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Prime Time, ProbablePrime's Weekly office hours for Questions, Tutorials and Documentation and anything else that doesn't really fit.

Here are the notes from 1st March 2022

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime. If there are errors please edit away!

Apologies for the delay, Prime got a bit busy with MMC and current Neos events. These notes will be typed from memory as best as I can. We're working on a solution for better office hours notes soon.


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please use our Contacting the Neos Team section to reach out! Please make GitHub issues for your issues!

For security issues please read our Security Policy. For moderation issues please submit a ticket on our Moderation Portal.


Spex: What kind of problems are commonly seen around big events like MMC from a service standpoint with Neos? Are there any particular problems the team has noticed during big events and interesting solutions that have been devised from such problems happening?

  • When scaling services, sometimes its a little hard to see what you need to scale. Actions that occur rarely often don't get attention because they don't even cause a blip on the radar.
  • Think about events that happen every day such as new user accounts or logging in. LOTS, so that's easy to investigate and scale because you have active data all the time.
  • For the MMC we have a sharp rise in what is usually an uncommon event. World Publishing and Saving.
    • Its usually the highest traffic to those activities we see.
    • In MMC 2021 we saw a lot of load in those areas. Based on that we have some plans to improve it and already have some items in play.
    • I can't really go into specifics beyond that, because its just basic server side programming scaling etc. The point being sometimes you need data and analytics to even see a problem to then find a soltion for.
    • Of course everything has a cost in terms of time and money, so prioritizing uncommon actions is usually not done, but we did make some notes and tweaks from MMC 2021.

Morph: Hmm, I have a question. The physics that pushes you out of solid objects, is there a way to force the direction it pushes you?

  • No, that's regular character collider collisions. They push you out of the object because you shouldn't be inside it.
  • If you're looking to control that more. Try our forcefield component.

Konshu Q: Has the team considered opening up the MTC 2.0 creation to the community to assist in its delivery and testing? This could help move things forward and give valuable mentor feedback to things they have seen users struggle with.

  • Feedback is always welcome in terms of testing, ideas and suggestions.
  • Actual delivery/construction can be totally handled by the Content team though. Its not that we need help, we need time.

Spex: I've noticed that Neos has a variety of ways in which it may crash. Sometimes you crash to local home. Sometimes you get a crash window that seems to gather debug reports. And others just kill Neos abruptly. Can you speak to the kind of situations that cause such a difference in crash behavior?

  • It depends on how recoverable the crash is.
  • When a problem occurs at any part of Neos, how recoverable it is determines what you see as a result.
  • If its recoverable for the world, you usually won't notice it.
  • If its not recoverable for the world you're in, it'll boot you to your home world.
  • If its not recoverable for the world or your local home/running copy, it'll try and crash with the unity crash handler.
  • If its not recoverable for the unity crash handler it'll just close outright.
  • The fact that any software works on your computer is a complete fluke and miracle, depending on what problems occur around that, determines what crash you see.
  • Automatic Log delivery/reporting is a feature we'd like to see in the future

Vixen Da'vali: Why is neos so resource intensive?

  • For a number of reasons, including but not limited to:
    • In VR we have to render the whole game twice, once per eye.
    • We're stuck on old versions of unity and some dependencies
    • We haven't optimized some areas.

Euphoria: a question related to vixen, why does IK calculation consume so much processing power?

  • AFAIK: It hasn't been optimized as much as Froox would like

Vixen Da'vali: What's stopping neos from using a newer Unity version?

  • Other dependencies, build processes, rendering pipelines etc.
  • Upgrading Unity's version is possible but we're actually just focusing on leaving unity behind.

Konshu: Should creators be concerned about licensing issues if the assets are intended to be licensed to unity platforms as Neos migrates.

  • I'm not sure, I'm not able to provide legal advice.
  • Read the licenses you use fully and contact a legal representative in your state or location for more info.
  • Nothing is stopping Neos from moving off of Unity, I know some users throw rumors around like licensing or something. But naw, we can do what we want in this area. It just takes tiem.

Morph: I guess I can ask another thing, it's more of a weird behaviour in my map that I'm kind of ignoring atm. I'm using the characterteleporter component to move people around, however a few avatar models seem to teleport offset to the target location, any idea why?

  • Double check the settings, make sure its something that makes sense there.
  • Check teleport positioning, I recommend ground project head wherever possible.
  • Experiment with relative exit point too.

GunGryphon: Where does a dynamic variable need to be located on an avatar for an object to use it?

  • There are 2 possibilities here:
  • Use the "User/" space. This is created and exists on ALL users. but will not be cleared if you swap avatars
  • Create and use an "Avatar/" space. This isn't created by default, but will be cleared when swapping avatars.
  • Use the "World/" space. Really avoid this as much as you can. Putting stuff on here if you're not a world owner is kinda rude.

Vixen: Does neos vr have PlayStation 4 controller support and/or will it ever get It for use in desktop mode

  • It doesn't right now, but it may in the future. Check our GitHub for issues/requests for this.