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Prime Time, ProbablePrime's Weekly office hours for Questions, Tutorials and Documentation and anything else that doesn't really fit.

Here are the notes from 21st December.

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime. If there are errors please edit away! Apologies if any of these responses are Gruff. I'm working on a backlog of Office hours notes and so need to be brief :)


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please use our Contacting the Neos Team section to reach out! Please make GitHub issues for your issues!

For security issues please read our Security Policy. For moderation issues please submit a ticket on our Moderation Portal.

A quick note on GitHub

If your feature request/bug/ask/tweak/request etc is not on GitHub we may forget it.

We'll do our best but I often hear things like "I told the team about xyz problem and they never ever fixed it!" to which I reply "Did you make a GH issue?" and the answer is most of the time "No".

So if you want to make absoloute sure that an issue will be resolved, make sure you make a GH issue :).

Once a GH issue is open you might then say things such as "They never work on it anyway". This makes me sad :(. We intend to work on every issue that's opened its just a matter of time, priortization and people power. We're trying our best. Please help us help you :).

Questions from the Pre-meeting sheet

ZyzylQ: Higher tier Patrons are invited to board meetings, however there is little information on what these are.

  • Who attends board meetings?
  • How regularly are they held?
  • How do board meetings fit into the decision making process of the Neos team? Do board members have any decision making power or influence (beyond their standard Patreon priority vote)?
  • Is any non-public information discussed at board meetings?
  • If information which has not been released to the public is discussed, how does the Neos team approach the protential that provides for 'insider trading' on the NCR market?

Answered in turn one by one:

  • The people who attend this meeting are the patrons who have this tier, Neos Team members and sometimes special guests.
  • Once a month
  • They don't really affect our decision making process that much, they're just one source of our process. It is NOT a vote, it is NOT a deciding factor or decision meeting. Therefore the board members don't hold any power above any other user or patron.(PERSONAL PRIME NOTE: Mentors, Moderators, Board Members, People with lots of badges and Neos Team members are not Gods, Celebrities etc. There should be no feeling of "POWER" or hierarchy involved. We're all working on Neos together.)
  • No non-public info is shared. Its mostly opinions, feedback and updates(Which we then update our roadmaps or other items with)
  • If trading does occur, its occuring due to opinion or personal decisions from the users at those meetings. We don't share anything that would put anyone at an advantage.
  • Just imagine these meetings as another way for you to give us feedback, do not imagine Shark Tank, Dragons Den, Office Politices or "Council of Elves" or anything like that.

Hope I can explain myself right. How is the status on the Security site in Neos? Will there be a person dedicated for just overhauling the overall security? Not just Neos the game itself but also website, servers and things related to NCR aswell? (Specially NCR is what Im worried about, as a lot of people will be interested now and in the future to get access to it)"

  • Security, is good right now. We haven't ever had any major issues, breaches, leaks or anything like that. I'm not entirely sure what your question is asking. So feel free to elaborate.
  • We don't currently have a person dedicated to this, it would likely be a somewhat weird set of responsibilities right now considering our size. We work on security as a Team, if issues come in we'll handle them with existing team members to get them resolved. We don't currently have a need for a dedicated person to do this. This might change later but I don't imagine that would be for some time.
  • Security is treated the same across the board. We don't decrease or change security based on what part of Neos we're talking about. There are some known issues, bugs etc that are open, that we're working on. These are on our GH labled as Security. None of them are sensitive in nature.
  • Read our Security Policy, for more information.
  • Feel free to follow up with me later.

UPDATE from Prime on 9th January: I don't organize these meetings and sometimes these meetings change in terms of formulation, agenda and what has been shared etc. I've decided to strike my old response due to this. If you'd like to know more about these meetings I'd suggest emailing


KonshuQ: Currently NeosVR official website points to "" (Frooxius) as the official YouTube channel which is Froox's Personal YouTube channel. Given the intention to grow as a business and having multiple people on staff for content creation, a properly branded business YouTube channel should be created. Branded accounts specifically help in discovery as well as overall official social media (video) presence. Currently in a YouTube search for a platform NeosVR you do not see any channel named NeosVR to indicate the likely official manner of the content. The potential for someone to generate a NeosVR channel and generate content could hinder the perception of the company.

  • We plan to move this over to a branded account soon.

