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In this Office Hours, Probable Prime talks about:

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(Please note that the transcriptions will not be 100% accurate)

Hello, it is now time for office hours. It's the top of the hour, so welcome to office hours for prime

This is primetime if you have any questions, please drop them in the officers chat

That's two channels above the current one that you're in if there are no questions. We'll sit here in silence

Enjoy, have fun. So our first question here is from rampa rampa says

That they're asking if it'd be possible to build a modding reference on the nearest wiki, and if yes

What sort of it's up to you you can put whatever you want on the wiki

People seem to still be under the impression even with the policy that modding is somehow bad. Just do what you want

The important juncture to make though is to make sure that people understand that modding is a choice

And it is not a mandate and I don't believe that people should be

Forced or obligated to mod

And that might happen depending on how we present it and the features that are available in those mods

So just be careful about how the way things are worded

Yeah, that's it really to do what you want. Oh, we should also make sure that you know it's not supported you break something

Neos can't help you

Serum has an interesting follow-up question which is how to make sure that you're not committing a source leak by source leak I

Predict that you're referring to the the EU the wordage about stuff like that

I mean, but depending on what type of documentation or after I probably actually wouldn't suggest the wiki

I'm like technical documentation such as the one that you're describing so header type info stuff like that isn't suitable for a wiki

it would be more suitable for some sort of custom tooling if it's custom tooling that also means you can do what you want over on


Neos mod loaders kind of website etc so maybe look into that

Don't I

can't really like

Enforce or common or like say when it comes to the EU though like what isn't isn't available because that's based on the company

And I'm not part of a said company so

Keep an eye on that

My recommendation would be to keep it as like little as possible

Like you can explain modding without too much like Neos source code stuff

But yeah like technical information, which I would call reference type

Which is like you know like hey this variable is of type this this is of type

This isn't suitable for a wiki there are much better tools out there for that


All right any other questions drop them in office hours text chat

Which is to about the channel that you're in to enter this office hours segment, and I'll get to them in the order that they appear

For those just joining if you have questions

Please drop them in the office hours text chat that is two channels above the one you clicked to get into this and I'll answer

them in the order that they appear we don't have any questions right now, so we'll sit in


Torment of just silence so Lex has an interesting question regarding a question

I asked yesterday and the questions at help which is I was asking for the

Text that needed to be entered into the attached component menu for a sinker a float which I was what I needed yesterday

So the reason I need to sinker a float

Yesterday was the time

I'm trying to graph stuff and for those who haven't done graphing in nears you need to use a value graph recorder and


Rec line mesh or uix rec line mesh. I think it's the same component. Just different wording whatever

Due to layouting those things usually need to be located like distinctly apart from each other

And so I have a list of configuration objects which define like what the graph should look like

Which are separate from the graphing area and so I need some way to link those across

across slots now of course

Everyone will say like you know dynamic variables would be great for that, but like hey

I need a dynamic variable a reference to a sinker a float

So that I can write it into the value graph recorder. It was like

Fun, I think there's a way to do it now

I have the appropriate component hierarchy like text available, but like I gotta like

Figure out what I want to do there. I also need to do like a tiered

Like a delete eating so when you delete the graph entry it will be like all right

I deleted the graph entry cool. I can hop over to the graph area and also delete the the graph that's on the other side and

That that should be fun. I can do that with like some dynamic variables that are slots because that's easy

But I don't know if I I might even need to do like the sink ref sinker a I'll take a look at the next time

I've been

Moving onwards we have another question from book sure who says is there a way to override or add up to an avatars?

I can't a mission another animation like some other time. I have a different way of walking compared to what procedure walking has yes

I'm so glad you asked because so many people ask about this

Um all of the walking animations in years are procedural, and they are editable by you

You just need to know where to look

Inspect the root of your avatar and find I can ever remember if it's on vRak or vRak avatar or whatever

But just like those those components

They'll be list of things called gates gates control

How you walk and they are entirely procedural and you can define all sorts of stuff like how big a step is

so if you increase the step size you get to sort of a

A march which German soldiers did around world war two called goose stepping

It's kind of sort of like frowned upon to do that sort of thing because you know

It's reminiscent of those troops back then but other military people do do it as well

All right, here's a picture. Yeah, it looks like lots of military to it

I just remember it being like overly associated with Nazis, so I don't usually mention it anyway um


so if you edit the

if you edit the

Gate settings, and then you'll end up with all sorts of stuff. This is who is this China?

