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In this Office Hours, Probable Prime talks about:

  • The best movie ever
  • Being considerate when being in a world
  • WWE for a bit


(Please note that the transcriptions will not be 100% accurate)

Okay, welcome to office hours with prime. Please feel free to ask any

I have outlook alerts on and that was very loud anyway

Feel free to ask any questions you would like over in the office hours channel

Which is two channels above this one just type your question, and I will get to it as soon as I can

Whatever you want to ask okay, so usually we only take

Neos questions, but I'll make an exception for Morbius, so yeah, I've seen Morbius. It's incredible. I've watched it four times

It's like the best film ever. I'm Aaron asks for someone excuse me. Hold on one second. Okay. I almost died off camera off mic

Okay, I'm Aaron asks someone who is not to follow the game is out of the loop

But it's been happened last few months and he changes to the devs community moderation helpers. It's what I'm looking for um

No man changes to the game

You can check the announcements channel the new subject channel for anything

There'll be changes to the game they'll understand how things are slow to read the announcements channel for more information on that front

Um moderation has been a little bit busy. We're just trying to keep people safe regardless. What's happening

So you check the devlog channel? There's been a couple of updates to

guidelines and policies mostly around the sort of adult content route

Adult content completely comes up basically like every moderation office hours it comes up. I don't particularly understand why it's

Very simple of course read the guidelines for the official stance here

But my TLDR of the official stance is if you're doing naughty stuff or have naughty stuff on your avatar or inventory

It should be in a private world this includes hiding it various sort of

Faculties there just go to a private world. It's that simple. Oh and and don't


Sexual activity here someone from across the map don't do that go to a damn private world and do it there

We have no problem with it in a private world

Do you combine consent as well everyone needs to be consenting to view their content and interact in that way?

Check the guidelines for more information. Yes, check the guidelines for the official word and more information

No, it just always comes up as for helpers and mentors we brought some new mentor leads recently including mentor leads in

Different locales we now have a Korean

mentor lead team and a Japanese mentor lead team which is expanding mentors into

Those I want to say markets because that's the phrase I would use at work, but it's not that correct, but we'll do it markets

Which is great. It lets more people help out

cultures would also be correct, but

Yes, time zones would probably be like whatever. You know I mean um

That's cool. They're doing a bunch of stuff there, which is fantastic as we get more momentous going um with those new leads coming on

I'm sure you'll see some new walk or stuff has stuff happening with those people soon for those who aren't aware mentors are

team of community volunteers who

Will help you out in game look for the green question mark above their head they are

Able to help you out of any questions that you do have very interesting question here from Ozzy who asks

Do you have any tips on managing a sessions voice settings as far as in using audio?

as in using

audio config ejection of it all the times it's really difficult to balance in making sure people are being heard while making sure our further people

out don't over on the conversation I

Hate the default settings on Neos is audio stuff I

Don't particularly know why I hate them and so I haven't been able to sort of

Formulate a plan to maybe fix that but I have really no audio filter so for conversations happening

I need to listen to it and so if I can hear the entire world

I'm in like five different conversations, and I you know I can't focus on that in the future one conversation there

There are systems that you can use

So as he mentions audio injection

That's where you put a slot into the auto inject slot which is on the user spawner that's at the top in the controllers

Usually of the slot hierarchy, and then you ought to


Audio, I can't remember the name of the component. I think I've got a tutorial somewhere. I'll double-check

I've never really like understood a lot of those settings though. I need to kind of like do a

Using corporate terminology. I need to do a deep dive on some of those options so I can get those out to you

I didn't notice a couple of worlds which had settings which I liked


they came from

a world I was in with

with Nami, I think it was and

And Nami uses one which is in hideous folder basically I noticed Nami was hosting a world that had good audio settings in it

And I'm just like can I get those I want those for my worlds, and then Nami said it was in

Hiddies public folder, and then I never really looked at that again

Lots of worlds have it good. I also like the worlds that do the the manual culling of beyond audio

It's debatable whether you know there's much benefit from doing it for other reasons

