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Prime Time, ProbablePrime's Weekly office hours for Questions, Tutorials and Documentation and anything else that doesn't really fit.

Here are the notes from 19th October 2021

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:


Alex rainbowdashie: Any news on valve situation?

  • Check the pinned messages in the Neos Credits discord channel.

Alex rainbowdashie: What feature are you currently working on at this moment?

  • I'm still just tidying up stuff and working on smaller items in the bug/documentation area.
  • I don't tend to work on larger features right now, but hope to get there at sometime.

Lorow: So I've been following this DIY haptic gloves project for a while now - OpenGloves. They seem to have a unity SDK for better integration and haptic feedback. Would you guys be interested in adding support for them at some point?

  • For hardware device integration, you'll need to submit a GitHub Issue.

KungFuMonkey: Probably an unrelated topic, but I was wondering if there's any news on the feature for screensharing in worlds to other users?

  • Please check our roadmaps

Crafting: Has the spawn been fixed when the host ism't in the room?

  • I think that has a Github issue so please check it for details.

Alex rainbowdashie: So do hardware intergration get priority over some other things like if it's easy to intergrate will it be done sooner than let's say something that's voted higher on the GitHub?

  • Hardware integrations are sometimes prioritized higher than other items when there are promotional deals or restrictions enforced by the hardware manufacturer but otherwise they are otherwise prioritized the same as any other feature.
  • We can't make any promises or guarentees in the terms of hardware integration.
  • We cannot advise on financial purchase decisions based on our roadmap
  • Ensure the hardware you're looking forward to has a GitHub issue for implementation created and that you've upvoted it.

Rucio: Do you have any interesting MMC/Neos stats you could share on the impact of MMC to things like, time in neos, new users, world visits etc?

  • No, I don't

TheGaymingColony: What would you personally like to see in Neos?

  • I want us to focus on what we already have and making that better.
  • Big feautres are useful and really cool but look what we can already do.

Crying Surrogate: Official blender plugin for animj export anywhere in sight?

  • No plans I'm aware of, make sure you open a GitHub issue.

Abysmal: Do you think that the main Neos features need polishing of the UI? How much of that is blocked by needed reworks?

  • UI is important, but I don't think it is the MAIN problem. Certain top of the list though.
  • Not much is blocked, its just about re-designing it to be good whilst we re-work it.

Crafting: Is there a "date" (#months/years) for any rendering upgrades ex:RTX? Or is that not even planed?

  • No, please check our Roadmaps
  • For graphics questions head to our Graphics Office Hours

DAWKY:Whats your favorite part about your staff position?

  • Strangely just appreciating what people are doing with the platform and observing that and being a part of it.

Turk: What's one thing you've found tricky with development so far? I wana say both, programming/organzationally.

  • Technically speaking, Neos is still a "Young" codebase. Stuff that I'd expect to see isn't in place. This isn't a problwem or sign of "Faults" or lack of proficiency its just that it hasn't been prioritized yet. We're working on this as a team.
  • Organizationally, we're still learning to be a larger team organizationally and that has challenges. We're growing and so that leads into the problem of "Two Pizza" teams which is loosly described here, I can't find the original article I remember reading though. We'll get them sorted as a team though :).

Alex rainbowdashie: How much hours do you have in Neos atm

  • I dont answer this question.

GunGryphon: Has it been considered to allow users to choose to have their contact page session status reflect when they are specifically in their local home world? This could be useful for designating when your open to having contacts visit you or not.

  • I'm not quite sure what you're asking here. We do have plans to increase our status related features which are on the GitHub though.

Jam10o: what does CI look like for the Neos team? lol. is scoring a couple of DevOps engineers and/or release managers something that has happened or something that you want to happen?

  • We have CI for a lot of depenencies but not for the main engine right now. We do need to work on this but not in the way that would need Devops engineers or additional support.

Abysmal: What do you think are the main features still missing from Neos that are needed for a game engine? Things needed to make a AAA game.

  • Most things listed of the roadmap on This roadmap list is at a higher level of scope than our github and covers the things that we need to sort of "complete" the general idea of Neos. Once these are done maybe we'll be able to call it complete but regardless I think we'll be working on Neos for a long time into the future.

sls: how do you find new members to add to your team?

  • Mostly pulled from the community at the moment to fill gaps etc.
  • We don't need/can't really put up formal applications right now due to the fact that most of us are volunteers.

Turk: How do decisions tend to work with the Team? I know sometimes people are curious on like what gets decided or where development priority tends to focused.

  • Through discussion and deliberation. We're all trying to get the same items sorted and moving forward so in some cases we're not making decisions that we personally agree on but we are making the right decisions for the company overall.