This is the Chinese military doing that kind of march you know where their foot is is reaching unnaturally far forward

So you can totally control that in the gate that would probably be in the feet range because that's the range which your feet move

I you want to go through and document

All of those properties actually you know they are but they are quite cool

I do know the speed ratio if you increase that that's the number of steps that occur

And so if you made that really high you'll basically end up looking like a jackhammer right your feet

Or just constantly be like clapping on the floor

So so take a look at those play around with them my best recommendation for you is to remove all of them

So except one and then change the milling velocity on that one to be

Just zero so it always applies and then play around with that one the reason why there are multiples depending on the velocity is because as

you increase in speed your

Your stance to change if you think of a horse a horse goes through several gates as they speed up

She holds gates like a really interesting like thing topic to read about but

That's for another day. I've ridden a horse once

It's a wikipedia article about goose stepping. It is stupid. It is incredibly inefficient. Do not goose step

I don't know why they do it. It's impressive. I guess and can be very synchronized

All right moving around to questions someone said I missed one, so I'm gonna head hump for that one. Oh yes

I miss specs question

specs asked

I'm working on some monitoring stuff ahead this and there's much public variables related to time for sessions like average update time last update time

Do you know if these are measured in nanoseconds or milliseconds or something like that?

I have no idea

Usually our unit is like seconds because we use a float and then fractionals of that second or then milliseconds

But I don't know I'd have to look jump it up and down to came out races questions

So dre says easiest place to get a good help start the logics besides just picking up the logic starting

Honestly pick up the logic step and start I don't on my channel have any sort of beginner or introductory videos to logic

But I know that other channels do basement note has a very good video about just getting started

Something which I will encourage you to do is to just do stuff and not worry about it a lot of stuff

I do with people is to encourage them to just laid out

Nodes and not really worry what they're doing a lot of people like are they I want to use logics to make you know

Half-life Alex to well that's a bit of a stretch

You don't know logics or they'll go like I want to make this really complicated gun and like well

That's a bit of a stretch

Why don't you try adding two numbers together and then go from there right make logics?

That doesn't really have a function outside of your learning, and you'll get a lot better there also forget

Well, you know about all programming

Logics just isn't programming people like is it like C sharp, or is it like Java and I might know

It's just logics like it's it's it's often better to just forget what you already know and just learn it from scratch

Rampers is would be possible to get to try and brace don't create some sort of guidelines

What what would enforce modding docs from an approved shareable Intel for about from the team side is an appendix to the modern policy

I'm still not sure what you're on about here like

You can't share of course decompiled code. That's against the Euler you can't

Share stuff that breaks the guidelines right or come after you about that, but anything else you should be fine

I look at all the source codes for all the mods, and I'm like that's fine. I

Don't know it's like I don't know like I wouldn't be able to write a guideline or a policy against that because I don't know

What what you need I don't understand if I'm the correctly or not

But like I think going back to gates for a second an unoccupied avatar will still match the gates when you move it

and so something I've experimented with doing is putting a

an avatar on the floor so that their feet are touching the floor on an axis panner and then varying the speed of axis pattern

Sometimes that will show the gates about you being in the avatar. Just kind of cool

I did have a world that was looking to make that into a tool

It's gonna be called like on a gate editor right and you would like sort of load your avatar into I guess a treadmill

And then you would set the speed of the treadmill and watch how the feet work

But I don't particularly know if that works or what state that will be in

A trace follows up their question learning logics with there's some people going to very nitty-gritty of it. Yeah, that's problematic

Don't let them do that. Um, I see a lot of people that like, you know, they'll inspect logics nodes

So they'll talk about performance or worrying about nodes or say hey don't use this or don't use that

Every single logics node that exist is designed to be used by you

So if anyone tells you not to use anything particularly whilst you're learning don't listen to them. Just you use it