But for audio if I like a certain distance away, then turn off the audio that does it too, and then you've got no like

complications there

It's it's fun

I really don't like figure out what the problem is

within Neos actual and then get a better way to sort of represent that talk about it and provide content for it because I just

Find it like it's confusing and because there's no like real big sort of Bible about how those settings work

There's also here say that goes around and then lots of what I do which is just stealing it is configuration

What I remember to pick it up is what other people are doing as well

So there's no real like standard of understanding it so people just end up with like oh, yeah

I use the system or this system or this particular whatever

To get it done. It needs to be done the second part of your question though talks about

Overwhelming conversations, and I didn't want to make sure that you know

That's also something that can happen sort of culturally as well. So make sure keeping an eye on that one

a really good point here is to move off of the damn spawn point I

Cannot stand it like you know

There's a circular ring usually for the common spawn point that we see in a lot of worlds and people just sort of congregate on

Top of it or build logics on top of it or have conversations on top of it

Like just move like a couple of meters outside of that ring

please because otherwise you're constantly being interrupted by people joining or and

Being in your conversation like there's a huge world all the worlds are huge like huger than you would usually know

Huger than worlds which are big the one of the MMC entries was really really big the whole town

But still that wasn't as big as you can go in here. So just like move out a little bit

Additionally be careful when you're having a conversation that you're not interrupting someone

I've had it so many cases in fact the most common occurrence

I have that's related to conversational audio is

I'm having a conversation with someone and someone else who's new to the world walks up to me and says oh hi

It's like well guys we're in the middle of a sentence

Like we're in the middle of a sentence here, right? So if you could wait and then we can say hi

but they just don't seem to understand like

They don't seem to understand that like, you know, if there are two people talking and they've just joined the world

They can't come and show me their multi-tool. It's very frustrating

Yeah, I kind of like have a couple of those

There's also the ranty page I have on the wiki which is basically like if you disagree of this

I don't care like it's just what I I think I kind of like that sort of safety net as well

It's like here is my opinion if you disagree. I don't care and it's not I don't care negatively. It's like I

I cool have fun. Um, I'm logged out of the wiki. That's there we go. Yeah, so I wrote this page and it's basically just like I don't mind if you disagree with me, I don't mind but you know, here is here is what I would I would rather people keep in mind

It goes also things like that

There's a whole section on audio which is like just just just just be considerate is what I'm thinking

I think if a lot more people realize the way

Virtual reality like they broke down that word virtual reality like some of these cultural problems. We have wouldn't exist if it was a real space

Just take one of the hangout words you've been in like a bar or you know

Like a some house or whatever if you went to my house and you were problematic

I would ask you to leave if you went to my house and you

And you shot a knockback gun at me. You would be arrested and or shot. So

Keep that in mind and be considerate with the people that you're praying

Unnamed cyborg cat says if everyone lived in a digital world economics wouldn't really be a thing because there's no scarcity

There would probably still be scarcity in terms of

like electricity

Yeah, Lex says, what do you think is the best way to save and distribute logics templates?

Um, I just like parent stuff to a cube and add it to someone make sure the cube isn't named cube

Other people use blueprints redprints. I'm quite fond of the Japanese


3d pack because that

Isn't a blueprint. It's just like the parts or features of traditional blueprints where you can pack

Into a named object really easily

Logics is better in 3d. I will like die on my soapbox here. Logics is better in 3d

You can you know friend end nerves curve nodes not knows and bend your nerves. That might be painful

You can bend nodes you can curve nodes. You can program in 3d space

There is a lot more sort of dimensions available to you. Then if you just stick it like on there

I also think that blueprints

encourage late packing

what I mean by late packing is my philosophy when building something in neo assist a pack early and often and

To communicate between logics groups as best as you can using whatever methodology

You can have a good example here is like would you build your entire game on one blueprint?

No, would you build your entire game on several?

