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In this Office Hours, Probable Prime talks about:

  • MMC
  • Optimizations
  • Updates


(Please note that the transcriptions will not be 100% accurate)

All right, so I make it the top of the hour that means prime time the AMA office hours uh for me

It's starting if you have questions drop them in the office hours text channel

That's like two channels up from the one that you're currently looking at if you're in the meeting stage

Let's go ahead and get started do have a few preamble bits. So we're experimenting today with new technology

I set up prime time as a podcast on the sounder FM system

Which means we update upload an audio file to them

They do automatic audio transcription and storage for us at varying qualities

And then you guys can listen to that online at any point with the audio transcription sort of like following along in between

On there so they get you sort of like recordings and audio transcription

That means that prime shouldn't really have to write notes anymore. I'm not really sure about the quality of that

I did some test recordings, but it's kind of difficult before you do like a full run-through

So if it's crap, I'll write regular notes and we'll sort something else out

But it should help those who want to listen and read along and do both at the same time as far as more

So that's cool

Secondarily, I keep getting asked like what do you want people to do? You know more what do you want the community to do more?

I got a bit ranty. So I just like ranted into a document that's on the wiki here. It's under my

user page, so

It's like my space I can rent if you don't agree with it

That's totally fine

But it's just a page could be considerate where I talk about all the things that people do that I wish you guys didn't do

Um, there's discussion about sort of why how what when where in there if you disagree with literally any of that, it's fine

I'm not gonna hate you about it. It's just a list of stuff. I wish people didn't do or did do

There is lots of stuff there that causes frequent arguments

But do you remember that none of it is an attack on you is instead just sort of a request like hey

maybe don't shoot me in the face of your giant weapon every time you see me or


Hey, maybe don't put a bell on your neck which rings from across the map I can hear literally everywhere

Hey, maybe don't make the entire halo

Orchestral and choral theme tune play when you open your context menu on global audio at global volume. Thank you. Oh

Oh, yeah, maybe bake your blend shapes bake your blend shapes plus

So we have no questions, so I'm just gonna sit here if you've got questions, please drop them into the chat

I see lots of people are talking

Go ahead

tabby-dabby I

List a bunch of reasons why on that page if you disagree with them, that's totally fine. I'll add more as I hear them


Know questions, please go ahead type them or get started on questions the moment the questions start appearing

Strangely questions don't usually appear to like a quarter past and it's like ha


I pretty it's a very good question. Here's a good way of seeing it which is to if you got a sort of blend shape

heavy avatar just go ahead and like take a copy of that and

Should probably say for the recording as pretty as asks

How much does baking blend shapes affect the performance or optimization of at the avatar?

so take an avatar that you have lots of blend shapes on and

Save a copy of it so that you don't you know

You've got to back up and then bake the blend shapes off the avatar then compare the spawning load and performance load on the avatar

when you spawn it out Tom Fox and if Tom Fox is here listening, but Tom Fox did this in one of the

Fernal equinox worlds and it was incredibly

Incredibly obvious which one had been baked and which one had not he literally had his avatar

Which he's wearing and he said that he'd done some optimization particularly for fernal equinox

On the avatar and he was wearing it and he loaded it back into it

No problem whatsoever, and then he loaded into his unoptimized avatar, and it was like ah

I'm dying

So like it does have a lot of impact if you want to see it for example

And you have access to the Rex avatar not blaming Rex avatars Rex avatars much

He's saying a good for testing this because they have a lot of blend shapes because they have a lot of

customizability load into an unbaked Rex and then a baked Rex I


Really know if I can put it like a metric like how much is what you asked

I don't think I like you know what you want the measurement in

It's purely on so it happens on both loading and just sort of like generic a lot of memory requirements, right? So each

Vertex that moves is is data vertex, which is which are frozen and don't need additional data about where they need to be

I don't need to exist. So if your left pinky doesn't have a blend shape associated with it

Then your left pinky knows in terms of like into the like

You know in the model data in that the theory of the program and network trafficking and loading all sorts of stuff like that

The left pinky is never going to move now, of course, it's going to deform with the bones

So it's probably a bad example what I mean, like it's not going to form with relationships

A ramp asks with what happened on the web and wiki lately would it be feasible to provide official dumps though?