I don't advise they also talk about dress talks about starting with gestures

I don't advise gestures like I don't advise learning learning logics via gestures. You'll just give yourself a headache

I want you to learn logics not how to build something. So layout nodes look at the things look at the

way that things work

Another very important thing is to get your vocabulary down

I know a lot of people who are quite proficient Neos users, but when I use vocabulary

they're like that's not what you call that and I'm like it it literally is you can like

Inspect to the thing and that's what it's called. So I don't know what you're saying. Like as an example, you should know what the words


interface card


reference arrow drive


Ribbon, you know all these words mean an addition should also know what the word primary secondary in context means

Everyone's like there's so many controls in here. So don't know which button to push about this three primary secondary in context with you

That's it

Primary secondary context. That's it. We technically is grab as well. But like grab is such a visceral one that people get it. I

Don't know cuz like I haven't had any family close to my VR headsets in many years

But I remember, you know trying to teach my mother to play Grand Theft Auto

It's a funny story and you know

There's tons of buttons on like an Xbox controller or whatever and she just doesn't know which one is to go

And I'm like that one on the right hand side that feels like a trigger

That will make you go and she got it right because it's such a tactile experience. I believe the same there is it's true for

Grab, right? It's grab the controller and you grab stuff

Yeah, primary secondary context menu grab those are the only things you need to learn in terms of controls and once you know those you

Could also learn packing as well

so many people like worry about like red prints and blueprints and

orange prints and pink prints and whatever the hell else you want to call it pack and

Unpack stuff just practice it make some shitty ball chicks that does absolutely nothing

Like I don't know adds two numbers together

Pack it into a box save the box geometry bring the box out unpack it do that like 17 times

You'll never have questions about packing again

If someone floats over in the middle of you learning logics and they're like, oh you can do that better another way if you use components

Bap them on the face of a breadstick and tell them the prime told you that that's a bad thing to do

Cuz I know it's not happening a lot. Well, you could do that better

Oh one, please for those who are unaware. This is a bad thing to do

If you are not editing the logics or helping someone with the logics

Please do not insert your avatar into the logics. I've had people fall asleep inside my logics

They come into the session. They hang out with me. They're chatting to me

Parts of their avatar are intersecting my nodes and then they fall asleep and it's like, what are you doing?

What are you doing?

Get out of my logics

All right, I gotta catch up questions rather than talking about either you stepping or learning logic some more. It's good luck

Yeah, Ruthie has a question cool

Or she says are there any automated methods for re-enabling those that have gone red in ham radio world?

We're finding that web socket and downstream nodes are going red often with service inundated something like a world save or avatar loading

I wonder if this way to reset without putting out the logics of finding

There's no automated way to do it. There are ways to prevent it from happening. So usually those nodes would go red because

There is an influx of data or the nodes being called too many times

So and I know it sounds stupid, but just don't do that

So like there are various ways to do that

But you need to kind of figure out a way that will enable those nodes not to become swarmed

something which you should remember when it comes to live data, which you mentioned via web sockets as well is that if the

if the logic system is is struggling to keep up

make sure that you know what the

Lifetime or the like the lifetime of a single message coming through is as an example here that that is probably relevant

When the heart rate system that uses web sockets it talks to a bluetooth heart rate monitor

Which speaks your computer opens up a web socket server sends web socket messages to

Neos and then you just like your heart rate in your name badge the size of like mount Vesuvius and I get really annoyed

but anyway, your heart rates like the size of a mountain on top of your head and

Every couple of seconds the web socket is going. Here's my heart rate. Here's my heart rate

Here's my heart rate if you are struggling

Or the no system is slowing down or whatever

I'm like it's okay to skip some messages because you've always got the next message coming through that gives you information about

What your heart rate is so you don't need to process every single message

You just need to process as many messages as you can so there is an opportunity to drop some of the messages

So do keep that in mind. We did that a lot during racing

Of course like so I used to do racing software, and it's very complicated

But so we had like a master controller, and it was running the race it knew who was first to a second etc

But it would regularly send out those updates to view displays around sort of the race circuit and the track to be like you know

this person's winning and those would get overloaded because sometimes this like

300 bikes on track and it's really complicated and so we would drop packets right because we always knew the next

Available status was coming out, so we would drop them and be like it's okay

It can be invalid for like a split second whilst the next update comes

Let's not stress out about like you know doing that we also see that

Cmdr. Does that you know they drop frames OBS does that when you're streaming it drops frames, right?

