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Prime Time, ProbablePrime's Weekly office hours for Questions, Tutorials and Documentation and anything else that doesn't really fit.

Here are the notes from 16th November 2021

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:


Alex rainbowdashie: Where is everyone on Neos today its more empty than regular?

  • I don't know, you'll have to check the player statistics or ask them.

Alex rainbowdashie: Is there documentation on UIx?

Suichi: What are the best work-arounds for having no collections at the moment? I was kind of getting around it by tagging objects that are all childed to the same parent, then iterating through them when I need to receive the information from my "collection".

  • Don't use tags. Tags are for "tagging" see this video for my recommendations for tags.
  • For data, use parent data links or dynamic variables. Where an item(slot) is a record and the dynamic variables on that item are the values.

BAT54: However I was wondering if a way to manage worlds and objects version history, perhaps with git or if another solution is planned?

  • Yes something here is planned but not Git. That wouldn't work. See this issue for more information.

Jam10o: is it still the case that cloud variables take a while to update or remove? why is/was that the case?

GunGryphon: How is the Object Root component best used? What effects does it have?

  • Object root, should be added to the very root of any object you build. The top slot of an avatar, gun, tool etc.
  • Once there it signals to a number of systems including:
    • The Get Object Root Node
    • The larger up arrow at the top right of the left hand side of the inspector will ascend to the object root when pressed.
    • Tools such as ColliderSetterTip and GrabbableSetterTip respond to the object root.
  • Please specify roots they are very helpful.

ToyDragon (clarjon1): Are there any images of potential new UI appearances, even if those images need a disclaimer like "SUBJECT TO CHANGE, DESIGN NOT FINALIZED", or is it too soon for that?

  • No, sorry.

KungFuMonkey: With the value of NCR increasing and the community growing, are there plans to make 2FA easier to set up? (general security concern as Neos gets more attention)

  • We plan to re-work the website and this may be included there
  • For now try setting this up in Screen/Desktop Mode

sirkitree: What feature in Neos are you working on that you are most excited about?

  • Strangely, looking into the Logging library for Neos.
  • I want our logs to be easier to read to allow for easier debugging.

ToyDragon: Here's a question completely unrelated to Neos -- what's your favorite tongue twister?

  • Strangely, I cannot pronounce "Utility Room" so that's fun.

ohzee: How has the team been handling the increase in traffic?

  • Well, I think.

Lexevo: I've heard about universes and universe IDs, but I've found no documentation or in-depth talkings about it. What are they and what do they do?

  • They segregate users in terms of sessions and session listings in a similar manner to sub-reddits.
  • I do not know if regular users can use it or create universes.

TheSpecterLemon: Is there a way to see if your contacts are online using the website? If not do you plan on adding that?

  • We don't have this, but it is planned. See: this issue but it also might be covered by the new website.

GunGryphon: Has a mobile companion app been considered? Yes, this issue.

Alex rainbowdashie: Mobile logix app?

  • Most likely not, open a github issue if you'd like it.

ToyDragon: Does Froox sleep? It really seems like they're constantly in VR

  • Yup, encourage them to sleep more :)

Jam10o: ah I was about to ask how to get the non-steam build on Linux because the launcher is an exe (?

  • Stand by, I'm not sure.

Alex rainbowdashie: What headset is recommended for sleeping?

  • I don't recommend doing this.

Purple Juice: Are your headphones wireless?

  • Yes, Bose QC35

Lexevo: How rough do you think some documentation on the wiki could be for it to be submitted there? I'm a little worried that just word vomiting is too rough.

  • See Wiki Contributions & Translations
  • Don't ask, just do it
  • ANYONE can submit content to the wiki, you dont need permission. Do not send us drafts. Just edit the wiki directly.

Earthmark: It seems like a lot of commands and information is provided through the bot instead of being accessible from inside of neos via components or such. It seems like the latter is needed a bit more than the former as the latter let's people make things. Is there a reason the bot is used instead?

  • As an example Froox wants the cloud variable creation stuff to be a screen/ui but due to time constraints they ended up as commands for the bot
  • This is a good stop gap for an unfourtunately large amount of features but it less us provide stuff that we would not otherwise be able to release to you.
  • If you have specific requests please open a github issue.

Alex rainbowdashie: Can even i write things on the wiki?

  • Anyone can, ANWYONE. You do not need to be special any user can.

ToyDragon: Are there plans for youtube chat integration like the twitch chat integration is supported, for streamers that use that platform? Yup, check the issue.

Jam10o: any tips to reduce chafing from wearing headsets for too long?

  • I really don't know, I've just tried everything and kinda just deal with it.

I'm Erin: has joining the team forced you to become more professional in your free time and if so how do you feel about that?

  • Yes and sometimes I want to escape that and be free but it actually happened a long time ago when I joined other roles.
  • Its all about maintaining a professional brand, identity and reputation which then has to be combined with your personality.
  • Sometimes difficult.

John Nada: Is there going to be more accessibility work done (text chat, Non-VR avatar default animation, etc) for those of us who cannot speak on voice or stay in a headset all day?

ohzee: Perhaps a bit more of a serious question, have you considered making a social "things not to do" for public sessions? I guess a extension of "reading the room" video you did a while ago.

  • Yup i'm working on a few here:
    • Consent
    • How to be a good host
    • How to be a good guest
  • Things not to do might be a better way to word things.

John Nada: Follow up Question: is it possible to use VR tools like knuckles and lighthouse technology without the headset in NeosVR?

  • Sort of, its not exactly supported though.
  • The issue is that you cant run desktop mode while also tracking your hands.
  • YOu can request this as a github issue though.

Jam10o: favorite way to type in vr?

  • Regular VR keyboard from Neos
  • I'm fast.

ToyDragon: What is a feature/functionality that you personally wish to have added to Neos?

  • More procedual generation
  • I do think some users overuse procedual stuff or claim some sort of "higher" status from it. I don't mean this.
  • see: for what I'm referring to.
  • We want to add that to Neos at some point.

ohzee: Speaking of that, do you use the default keyboard in Neos? Or use a custom one Prime?

  • a custom one that I cannnot remember the name of.

GunGryphon So you can use Neos with a headset and Xbox controller? I tried it a while ago with a WMR headset without VR controllers and I could only partially move.

  • I think you can move around but not build or spawn etc.

DAWKY: Whats your favorite world in neos so far?

  • I don't know

Lexevo: MMC has been over for a while, is the category in the worlds tab gonna disappear?

  • We'll remove it at some point.

John Nada: Question: Anything you can tell us about lighting and engine development?

  • Visit Geenz's office hours on Thursday please.

NatBard: How sick are you of the NCR channel?

  • Not at all.
  • Remember that everyone in there is a potential investor giving us money which is good.
  • Please be respectful of them. They're bringing more money and attention to the platform.

ToyDragon: Is the myspreadshop "neos-vr-store" official neos merch?

  • Yes, it is.

ohzee: So we currently have a few office hour sections, graphics, moderation and this one of course, do you think there is a missing "section" of office hours? If so what?

  • I don't think we NEEED anymore but we may add some more later.
  • There's a podcast style thing on Sundays that we're trying to start with Frooxius.

Lexevo: If there's enough time to ask (since we're overtime), is there any plans in the future for events and other neos team related things (like office hours, workshop wednesdays, twitch streams) to be in other time zones? For other people that can't wake up at 3-4am for things like that.

  • Yup, I have some plans about stuff to try for mine but we're thinking about it.