Micro blueprints that stick into the larger blueprint probably that's what a lot of people do whereas mine is like, okay

well the logic for the like NPC is in the NPC and the logic for the weapon is in the weapon and the logic for the

characters in the character

Usually the only sort of like global logics group I have is like a controller or something like that

Which is just like oh, you know, it's nighttime. The zombies come out. It's daytime. The zombies die

Sort of remembering that mean now night. I daytime anyway moving onwards here

Aaron asks, what's your opinion on entrance or respawn noises for example someone plays like 30 seconds of a song in my world today when they joined

Don't do that. So I like to think of like

WWE or the equivalents and other television networks or whatever

When it comes to respawning I hate those sometimes sometimes they're funny. Sometimes they're kind of cute

But like most of the time it's just like what the hell

It's great for WWE because it gets you sort of emotionally invested in it

Wrestlers that you're watching enter the stage, but it doesn't need to be like that in years. It really does not

you can see

one of my favorite examples of that being a

Wrestler called Alberto del Rio who's in WWE actually named my like like, you know

You put a name into like an account to make it I named my Hulu account Alberto del Rio

It's what I log in it says like hi Alberto del Rio what you gonna watch today that makes me giggle each time

What you gonna watch today that makes me giggle each time. It's like a sort of like weird privacy thing, right?

It's like first name last day, but I'm like not my first name not my last name


when he comes in he'll usually come in using like a really expensive car and I know because it's a production that they've rented this

Car from like a car rental place and it's a new car every week

And I'm like this rental car place is just making a lot of money and he'll honk his horn and there's like, you know

Spanish Mexican music going off and he's just like he's got his own announcer who will roll the arse of Alberto del Rio

Incredibly loudly. I can't do that and it's just like albo mate

Could you get into the ring and fight and then I would care I would be more invested about who you are as a person

Same thing goes with those respawn noises. Like I don't need to hear that you've respawned

I don't need to hear that you've arrived you arriving should be hello again

Think of going around to someone's house for a nice meal. It'd be like hi. I bought a bottle of wine

And then you know, you might not know everyone at the table. So you go like, oh, yeah

I'm i'm prime's friend. We met at in a college and I do

Particle accelerator research cool that's taught me more about you as a person

Then five bars of the most annoying song I can imagine

Or I don't know the halo theme tune when you spawn in I don't need it. I don't want it

I don't understand why you do it. So be considerate and please don't do it

Do also remember that there are some people who sound sensitive like myself. I am like I said, I have no audio filter

So I hear everything

and also some people that have you know difficulty hearing and

They want the sounds that they hear to be associated with the activity that they're doing

And not having an abrupt rate if they're playing a game, you know, they'll understand it like hey i'm playing a game

There's gonna be guns and explosions and stuff like that

But if they're just hanging out in a nearest world and someone launches in and I don't know it does one of alberto da rio's

Like openings, what's the point?


Onwards to more of a another question from izzy

So I stopped talking about ww wrestling. I don't watch it these days

I used to have a roommate back at university who would uh, always watch it and

Because I had you know infinite free time being a student. I would always watch it too

Um, but I would just giggle at it because it's all like a bit of fun

Anyway, moving on to ozzie's question more of a session host admin question

How do you personally go about dealing with users not following special rules?

Uh, but also how do you confront them assuming it's an instant kick ban or whatever?

Sometimes it is an instant kick or ban. Um

That usually leads to like weird situations

i've had it a lot of times in the past where people think that um

staff members shouldn't be able to ban people from their sessions because it looks like uh banning them from the platform or

or putting out a sort of community mandate that they


That they are, you know a bad person

It's not that like when I host a session and I ban you from that session

I'm kicking out you out of my front room

I if you have a question on discord or I come to your session or you need help you message me for help

I'm, still going to give it to you

It just means you're not allowed in my living room and you're not allowed to use my toilets

And the bowl of mms on the counter is not for you. Please leave. Um

So if you do get kicked or banned a you've probably done something a bit bad

Be message me about it and don't be angry about it

There's lots of good cases where people are like angry about rules or they feel upset or they feel you know

Hard done by but it's like it's a rule and it's a broken rule, right?

