like

there's lots of controls here you know you can do what you want they are quite

similar but they are different and the user is helping took a look at the

inspector panel for the dynamic bones and when I could work with this it looks

quite similar and they just were off and playing with the dynamic bones and that

was perfect and yes just clarifying that dynamic bones was a paid add-on for the

ERC made by someone who doesn't have any investment they're not employed or

anything at VR excuse me at VRC they just need they're just it was just an

add-on you could buy I know a lot of people didn't buy it and that makes me

sad but I do wish I could buy I don't know interview the original creator and

be like did you know that this add-on was gonna be used for it was being used

for because I don't think they did like they made it a long time ago moving on

with lots of questions here we will run over if there's still questions go and

it is a busy day because of the new influx so don't worry about that we'll

just we'll just keep keep on keeping on if I get to the bottom of the list and

we're starting to run a bit dry I'll let you know so on to egg roll force that's

a crazy username that sounds like I don't know if you know the video game

series EDF earth defense force it sounds like you'll be right at home playing

that one so egg roll force ask is there a best practices for hosting instances

specifically for running more sandboxing instances on a headless yes first thing

I would say there is have rules so we do have guidelines you'll see get like

basically banging a drum about guidelines I do as well those are the

guidelines which are platform global right we don't care what type of session

you're in you need to be following those guidelines when it comes to hosting your

own sessions you can add rules to that so it would be perfectly acceptable for

you to run a headless which had a rule which said no yellow things and then

fruits wouldn't be able to join perfectly acceptable weird but perfectly

acceptable so do come up with list of rules for your session if you want

recommended rules like I said keep the video players down don't build on spawn

I hate it when people build on spawn move away from spawn to build people

don't want to spawn into your creations and then other rules like that you can

see some example rules in the MTC we recently added them because we needed to

like add some couple more rules to the MTC we'll just join a couple of

headlaces to do that I might write up an article on like some other rules I would

generally have it's just a little bit like wordy to go into as for a sandbox

the incidents do know that it's gonna crash a lot if it's on a headless it's

gonna crash a lot you're gonna need to probably like make sure it's got like an

auto-restart or something like that if it's sandbox see as in people can do

whatever they want it will just accidentally crash that won't happen if

like only certain people can build only friends can or a limited audience but

anyone can build the chances of crashing is like it's gonna be higher as for

hosting instances personally if you are a host in the world rather than on a

headless your unfortunate job is to sort of be a gatekeeper of that session if

you notice problems particularly problems involving the guidelines please

enact self-moderation that's where you can sort of kick or ban someone from a

session report stuff that happens we love tickets we're not gonna like

penalize you for making a ticket that isn't good or isn't spelt right or

anything like that if something happens let us know we'll take a look at it but

do remember that like you have a little bit of responsibility as the session

host to kind of keep keep things to how you'd want them to happen imagine that

the session is your house and the people are coming around to visit if someone

comes around to visit and they spread dirt all around the floor or horse me

that was the meaning for the previous one they spread horsemen you're all

around your apartment you've kicked them out the apartment so do the same for

your session please if they come in with a loud obnoxious firearm again you'd

probably call the police and get them arrested so maybe do that in your

session unless it's like a I don't know gun range session in which case hey

fine so next question from is it a set so is it a thesis I'm kind of our shy

for asking questions in a large group being a new players and I think that'll

make my experience best when I finally get into Neos actually um I have a great

example of that which is about attitude so I've seen great attitude from the

people I've recently been helping but in the past I have had a couple of problems

