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In this Office Hours, Probable Prime talks about:

  • Patreon stuff
  • AnimJ
  • Hand posers
  • Websockets
  • Random ramblings of course!

Did you know I made a patreon? COOL!


(Please note that the transcriptions will not be 100% accurate)

All right, so welcome to office hours. This is the office hours for AMA for mr.. Prime and yes and

Hello, if you have questions, please drop them in the office hours channel. That's two above where it currently is

I do have a couple of sort of bits of preamble first of which is people notice my patreon

Thank you so much for those that have subscribed to my patreon

I did want to clarify that before any sort of rumors or Twitter threads or anything like that happened

I'll also be producing a I don't know post or video or something about it

That patreon is if you wish to support me me personally if you want to support Neos the company do the Neos patreon that gets

You the storage space if you want to support fructs personally do tricks patron. I'm just what me personally then

That's okay for me as for you get when you're doing that nothing currently I might add some perks

But they're not going to be any sort of perks that you want to write home about

a bare minimum perk will probably just be like hey you're in my youtube video description for every video whilst you're a patron which is

Standard stuff until your patron this gets too big and then you put it in my credits in the video and stuff like that

but yeah

We're not gonna have cringy stuff, and no explicit perks unless you have ideas for perks in which case go for them

If you're interested probably enough talking about that just one final note there though any money submitted to that is not going to be used for

Guns or explosions or cool cars. It's gonna be used for buying cheese buying groceries or buying

Food basically like that's that's all it would be used for I

Literally I did a I did a funny. I push the wrong button there, but you know there we go

That it's just like it's literally there like you know I know some people are like oh

Yeah, I'm gonna get money from patreon buy fast cars right now. I'll never buy a car

It's like no. I'll never buy a car. I can't currently legally drive, so if it's there. It's for food. Thank you

Otherwise cheese on to questions. Oh, that's the other thing if Neos ever gets to the point where it's able to actually purchase me

Purchase me that sounds wrong if it's able to get to the point where it can pay me and whatever fashion that is I will

Cancel that patreon and focus it back towards yes

That's that and for those sitting in here going like oh, so it was about the money after all

It's not about the money

It's about the things that like are around that right do I want to like quit my job and work on near stuff all time

Yes, would I do that in the current circumstances?

No, not if nears the company had a check for a million dollars that would not happen so do keep that in mind

It is still not about the money

You know if I offered you to if I were to you a check for like a million dollars for you to be inside an

incredibly loud boiling room full of sound and needles and sharp objects and glass and

lectures about the nature of reality

So you know you're in pain. You can't move you're very hot. You'd say no. Just just think about that money isn't everything

So now we'll move on to questions

So Ozzy ask real question real quick question can anim J track the use of bull fours

Um probably I don't know the advice I have of anim J is if you go ahead and take

Take an object and run it through the to string node

You'll see what anim J representation should be applicable for it

For example if you if you go like if you have a float three like you might write a float three

And I know this is just in the chat and not the recording

But whatever you write it as like three numbers with a comma in between so

120 50 10 like that's a float 3 and then if you to string that you'll see something along the lines of this

Which exists in the anim J as a serialized thing the reason why it's using those brackets

And it's using semicolons rather than colons

Commas even is because it's going into Jason and commas away than Jason as our quote, so it's using that as a different thing

So if you to string something you'll usually see what it might be able to be looked at like in anim J

What I want to do a minute every like eventually for anim J is I want to basically take a lot of c-sharp data structures

That I can code in c-sharp right so if I write a float for a blue for or whatever in c-sharp

I know it's correct as c-sharp has you know runtime detection on that and then say cool now reverse

Generate an anim J file for that and then that can form actually part of like an automated test for anim J as well

Right so we we take a c-sharp file

We generate an anim J file from it, and then we check that that match is an expected known value

So prime looks over the class goes like cool prime looks over the generated output and goes cool

Then we lock those together in the form of a testing contract and then if one side breaks or the other side breaks

We know that there is a problem with anim J for those who aren't aware about how testing works in software

That's how it works right you read over the code once and you're like I am asserting me

probable prime emperor of this c-sharp class

says that this is what this program should output and then six months later where

new person on the team

Clarence makes a code change and accidentally break something because they're new the test go nah, sorry bro