He's similar to how Wikipedia does it this would allow usage of offline wiki really is when needed or desired

We do have backups. We're doing like full-scale backups of basically anything that we don't have access to

So we do sort of like semi-regular basically whenever I like poke wraith and say do it

Backups of the wiki into like third-party locations

We're not providing those currently but we'll provide them when we know where the wiki is heading later see announcements

Basically, we don't control the host that the wiki is on and so we're not kind of like we want to just keep it backed up

So we're keeping it backed up

Once we know what's happening there, we can sort of get backups or whatever sorted

You of course welcome to do your own backup tooling

But like the wiki being down shouldn't actually ever happen especially seeing as it's like it's not a complicated website

It's like we can cache the heck out of that and it'll be fine

We do do do like really smart cache and validation there, it's incredibly easy

It's basically like did someone update the page cool then validate the cache

beautiful cache and validation on that one

So moving along what's on to specs is question now the MMC has wrapped up and you've had a chance to go through it as a judge

Were there any common problems on missed opportunities to optimize that you notice across the board? Yeah presentation was a problem occurred a lot

Always ask a fresh set of eyes to look at your entry it took me a long time to understand quite a few

I really want to like pick out I like any entries in particular

It does happen a lot in sort of tools apps utility. So, um, you might love your application your utility or your tool that you've made

I have no idea what it does. Like I have literally no idea what it does

There was one where like even when it was explained to me by Canadian get hoops in the the world before I'm like

Yeah, but like why does that exist? I don't understand it and

It took probably about ten minutes later. We're on to the next world where I'm like, oh I understand I

Understand that makes sense. Um, so that's a missed opportunity. It's just making sure that we're advertising

Presentation is key. You can see that particularly in a lot of the sort of JP worlds. They do a lot of presentation

They also do a lot of multilingual presentation and that's because they are on the other side of the fence, right?

most of the content we produce in Neos is in English and so they're constantly asking like can we translate that like I know we

Don't have translation for logics right now

That's silly but like they always do the other side of it and they will take anything they're making it translated to English for us

So they're sort of offering an olive brunch and we're just like ignoring it in some cases not actively or intentionally just through like

You know, whatever sort of priorities are piling up. So presentation is always good

For example Coles's entries with the commentary. I would much rather like walk around a world

We've gone commentary mode than read a gigantic board full of credits. It was it's always good to see that they did that in

Hole in the wall and then they did that in Grove Lake. I can never remember if it's 72 or 74

Grove Lake though is what I call it. So it's good to see that as for problems

There were a number of worlds which had white procedural boxes underneath the floor

My very first tutorial ever was on how to configure your collision settings

So you don't need the white box under the floor. Let's take a look at that

It's how to improve your world collision. You can register a mesh

which is a mesh which must be loaded before collisions will actually like before gravity will actually affect the user and

Even if that is a procedural mesh, that's totally fine

But that means that like you could put in your floor mesh and that way it would wait until the floor mesh

Loaded before it engaged gravity and you fall through the ground

Also think about loading as well. There was a great world again by the Japanese community

um Jim I


Well, he like started in a toilet and it was it was artistic

There was an artistic reason why they started you in a toilet and it was great

But then like 13 people loaded at once and we're like in a toilet and it was just like, huh?

Because we're all in like this one cubicle and it's like what is happening here sometimes happens in media TV films, etc

Way, you know multiple people end up in the same cubicle. That's really comical

I think about using spawn points or spawn areas that have capacity you can spread people out and spawning

They also think about loading, you know, whilst I'm loading sometimes things are kind of scary


Lotus Bay yes, Lotus Bay. I can never remember if it's like a valley or a bay it look more like a valley

I wouldn't call it a bay but Lotus Bay they had the breath effect and you spawned outside and so whilst the breath effect was

loading I had like

Squares appearing in front of my face, so I didn't know why or what and it was just like, you know until that loads

I don't know what that is. So just just think about loading as well

I was

Happy to see a lot less issues of multiplayer issues

We did still have some but there are a lot sort of less there in the game category. I did notice a lot of people still

Misunderstanding maybe intentionally maybe not intentionally it depends on sort of like your understanding of it

So I'll do some videos on the asset management system


Understand storing materials within your world hierarchy for easy access and standardization, you know

If you need to go find it, but our people are also storing things like textures static texture components

Other things like that inside a separate asset folder within the top root of their world

That makes it difficult for the asset system to automatically optimize and stream in different versions of your assets

Because you're saying like hey don't use the asset version system of this use this exact image

So try and avoid that

You know, there are optimizations at play that we can do for you if you use the asset system