It's just like it's okay sometimes to just throw out some data if you don't need it moving onwards

Deception says what's going on you're all currently in the office house ama from prime to ask about near stuff

so ask some questions in the office hours channel that you're typing in and

I'll answer them Gina says any plans for new logics knows a logical improvement. Yes


Rampers says and this is a pop to their previous questions, so that let's let's let's get into it

Let's rub my hands together. I'm not sure exactly how to formulate this baby remember someone's saying something a lot along the sign along sort of

Cool tongue-tied there

Someone said something along the lines of I don't feel comfortable discussing this stuff you want to look for and

Mod in modding discord do it in DM

So don't get to problems or at least something like that

What I say is I feel there should be some guidelines saying as long as you don't say too much about this you're not

Okay, written by freaks himself disagree

I'll answer that in a moment that essentially all hits back to the modding policy X you late

Contradiction the thing that we discussed many times is how I feel about it ah

Fricks doesn't have to write everything whenever you see the word fructs. I want you to replace it with Nias the company

I know there's issues in announcements etc, but just replace it with Nias the company like seriously

It's like well fructs needs to do that

No, Nias the company needs to do that if fructs is actually the person that needs to do it fine

But let's remove the word fructs from the vocabulary

That's what we did when we wrote the modding policy the security policy all the rules all the guidelines etc

Those are written by Nias the company or Nias's moderation team or prime

Because it takes the emphasis off freaks needed to do everything right if I need to speak to fructs to get whatever I need written

I will and he read and reviewed both the morning policy and the security policy before it was released to anyone

That's totally fine. It doesn't need to be written by him

That's I gotta be in my bonnet about that because it's like from the old days

It was just like well fructs needs to do that. No anyone can do that

Anyone can do that

We can't do that till we resolve that eeler modding policy contradiction what I will say to you though is

Maybe keep the morning discussion to the modding discord, and if it's in the modding discord. It's your guys's discord

We have no purview to say don't do that there if we get reports or tickets about the EULA being contradicted over there

It's I don't know what will happen because it's like off-platform and sort of out of our purview and the modding policy says it's okay

To do but like I still don't understand the issue at play here

People shouldn't feel that modding is bad or that modding is against the rules. We have a policy that says it. It's okay

So just do it question mark. I don't understand. It's probably situational

Depending on an individual thing just because I see

Realms of a another topic here. I don't want to touch on it as well. I see like the oh

There might be problems if we do this if you are worried about problems occurring because you do X ask

Dropping a ticket. It's okay to drop in a ticket and be like I am going to blow up the moon

Will I be modded you know have mod restrictions against be on on Neos if I do that perfectly okay ticket go for it

Let us know what you're worried about. I can't stand people saying like oh, yeah guys

There's rumors and the rumors are bad the last time someone said that to me

We took it to DMS, and I'm like those aren't rumors and none of them are bad or security related at all

So just just keep that in mind

So recio now says what method would you recommend for dropping those sets of impulses off the web socket receiver local impulse timeout?

Yeah, probably local impulse timeout. You could also use some sort of queuing system

which of course you need collections for but

local impulse timeout once per frame

Local leaky impulse bucket I have to say that very carefully because some friends of mine have a

less than professional nickname for it


Would speak of

You could also look at like how often the data gets duplicated from your end on the server as well

So if your server is constantly sending the same data every like second

Maybe up it to every two seconds, and then you've you've you've halved your data load right you've half the bandwidth also consider polling as well

I've noticed tonight. I don't know anything about your scenario, so I don't know if this is the case, but I've noticed a lot of people

Confuse HTTP nodes and web sockets, and they're just like you have to use web sockets for everything, and I'm like no no

Like the world uses HTTP. We don't all use web sockets a good example here might be