It's wrong, and then it's caught before it goes to production. That's that's testing for you. We want to do more testing

On neos as well just to make sure that stuff doesn't break or that we know and stuff is about to break things like that

so we actually have

We have some testing and some benchmarking on a new node which isn't in the release yet due to hashtag announcements

On counter currencies we have benchmarking to prove that the counter currencies implementation is the fastest we can get it to very interesting right up

On that one. I actually might write that up in a blog somewhere at some point

Yeah, and then we have testing to make sure that it works appropriately the same with a couple of other nodes

Which are sort of escaping and escaping strings some advancements to those I had to write a bunch of tests for those again

That's tested right so forever breaks. We can test it. That's great

I know that's a tangent away from an MJ, but it leads to the point of the matter

Which is like an MJ doesn't have those right now, and so we some cases don't know

But if you to string it you sometimes get an approximation, and then you can try and chuck it in that's that question

Moving on to the next question

Spec says that they don't know the session metrics, okay, I still don't know and the problem is like it's not

Notated I'm gonna go ahead and open up the code base. I actually didn't look for you

I looked in Neos, but I didn't look in the actual code

So I open up the code base that takes a couple of minutes and then in gaps between any questions. I'll take a look oh

Interesting. Thank you for that example. That is not how to string would represent it at all

Interesting does a flip for look like sorry flip for looked like a the bracket he stuff. That's cool X

We should maybe collaborate on those tests

I can reckon to write those now because like you can write tests about later shipping codes to productions


You found out it is milliseconds. Yes of course. I didn't read till the end sometimes. I do skim read

It's just the nature of being sort of live on sage at sage. Yes

I'm on top of a pile of sage the best herb in the world for those who are here

Who are aware of what sage is sage and onion stuffing?

Just give me like a whole plate of stuffing. I remember I had I lived with a

Roommate back in my university days, and they love stuffing so much

They would just buy like the you know stuffing powder you mix in water

Maybe some milk sometimes you just get like a plate of stuffing and he would just eat that like all times of the year

Sometimes it stuck up on it

I've never really had that reaction except to eggnog like I hate the fact that eggnog is only available in December

I don't really drink eggnog before I came to America, but every like every December now. I'm just like I

Can't hold these liters of eggnog and for those who say like but you know you could make it at home

And I'm just like yeah, I could also like you know follow Bob Ross's painting tutorials

Or like you know learn a musical instrument, but what egg dogs available in the shops?

I could just pick up liters of and take it home

I always forget the recipe as well, and you're unlike any alcohol to eggnog

It's great you warm up a little bit, and it's just like oh anyway. I think that's all the questions. We've got right now

That's why I'm talking about eggnog. Well the problem is shelf life right so

You know that there is a lot of you might all know

But most of you should know there is a lot of wastage in the sort of grocery department like when you're walking through the grocery

hour next time

You're shopping, and you will past all the meat like what past you know the steak the ground beef the ground chicken the sausages walk

Down that entire aisle if no one buys the like rotting deceased animals that are in those counters

They will be thrown out by the grocery store, and it's just like brain is just like

It's just weird right, but that's the grocery

industry same thing with

Eggnog right if no one buys the eggnog then it's just gonna rot and they have to throw it out

So yeah, okay prime might come in and buy seven liters a week

But they've got like a hundred leaders out back because they don't know that prime exists

They can't plan for that if there's like long shelf life eggnog it probably tastes worse. I know there's like long shelf life

Milk which is usually like tastes weird because they like they put it in like canned milk or something

They put it in like they do a different type of treatment so that it can be have a long shelf life

I've considered getting powdered milk. I know this is completely off topic, but like hey

This is this is why you come to office hours come on. This is why you come you come in for random prime stories

Whenever I need milk. It's like

Usually 10 milliliters or less

It's like a teaspoon or whatever for cooking and I buy like a container of milk

And then it just goes off or and here's the alternative or I buy an entire box of cereal and a carton of milk

And they're both gone within 24 hours. I just can't I can't process milk as a regular human being

Where like you have a carton in the fridge at all times?

