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Prime Time, ProbablePrime's Weekly office hours for Questions, Tutorials and Documentation and anything else that doesn't really fit.

Here are the notes from 29th November 2021

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime. If there are errors please edit away! These are really rough. I'm tired sorry :'(


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:


wonfiddy.eth: With the rapid incline of the NCR token, is this organic interest or Venture Capital investment?

  • Organic we think. Stuff's just been crazy.

ohzee: Hopefully this is a appropriate question but with Neosine's frontend being put on other Neos staff, any idea how that is going so far if you know?

  • Well, but uh Check the roadmap :)

BIOHAZRED: Liv support for streamers would be awesome.. Would be could to stream Neos as myself with mixed reality

Duskitten: Does the license component actually do anything currently, or is a placeholder one

  • It does nothing and I actively recommend not using it. As it does nothing its basically two string fields which mean nothing and offer no value.
  • Added to that we might remove it later so its just better to not use it.

ohzee: Is there any "popular" misinformation about Neos in particular that you wish to clarify? Either inside Neos' systems or overall?

  • Neos DOES NOT mine crypto when its running.
  • Neos DOES NOT ban people for finding security issues
  • Neos DOES NOT ban people for sharing their opinion
  • Neos is not just "ONE PERSON" developing. We're a team of people.

Robyn (QueenHidi):Is it intentional that object aligners (circle, grid, axis, etc.) continue to drive slots despite being disabled? <- related issue. This never got a response from froox so I'm unsure if it was actually a bug or misunderstood.

  • its a complicated matter. They were all written in isolation and need to be unified.
  • I was thinking of doing this at some point and have assigned it to myself.
  • Its a relatively low priority issue as it doesn't cause that many issues when compared to other issues on our plate.

Xekri: I've had the worst time trying to get a multi-mesh object to fade out. Nothing seems to work. I hope you're not too busy, but would you put up a tutorial about how to fade random objects in and out?

  • Make sure you're using Alpha and not transparent. It would also be good to hear more about your troubles.

Player Kode: In regards to publishing worlds, does having the architect Patreon Tier and licensing pro have any similarities or is it that the license means that an individual can have their own brand within those worlds being published?

  • The Neos Pro tier benefit means you have the same benefits as buying Neos Pro.
  • This is because at those tiers you're paying effectively the same price as Neos Pro

Player Kode: On the Whitepapers, the mission statement says the goal is to reach total spatial Interfaces. Would that be referring to interacting within NeosVR like IRL?

  • I think so yes. I think its referring to other platforms such as AR, 2D and Mobile platforms

Delphox: Most obscure thing you've had to document related to neos?

  • Sugar Cubes. An ancient unfinished feature involving KoFi. I'm patching some bugs with them soon.

moat: I've been a bit out of loop for a while, is there a reliable way of getting the position of user limbs now? or was there before and I'm just dumb?

  • Use the avatar nodes inside the avatar folder of Logix or the user->user root nodes.

Duskitten: Is froox on break atm, and if so, when is he proposed to come back, cause there's not been as many updates lately

  • I don't comment on staff vacations. We need to distance ourselves from the mentality that a team member being on break means anything. We're a team and we're a company.

muchcharles: can you do commercial activity with NCR without a pro license?

  • It depends on the application. For Neos Pro or commercial activity I recommend reaching out to

Duskitten: Speaking of the "Avatar" nodes for logix, why do the hands or head not work for heads and hands avatars, ive noticed if i put myself in them (i use only heads and hands avatars) they always return null, unless im using them wrong

  • That might be a bug, please open one on GitHub if you have not done so.

Jam10o: were tipboxes ever abused to earn their current timeout?

  • I think this is partially due to abuse and partially due to goals and intended use.
  • Its meant to be a tip box and not a purchase terminal. The timeout helps us remember that.

mell: can i play on my phone?

  • Not currently, but some community members have tried it. They usually use wall power or big battery banks to make things work.

Questions from a DM: What happens if NCR price drops and we're on Patreon?

  • Nothing much, we don't anticipate this being a problem. If we make changes we'll let you know.

Why would people use NCR in neos of it's going to keep going to the moon? You can find uses for that on our Neos Credits/FAQ.