There can be a healthy conversation about that. It doesn't need to be argumentative or aggressive. A good example is um

I don't allow in my sessions the collar bells

There is probably at least one person who wears one of those bells on their on their neck in this

Stereotypically, it's just everywhere. I don't allow those in my chest my sessions and when I they come in it's usually on a rule board

Sometimes it's not on it because I forget to spawn it out or I just haven't

But if it's on there, they'll read it and they'll get offended and they'll say something like but this is part of my identity

And i'm like, okay part of my identity is the bass farts occur whenever i'm in the session loud bass farts occur like all the time

That's part of my identity. Um, and what I mean by that is trying to sort of like illustrate I do a bad job

Sometimes i'm tired. What i'm trying to do i'll explain it is i'm trying to illustrate that there is a line between identity and being considerate

And in some cases by not following the rules of a session that you're in you're stepping over that line

You're no longer being considerate and at that point you're subject to me having a talk with you

Nine times out of ten, uh when I confront someone about my rules, they'll get offended and leave and it's really sad

I don't really know how to deal that if anyone has any ideas go for it

Like I tried it in the nicest possible way. I'm like, hey there's a rule over there

it says no collar bells and so please and they'll just be like

Very offended about it and leave and I usually don't hear from them again

And that is because I think in society we have a lot of sort of issues around confrontation and arguments and debates

If anyone went to you know, a stereotypical high school in the u.s

You probably had debate club at some point you might not have been in it, but you would be aware that it existed

Um debate club is a great thing that tries to teach probably badly. I don't know. I was never near debate club

Um about how to debate about things

But I believe it should be expanded in society to sort of teach us how to argue about things people see arguments as sort of

Fiery charged things like they're on tv shows, you know people throwing stuff

Maybe someone gets shot at the end of it if it's a stereotypical tv show

But arguments can be as simple as like I disagree with you about this and that's fine and you disagree with me

That's also fine

We will now go our separate ways and have a pizza a good way to look at it is to think about the uh question

What's your favorite color?

So if I ask anyone in here what your favorite color is you'll say a completely different answer to me

And it's like that's fine. And then no one argues about it and we have fun

Like every single argument should be about that once things go past a line and we get into like severe

Issues then of course, maybe I won't talk to you

But like generally if you break a rule i'm going to tell you about it and if you're offended by it leave

But remember i'm not there to tell you off to do it negatively. I'm just like yeah, dude rule do uh

Getting back to the actual realm of the question rather than me rambling about life. Um

Make sure your rules are posted clearly make sure that the um action that you have on

When a rule is broken is also clear

So, you know

You say something along the lines of here are the rules if you break the rules here is what's going to happen

And then sure they might not have agreed to that or you know officially signed it in terms of contract law

But everything that was there could have been set out for the expectations

And if that user comes into the session and they are reading the room

Which they should do see my tutorial and reading the room then they should understand what is going to happen

I have any follow-up questions that go through I know that was a lot

And then some people are like prime's really mean he is rules and he doesn't care if you break them

He's just going to kick you like yeah, i'm sorry like read the rules

If I come to your session i'll abide by your rules

I haven't seen any rules that are difficult for me to abide by like I come to another session

And someone's like use an optimized avatar and i'm like got it. Don't use a moly tool. Got it. Don't make loud sounds

Absolutely. I don't do that. Don't do this

Absolutely fine. So moving on to an actual another question. Um, so we stopped talking about rules

Uh, i'm here and asked do you have any comments about the play account dropping throughout 2022? Why it's happening?

What will done be all the consequences of it?

Um, the play counts dying a lot because the game is sort of a feeling like it's stagnating and I don't understand too much. So

So what the different reasons are for that, of course, I know a few see the announcement channel, etc

But something which i'm seeing that we need a lot more of is we need a lot more creation

And there are people making cool stuff and there are people making a lot of cool stuff

But we just need more cool stuff, right? So just make cool stuff


I believe our population will go like up the moment we start getting like a

A a sort of rolling ball of content combined with a rolling ball of non-content creating players

Which is another problem we have when being considerate is not everyone wants to be a creator. So

Stop trying to force them to be a creator. Maybe um

What I mean by that is like if you go over to vr chat or any other like social vr platform