That does it just doesn't occur to me

It's either like in a bowl of cereal or it's off that that the two states of milk for prime

I was debating whether to go into the story of how to dispose of


Now let's not do that because I have a special mechanism for getting rid of off milk

Okay back on topic from unnamed cyborg cat. Thank you so much


Will needs be finished or at least it is released it's released into early access

I know the early access gets a lot of sort of stick in the community and that's because it

You know, there are games that stay in early access forever. I'm not calling this game out

I'm just mentioning I'm aware of in the press that this is happening a lot for this game seven days to die has been an

Early access for a long time


Bought seven days to die off steam like a long time ago and I would have to like rummage through my email accounts to

Find out which email I bought it from so that's interesting

I keep playing early access games aren't completed and I hit like a content or like I did that was satisfactory for those who don't

Know satisfactory you get to like phase

For whatever you just send up and they give you a coffee cup and that's it because they don't have any more content

I'm about to hit that wall with a game called grounded, which is really cool. Well you play as a

Shrunken children in a forest of it's not actually a forest. It's a lawn

You know

You have to try and do stuff to get back up to your regular size and again, there's just a content wall

It's like sorry guys. We didn't finish the game. It's the nature of early access. So

Actually answer the question with that pre-facing never update 6 is coming out update 6 just talks about sorry

we're talking about satisfactory update 6 just changes the the

The biomes the biome generation and rebalances combat a little bit. That is good content

Unfortunately, it is changing the biome completely of where my main base in my main satisfactory save is

Located because we chose to build it there before we knew that that was going to happen

so I predict after the update when I load the save that I have it's just gonna be like

Off your factories in the side of a mountain. Whoo

I would like satisfactory to have an update where there is an end of the game. I don't know

That's only access for you know, but going back to to near stem gums. I

I don't think it'll ever be finished or released. There will come a time some time in the future where

There are no more updates. I know there are no updates right now

Let's just imagine for just like 30 minutes, please that Neos is doing fantastic right now, please. It makes conversations a lot more sort of

Empathic and good to have

At some point in the future this situation not withstanding

There will no longer be an update. Let's say 20 years in the future 30 years in the future

You're like ancient you sat on a rocking chair

You've got a blanket on your legs your family all around you and you can barely walk three steps

And you know, you're just like back in my day

prime talked about cheese

You know and we didn't have all these features at some point. It's just gonna happen right the game will just stop having updates

At that point, could you say it was finished? Yeah, probably not though

There was probably like a realm of stuff that we still intended to do like I used to work on mixer

And again, we had a realm of stuff that we just intended to do but because mixer shut down it was therefore

Colloquially known as being finished right? I have notes in a notebook. That's on my desk

It's almost out as my work notebook and it's still caught mixer notes from features in it

I have to keep those until I if I whatever leave the job

But then I kind of have to sort of turn that notebook to them or shred it or something

I don't remember which I'll read when it comes to that. So there you go. There's the answer to that question

Now onwards to more content 15 minutes in we're still talking about random stuff

Roussia says not a question the amateur radio project with the red sockets caught it with the red sockets

So catchy good piece of software red red. No, no red. Anyway web sockets causing red nodes

I separated the important radio control and signal report data into two separate web sockets and add an impulse timer on the signal report web socket

No, it does appear to have prevented the red nodes from happening. Absolutely. Yeah split the logics up

split things up split things into data channels and make sure the only

Processing data at the speed that you need to process it out or slow down that data and you'll have a much better time

If you're worried about now that your project is now using two web socket nodes

What I want you to go do is to go to any popular website Facebook Twitter

You name it whatever you want to do YouTube's another good one open up the developer tools and then go to the network tab

And then hit refresh and then just like die. It's just like

There's just like thousands of

Business pieces of data just coming in and all they do is they represent cat memes on your computer entering your brain through your eyes

It's very interesting how the way the world has worked. So don't worry about complexity is what I'm saying if it works

Cool moving on to Lexus question

Which is any specific reason why the enos API is not cause compatible not having the required cause headers to a crosstalk way

Peter web API access like an explicit decision or

Because it's not supposed to be used. I know I'm paraphrasing that a lot. I apologize. I'll just sum up

So Lex is asking why the nearest API doesn't have cause headers cause is cross origin request