And if you don't let me count a common one with that

I see is if you put like the assets or the materials etc on your avatar

I should really only have materials stored on your avatar if you're driving them

So if you're playing around with the colors of your avatar store them on your avatar or if you're playing around other properties and materials

Animate them etc restore my avatar. That's fine

if not, let the asset management system handle it and that means that if you are respawned if you are like duplicate your avatar or

something you will

Load in a lot quicker because when you're respawning it won't have to recreate those assets or refetch those assets because they're like already

Yes, some management system. There's lots of stuff there. That's like really


To talk about there

Um, but who knows well, I'll have to see what happens with it

weird filing noises

Coming from I don't really know what's going on

I may have to jump away my building management are visiting my an apartment at some point today or tomorrow

To update

Sorry, it's really weird. I may have to cut things short. I'm just a little bit here. Um

Where was I so specs follows up that question with interesting notes materials in the world hierarchy makes sense

But not textures themselves. I don't think any of them do

But I know that some people do it for various reasons

Let's look through on other matters here

The clap plan this is not a question but a small spelling mistake to the be considerate page totally fine doesn't matter

Yeah, like spelling doesn't matter on my ranty page feel free to correct it if you'd like to

Ozi asks, is there anything that surprised you during the MMC?

I'm always surprised at the sort of like whiteness that people have when their creations

It's very interesting to see like what people interpret things as especially when the stuff it feels

Miscategorized like it's up to you which category you put it in like we have to act upon that and judge a category based on

That but there were some games that should have been in game

But one in game there were some social things that should have been in social

But we're in game there were some social things that were in other that should have been in

Game or other or social like think about the category again. I don't want to call out things, but it's basically like

For social particularly. It's am I meant to relax here and will I revisit this world and have fun there like

That's really what like has social for me. You know I don't want any barriers to my social nurse

Um so there's one particular social map that had

Barriers to my ability to be social in that world that was kind of strange

And then above that is just the sort of variety of some of the the tools that we're still seeing

People like I bet I could do that if I ever tried it

I bet I could do this or could I do this and it's just like what never really thought of it

I was interesting this year as well because we had like we didn't have many like our entries the

Ray thought provoking for me. I like weird art if you see my Twitter

I retweet weird art like all the time and I even made a weird art like entry

It's hard to explain. We didn't have a lot of sort of what I would call

General art, but there wasn't sort of any art that like

Appealed to like my actual like taste and oh, but that's fine like I'm there to judge

What's there not to judge? What's not there, but yeah, I would like to see

Different areas of art. I'm not like an art boffin or anything. I kind of hate art boffins

Especially when they're like yes this painting of two lions is worth 32 million dollars like I don't understand

But there are pieces of art which are like really

Strange compared to just sort of the normal sort of a painting of a lady is sitting at a table

Which you know you see a lot, but yeah, so it's good to see that we keep seeing like gaps or needs for like other categories

I know someone wanted I

Actually can't remember that were like it would be great if we had this as a category

I don't know what that is

I think they were looking for like world experience or something because they're like it's not a game

but it's like a I don't know it wasn't it sort of like the the Venn diagram of like museum tour and

Video game and in the middle is where they wanted world experience, so it's quite weird in that regard

Okay, let's move down through questions froppies link the video make sure that's on the note somehow

I think I can edit them. I don't know. We'll see what like a server trying this new tooling

Recordings going great. We'll see what happens there

We couldn't yeah, we're good on everything um

Okay, we have no other questions here play code is talking about some of the entries. That's great

Play Cody says I've noticed that when deleting accident deleting an object and bring it back that most of the meshes or materials come back

It defined as asset holders. Yes, that's correct. That's a that's how that system works. There is a sort of video

I couldn't work out whether it was correct. I watched it, and I had to ask

Jax to go take a look at it again. They did like creating a fence with like

Preserve preservation of assets. I'm not sure if they did it correctly, but it was a good sort of thing basically

They made like a fence post and then they duplicated it a few times

They were trying to sort of say like here's the best way to duplicate to make sure that you have like one

Fence post mesh, but I'm not sure if they did it correctly so video content on that one ain't around to it

If you have further questions, please go ahead and typey-type

Play Cody comments on the world experience category as saying like a visual novel, but like a cinema

He recalls seeing free apps where the person sits down doesn't move, and there's like a movie that plays in the background um

Maybe that would fit in there like a good example would be like there was a meme entry from

from Danny of course which was

Joyful guy I was trying to remember the sort of adjective that came before that like joyful joyful guy, which was really clever like

you you sat in a box, and then the box moved around the world and

It was like really weird so theater there

Especially the second run through you can sit in the chair play the animation through and you're like great

That was cool, and then you can get out the chair, but hit play on the animation

You can just see like the the chair and the box is sort of like zooming around

It was a great explosion of what you can do of animation with the limit and animation systems that we had

It was also interesting. We didn't have anyone ask because I think they're all aware on the judging team

But if they were not aware then would have explained to them because there was no sound in the entry of course

There's no sound

But it does become like an interesting sort of area like is that something we can judge like are we being?

