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Prime Time, ProbablePrime's Weekly office hours for Questions, Tutorials and Documentation and anything else that doesn't really fit.

Here are the notes from 11th January 2021

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please use our Contacting the Neos Team section to reach out! Please make GitHub issues for your issues!

For security issues please read our Security Policy. For moderation issues please submit a ticket on our Moderation Portal.


Xekri: Thoughts or future prospects of supplying documentation in-game? e.g. Logix references.

  • That's on our Documentation Rodmap so we're looking into it :)

DairyotaTsutomu: So friends and I have imported are avatars into neos why is is it that when bringing a modle into neos textures are not already applied and must be applied when the fbx modle is imported

  • Getting a model into Neos and having its textures automatically applied is difficult. Its usually an issue with the FBX file or some other configuration matter.
  • I've seen it work more reliably with GLB etc
  • Honestly, Its hit or miss. I just setup the materials manually if it doesn't work.

Saihee: Nfts????????

  • We don't currently support NFTs, nor do we have plans to until they are environmentally friendly.

Tux1: are shaders customizable? id like to have some kind of outline highlighting shader for my future avatar

  • They are highly customizable, but you are on rails/constrained to just the properties of the materials we have.
  • You can't make custom shaders or edit them on the shader code level.

DairyotaTsutomu: Do you have any recommendations on how to start creating worlds even if an individual has no experience in world building

  • Start small, and build up.
  • Start by getting the process of creating down. Create a world, add something to it, save it and then reload it.
  • Once there just put stuff into the world that you want to see.

Toni Kat A friend of mine used the avatar creator within Neos, but didn't use the align buttons for the head, thus having their eyes slightly rotated compared to the model's head. What way could this be fixed without remaking the avatar? (Moving head proxy target didn't seem to work correctly)

  • I'm not entirely sure, you might be able to edit the eye manager's coordinates but depending on how old the avatar is, it might be faster to just re-create.

I'm Erin.: my friend wants to try neos but doesnt know im a furry. how do i not die of embarrassment?

  • My advice is to always be yourself no matter what, even if its hard.

Sveken: Is there any way to adjust rigging/bones in Neos to stop fingers poking through the hand? or do i need to reimport my avatar after fixing the bone length in blender?

  • I'm not aware of any way to do this. But it might be possible to provide limits via logix or the component.
  • I have this on all of my avatars, I just haven't bothered/noticed enough to resolve it.

Xekri: How is your health doing with the increased load of users?

  • I'm good.

Turt: how beginner friendly is Neos to people who would like to start making things? like on a scale of 1-10?

  • I'd say 5-6 right now.
  • Its certainly not easy, we all understand that. Its problematic.
  • We're working on it though as hard and as fast as we can.

Turt: For the uncreative of us, any projects you could suggest that would be good for starters?

  • A lot of people would say, avatar or tool related matters but Instead I say something cool something unique.
  • I think my suggestion at the time of this session was to make a Movie Style clapperboard.
  • The point being, think of something small and functional but... not too complicated

Duff: Do you ever think that online interactions with other people can help bring people together but inversely affect their interactions socially irl? Thoughts?

  • Socializing within VR, is diffferent very different for sure.
  • I don't think it should harm anything though, if anything it is more freeing.

epicEaston197: Q: how has the team been recently?

  • Good

Rucio: Regarding world performance where you get pauses/hiccups or things that make you suspect something is going on in the world, are there any tips/debug methods you would recommend to finding what is causing those?

  • The debug window, found by clicking the debug button on the home tab gives you a lot of information. Its not quite finished/complete but its many tabs do provide information.
  • When using this information try testing stuff in isolation.

Jam10o: what timezone does the team function in, in terms of working, most days? (or is it wobbly remote work async stuff)

  • No timezone, we're all spreadout everywhere.

Duff: Do you ever think about doing Colabs with some of the other team members to be guests on your office hours?

  • I like to keep mine as light as possible but I would enjoy it.
  • Perhaps another event or stream where I can participate with others though.

I'm Erin.: whats the haps on video player reworks

  • That's a better question for Geenz but he plans to work on it after Color Management afaik.

migo: Are there any resources/mentors that stand out when you reflect on the start of your XR development journey? I'm currently a student in a school that offers nothing close to XR stuff and also struggle finding the "syllabus" for this stuff and get lost quite easily. What applications do you recommend being familiar with to get ahead in this field?

Xekri: How do you control a Timer node? It just runs.

  • Just plug it straight into an IF and make the condition false. Impulses that lead nowhere/do nothing have very little overhead.

ohzee: Question: Any updates on that new policy ya are making? I forget the actual name/not sure if I should try guessing it

  • The mod and Plugin policy was released recently.

rampa_3: Btw, what do you think about this idea - crypto people complain about lack of information, so how about asking Karel to do NCR office hours?

  • I've mentioned this a few times to the team and Karewl. Now its up to them.

Max: Q: What would you like to see more of inside neosvr from new or veteran users?

  • More tutorials, more games, more cool stuff
  • Stop building tools, gestures etc.

Toni Kat: Is there a way to delete all Logix from an avatar/world/hierarchy?

  • You can delete it using a special tip that's in essential tools somewhere its called the Void Tip or something. It packs logix into a slot and then instantly deletes that slot.

Sphere: Could you do some tutorials on Materials for the artistically challenged?

  • More material tutorials are coming soon.

ohzee: Question: From what I understand you have a lotta tutorials in the background/are on ice, how do you determine which tutorial to focus on or complete?

  • I kind of pick and choose them based on what I feel like. It might seem problematic but that's just how I run my channel.

LCP: what's the worst would happen if putting all the tutorial in the same world?

  • That would be a lot of videos, try Neos Essentials -> Tutorial -> the first item.
  • Its a tutorial browser that lets you search and paginate through them.
  • If you dont mean videos then we like to split items up in the MTC by topic.

rampa_3: How about holding a Neos game jam at some point, when you say we don't have much games? MMC is a big competition with multiple categories, but how about adding a less common game jam here and there?

  • Maybe in the future

kazu0617: How the progress of FFT? One month ago, some photos posted in đŸŽ„devlog , but after that, no information for that.

  • That's a question for Geenz. I dont know.

DairyotaTsutomu: How do you optimize a world in order to reduce the amount of lag experienced for produced by the amount of people joining a world ?

  • make sure all the assets are optimized and that all the avatars in the session are also optimized.
  • Its a little too much to explain the entirety of optimization tools/techniques here. We do have a page though.