Sometimes I know what an abbreviation means, but I don't know what the abbreviation expands to if that makes sense. So cause is

Really cool

No, we don't have the headers there it allows

Other websites in the browser to talk to the API

It can be a security preventative measure to explicitly out out of cause headers

We don't have them because we haven't made a decision either way

When it comes to web services

Fruxy is is less knowledge about about those than other things such as no nears his actual engine. And so

Some of those decisions just either weren't made simply through time or weren't made because they don't know about them

I'm not trying to say hey fricks didn't know about that. They're bad or anything like that

What I'm trying to say here is sometimes stuff is just overlooked

Above all the other things I do in news

One of the reasons why I joined the team is actually to help out on the website side of things, right?

I am a web developer

Engineer, whatever you want to call it by trade and have been for a long long long long long time

So I can help out with things like that

We would have to have a discussion as a team about what we want to do about cause and particularly would have to speak to

Developers that require cause see what their needs are

because I don't think we'll be able to enable cause on every single like API and

Would have to maybe decide which ones we wanted to enable them

Additionally, we need to make sure that the API is actually usable right now

The fact that you're using it is kind of just like a small miracle

Like any update could break it right now. We have nothing locked its contracts

We see you commented that

Everything is actually implemented in node-red. That's fantastic

I really want to look at node-red

But like I got kind of put off because I'd have to set up a server

One of my principles right now is to just do serverless everything

So I need to look at node-red again and see if there's an easy way to run it

I just like not having machines running somewhere that I have to like SSH into it

It puts me off and with that we'll wait for more questions. Thank you so much guys. All right

I'm just you know, double enforcing. Hey, if you have any questions, please

the office hours channel that is two channels above the one you clicked to get to this meeting and

I'll answer them as soon as I get to them as there are no questions. I get to ask you guys a question

So do you have any tutorial requests currently? I know I've been like absent on the tutorial front for a while

That's because of the channel that's announcements. It's also because of a couple of personal things

If you have any requests do let me know. I'm hoping to start those back up

I was um, ignoring about it because I'm like, why would I do tutorials for like a platform that is like, you know

Struggling and the answer there is like hey, I'm just gonna do it

I'm just gonna like I'm just gonna continue doing tutorials continue servicing that community and

Hey, if the platform continues to struggle, I don't care. It's my channel

News related question above did I miss a question?

See a question. Oh, there are thoughts on the red X file search. I have no idea what it is

Oh, I do. I just didn't know it was called that. Um

That is a searcher that searches through all public

Public folders that are been indexed by it actually uses good effects is like database as far as I'm aware

that has scanned through using the web API all of

All of the public folders that it's available for it cannot find your private content. It cannot steal your avatars

It's just scanning for public folders

If you happen to put something you don't intend to inside a public folder

Make sure you select it and hit that purple hand like on that will

Prevent it from being public. It removes it from public. Um, I like it. I built one myself

Shortly before I joined the Neos team when I joined the Neos team, I shut down mine. It still exists

I still have the code for it

I would love to release the code

but the problem releasing the code is that it basically tells you how to use the Neos API to do what I told like what

I'm telling you just to build that database and

I don't want to be liable is the wrong word, right?

Because I'm not doing anything wrong, but I don't want to be liable for support in

How that code works?

Because of the state of the API so when I joined the Neos team, I was like, hey, it's much better if I spend more time

Making things in Neos. I want to make a reality such as the inbuilt

Item searcher exist rather than spending time on this item searcher

Which will inevitably just become a time sink for me when people look at it and go that's really cool

But can I make it do this and me have to go like oh, yeah sure you push XYZ

It'll do that. But yeah, I have I have one that is closed source right now. They exist. It's really cool

Like it's really really really really really cool. I just put a pause on it looking at tutorial quests someone

Someone was talking to me about those ones or froppy would like a tutorial on the forward note

Yeah, my vector mathematics is like exceptionally like

Strange in the once you start using it. You're like, oh, that's easy. Oh, why didn't I think of that?

So probably specific talking about the nodes such as forward up left right down

They're like vector based things. We need to do a sort of imagine a

Gizmo always being on your object. Let's say you have I don't know like a goose NPC, right?