Let's think about let's think about discord actually so when you load discord first thing in the morning

And I'm not sure exactly works like this

But hey this is how I would do it when you first load discord in the morning

It will do a HTTP request to discord and say give me the history of the office hours channel

And you'll get all that history down and then when you're connected and you're synced up

To that it'll then use web sockets or something similar to that to get new messages so they get them live

But it's constantly doing HTTP requests right it's like everyone's like no. I got a bit of sockets

I'm like well, just just just trust me here HTTP sometimes better

Moving forwards deception ask what's new is his favorite food. I don't know you'd have to ask news

Dre says some time ago

I was accidentally crashed out you to unload video play again deleted

I'm home with crash force news to say for changes and all the untidy mess at my home world in that point in time

There's a way to prevent the forced over saving in case one of the crash

Not currently um I do have some recommendations, which are don't use your home worlds

I know that sounds kind of strange, but like I don't use them

My home was a jump points. I've got like

World orbs to various projects. I'm doing all sorts of stuff like that

I do that to avoid the problem that currently exists

We do have some open get up issues about sort of what to do their settings. Maybe tweaks settings

Conflict stuff like that that might help

But until then I just I don't recommend using them like my home world is literally like how to get to somewhere else quicker or

The space which I like hang out in last I'm waiting to join another world

You can even like put something in your home world which is like a big button

That's like open my actual like hangout world right and then when you don't you're just like

Click the button opens the world does it all for you and that way you're not right really missing any of the stuff like that

You know I've got like two bookshelves left bookshelf is in progress right bookshelf is

finished but sort of reference

There has been like a

Roman amphitheater

style thing

About 20 units to the right of where my home world starts for about a year now

And I just keep forgetting to leave it that just leaves there

I was gonna make it into a world, but then I kept forgetting and now it's just kind of there. It's strange

I don't really know why I

forgotten to do it, but

Yeah, it's something like like like this

But it's just like sat there in my whole world somewhere and just sat there doing nothing

Moving forward so Risi has more information about the web socket stuff

The you're doing it to get the RF level okay cool any changes from the server are sent

But they're sending a maximum of 20 updates per second is kind of important to receive this many updates

We can get real-time information on what we are receiving to the other end of the radio connected in real life. Yeah, um

At that point. I probably just have to look at the node set up

There's probably something you're doing somewhere that can be improved to prevent red nodes. There's a particular area. That's reading out

Think about how you can restructure it such that the data coming in from the web sockets is isolated from the rest of the system

For example you might write that RF level to a dynamic variable and then pick it up elsewhere

And then you've like you've ended your impulse chain very quickly like you received the RF level you write it to a dynamic variable

You're done. You're done, and then nothing else happens in that particular impulse chain. That's another thing

I want people to do when they learn logics as well as pack early and

Impulse chains early like it's always better to have more than one impulse chain than have an impulse chain

That is like the size of the planet

It's like and then we do this and then we do that and then we do this and then we do that and then

We do this and then we do that okay

Maybe just like chuck in a dynamic impulse receiver in the middle there

So you don't have to like keep doing stuff on the same chain

Another good way to look at it is when people talk about sort of multi-threaded asynchronous programming things like that

They're very complicated

But just think about it this way if there is a break as in between impulse chains it gives time for the computer to like

Catch up right so you're doing hey. I'm doing this impulse chain

I'm gonna stop and immediately trigger using whatever method you want to trigger another impulse chain cool

But in the split second between one impulse chain

Finishing and another impulse chain starting it gives chance for the logics engine to be like ah cool

I can relax a little bit. I can chill out right so it's a more

Uncommon to see red nodes in that case properties providing some information about dot opening the cloud home

I like that I use it because it's like has lots of links in it

But I don't put video players or anything like that, and it's like a mirror and some world orbs

Moving forward to other questions just check you haven't missed any

Specs has a question here speaking of home was I'll try to set my local headless server as a session

I auto-join when I start up nears

I tried using the documented command line parameters

But didn't seem to have any luck to have a working example of what using auto-join parameters looks like I don't have an example

I would highly recommend using the custom session ID stuff for headless

Because that's really cool, and that should be a little bit easier to launch into but I don't have a specific example

Ozi has a question which is a good question is a nice way to write is there a nice write-up on how nears is data

Model works during how nears think things that the players know

I know the hate tree was working in one for like how logics works which is kind of interesting

But that I don't think they buy published it yet. They're still working on it


want to

Hate mentioning this again, but I do want to caution people

Some of that stuff should be invisible to you

Like if there's like a lot of times feel like you know how do I use like an I feel?

