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Prime Time, ProbablePrime's Weekly office hours for Questions, Tutorials and Documentation and anything else that doesn't really fit.

Here are the notes from 28st December.

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please use our Contacting the Neos Team section to reach out! Please make GitHub issues for your issues!

For security issues please read our Security Policy. For moderation issues please submit a ticket on our Moderation Portal.

See you next year?


Toxic_Cookie: Q: When will the office hours notes from 12/21/2021 be listed on the wiki?

  • They're on there now, sorry for the delay.

Nammi: Can you submit your permanent exit messages after lowering/cancelling your Patreon the month before?

  • No, but if you submit them before cancelling they should persist.

AshtonSparx: Can you use group cloud variables after you cancel your patreon? (Assuming you were charged for that month)

  • Yes.
  • I need to make a page/section that deals with how and what gets cancelled or removed when you stop patreon'ing.

Lollerobot: What's your favourite thing about making tutorials for Neos?

  • The speed of them.
  • With no editing I can produce an entire tutorial in 10 minutes. No editing. No fancy stuff. Directly in game.

Lollerobot: What is the best and most important tutorial (in your opinion) you've made so far?

Earthmark: Any spicy tutorials on the horizon from the prime-factory?

  • Many, I have a huge list. Just getting through it.

Lollerobot: Is the neos wiki the greatest source of knowledge ever made about Neos?

  • I wouldn't say so. Its just A source. together everything combined makes the "greatest" source.

Lexevo: Is documentation about any matrix use in AnimJ (eg. float4x4) on your pipeline? I can't seem to figure it out at all.

  • Its on the list but for now a little hack. The AnimJ format should match the format of the output of the "To String" node. So if you're unsure on formatting then try copying the format the To String node provides.

CanadianGit: Dear Mr. Probabl E. Prime, How many badges, certifications, and educational courses do I need before I am allowed to post something on the wiki?

  • 0, ANYONE can edit the wiki.

Lollerobot: How much time approximately do you use for Neos documentation in a week?

  • Realistically, 1-2 hours a week. There is just so much else to do right now. I'd like to see this fixed but I'd need to not have a day job to allow that to happen.

LCP: should your tutorial video include into startup tutorial world? since a lot newcomer have hard time to understand neos and figure out theres video about it?

  • I don't think so, my tutorials aren't exactly official. They're good but for an official world, we'd need to produce more official ones.

Dionamus: Wouldn't it be a better idea to put things like roadmap, feedback, CDFT applications, Github, documentation, (video) tutorials, and other things that are not hosted within Neos as a tab within the dash? Finding those things requires a lot of context switching, and it's not exactly intuitive to find such information without having to ask another user.

  • Its a good idea, but its on the roadmap. Its just a matter of prioritization.

I'm Erin.: what kind of things would cause a cdft application be accepted? Like i have no idea where the line would be for "cool but not worth cdft" and "wow thats awesome why are they not applying for cdft"

  • Its a sum of a lot of areas:
    • Output/Contributions/Content in Neos
    • Output/Contributions/Content on Social Media, Youtube etc.
    • Impact within the community, things like helping users etc.
  • Basically the more you do the higher your chances.
  • As a good example, If I had not applied for CDFT I'm sure the team would have been saying "wow thats awesome why are they not applying for cdft".
  • These applications do take a long while to process.

AshtonSparx: How long does a CDFT application typically take to be accepted? Heard of a few people who applied half a year ago and haven't heard anything

  • A long time, months etc.

I'm Erin.: are the denied applications replied to

  • No, also its not.. like denied. We just park all applications.
  • We may review historic applications in the future.