That goose has a forward vector and then you can do master that forward vector and it's usually better than doing other

forms of mathematics a good example here is if you

if you have an object with a global position and we'll just call it the goose and

You set its position to its forward vector times a multiplier

And then add that onto its existing position. So you do it's an existing position plus its forward vector plus a multiplier

It will move forward at that multipliers

Interval, let's say it's for direct vector is straight towards

We'll just say the front of the world just to avoid the mathematics for right now and you do front and you do front times

Five it will move five units in the front of the world and it's beautiful

I you don't need to do any sort of mathematics to figure out all which direction am I which rotation of mine?

There's no trigonometry involved. It just does it. It's beautiful. So yeah, I'd love to draw on them


Moving forwards Oh Ruscio has asked for a 3d mass tutorial. I don't know if I want to expand into like actual education

I can I will have to put disclaimers at the bottom there though that I am NOT like

Educationally licensed. I don't know if I need to but I probably will like I can teach

I can teach things like a trigonometry or Pythagoras or stuff like that

I can teach like I said the forward vector etc stuff like that. I

I um, they just sort of they come into a sort of like weird thing

Like am I doing math tutorials for people who might not be news related or am I doing?

Tutorials for those who are in neo somewhat to use those mathematical concepts because I think there's a realm for both

There is also another question

I know this is meant to be about news and I tell people off without asking how I am and stuff but

I never quite know what to do with my youtube channel, right?

My youtube channel is Neos tutorials Neos tutorials cool if mathematical tutorials that weren't associated with Neos or blender

Tutorials or VR chat tutorials or chill out VR tutorials started appearing on that channel. Is that okay?

I never know like I know that like bigger channels they like make multiple channels to host their like random stuff. You know, there's like

Big youtuber one and that's where all they're like really highly produced videos do and then they usually have like a big

Youtuber too and that's where they put like less effort he videos in and then they have big youtuber dash gaming

Which is where they just play games and stuff

That's like that's what I usually do, but I don't know if I want to do that

I remember replying to a tweet from Eastern Eastern tweeted like

something something, you know didn't want to post anything about non Neos content and that was strange because like Twitter is my space and

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll see I sometimes retweet random stuff

That doesn't make any sense and it's nothing to do in years, but that's my time. That's my timeline

Those are my tweets if you don't like them you can buzz off

So I think I should probably adopt that approach to my channel as well

I'll still keep it to like tutorials and learning and stuff like that. But hey if I wanted to do blender like

Or VR chat or whatever you might see stuff on there. I know people who asked for it

I just don't know how yeah chat works. Most of Avatar 3 is just like

So I'd have to go learn that and do that, but I think people would appreciate it

Anyway, that was another question to you. So let me jump through the other questions that we have here

So Lexus, do you think there'll be another competition similar to Neos Neos?

I think it was Neos create a contest not Neos contest contest, but totally fine, which will be officially run by the Neos team

In due course. Yes, read hashtag and

We will have the MMC

2023 which will be

Probably I don't know it's not announced yet, but it'll be sort of start of the year next year

So maybe February time again

I have no idea how MC 2023 is gonna be but now you've had that quick succession

Which was the October MMC and then the February MMC you can have have like a have a gap

Relax, no contests. However, you are free to have your own contest

If you want to set one up

I'll get to that in a moment, Lex. I'm sorry. I wrote that page. I wrote that page

I'll get to that. What I'm sorry to say is if you want to have your own contest and you can get sponsorship for it

Go for it. Don't feel obligated to you know, let us know or anything like that

Good example here being Festa. Festa has been running for like three years and to be honest

I still have hardly no idea who runs it what it's about etc. I just know it's cool. So cool do it

Do keep a look at

Look at like a good example here is to look at Altspace VR

If you go to Altspace VR, it's more of an event team platform. So you look at the event tab in the event tab

it's basically just like

anything from

live music to conversations about sort of philosophy and religion and stuff like that and there are events that you can just go to and

I know for a fact because I know how that team works that they don't know the events that happening on their platform

They do if there's you know, any sort of breaks and rolls or anything like that

But they're just like yeah, if you want to do it go for it

I bet you there's like a sort of underwater basket weaving event on what space VR and just it's great

So I'm saying there basically is more events equal good if you want to do another event do it. It'll be cool