with a little bit of attitude so when I say attitude I don't mean the way that

like a school teacher would tell you like oh you need to have the right

attitude to learn I just mean the right mental model to go into Neos right so

when you go into Neos as a VR chat player or as any other platform player

coming across you're going to sort of try and make a lot of comparisons you're

gonna try and be like well it's like this over on VR see it's like this or

Neos what I want you to do is is try and sort of see beyond that and have

patience and understand that we have a little bit of dust going on right now

you know if I could wear a hard hat I'd probably be wearing a hard hat right so

some stuff is confusing some stuff is unclear some stuff is more complicated

we've got people all around that are gonna help you out look for the the

green icon above anyone's head if you're in an MTC session that they'll probably

be there and then above all else is just like ask questions if you got them like

I will answer the same questions all day if I need to like if it helps you go

through it if you're shy and you don't want to speak using your microphone we

have a number of tools available inside the Neos Essentials folder called the

Mute Helper that lets you type text-based messages which will appear in

a speech bubble next to your head and that's a great sort of advantage to many

many people who are for whatever reason and there's no judgment here don't feel

comfortable talking that's absolutely fine you know was fantastic for that

also remember that everyone had to learn at one point I'm just rambling here if

you like the rambling cool if you don't let me know my first session in Neos I

was in an avatar tool world by a user called business lawyer Nexlin came in

and there was a cart like a sort of metal cart in this world he he'd

selected with the inspector and scaled it I'm just like whoa and I spent the

next like week or so just completely confused I had no idea how anything

worked and so everyone had to learn even me that was like two three years ago but

I everyone has to learn Duff has a statement as well which is be kind ask

questions and know that you're generally in a helpful community yep it's good

advice as well I'll also take a look at the guidelines I hate you know banging a

drum about them but like the guidelines do have some important information

they're good for you as a person just to know what's unacceptable to do but it's

also good for you to know what we value right the guidelines show what Neos

values in a community so we value people being nice to each other because it's on

that guidelines to not be not nice and do again make tickets if you see

problems we love tickets tickets are a great source of substance for us moving

forwards Nash has a question which is how easy would it be in port my avatar

do I just drop in to adapt do I just drag and drop the FBX I've ever done it

before in a lot of cases you are like a little bit ahead of the game because

what we start with usually with with with VRC players or platform players is

they don't know where their FBX is that's perfectly fine if you know where

your FBX is you're already at like step two so you're already having an easier

time then then someone who doesn't know where their FBX is drag and drop your

FBX into the game you've got to click a few buttons it is a little bit of an

evolved process someone can show you it or there are tutorials available which

I'm sure people can sort of point and take a look at gray has linked one for

example just underneath the question and it will import things that might not

work when you import things are things like textures materials and in some

cases as well rigging there are subtle differences between the way that unity

is able to rig a humanoid and Neos is able to rig a humanoid but depending on

which avatar you're using it's absolutely fine I'm gonna take a look at

your profile picture here and assume that she'll be out your avatar if it's

so probably be fine I think I recognize that one from being imported do just

take it slow ask questions and you'll be there it is not impossible people

import all sorts of stuff Corey asks will there ever be will there eventually

be a wiki page and the recommended avatar optimizations yes it's on my list

to write I just don't wanna get it wrong so I am like writing it and editing it

and writing it and editing it and then waiting to send it to fruits or or gains

so gains is our graphics program ideals of all the rendering and fruits just

knows everything about Neos because they wrote a lot of it I want to say like

most of it but these days like it's a little bit untrue because like hey I

write code gains rights code you know it's it's cool they know like a lot

fruits knowledge is insane you just be like this component you wrote three

years ago and they're like oh yeah that one it does this let's move on Corey has

an interesting statement which says it's tedious to import an avatar I agree that

the first few avatars that you import are going to be tedious and that's a bit

that I was talking about with that attitude if you come up with an attitude

of this is tedious I am bored I'm I'm fed up then you won't get it done but

becoming an attitude like hey this is gonna be a bit tedious this might be a

little bit confusing and you get it done they're like four fifth sixth avatar you