Toxic_CookieQ: Is there going to be an announcement for the overall plans for Neos moving forward, a general recap, and recent concerns being addressed by the end of the year? (Mainly with communication, we kinda had another uproar like last year.) I'm curious to know the roles the new hires will play and what the funding is going to be used for. Fingers crossed that we'll see more rapid feature development 2022 with more than just the classic yellow dog man pushing a majority of it forward. 🤞

  • There will most likely be some announcement in the new year yes, I'm not sure when or what it'll contain.
  • Feel free to Direct Message me with any specific concerns.

Khosumi: The tutorial world is in dire need of an update. There is a community one that teaches players much more than the default one. Is any changes expected on this front to help new users settle in?

Konshu: Q: What development methodology is driving NeosVR as a project, is this Agile driven? I have noticed there is a large gap in milestone implementation or goal deadlines. Many issues tracked appear to have at best tags but no further project triage or indication of productivity or ways to measure that.

  • We don't have any major formally defined methodology.
  • Things like Milestones and Goals aren't necessarily needed or defined. So its normal that you're not seeing them. We may explore this are in the future.
  • A lot of methodologies are also silly, don't make sense or cannot be implemented. I have tried almost all well known ones and they don't work with a team this small. Adding them would be unlikely to increase our development output right now, it would just lead to overhead that would need to be maintained for not much return.
  • We may explore this area in the future.

Toxic_Cookie Q: What is the process for claiming the following Patreon benefit for my tier? "Allows full commercial use of Neos and unlimited access to the physical base universe."

  • First, read our page on Neos Pro, it should explain the issue.
  • You don't specifically need to claim it, you just have it. The page I mention should clarify what commerical use is.

I'm Erin.: If the patreon tier changes, do i need to vote again for the voting power to update

  • No.

VRGameZone: If NCR price goes down, will Patreon members get double NCR like the opposite of halving? When I signed up for Patreon it said 156 NCR credits but ended with half like 78.

  • No, we won't be moving the NCR price UP, it'll either stay where it is or move downwards. See the Patreon page for more information.

VRGameZone: How do you buy NCR from others in Neos? How do you trust others in Neos?

  • You just, have to trust the user. A conversation occurs. One side uses paypal, the other side sends it in-game.
  • Its risky, and Neos doesn't explicitly support it so please do this at your own risk. We won't be able to refund any transactions done this way.

sls: any plans to continue the ncr buyback?

  • I'm not sure, perhaps ask/search through the NCR Channel?

VRGameZone: Q: Like The Universe in Neos what other educational apps are in Neos or examples of how Neos can be used?

  • There are a lot, its hard to list. I want to make a wiki page, but haven't got round to it.
  • For a couple of examples:
    • Neos Classroom - Stripped down version of Neos for classroom like experiences.
    • Circuit Simulator Stuff - Simulate electronic circuits inside Neos. Check the DevLog channel for some videos.

KungFuMonkey: Q: Regarding the new MTC, are there any planning docs available that users can provide feedback on before MTC 2.0 is finished? Since it's a very important onboarding solution, there could be users with UX experience that could provide early feedback.

  • The only place you can provide feedback on the MTC right now is within GH issues. We don't have any formal documents or processes for you to review or contribute to, this may change in the future. Look out for announcements for additional opportunities.

TheSpecterLemon: What are the current plans or changes for the neos website? I'm mainly curious about the ability to see contacts from the website, but things such as viewing active sessions and inventory management would be interesting too.

  • We have a new website on our roadmap.
  • Our main focus for the new website is to make it a place to show Neos off for those interested. It is NOT primarily designed to be a place to manage contacts or the inventory.
  • It's important to remember that having a new website doesn't suddenly grant us the ability to do features that the core of Neos doesn't have.
    • For example, Neos the platform doesn't have inventory management, So the website can't do that till Neos has etc.
  • Look out for more updates coming soon on the plans for the new website. But seriously, please do not expect features that even Neos doesn't have.

VRGameZone: For commercial use Patreon tier, we'll lose it if we stop after one month?

  • Yes.

Jam10o: is taking commissions commercial activity?

  • No, check the Neos Pro page for more information.

Konshu: Is there a way in the future to document (I know like we need more of this) the office hour questions and responses. Have someone who is willing to write down questions to answers and make it so the community is informed.. has a place to look these up, etc.