Unfair to the user by judging because they don't have sounds or are we being unfair to not judge them because they don't have sounds

It becomes sort of interesting

conversations there about sort of accessibility and judging we also had

A Turks teams entry where you couldn't speak to each other for until you found the talking stick

That entry was again interesting because it was like hey

We can't talk to each other so again. That was a play on sort of removing an ability from someone

That made things interesting. There's like instruction going on outside of my like boarding up my door. Maybe I'm trapped. I don't know all right

Keep your questions going. I'm gonna go look through my people of my door all

Right well, I don't see any other questions, so any other questions

Do you let me know about ten minutes left on the office hours?

I can always quit it early if he there's no more questions I

Could talk about MMC like forever though, so it's interesting to see some stuff

I don't really answer. How am I today? Is it just like it's it's an office hours about yes, and yes stuff

And to have an answer it just like you know it gets off topic pretty fast

Crusher I already answer that one upstairs. I say upstairs sometimes, and I don't mean it. I mean it like

location based not like

Physically upstairs, so they said like I answered the upstairs. I bet I answered that earlier, and I meant like hi

In the scroll feed not like literally upstairs

There's sometimes when I'm like higher in a Neos world than someone else

Maybe they're lower and there isn't like stairs involved. You know we're on no clip most of the time

And I'm just like oh yeah, they're downstairs. What do you mean? There's no stairs in this entry?

It's like well. They're downstairs. There was an entry at the MMC that has a lot of downstairs though

I do not remember the name of it

Is that visual experience?

Appeared to be sort of playing on sort of dementia etc

Reviewing so many entries they're just like a blur often

I don't remember the name, but I don't have to find it a burning memory. Oh there you go

Thank you so much that was that was interesting. It was like yeah, actually we could go downstairs

We had some issues. They're running it with multiple people

It's the team that built if they're listening go check it through with multiple people in the end. I actually got sort of

Frustrated with the pacing of having multiple people doing it and so I ended it myself like I split off the judging into

multiple people

So that I could enjoy it by myself, and I thought I could judge it a lot better

Experiencing it by myself rather than what inevitably happened because the whole thing was like that entry was about a routine

It was you wake up your brush your teeth you go downstairs. You have coffee

I don't know why brushing your teeth and then having coffee was the routine because there's always that meme about brushing your teeth then drinking

orange juice or apple juice

Just like not a good thing to do because it tastes completely different same thing with coffee, but that was the routine

But what we usually happen in a multiplayer scenario, and it isn't actually something you can code for is


Player one would be brushing their teeth and player two would already be downstairs at the coffee machine

And so like the whole sort of sequence of events was broken which did actually result in some bugs

But also result in a bug sort of narratively based because it was all about that repeated narrative

We did not record actually no we did record our judging for

Like gavel reasons medra is really obsessed with legalities this year to make sense because the the size of the

prize pool

Why is it renamed themselves today anyway?

Moving onwards

So medra has a copy of it. We won't be posting it

We don't want to post really sort of any of the sort of in-depth judging discussions or voting

Discussions because the results are final

And it leads to arguments. We've tried it before and it led to arguments

We won't be posting the voting time least because it leads to arguments at least trauma like it's not about the specific sort of it

Something which I would like to do, but the timing just didn't work out

It's a busy time of veneers if you look around you know stuff happen


Would love to sort of have the voting period and then after the voting period I'd love to go through all of the entries by

Myself and then do the sort of judging criteria

As a separate meeting so it would be like voting where I don't anything out of course because I'm an influencer

Voting period ends I run through all the entries myself to get my first impressions

And then I didn't run through the the judging process privately

And then you'll be able to see that middle one there and see their first experience

Good examples of first experience is that something you can't recreate are things like

Neolander like when we went to ring of the Neolander, I think

Two-thirds of us have been there before and so we knew

We knew how the Neolander ring worked, and we were just you know happily building things taking a second look at it