import it'll be much easier the first couple they are gonna be a little bit

tedious let's move on does this can we empathize that you can use f8 to swap

between VR and desktop mode assuming you stop yeah I told that to a user

yesterday and they were like mind blown it was crazy to just elaborate that on a

little bit if you start in VR mode that start the game in VR mode right you know

if you use base stations they start wearing your headset turns on you can

just focus the window on your desktop like with your headset off push f8 and

you'll be in desktop mode push f8 again you'll be back in desktop no VR

whichever way around it was that I was talking there is no need to restart if

you start in desktop mode you cannot switch to VR mode you have to start in

VR mode to do that switch myself and many others of the community we always

start in VR mode and there are some days where I started VR mode instantly f8 to

desktop mode and then never f8 back my headsets just like lying there on its

like usual resting spot on my desk and it's just like play with me and I'm

like not today it's like but I'm on like not today I'm f8 let's move along

Lupo says is there any word or timeline for the solve of the issues from anyone

the reason we're not pushing updates it will talk about it in announcements when

we talk about it I said it earlier but like if there is no announcement in

announcements don't assume nothing's happening just assume we can't talk

about it yet and says you've got a lot of people listening to you rabbi about

so these stuff today else took about your door earlier that you're replacing

moving forwards Jin asks is Nia is looking alternative rendering engines

such as web 3js or Godot we are looking into other engines not 3js and not Godot

we were looking into they're all called silly names so I've forgotten them all

all right now we're sort of working on our own rendering engine as a separate

project it's called sauce not sauce the half-life 2 on the sources in like

tomatoes sauce I honestly don't know a lot about it and that's because my

strengths don't allow in the rendering side of things that's more kind of like

easy question to go over gains did used to do office hours they're just sort of

on hold right now but it will not be Godot or 3js or unreal that's like

another common question yet we will not be unreal before it says can we hit

hundred people in primetime I don't know if you can make it happen go for it I'm

too busy scrolling down asking questions I'm looking at my scroll bar it's just

continually going oh let's keep going fuzzy says last I need for Japanese

makers they make amazing things but usually very optimized I've seen some

advancements in that the the biggest part about the the Japanese community

that I like is how fast they are I have no idea how they do it and how fast they

do it they're also incredibly well organized so when they start our project

it just sort of like happens and it's insane and I love that about them and so

there's any optimization issues I'm sure they're working on them Quincy I think I

saw you in nears if I'm remembering that name hello again a translation device

would love to find that where can I get one essential tools essential tools JP

tools and then in there is the translator I don't know which row it's

on or anything like that but you're looking for a red and white rectangle I

know that's not useful and I apologize on behalf of nears that we don't have

search yet but it is in there I do have a version I'm working on that's sort of

working but mine is just an edit and I do have a video about that on my channel

but I do always want to point to the original source as well because they

deserve all the credit they figured it out I just have tweaked it a little bit

to make it easier for my purposes shifty states IK is incredibly optimized more

particularly as minimizing cost of slot transforms in the data model I thought

there was something we want to do out okay I might be out of date yeah anyway

the point there being an optimization is there is stuff that you can do which

will make a wiki page for and there is stuff that the nears team can do which

we need we know that we need to work on so that has another question fantastic

which says Disney is having hard limits in terms of avatars of worlds not that I

can think of there's nothing stopping you from importing a like million

polygon avatar but it will lag people out and they'll hate you for it there's

also nothing stopping you from doing that on the world level and again it

will lag people out and they'll they'll hate it and they won't go there but

there's no real limits the only limit I can really think of is what beyond like

hey your computer might crash is the file space limit that you have all

accounts start with a default storage space of one gigabyte beyond that you

will need to subscribe to our patreon to get more space and that will enable you

to save more I have currently have about 25 gigabytes of space based on my

account status and I'm using like 5% of that and I've been playing for three

years but I don't save everything I I don't know like recently like like half

a year ago or something I just stopped saving stuff that I like I don't I need

like it's cool but I don't need to save it I just remember where it is and then I go

there and spawn it out again or go find it if I need it that way I keep my file

space down and I have really really dense polygon meshes all sorts of stuff

I have a really really high high density chicken nugget which has an amazing

story about it

speedy baby another crate username here I like these these strange strange like

usernames ever ring to them they're good they ask what accessibility things are

in the game so it depends what type of accessibility you're talking about I'm

happy to go into specifics if you have a particular thing in mind that you're

you're concerned about ones that come to mind are the mute help which I mentioned

before that's for users who for whatever reason again no judgment from me don't

wish to speak they can use the mute helper to have that speech bubble appear

next to the messages that they type there are various versions of the

help there's even one that's sort of hooked up to text-to-speech so that the

message that you type will then be read in game using a text-to-speech voice and

text-to-speech is getting a great right now I know text-to-speech has a sort of

reputation in the older days of computing as being very robotic but I've

seen some text-to-speech on those avatars which is quite human beyond that

if you are colorblind I'm partially colorblind we do have a way to correct

for that it is a little bit experimental but there are filters that you can put

on your head that's sort of like a material you put on your head and they

can adjust the color spectrum of a world such that it might be a little bit

better you know we can make blues more blues or less blue whatever whatever you

need there if you are light sensitive I know that a couple of people like

sensitive we can also do the same thing as that colorblind filter but with a

darkening filter right it'll just take some of the intensity of the bright

lights out of the world I have some glasses in my inventory which I very

rarely equipped these days and I don't really know why I used to equip them all

the time in the early days moving beyond color if you are low vision there is the