Bracket sync ref bracket sync bracket sync sync sync, and I'm just like what are you doing stop?

Like you shouldn't use that lower level part of the engine you should use something above that to do what you need to do


That can be a case there when you're looking too much into the data model and how it works

like if there is a problem, that's a better question, so I'm just making sure that that question doesn't hide a

Problem behind that question, and if it doesn't that's totally fine, but if it does make sure you're asking the question the course

The chain of thought to lead up to generally how the data model works because you shouldn't ideally need to know how it works

moving down to

Gina what logics projects you want to see people make more of I want you see people make more of not multi tools

Not avatar gesture systems if you're making anything other than those two things

Fantastic just go ahead and do it


experiences artwork


Data visualization

All sorts of stuff like that. I don't need to see another multi-tool

Don't build blueprints either. I see what a lot of people do is they're making tools to make stuff like I am making

a hammer to hammer some nails and making a screwdriver to screw in some screws

What I want to see is what are you building? Oh, I'm building a bird box great. I want to see more bird boxes

I don't want to see more hammers if that makes sense those tools are great, but I

I've lost count of the amount of people that join my session, and they're like hey prime

Can I show you the multi-tool? I'm working on and I just go


Hard to not be rude about it, but like I've seen enough. I don't need to see any more multi-tools. Thanks

Rosie follows up this is it's just curiosity because I know how half it works

Yeah, understood. Yeah, I'm just making sure sometimes

I've seen people that are like how does logics work or like how does locomotion work?

And then I ask them some more questions, and I find out there

They're trying to do something that's that's solved with a logic node or a component that they haven't realized exists

moving forwards to dresus question

other way anyways in

Logics to essentially take your rotation of a bone and tell another bone to imitate the rotation and use some multiply map to tell

It to use any part of the rotation. Yes. I don't know it though um

We have a full mathematical engine for quaternions

We also have some shortcut mathematics like look rotation inverse rotation from to rotation axis angle stuff like that

But it's all hardcore maths you need to understand the maths about it

a good example here being and I do this on a 2d plane just because

2d is what I know I was once many many many years ago making a 2d space shooter. You know and

The enemy ship was going to fire a missile at the player ship

And I'm like well

how do I make the missile rotate such that it faces the the player ship and then moves towards it and

I'm like oh, let's figure this out. Let's try and do it, and I did lots of research, and I figured out hey

It's just maths the a 10 to operator will do that for you it will

Take the I never remember how to use I have to look it up every time

I know like I just google a 10 to I'll figure it out

But you get the x and y of a thingy and you plug it in and it gives you an angle

And then you rotate the ship to the angle or the missile to angle and it's aimed directly at the player

And then you move it there. That's a good example where I'm just like cool. That's that's all my problem thumbs up

That's sold my problem

gun Griffin or Kip says a

Note to self make a bird box hammer. Yeah, remember the there's a

Diy sort of like wooden furniture world that was one of the MMC entries. That's beautiful right? That's a good example

Hey, there's lots of stuff. You can do there if you made like just

Like a two by four with nails that you could hammer in and then maybe a ray-set button that brings the nails back up

To their non hammered in height. I love that lots of people do I like that people like the tactile tools

you can make and

With that or actually over time by a lot so rampa and kip if you have a question

Please feel free to finish typing otherwise no more questions

Okay, we have too many work two more questions

So rampa says is it possible to create a copy button on a user-made creation?