But of course we had some guest judges now guest judges are outside of Neos like they're not Neos community members

They're not Neos team members, so they're not

Expected to view all the entries are only expected to view the ones we got a tour with you know the sort of almost the

final decisions and so

We took those through that one

And it's like I don't want to say anything here like I want them to judge Neolander as a new user and so if they

Struggle with setting it up. I want them to struggle setting up

But I was already on my second impression where it's like yeah, I've used this thing

That thing had great tactile audio design

Um so I kind of just sort of like hid behind a tree and used it again

So people didn't see what I was doing

But it would be good to see this first impression because I was confused at first. There's a lot of entries where I'm confused at first

Except puzzle games like NCR the heist I think I could probably speedrun that thing like the first run through I could probably speedrun

But I'm just like oh, I need to go over here got it cool

If you're in a maze, or you don't know where you're going always stick to the left wall

Just keeps to the left or left wall left wall left wall

Most mazes unless they're what are called disjointed mazes allow the left wall scenario to work

It works in most video games where there is a sort of

Branching path to get where you're going hug the left will get everywhere did that in Elden Ring last night

There's a sewer area where it's really maze like and I just hugged the left wall and managed to see everything

There is a little bit disjointness there though because it's a bit like non-linear. I love non-linear games

There was an inspiration hill someone said that we're looking at doing anti-chamber in the US and that they'd unfortunately quit that project

So do something similar maybe not as big as anti-chamber in the US, but do non-linear stuff. We had mirror room

And we have that reflection game last year mirror room and a reflection game last year. I've got the non-nucleation tunnel

There's a few more non-nucleation things I see in people's inventories and stuff make more non-nucleation stuff. It's great. It's great. So

Player Cody asks isn't most games kind of like doing specific chores meeting certain tasks into progress

Not most games at all


There are a type of like a sub-genre of puzzle games where I call them like to-do list games where you just basically like

I get it. I just got to do this. I get it. I just got to do this. I

Get it, I just sort of do this, you know, it's it's it's crazy like that

So maybe the burning memory does sort of qualify as that but it has a reason to like it's trying to tell a story with that

That's totally fine

Same thing with like Stanley Parable would be a good example there

You're doing the same thing over and over again because it's part of the experience

Whereas there's a sub-genre of puzzle games called hidden object games where it's like you've entered the spooky house

Find the key for the secret vampire lair. You need to like look at a

picture of the house and find a

Cheese grater that's like hidden behind the first the third banister and like that that that's not a puzzle game

That's just like visual recognition, but some people like those

I know the hidden object games are particularly popular with like

Some demographic because there's tons of them tons of

Moving onwards to definitely not get why have you renamed yourself? I'll ask later

Hypothetically if the audio recording and transcription system works permanently, would you be willing to show someone else how to set up? Yes sounder fm

I'll just post that chat sounder fm. It's basically a podcasting website and they're like free audio transcription and I'm like hell yeah

I basically stop recording on my recording upload it to sounder. It does all your transcription

I predict it's going to be terrible particularly when I say things like


Git siro and all the like weird, you know, it's screen names that you guys have

Audio recognition is of course trained on common words and sort of with the sort of end diagram and inclusion of

VR VR development and then funny screen names. It's not probably not going to do good

But they actually have features to do with that which is why I chose them

They will see like hey, we've heard this name a few times. For example, if they keep hearing fruits and

They see it as fruit exactly as tempestrel just said I could say hey every time I say fruit

I actually mean this and then type and it will update the audio transcription on the on the fly. It's called something like

A term replacement. I can't remember the name of the feature, but it'll basically be like, oh, okay. Sorry

We made that mistake and they'll feed that data back to their audio transcription services. So see if they can make it better

All right moving onwards to

Another question from lurking this will the there will there be any effort to mainstream years going forward? I love to see more players

Yes, we are. Absolutely dying

Jumping at the seams to try and like get more development going. We have stuff going on behind the scenes as well

Like they're still working on stuff. It's more sort of random. It's not directed. It's not motivated. It's not moving in the same direction


See announcements etc

We are doing stuff though. Like I know

Earlier I open up the code based is look at I think it's such a shock mayor if they're still watching

or listening Chuck mayor and their interpolation issue where they're like hey when we interpret the hints we do it wrong and I'm like

I'll open up the code base and see what's going on there because that's confusing to me mathematically

And I want to see that there's a mathematical reason that's happenings. We just need to find out what that is

So I open up the the code base

To see what's going on there

I think it's probably doing some sort of curve maths and the curve is just like wrong for integers

And so it's it's it's exceeding its bounds somehow

It actually happens on happens of the graphing component a lot as well

It happened on the graphing component on the left hand side of the graph and I reported it and freaks is like I fixed it

And like no the bug actually just moved to the right hand side of the graph

So we've got a look at that one again, and maybe I'll take a look at some point

But yeah, well, we're dying to get development going forwards


Gun Griffin

Doesn't doesn't work changing name doesn't work

Changing name doesn't work asks. What's the best?