ability to just arbitrarily create cameras in the world and I've seen a lot

of people who will I don't know where they are if anyone in chat is here and

there is where they are they've got sort of devices they parent to their avatar

that let them kind of zoom in on things a little bit like or similar to Windows

magnifier so I like seeing those we also have on that note we have disability

awareness badges which you can add to your account if someone below can link

the badges with the article we have a badge that says that you're colorblind

we have a badge that says that you are have vision issues we also have a badge

that says that you are deaf when it comes to the deaf community there we

have a lot of techniques and abilities that you can do in there we also have a

prominent few people that are in that community and are fantastic Danny comes

to mind Danny is fantastic they make just crazy stuff with the finger

tracking that we have and the leap motion support that we have we see a lot

of people that are able to sign a lot better inside Neos because they can just

sort of you know move their hands around we also have a couple of sort of hands

that are set up such that you can manually trigger letter fingerspelling

signs in a sort of intuitive way we also have native subtitle support for videos

although I don't know how it works is on my list to make a tutorial about but I

was reading code earlier and I'm like oh yeah you can import subtitle files I

forgot how but you can and those can be hooked up beyond that though because I

could wear on for forever literally if there is a problem you might be able to

build something to fix that problem and people will love to help you like if you

go into a world and you say I am for whatever reason I am unable to

comprehend the existence of yellow like someone will quickly build you something

you can put on your head and it just removes yellow somehow so much he handed

me there yesterday when I was playing they handed me some glasses that gave

you the vision of a dog right so they remove the colors that dogs cannot see

and so if I looked at green grass for example it was actually yellow my color

blindness means that I can often not tell the difference between green and

yellow anyway so I was very confused I'm like this isn't any different and they're

like are you a dog no I'm not a dog I just can't tell the difference between

green and yellow sometimes moving forwards

Zillowsef has another question here which says what is the most difficult

thing that new players will have to deal with people have commented with emojis

to get logics and I would kind of agree but I would actually say is getting the

avatar imported the thing that like is is difficult about particularly people

that come from another platform that doesn't have the in editing ability is

you want to just get comfortable and I used to not understand this but after

like a month or two of playing VR I got it right people want to feel

comfortable in the avatar that they're wearing getting to that stage where

you're comfortable is going to be the most difficult part that's why you've

got an avatar that you're comfortable in it's moving correctly it looks

correct it's got your colors your textures on it and when you look in the

mirror you're like that's me once that's done that's probably the most difficult

hurdle and then beyond that it's up to you about what you want to do again like

I see people have said logics if you don't want to learn logics that's

totally fine you don't have to if you don't want to learn any of the engine

that's totally fine just get the avatar in ask for help and and you'll get it in

and then you can just socialize right so it just depends on which path or journey