If I pay for Patreon which gives me commercial use and pay for one month, I can't use it for commercial use after one month?

  • Yup, I do encourage you to reach out to

Can you give example of how NCR used in neos? You can find uses for that on our Neos Credits/FAQ.

Cyro: Do we have a timeframe and/or price limit that the buyback program will last for?

  • I don't know, that unfortunately a Karel question.

Player Kode: I am not sure if someone had already asked about the current Patron tiers and if the lower half tier lists eg. Gunter's, Neuromancer, architect and lower, will they still be available after December or is the higher tiers going be the only best option?

  • We may have to continue halving our prices till the mint finishes. We can subdivide one NCR 18 times so there's plenty of room at a certain point its going to not make sense though. Do you want 0.00000001 NCR a month for example.

moat: Is there any possibility of having separate changelogs for certain things. i.e., having a logix / components changelog separate from everything else?

  • In time yes I think so. With build changes in the area of Neosine and our cloud advancements I want to get automated changelogs together that are more machine readable.
  • For now you can search through the changelogs for the ones you want.

Robyn (QueenHidi): What is the "buyback program"? I keep hearing it mentioned but I don't know what it is.

  • Loosely speaking, its a system that lets Neos as a company buy back NCR from customers to keep the prices more stable.
  • Look for messages from Karel to see more information.

muchcharles: how much of the old NCR is owned by team insiders like this?

  • We don't share this data. Its private. That's one of the goals of Cryptocurrency which is anonymization.
  • You can find some of the wallets we do share on the Neos Credits/FAQ but for wallets owned by Team Members we likely won't release these and if we do its up to the owner.
  • The same goes with our community.

Player Kode: When the marketplace comes up, is there gonna be sales, returns, black friday Sales, end of the year blow outs, new/pre-owned, etc? Can be a joke, but I am slightly curious.

  • I'd hope so. I'd also hope we have a promotional engine for the marketplace with deals, offers, carousels etc. Look at steam and the ways that it presents products. Imagine that for items on our marketplace.

Duskitten: Will groups ever be publicly accessible to make in the future, or will it only be restricted to patrons, and, if you make a group, and your patreon runs out, is your group deleted

  • I'm not sure, Groups have a cost to them so we'd have to resolve that first.

Retr0: With a little logix knowledge, how would one start to make a drone?

hannibal: Can we create a piece of world with a similar image quality to what unreal engine provides? Can we use different engines in one game?

  • Neos only supports Unity right now but with the right tweaks materials and knowledge you get close.
  • Ask more at our Graphics office hours on thursdays.

I forgot who asked this I'm sorry: Could you create a video showing all the Neos potentials and future plans and full insight on Neos world vision? And another video on what developers can do, what are the tools provided and what are the tools that will come to the platform? Appreciate it. A professional funded video would be super efficient for all the new developers and interested enthusiasts $ out there ..thanks

  • We're working on a trailer that will help here.
  • However showing "EVERYTHING' will take hours as we have so much.
  • Look through our existing videos for some examples.

Gourry: Does the bandwidth "priority" on patreon still a thing? notice the worlds loading slower compared to old Azure CDN. (at least from brazil).

  • I think this was rolled out to all users. We'll need to edit this messaging.
  • I've got some updates scheduled.

Rucio: Curious about the "Artifacts of your own choosing (when available as eco-friendly PoS NFTs)". What would it take to produce an eco-friendly PoS NFT, would that depend on hard perms?

  • Hard Permissions is likley not a requirement.
  • The object id/license system is though.
  • As for PoS. this refers to Ethereum moving to a Proof of Stake system from a Proof of Work system. This is known as Eth 2.0 and will solve a lot of the complaints about Eth in the community. It is due to release in 2022 but this has been delayed a few times.

Joe Sylva: If a game maker is to make a large scale game inside neos, how would they be able to monetize it? Would we have to sell "access" to the world in the marketplace?

  • Larger games might be able to benefit from the Neos Pro features which allow for stand alone experiences which resemble games.
  • Imagine downloading a game on steam and it downloading a customized version of Neos that runs your game. It would play like a game but under the hood be running on Neos' engine.