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Prime Time, ProbablePrime's Weekly office hours for Questions, Tutorials and Documentation and anything else that doesn't really fit.

Here are the notes from 22nd February 2022.

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please use our Contacting the Neos Team section to reach out! Please make GitHub issues for your issues!

For security issues please read our Security Policy. For moderation issues please submit a ticket on our Moderation Portal.


Chayste: I work with learning mangement systems (like Cornerstone or Saba, etc) which are beginning to more routinely use xAPI endpoint connectors to transmit training progress to learning management systems. Is it (or will i ever be) possible to establish an endpoint connection between a Neos world and our LMS, and then use interactions with assets to transmit learning actions to the LMS?

  • Yes, there are ways of doing this see Connecting Neos to Other Applications.
  • This includes, WebSockets and HTTP Requests.
  • Do note that we can't currently process JSON and that includes Objects and Arrays.

Sloppy McFloppy: I want to ask about how things are going among the team after the meeting on wednesday, but I know the answer will still just be "you'll find out when an official statement is made" :angery:

  • Yep, please read the announcements channel. Sorry.

ohzee: Nested worlds are a bit of a strange thing with little to no documentation, is it planned for those to be documented at some point? Not trying to be inpatient with it but it's strange having to ask around for the people In The Know about it Yes! Namely with headless sessions

  • This is a little confusing, we have two features named by this name:
    • Nested Sessions is technically what happens when you open a world from inside another world. They nest together in the legacy world browser etc. A -> Open B -> B -> Open C -> C.
    • Nested Sessions is also a feature for headless sessions that allows you to merge sessions together in the world browser. This is useful for things such as conventions. A(Cheese Convention) -> B(Cheese Convention Hall 1), C(Cheese Convention Hall 2)
  • Both features need documentation, but in doing that I'm going to be renaming the headless feature to "Parent Sessions" as afterall that's what the JSON property for the headless config is called.
  • I plan to document both, Until that time. You can find the Parent Sessions feature which i believe is the one being asked about. Extremely briefly, documented on the Headless Config page: Headless_Client/Configuration_File
  • There were additional questions on this but my answer provides a summary and the additional questions clarify our need to do some action here. Luckily this is just a documentation/naming thing. No coding changes are required!

wojack: Any chances of neos going on oculus sometime in future?

  • Neos is not currently on there because of the in Beta phase and the Oculus version is in alpha.
  • Shipping the oculus version to the oculus store right now would not be possible due to this.

Chayste: As a follow up to using a VR platform such as Neos for corporate training... would it be necessary to implement a Neos Pro installation in order to ensure control over user authentication, etc? I'm more than fine with a bunch of furries bounding around in my builds, but the C-suite executives might take a dim view of "suddenly bits". 😉

  • Email for all Pro questions before paying.
  • Also check Neos Pro for some info

Shadow Panther: On that note, Prime, did you look into why the android-preview branch is not updated?

  • I'm not sure, I think its being overlooked but I'm not sure why.

Siki: Hey,I know I asked this last prime Time but, still wondering if it's possible to have the 2D and 3D badge done without the interaction with staff?

  • Sorry, the only way to do this is to contact a team member. Shifty is the main contact for this. She's very helpful and I'm sure she'll be able to help.
  • Make sure to check the Patreon page for the requirements.

Shadow Panther: I also want to ask when Neos update and Neosine, but I feel that "when it's ready"

  • Our roadmap is up to date. No movement doesn't mean its out of date. It just means its not moving. For why, see #announcements.

Shadow Panther: Prime, any word on this asset variant issue popping up lately?

  • We have a few, check #announcements for a summary. These should be resolved now.

YOHO cuz Prime asked: did you find anything cool this week? in game and out of game

  • I forgot what I answered with here but I think it was about some games I was playing.
  • Regardless, its not Neos related so i'll be skipping further notation of off-topic questions for speed/brevity. Sorry!

Duff: given the current situation behind the scenes, regardless of which side one stands, what would you say is something that everybody could rally behind or can agree apon as of now?

  • Neos is for everyone.

Chayste: Oh hey -- simple question: Are we back to where Steam is up to date and cool and okay. I don't generally need to fiddle with NCR and stuff and the launcher is always a bit "fiddly" with my tethered Quest headset.

  • Neos' Steam version is ALWAYS up to date with the non-steam version. Any statemwents against that are just rumors or a bug. Ask users who say this to file a bug. Because its likely a miss-understanding.
  • The builds are identical except for the token aspects.

seif1: Is the complete removal of anything even related to tokens just for safety with the steam requirements?

  • In some aspects yes but in others no.
  • As an example, KFC is what's called a "Canary", its used to test NCR functionaliy and pair it 1:1 with NCR so that we can test it. If NCR is disabled on steam, KFC needs to be too, so that this 1:1 pairing can be maintained.

MkE: Any personal stance on the idea of the project possibly being turned into non-profit organisation in the future?

  • I'm not sure on this and it wouldn't be my call.
  • I'd love for Neos to be a more open company though sharing details and things where we can to act more like a non-profit without actually being one. Take a look at the streaming platform Glimesh for an example.

MkE: I would really love to see bit more of return to the roots of serving the needs of EDU sector, non-profit organisation providing the tools for that might make sense.

  • I'd love to get back there too. We have features on our roadmap that unlock additional items/things in this area.

seif1: Am curious if you would be okay to share your personal opinion, What do you think about neos possibly becoming open source in the future?

  • This keeps coming up, I have some typed up notes I'll share separately. I say roughly the same thing each time.
  • Generically, Yes but Not any time soon.