that you want to go through on Neos. Slinkah says ET controller the one with

the driver already Neos yes the driver in Neos for ET controllers is like

really old it's from before they had six doff now they have a six doff version

which is the right image on the thumbnail from the link that Alex posted

it's got like a chunkier bit attached to it which is basically like a five

tracker but a neti version of that that's six doff six degrees of freedom

that means and that might mean there's an updated driver and if there's an

updated driver would have to edit that. Aaron says does Neos currently spot any

haptic gloves I believe we support the B haptics gloves those just give you

vibration feedback on the gloves they don't give you the haptics that I

believe you're talking about which is where you can like feel stuff in VR

speaking of feeling stuff does anyone remember the Novant Falcon if you

remember the Novant Falcon let me know there's any Novant Falcon remember is

let me know you don't know what it is you can go ahead and take a look at it

moving onwards Traderos hope I'm pronouncing that correctly another

interesting name is there currently any estimate of time frames when the key

updates would be applied or would there be some way to see updates on current

systems in the works although I generally do not like products and

services to be crushed the current state of the market is very competitive and

falling behind becomes problematic we are very aware of that there are lots of

things in progress here the announcements channel I don't want to

sort of dwell on that too much that our existing that are preventing us from

doing updates beyond that though I would encourage you to go look at our roadmap

on github if someone wants to drop the roadmap link in the in the chat that

would be great that shows you what we are working on or at least intending to

work on and also gives you our backlog which is large but it shows you that

we're thinking about stuff we want to feed back in each of those items as well

if there is a job issue that you found that you have and it's something to say

about comment on us let us know let us know how you feel let us know what you

want to see in that future double stick says it's called dynamic bone no s by

will Hong that's the original thing yeah yeah I'd like to meet will Hong make you

say like hey how much like did you buy a house with about money you may I don't

know like yeah we have some love for EDF fantastic EDF is earth defense force is

a very crazy game and if you have a chance to play it please go ahead and do

and just like roll into the hilarity EDF is amazing egg roll face says I they

might have worded that probably because I was playing a hosting an instance I

would have to scroll up and find that question if you have a further up

question about hosting an instance do let me know spec says can you explain

for news is how to stop an avatar for face tracking so long as the blend ships

already exist yes when you create an avatar there's a bunch of check boxes on

the right hand on the like middle of the avatar credit just check them all I know

some of them are off by default I don't really know why just check them all

they're all useful one of them will automatically set up face tracking that

works at the HTC Vive face tracker I have one of those stuck to my face on my

headset and it makes me sometimes look really weird because my eyebrows do

wiggles but like that's fine for the face tracker itself it is based on the

blend shape definitions which we got from HTC in the tutorials channel of

this discord pinned is an image by gabell who made the sort of pivotal

example face tracking avatar which has all of those blend shapes set up you

don't have to name them exactly like that image if you have blend shapes that

are close enough then you could hook them up to the facial tracker I have a

video on that on my channel if someone could go ahead and make that that'd be

great as an example here many avatars have a smile blend shape and it's named

whatever it's named sometimes it's even named in Japanese you can hook that up

to the smile face tracker preset and it'll work even if it's not named

correctly and just that just having a smile adds so much more like emotion to

an avatar that you're wearing okay we're still my scroll bar is still huge let's

keep going I will answer all questions I know it's a little bit of a crazy day so

I'll just keep going till we run out of questions no user found welcome to the

discord I see you a new from the plant icon like meant to be like a flower I

don't know it's a plant icon who asked how is the crypto stuff incorporated the

game and are certain avatars what locked behind NFTs or crypto nothing is locked

behind NFTs or crypto at all there might be some community products which you

have to buy using crypto but that's nothing to do with us that's the same

thing as buying an avatar off gumroad and then importing into nius we have no

worlds locked behind crypto or NFTs if you're asking about crypto being

integrated in the game the steam build has no crypto and functionality the non

steam build does in the non steam build you can deposit our currency and CR into

your in-game wallet and withdraw it you can send it to people and you can buy

storage with it that's it yeah moving on good questions today mr. Aaron Aaron's a

good friend of mine he says what are your opinions on the recent influx of

people and how it affect non-time news I am a bit puzzled about what might happen

long term for anyone here that's new I love having you here as just the rest of

our community we love helping you I just I don't know what's gonna happen in the

future like well VRC reverse their decision to add EAC if VRC does that how

many of you will stay I don't know and that's the bit like I'm unsure about I

would love it if all of you stay I understand the that might not be

realistic so if you choose not to stay that's totally fine thank you so much

for trying us and hope to see you back time some there sometime soon I'm

running out of English at the moment as to what I think about it is great it's

also unexpected I wish we'd had some notice it's a bit difficult for VRC to

basically be like yo we're dropping a big update you might get some users

because they're gonna hate it like that they wouldn't do that that's not like a

business thing that exists but it is unexpected like I had other plans for

this week but I guess they're kind of like thrown out let's go ahead and move

on see if any more questions is it there says I so I'm thinking this is the

official VRC killer no I disagree um the important thing to think about and we

encourage you to do this based on the guidelines channel of this discord is to

think about how think about the the metaverse platforms is like a family

right we should be getting along we should be talking to each other we

should be sharing insights I myself am friends with the head of trust and

safety at VR chat and I sent them some kind words yesterday I didn't like say

hey this is a bad decision or anything like that I just said hey good luck I

basically I read the update and I just said hey good luck you know let me know

if you need anything because like I know that they probably had a really really

tiresome day yesterday and that's the kind of dialogue that I want between

those platforms so it's I don't think it's appropriate to say one is better

than the other I think it's appropriate to say that they are different and that

they have different uses you'll see that sentiment a lot from people you also see