Facet world copy is in clipboard copy it is

People do it kind of in a hacky way they use

the light control C control V multi-key thing

Where basically they fake it like it's one of our keyboards, but it isn't one of our keyboards

There is like a problem in that because it's sort of

difficult to do understand and explain

I'd like to see a way to do it that had like maybe you know a defined way of doing it

We could also put more security into that way for example

like we could have a saying allow logics to access my clipboard which would default to off because that sounds like a terrible move or

Maybe like it defaults to only allow like put stuff in your clipboard, but it can't read the clipboard

I don't know if we put a system in place that was more controlled there. We can add

protections around that but yeah right now virtual multi-key control C control V

It's difficult usually need to do control a control C control V

Take a look at any of the cloud spawners that exist. I believe there's one in red print

it's one in a bunch of the the JP stuff and

It's not like backpack thing the JP have I forget what it's called

I'm actually sort of have like a radio menu that can spawn stuff from a public folder. It's cool

moving onwards to the next question

In an effort to make a robust mesh to mesh touch detection system

Can you sample the color of a pixel on an intersect material to detect if a mesh is intersecting near it?

I don't know

That appears to be what I call the empirical question

Which is please go ahead and try it and let me know what your result is I think it should work

But like I'm not sure what you're trying to do, so I probably wouldn't like say do that depends

What you're trying to do like I'm then seeing Ozi respond with like hey use cameras

And like if you're just trying to collide why not like use colliders

How do people not use colliders? Yeah deformed mesh?

Collider probably might not match up sometimes

So to break it to you there like you're never going to get like a mesh collider with a deformed mesh working correctly

I would strongly recommend you go after the

procedural colliders which are placed within an avatar's hierarchy

And if it's a custom mesh with a rig add to those procedural meshes

So a good example is if you look at your hand your hand as a box collider on it

Which represents the sort of square that is your hand your arm has a cylinder on it because it's a cylinder

And that is what you should be colliding with you shouldn't be colliding with the actual mesh that is

fraught with difficulties if you want to use a camera with that or

The sample color node of it good luck. I think it'll work. I would just question the the sanity in doing that so

Last question at all from from dre says it's possible to have a custom spawn point for your an avatar or work around to

Make it seem like you spawned on your desired point

Yeah, you can do like if you do like on like go to flow events and then use on start

On start it gets triggered when the like the system that you're loading in like avatar object

Whatever like starts up like it's a defined event

And so you can trigger on star and then I would wait like I don't know a second or two and then teleport yourself

I would question again

Why you need to do that usually when you load into a map the spawn point that you're given is

Tailored to the the map creator good example here being if you're in I don't know a parkour map

You would want the player to spawn at the start of the parkour

Map and not at the end of the parkour map

Yeah, you could if you're just teleporting to someone just just teleport to them just jump to them you can even put like

this is a great example of

The xy problem, so we'll go over a little bit more to explain it so your problem dres was

Losing friends in a world and your solution was change spawn point. You should have asked about your problem

Which is getting back to friends in the world rather than your intended solution, which has changed spawn point

So now that we know that your actual problem is losing friends. There are better ways to do that which are

The jump menu in the session menu or a context menu or whatever you want inside your actual avatar

Which will give a list of players in the session and teleport you to them like you can make a custom context menu

Which does you know a ring of all the players in a session and then when you click on that button it can teleport you

To that's that's quite easy to do yeah

They will they want to jump to us. You know a point not on top of your friend

You'll probably want to take the position of your friend

Go out a radius from that and teleport to there and so you take the position of the friend you

Add a radius to that and then you teleport to that you again. You can do that with maths

I would probably take their

Their position and then add their left or right vector to it and a little bit

And that will make you spawn to the left or right of them

By a little bit you'd also do forward or back, and then you'll appear in front of them or behind them

Which is both scary hence why it's just left or right because then that's not scary

I need to do more videos on the the left right up down toward backwards nodes because they're amazing and no one uses them

We are totally out of time, so I'm gonna go ahead and kill things off here

Thank you for your questions today

If you have any follow-up questions feel free to direct message me at any time or attend another office hours section if you have any

questions about

Moderation related matters, please remember you can just open up a ticket if you're confused. You're unsure open up a ticket

We can get back to you there

Otherwise keep reading the wiki keep reading the announcer's channel, and I will see you next time. Bye. Bye