Most people there have no idea how unity work

They have no idea how like level design rendering textures materials assets meshes for vertices

Sexes vertices they have no idea how those work and that's okay

They're there to just socialize and hang out just think about how many people are in front of a mirror inside video chat right now

And they know nothing technical

Those are the players that we're missing and I think we'll get them when we have a lot better sort of like culture

Of course, like some other things need to change see announcements and our ui needs to change see our roadmap, but like

Culturally, there's lots that we can do there to kind of just sort of like be like cool

Like maybe open a world where not everyone has builder like make that like not the norm but make it a session that you host

Maybe finish a world maybe stop having sessions that are in just blank worlds. I see that a lot it kind of

Puts off people when you know use it in the grid space

Like you and I know that we can watch youtube memes and and play around with our logics multi-tools

And make sounds when we when we launch and have bass farts come out of our bell on our collar

Uh whenever we want in whatever world we want grid space or not grid space, but someone new to the platform

They want to see cool worlds. They want to see cool creations. They want to see cool environments cool experiences

I don't think we have that good example there being our game worlds

We have tons of game worlds and you'll see them a lot on the monthly streams games of neos with with nex and the team


Um, but then they're not played like I helped make a among us vr

Uh version in in in neos no one plays it and I don't blame anyone for playing that but

But if you look at the among us vr game over in vr chat, everyone's playing it

and again, that's because there are people there that are just to experience stuff and they're not there to

um build stuff as for the player count before 2022 and before this uh, see announcement stuff, um,

Honestly, it's probably just ui like it's probably ui. It was steadily climbing

Um, we do still have cultural problems to solve the guidelines and moderation team working heavily heavily on that as is the mento team

Um, but just think about what you can do to be more considerate to your fellow player, particularly if they are non-technical minded and uh,

Maybe don't play massive base fart sound effects when you respawn and again if you do that's fine

We're just going to agree to disagree. It's not like i'm going to hate you or anything. Um,

I don't remember who said it to me the first but it was like someone said like hating stuff takes a lot of energy

And they're right. I don't have time for that. But yeah, that's all the questions

I know we got a like metaphysical here about the nature of reality

So if you have any follow-up questions, do let me know we have three minutes left in this office. I have a section




Feel free to ask any questions you have for the last uh, now two minutes. Otherwise, we'll end off at the end and uh,

See you guys soon. Um, do you remember you can dm me anytime if any questions you have um,

We'll usually answer sometimes i'll just be like cool posting the discord. Uh, but uh, you know keep talking

That's the most important thing. Oh and finish a project pick up a project you had going in in neos and finish it

Maybe cut the scope on it so you can finish it but finish it. Um

I went to create jam a couple of weeks ago and I made a wheat farming simulator

In like a couple of hours and it's cool and it exists. It's the crater jam on on carbohydrates carbs

Uh, you can farm wheat you can plant seeds you can water them you can harvest the wheat and then you can uh,

Grind it into flour. Of course. It's not accurate. But like I made it and I finished it. That's an experience there

I might tutorial that at some point because it uses active colliders, which aren't bad. Remember

X is that they frustrate themselves by having

Start starting projects. They can't finish on one session

So I have ideas for larger projects and I just push them up to one side

I have pages and pages of projects pages majors of ideas and pages and pages of to-do lists. I say to-do lists because


I find I can easily do to-do list items if I write a list from scratch and the reason that happens is because

I am writing it from scratch from memory, which is also sometimes a measure of like priority

Like if i'm writing it from memory, it means i'm going to remember the highest priority items

Whereas if I look back on a to-do list from a month ago

It's just like what I needed to do what that does lead to forgotten stuff

Like I need to ring my uk bank and tell them that they spelt my town that I live in wrong

Very wrong like every single letter wrong. I don't know how but they did anyway

That is it for office hours. If you have any comments questions

Noises cat gifs, whatever you would like

Please do free free to dm me them or see the contact in the esteem list for other ways to speak to the team

i'll be back next time this next time this week this time next week and uh

Have a nice day