the opposite sentiment which is like no this is better than VRC no VRC is better

than this and like it's not my place to comment on that because I don't think we

should be coming on it a good way to think about it is how you think about

beverages food and stuff like that like the Pepsi Coca-Cola thing right you guys

have a preference we don't need to talk about it we'll start an argument but you

have a preference that's in your mind right now Pepsi or Coca-Cola but if

they're sold out of Pepsi or Coca-Cola in the grocery store you're gonna buy

the other one and you're gonna enjoy it so it's a matter of preference rather

than like a clear-cut distinction between the two platforms let's move on

llama with two L's hope I'm pronouncing that correctly welcome to the discord

is there any plan to add a reset password button to the web UI the

person's a little confusing you should converge the login to the website you

can't reset your password about being in game and I find a little clunky yes we

have like three websites it's problematic but we're doing our best

we're you know like I said we're working on stuff so we have the the main website

and that has all the information about it and then we have like the account

website and then we have a third account website which is what we're trying to

move everything over to I believe that actually has a reset part of

functionality on it it's just not like it doesn't really do anything other than

account right it's stuff so that might be an option to do that but we

absolutely have plans to sort of put that all together like a jigsaw puzzle

until it makes sense in the future Nash has updated their profile picture so I

can see their avatar a little better yeah that looks like it will work quite

well great let's move along egg roll fails again hope if you're fighting for

the EDF quite well anyway also is there someplace where there's a complete list

of desktop controls it seems the only one I can find is outdated wiki has it

the wiki shouldn't be out of date if it's out of date yell at me I'll update

it basic controls is the page on the Wikipedia on the not the Wikipedia the

Neos wiki moving forwards Aaron says what are some suggestions for getting VRC

users who may be on the fence or simply just trend follows to stay on these I

think we can do that based on the way that we handle the experience right so

if you come over to us to try us out thank you so much for trying us and if

you like it stay do make sure you give it a good try do make sure you come in

with attitude of like hey this might be a little bit difficult there are some

rough edges give it a try let us know what you think and if you don't decide

to stay that's fine thank you for trying moving on we've got delirious Jax's one

minute avatar I love that so delirious Jax's woman avatar is meant to be

slightly satirical and the reason why that is he has a perfect avatar set up

the textures import the IK is fine so you can just import that model and do

that and the reason why he's able to do that is because he knows what Neos needs

and he's able to craft an FBX file that works perfectly a lot of users this

might be the first time that you've even looked at the files inside your avatar

you might have been doing solely with like download drops of unity packages

from avatar creators and that's totally fine like if you are a knowledgeable

user like Jax there should be able to just make an FBX that works I had that

actually yesterday with null user they brought the avatar in and the like rig

was just messed up and I explained what was wrong and I apologize that you know

there was no way to fix it in game and they went oh it's okay I can fix in

blender they took off their headset crumpled into a heap on the floor came

back five minutes later with a working file and it was beautiful I'm like my

job is done baby they understood my statement and they did it

Zillow says says what is the history of Neos had it will start I'm gonna bridge

this some people might have some links if you've got some links to better

histories of that but I'm gonna bridge it because I don't want to go on too

long Fruxius is an original backer of the original oculus rift and when they

got the oculus rift they went to a lot of like meetups like you know hacker

meetups stuff like that jams stuff like that and they created a bunch of cool

stuff and they noticed that they were doing the same thing over and over again

when you start a new VR project what's the first thing you do you make hands

the hands work and then maybe once you've got hands you do grabbing like

think about all the VR games you have they all have hands and grabbing and you

might have to grab a gun or a ball or an object and he was getting tired of

repeatedly doing that he's like I've just started a new project I've got a

copy this code from the other project that sets up hands into this new project

that sets up hands and so originally he was like what if I made the project

project which was Neos and it's like cool now I can make my other projects in

Neos and then it was like well now I can have multiplayer and this collaboration

and people could join and talk to me and it's like well now we have avatars and

then slowly it sort of evolved into a social metaverse but with that also

creation around as a metaverse that's how it all got started specs has a good

point there which is the first time that they imported a VRC avatar they found it

