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Prime Time, ProbablePrime's Weekly office hours for Questions, Tutorials and Documentation and anything else that doesn't really fit.

Here are the notes from 9th November.

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:


Khosumi: Would it ever be possible to opt out of the API, such as not showing activity status (World you're in, users in world, any piece of identifiable info basically)

  • This should be a bug I think.
  • When you're invisible one field appears to update which hints that you're still online
  • Khoosumi then followed up with some more information on this and a bug report:
  • If you know of any other privacy issues please make a GitHub Issue.

KungFuMonkey: With Microsoft and Facebook doing metaverse things for virtual offices (like MS Teams and Horizon Workrooms), are there any ideas floating around with the Neos team to appeal to remote work environment solutions?

  • We might be able to adapt Neos Classroom here to turn it into Neos "Conference room"
  • For those unaware Classroom is a stripped down version of Neos designed for classrooms and quizzes
  • We use it in educational settings in a lot of schools in Europe.

KungFuMonkey: Off-topic question: Playing any good games lately?

  • Bunhouse
  • Graveyard Keeper
  • TABG

GunGryphon: Is there a way to make a persistent session link where an object in one session will always link the user to another specific session hosted elsewhere. Specifically, this would be for connecting to a session that may only be hosted periodically but regularly. Ie. a portal that opens to a specific recurring session when a server starts up an event world.

Electronus: I have noticed some users will assume issues are not bugs, or that "things are they way they are" and work around them and not consider making a github issue, even i have fallen into this. Do you have any advice to combat this?

  • If you're concerned about something or think its a bug please open an issue. We'd rather hear about stuff than not.
  • Even if we close an issue it becomes a data-point that people can read in the future

Beaned: is the steam build of Neos going to get back the NCR capabilities or are we going to need the separate Neosine launcher when it comes out if we want to use it

  • We are working with Steam on this but for the moment, we're sticking NCR functionality to the Temp/Neosine launcher.

Mysticporo: although not on the topic of documentation, i'm currently working on a github issue about this since i don't see it via a quick roadmap search on the github but are there plans for being able to backtrace where a driven value?

  • Yup something there is on our UI Overhaul Roadmap.

GunGryphon: What is the policy of making or licensing physical Neos related products?

  • We don't have an official policy here yet.
  • I am recommending the industry standard though which is:
    • OK if you're not making money/selling stuff
    • NOT OK if you are making money/selling stuff.

Beaned: currently there are features being priority voted on that have other major features that are pre-requisite, is there going to be any way to know as a user what will need to be worked on first before that?

  • I'm researching how other projects track dependencies on GitHub and seeing how that applies to us.
  • Something i've thought of doing is a sort of "Graph"/Flowchart of our features that shows dependencies.

AdmiralSoap Have you checked out the Neos Universe?

  • Yes, its great.

Darklord of the universe: Hello first time In a vc here but I want to add a better way to add stuff or a way to have your battle ship in u game like this

  • yup, if you can find the model online you can import it.
  • Otherwise you'll have to make it or pay someone else to make it

Khosumi: Is there plans to increase asset security within the neosDB by adding obfuscation or encrypting it?

  • ObjectID / License system(A feature on our roadmap) will improve things here.
  • Nothing is going to be 100% secure as its basically a space race with malicious users etc.
  • We'll try our best and keep you updated.

Alex rainbowdashie: Can you add community provided features code to neosvr? Or only via froox?

  • Anyone of the team is free to contribute code, not just Frooxius. See the Neos Team page for more info.
  • Community contributions are welcome in our Open Source portions/projects of which the main engine is NOT included.
  • As for mods/plugins these are usually not suitable for mass adoption but we do review them sometimes.

sqıɟɹozɐᴚ: I've already bothered you about this before, but you mentioned that eventually there is going to be a reskin of the components(?)/Logix(?) Layout to better help with learning and adding descriptions etc.... Is this still going to happen?

  • Yes this is on the roadmap for our UI Overhaul.

jaerven: What is the state/thought of wiki regarding logix pages - updates / more descriptions of components?

  • We're working on it. The wiki is a community project and we need users to help.
  • ANY user can edit the wiki.
  • It might look patchy but its constantly being updated!