Now moving forwards any tutorials about anim chase would rule. I

Actually don't know how an M. Shea works. That's what I reasons why we haven't had an MGA tutorial

I don't know how it works

I have to like look it up and the only reason I can know how it works is by doing that C sharp class thing

I mentioned because like cool there are a bunch of snippets like the one next provided like the one other people have provided

You know the JSON files where it's like here's how to do one thing

But it's kind of hard to talk about an MJ in isolation

There are lots of people making tools for it as well. But like if I was doing a tutorial for it in the interim

It would literally just be like a notepad document. We'd be typing it

Just like it's gonna be interesting

But it's basically like a tutorial for people who then want to make tooling for an MJ

I still think it's worthwhile. So it is on the list

Kip who says I joined late which node handles the vector math all the nodes

Plus minus divide times all can take float threes and they can do the vote the vector maps

The specific nodes that we were talking about

earlier though were

Forward backwards up down left right etc

And those ones are the ones that are very good if you know how to use them

They're a lot faster than sort of other ways of doing things like a vehicle really easy with the forward node. For example

Specs says they are very much in need of a hand pose a tutorial

Um, I don't know like a hand pose a component itself doesn't really have any sort of configuration options on it

That will allow you to sort of tweak like how tight the hand closes or how open the hand opens

There might be sitting on there on the VR I case other things if I was going to do a hand poses specifically tutorial

It would just be to how to like set up hands manually, which I think I already have but as for like different grip poses

I think it is. I think we have a yes

Yeah, I've issued about that one

Then Lex points out that the NCC page on the news wiki says the news contest contest

Which is entirely my fault because I wrote that page

It was the news creator contest so he has created contest not the news contest contest

But hey, if you want to make the news contest contest and make it a mean go for it

I will update that page when I remember to

Spec says that they have an avatar with a few fingers and it was led

Led to the hand poser as a solution

You can have a look at the hand poser

What I would probably do first of all though is take a look at your rig


See what the hands look like in their t-pose state and my blender or whatever and then see if we can sort of figure out

Anything from there?

There is a limited amount of stuff we can do in adjusting those

It's really finicky though like it's like manual mathematics on my each finger, and it's just yeah

Honestly just fiddling with it would be good. I would say that I can have a look but

That's why I would be doing I would just literally be fiddling with the numbers

Maybe get some pictures into questions and help see if anyone else has come up the issue

I'm not gonna say like hey go poke them because they might know because I don't know if they'll know

But like I have a vague memory that dorky might have had a similar problem with another avatars

They might know and let's get some pictures into

questions and help maybe someone can

See that and ask and get some help with that. I believe that we are out of questions

I hope you've enjoyed primetime as much as I have enjoyed primetime

Do you have any further questions feel free to ask them in the discord DM me send me pictures of cheese whatever you'd like

I will get back to you as soon as possible. I didn't upload. I forgot. I'm really bad at this. I'll get better

I promise I didn't upload the previous episode to sounder, but I'll put both episodes in sounder today and

Get those those in you in you get those in here. Well. I'm losing the ability to English right now


Get those into into this channel. Let me know how sound is going by the way. I know some people prefer like notes

I'm just trying to like save time right now I

Had more time I could type up notes if you want to type up notes based on the recording go for it

I'm just like it became really time wasting if I like time wasting because it is good time. What's the word time intensive?

To do the notes in the old way

And at one point I had like three recordings. I had to go through and like type notes for them

They got like this is like four hours of me. Just listening to my own voice. This is horrible. Please stop

So that's why I went to the different approach which meant like hey at least the recordings there

They're also some complaints that the

Notes didn't reflect accurately what I said and the reason there was because I was summarizing right in the in the written notes

I was basically like for spec this question for example

I'd be like posting questions or not there's the notes and people like well. It's not what you said. It's like well

It's the action item about why I said the action item was posting questions and help about it the fact that I meandered for like

Three minutes talking about the hand poser is inconsequential it doesn't really fix the problem, but but there you go windows

Hey, I'm not doing windows. H should do windows key G though

That's the game bar game bars cool used to stream to mixer then they had to pull that code out anyway

I'll leave you here guys any other questions. Let me know I will get back to you as soon as I can bye. Bye