tedious I agree I was completely confused I'd not done unity much before

so I was just like what are all these buttons as well as for Neos they say but

now if he had to choose he would start with Neos because it's simpler and I

agree that's the thing as well if the roles were reversed if you were coming

over to me and I was representative of VR chat and you just you know hopped over

from Neos and I'm like hi welcome to VRC to set up an avatar you need to do the

process that you do for VRC avatar set up you might have the same feedback you

might have the same feedback this is tedious this is confusing and that's

again all about the attitude if you come over naturally if it's confusing you're

gonna have a bad time if you come in the attitude of I'm going to try this I

might get confused I'm gonna ask for help then you'll have a much better

time so Akki Adachi says when will we get the an option to stay logged in

forever that is a colon problem that we have we're only able to remember your

login for seven days due to security and that what that means is if you log in

we'll remember you for seven days and that's like a rolling window so if I

log in today it will remember me till next Tuesday if I log in on Wednesday or

remember you need to next Wednesday so if I continue to log in each day I'll

never have to I'll never have to enter my password again and as I use Neos a

lot I never really have to but we're unable to remember you for forever

because of our security policies we may change that in the future but it just

requires us to sort of evaluate the security problems with that and and

adjust them moving forwards Alex's is there a patreon in fact yes you can

technically make a world which is only accessible to patrons I have no idea if

anyone's done that or why you might do that Lexis that there should be a hard

limit yeah okay we'll sit a hard limit we'll say a hard limit for for quarter

past I would say ten past but we're already like four minutes quarter past

we'll say a hard limit for quarter past you're right I do have other stuff to do

today um Zilla says is the game enjoyable without getting any

subscription yes provided you only upload your avatar and you are wary on

what you save absolutely absolutely don't be a pack rat nowhere stuff is

rather than than saving it as well so if you have a public folder full of cool

stuff that someone else has saved cool that won't count to your storage space

and you can just spawn it if you want to just chill out and and see yourself more

as sort of like a chill out not the platform just a person who chills out on

social VR then all you need is your avatar uploaded you can do everything

that you've ever done on VR chat without a subscription for sure if you want to

build stuff you will maybe at some point run into that up where there's a you

know hey you're out of storage space but if you're careful there's a lot that you

can do about running out of storage space Zilla says so wait is all the

storage in the cloud yes all storage is in the cloud for the most part there is

a caveat to that which is not used a lot when you open Neos you'll see that two

worlds opened you can close these there's ways to do it I'm going to that

by default two worlds opened there is the local home and the cloud home

anything saved to the local home as in saved inside the local home you drop it

in there you hit save will be saved on your computer it doesn't touch the cloud

anything saved anywhere else including your imagery will be saved to the cloud

it is also sort of slightly higgledy-piggledy magic saved to your

computer that's just a local cache of it a local database of it and a local copy

of it but it is saved to the cloud as well I'm forgetting all the way down to

all the links I requested thank you froppy for linking badges thanks June for

linking that mod for the zooming in beautiful by the way yo we do support

odds we have a modding policy and the modding community are upholding that

policy to a better level than I believe even I can like they are basically like

guys if you're being malicious with your mods get out of here like they won't

help you and all sorts of stuff like that I really do like them

well it's don't break the guidelines read that modern plug-in policy also

read our security policy because it's very important that you read all the

policies we have I wrote the part of the modern plug-in policy I also wrote this

is the security policy so just I'm kind of proud of them anyway moving on

zilla says now is there a roadmap for this yes you can find a roadmap on

github someone can link it froppy did thank you no user found says they don't

worry about force crypto NFT why the crypto stock prices and telegram and

also the nearest metaverse website read announcements moving onwards okay no

more questions specs links an issue great lego creator is asking about low

vision stuff if anyone has any low vision assets please do help lego

creator out I know of some but I don't know where they are located so please

please do help them out I don't want to like call anyone out and be like oh yes

I remember this user hello vision but I will direct message a user I'm aware of

and ask for their permission to connect you two together because I know that

they have a lot of tools on their avatar and I'm sure if I ask them politely

enough they'll be happy to show to show you how they got set up so they feel

sorry for asking so don't worry about it if it was a problem if I needed to go

if my house is on fire I would I would I would quit it I would just get rid of it