What is the best method to set up a headless client for the first time

Uh, take a look at the headless client guide. I also do tutorials on it

There is a lot of information on the wiki. I don't know why it's not linked

I see questions in the headless client channel all the time where they're like, what does the configuration property mean?

I mean i've i've documented them all on the wiki. So

So go take a look at I do actually recommend as well that you set one up locally on a computer that you own

That's like next to you. Maybe it's an old laptop. Maybe it's even the computer that you play on. I know someone does that

and try and get it working because

Once you get it working, you'll be a bit more confident

If you want to set it up on a server that's located outside of your house

Like somewhere in a cloud or data center or something like that. You need to be familiar with

Logging into that server be a vm

Like a windows like, you know

The the blue bar at the top logging into a vm or if it's maybe a linux terminal get familiar with that stuff first because

That will be the the cincher for you once you've got that sorted

It really is just as simple as running mono space like headless client or whatever it is

Xe and then it loading a json file like it's simple learn json too. Jason. Um, if you're interested in computing a tool

I want you to learn json

And I I don't care if you're interested in json

If you're interested in computing programming or anything like that. I want you to learn json, uh, the jason spec

Is listed on the official website for json

It's presented as like a weird flow chart, but it's like really really really really important that you learn. Jason

Uh, you can also use a site called jason lint

Uh, there's many like things that can do this but basically like type json and then chuck it into jason lint

And let you know if there's a problem

Uh player coding has a question

This will be the last question actually froppy sharkman tempestrel. If you're asking a question, please type it. Otherwise, no more questions

We're at time. Um, so player cody asks speaking of the wiki when wanting to add contribute to it. Uh

Is it best to look through the different pages confirm info wanting to be shared is already there

I'll go through the search bar and put keyword all of those things. Um, search for information to see if it's there

Don't search for information. See if it's there is is a bad fight

So just check it's there before you do it wait a question a couple of weeks ago at the office hours

Which is something on the lens of like when are we going to document what a logic node does on the wiki?

And i'm like, well that's already kind of there. Maybe you didn't search for it

Or maybe you'll do some visibility or discovery sort of solutions there

Who knows but yeah, just look for it

There's also a link on the left hand side of the wiki called contributing

And there's a contributing page there that talks about how to do it and why to do it

Just as a reminder for everyone

Anyone can contribute to the wiki

Your grandmother your grandfather your aunt your niece your nephew your daughter your son your sister your brother

Your next-door neighbor can contribute to the wiki. There is no restriction whatsoever

If you want to type go type I don't care if you make a mess. I'll just fix it for you. Honestly

I'll just fix it for you. I won't even be mad if

You know 50 of how a node works go type it there if you know 10 of how a node works go type it there

If you have a sentence about the node

That provides detail to our users that is not there go type that sentence

I don't even care if you just start a new page and put that one sentence on it if that's all you know about it

Go start that page

Documentation is a sort of

progressive enhancement thing

Think about it like, you know cleaning your house. I need to do that

Sometimes just starting is the problem if I stood up now and I took out the trash

I've started cleaning so start that documentation

Last question from lucky because we're running it really long time lucky moose asks will dedicated hosting beyond near servers by default rather than the host computer in the future

That is something we're looking into it's on the roadmap

Details TBD right now headless client is the way to host headless things. It's not really even a server servers would be a little bit different

It's a headless client, but people just call it servers it for clo-co reasons

Take a look at the wiki and there's a link above from froppy about that

With that that's all the time I have I gotta run so I will see you guys next week if you have any questions in the meantime do

Make noises in my general direction DM me or whatever later

I will be posting the link to the recording of this which should have hopefully been audio transcribed in a way that makes sense

Or I'll just do regular notes, but the recording will be up on that

Podcasting website soon. I'll speak to you guys later. Bye. Bye