Turk: I've heard complaints from users I've sent to email hello@neos not really getting much answer? Is this normal?

  • Responses from here can be a bit slow, but they'll come eventually.

VRGameZone: Q: Will Neos have an Avatar maker like Nintendo Wii Mii characters for people who don't have the skills to make Avatars.

  • Search the world browser for "Neo-Roid"

Earthmark: Recently I attempted to use the neos api for assigning cloud vars, but even with the help of other users it's still a confusing process. I know the api is prone to change, but is it acceptable to request documentation of sections of the api commonly needed for automation tasks like cloud variables?

  • I'm sorry, we can't provide any documentation while things are unstable.
  • I understand that this is frustrating but I cannot provide documentation for unstable, non-supported features. It causes more issues than it helps with unfortunately.

Kulza: Is there currently. or is it possible to have documentation on how to save things to and use the local home and saving neos assets locally. to follow up. where are these saved on the computer. the neos database? like if i wanted to save the local home to a file backup and restore it later

  • If you save an item to your Local Home, or save a world to your local home using the "Save Here" button then its saved locally.
  • This data will be store don your local hard drive only.
  • This data is stored within the local Neos VR data directory. "AppData\LocalLow\Solirax\NeosVR" usually. This is known as the "Data Path". It is NOT the same as the cache. I guess I need to make more documentation about these two folders yay.

Khosumi: There has been a surge of people asking for exportable models with fully intact rigs / armatures. Where can I find an explanation as to why they purposefully break?

  • Its a bug really, not a feature. Its not "ON PURPOSE". Essentially, when you import an avatar it converts it into a standard Neos format.
  • On export, we don't currently convert all of this data back into a standard portable model format. You lose the Armature and weighting data.
  • We may change this in the future, but likely once we have the license system in place to further protected exporting content that you do not own.

Konshu: Is there a plan to review / update features and tools in the public folder. I often hear stuff dragged out of there is the "outdated version". example the Video player is apparently outdated.

VRGameZoneQ: Is Neos available for oculus quest 2?

  • Quest 2 build is for testing. Need $12 patreon and up to access it
  • It is a test build and not that stable.
  • More Quest work is on our roadmap and awaiting prioritization.

Konshu: Q: NFT-Related When is the expected implementation of the NFT offering? Will a person in the NFT Offering tiers require to keep their membership active till release or can they have it one month and get the NFT per the offering? Currently the NFT is a patreon Tier so the concern if a person in the NFT Offering tiers require to keep their membership active till release or can they have it one month and get the NFT per the offering?

  • We don't have a date for this, sorry.
  • Its unlikely we'll honor historic NFT offerings.
  • When we do have a plan for this perk we'll make further announcements.

Turk: For NCR related questions? Who should we ask? Asking in NCR channel seems to be problematic at times, and there seems to be no one really to contact the team about it. Follow this process:

  1. Read the Neos Credits/FAQ
  2. Ask in the NCR Channel.
  3. Email
  4. Consider opening a moderation ticket. Now, moderation is NOT support but we do accept some NCR questions there.
  5. DM Prime Directly. Pay the cheese tax.

AshtonSparx: Would we be able to get an office hour for karel?

  • I'll forward this to Karel when I get the chance.

Turk: Oh, actually one I don't think anyone asked yet, is there a reason that the recent Poll happened? It seems like the entire team was unaware of it occuring. Is there issues within the team on communication?

  • I don't know.

Zagroseckt: is there a way to use logics on the dash .. i cant figure out how to connect anything to connect.. eg logics tool

  • It should work as per normal. You just wire things up together and it should just work.
  • If you're trying to ascend away from your facet to target items in other facets or core functionality in the dash then it might not work as you usally will need component access to do this.
  • Feel free to open up a GH issue with your exact request and we might be able to provide somethhing you can tie into.

playz the piss avali: Q should there be a world transition when you go in a world

  • You can actually control this. Through clever use of the Open World and Focus World nodes.
  • If you mean by default, please open a GH issue with your request and we'll take a look.

ToyDragon: Could the messaging be changed on the patreon from "when implemented" to "if implemented"?

  • If you mean the NFT perk, I agree. I think we should remove it until we have a plan.