okay I'm not seeing questions I'm seeing a lot of responses to questions that's

fine see a lot of links to videos face tracker setups excellent videos great

Quincy says speaking of which can people make shops or on the earth to sell

avatars and worlds yes absolutely we actually had I forget I'm so sorry I

forget which furry convention it was but they had the equivalent of the the

dealers den or the like the show floor area as a world and you could go in

there and each person had like a market stall with a hyperlink that could be

on there and that allowed them basically say like hey here's a sample of my

artwork click here it'll take you to their their Commission page stuff like

that you could also do if you set up commissions correctly you could also do

a few demo worlds to demo avatars that wouldn't be like entirely secure like

you know cuz you're still risking it by giving them the avatar to to where but

you won't be able to save it you could do that you can also use Neos on your

like gumroad pages or whatever to be like hey look here's a video of my

avatar in Neos look how expressive it is look at how you know the face tracker

works the dynamic bones work you know that's fine how did I end up scrolling

up I don't particularly know I just like read another question I'm like what

llama kelex bit kyun thank you for letting us know let's try and keep VRC

discussion about that breaking news not here or be here forever it is not a

time to talk about EAC or VRC in this particular I mean VLC a little bit but

not easy basic controls has been linked fantastic

Nash had issues loading their homework last night is that fixed now I'm sorry I

don't know what your homework is I understand that's a nice normal typo so

yes it should be better if you still see issues do let us know we're still keeping

an eye on and based on why I just read we might have to like push a few more

buttons okay moving forwards kip says word from the wise organize your stuff

in folders you will enjoy agreed there is actually a video on my channel about

how I organize stuff in folders coffee has added coffee kai sorry there's a lot

of coffee so I have to be specific coffee kai has asked as added a link to

the Neos modding discord go there if you'd like the one ask I have and I'm

sure the Neos modding community won't be offended by this is do check Neos's

features before you start modding there are a lot of mods that you you think you

might need because you're coming from a different platform that you don't need

good example there being like grabbing other people's bones before the fist

bone update I knew that that was a mod that was in play in VR chat you don't

need that over here so you wouldn't need to mock that so do just take a look at

Neos's features before you then get all sort of embroidered in the modding

community there are a lot of cool mods there but you might not need any is what

I'm saying just like keep in mind what you might need race is one another team

member in the stage of you um we're good for now maybe another time hey wraith

you could do your own officers if you want nothing stopping you you could do a

UK time one as well that might be better for Europe

dresen said that is for ality yes that was a for a further like oh no

funnel equinox kip says um I get the names of them confused if you are a furry

convention creator consider not putting fur in the name of your convention I

know it's like a really easy way to signal to the community hey this is a

furry convention but like for Prime's brain it just is like they all get

bundled into one and I get confused I apologize for that I should be better at

that scrolling through stifle has linked how to organize my

venturi thank you for that that was a Christmas tutorial I've got that sent

out on oh yeah Rafe does do the moderation office hours I am at the

bottom we are at 1715 Sarah kitty and dries on if you are typing a question

you are the last two questions no other questions will be accepted thank you so

much for allowing us to get through this there will be a recording of this on the

on the sounder I use sounder because it's got like transcription the

transcriptions kind of bad but I'll actually click around and and navigate

through the audio quite quickly that people like I'm still waiting for them

to update their transcription editor so that I can actually edit this

transcriptions to be even more accurate so thank you all if you have any other

questions please feel free to drop them in the questions and help section find

a mentor in game read that wiki I'll be back next week and just keep trying guys

well you know we're happy to see you I will see you again next time as you

might see you in nears a little bit later I've got some work to do but I'll

be there Aaron I'll come look at your trigonometry thing I've got a books and

flights well they