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Prime Time, ProbablePrime's Weekly office hours for Questions, Tutorials and Documentation and anything else that doesn't really fit.

Here are the notes from 12th October 2021

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

For additional reminders:


Alex from Alaska: Can CORS be disabled or set to allowed on specific data only paths( e.x. api/stats/priorityIssues )?

  • I'll speak to the team about this there are some risks.
  • Please open a github issue

Marco Sizemore: Is there an estimate for when the merchandise store will have the new Neos logo?

  • Please speak to Chroma about this, maybe at their next Office Hours.

AshtonSparx: How difficult is it to swap out the old neos logo in Discord Rich Presence with the new one?

  • Please speak to Chroma about this, maybe at their next Office Hours.

JBSTheGamer: Is there any plan to add a local sync button to video players, due to video player desyncs with some people?

  • Please open a GitHub Issue about this.

Alex rainbowdashie: Will we get hard permissions next?

  • We'll let you know when its decided.
  • You can check our roadmaps for more data.

Marco Sizemore: Would I be able to make Neos stickers myself if they’re for my own personal use?

  • Provided you don't sell these stickers to anyone you should be ok.
  • Check our our page on that.

ohzee: Q: How has the devteam been overall recently? Haven't been too stressful after MMC or anything?

  • We're ok, we're looking into what we work on next.
  • Everyone's enjoying the MMC entries
  • There was a slightly stressful period when we accidentally broke the MMC voting world but we got things all fixed.

BlueBoyBlitz: This might not be the place for this question, but If someone wanted to make a quality tutorial for Neos things what would be a good checklist of things to include?

  • Think about your personas, who are you targeting?
    • New to VR Users have different needs than users who have played VRChat for example
    • What does each persona need?
    • Tailor your tutorial to that.
  • Provide paths that allow user's to navigate to where they need to get to.
  • For many personas don't even cover building, get people into Neos and walking around.

sls: any plans to make a wiki on the topic of the Asset Variant System

  • Yes, we want documentation on everything. It just takes some time.

AshtonSparx: How'd you come up with the name "ProbablePrime" -- What's the lore?

  • The Xbox Account Name Randomizer gave it to me. >.<

Alex rainbowdashie: When will guestures be teached in the MTC world? For example the emergency respawn and the grip pose edit mode guesture

  • We're constantly making changes to the MTC to address user feedback. We might include this in the narrative experience though.

MayaTheShy: Is there any plan to make the main UI more noob friendly? I tried bringing people to neos and it was their main complaint.

  • Yes, Check our UI Roadmap for that.
  • Generically anything that is light colored or features the "butter" colored slanted edges, is due for re-work
  • In some cases we're waiting for more of the UI to be re-worked before we start tweaking everything with additional clarity.

jeana: Q: are there any plans on components changes? there a few components that seem to do very similar things or are in odd locations in the component list.

  • For moving components I've answered that a few times before but the general principle is not until we've re-worked inspectors/the component adder.
  • For behavior we'll be looking at that on a case by case basis. A good example being the convergence of PBS Materials.
  • See: UI Roadmap for more info
  • In most cases we're able to auto-upgrade existing content to work on new versions which is really cool.

epicEaston197: will the NEOS tutorial be more like portal where it takes you step-by-step? in linear way

MoraLevi: Q: probably not the right place to ask but oh well. is it possible to run a neos headless server in a docker? because i can't get it to work

  • yes lots of users have done this. Searching Docker in the headless session finds a lot of content.
  • Including support for a server manager called Pterodactyl that seems to make this stuff easier. I'm looking into it for tutorials etc.

I'm Erin: where is 3d grid aligner?

  • Erin, requested a 3d Based Grid aligner I just haven't had much time to sort it out.

Marco Sizemore: Does the item get automatically re-saved when it gets updated for new versions?

  • This was referring to the auto-upgrade process.
  • I'll be documenting this more later so stand by.

Sloppy McFloppy: What things do and do not contribute to your inventory space usage when you save them? The file sizes of things in my inventory total to be a decent bit over a gig, yet my storage usage is only like 400mb

  • Essentially any "unique" assets.
  • As an example, lets say your friend uploads and saves an avatar with their textures. You join them and they give you their avatar. You add your textures to it and then save it to your inventory.
    • Your file storage would just be the new textures.
    • Your friend would still store the Meshes.
  • That example falls apart really quickly when things like duplication, multiple uploads/edits tweaks etc get factored in so it is not perfect.
  • We're constantly trying to find better ways to de-dupe files as this saves both you and Neos money.
  • I've skipped a bunch of questions in the notes here as i'll just go ahead and document this a little better elsewhere. Its kinda complicated to explain.

Alex rainbowdashie: So with content id it only takes up space from the original creator that will sell it at the store?

  • Not exactly but content id may allow further file space improvements as it will improve general asset tracking.

Komdog: What font is used for the official Neos logo?

  • This is a custom font for the NEOS letters, for all other letters we use a font.
  • I cant remember its name. Please ask at Chroma's office hours

I'm Erin: when i take a pic in desktop mode with shift p it puts it inside or behind my head. My question being; What the fuck?

  • Try another avatar I think this might be a raycast colliding with something infront of you.
  • If this still happens open a GH issue please.

Alex rainbowdashie: Is that what record link is compared to asset url?

  • All of these links are the same really. Its the end of the link which determines what it is.
  • .meshx => Meshes
  • .7zbson,.lz4bson => An Object
  • .jpg,.png => Textures
  • etc.

Marco Sizemore: Would you compare Neos to the OASIS from Ready Player One? That’s what I usually use to explain it.

  • In some ways yes, in some ways no.
  • It really depends on your context as the term Metaverse and Ready Player One are very overloaded in media right now.
  • I prefer the term "Virtual Reality" when I put on my headset I'm no longer in my living room. I'm on a beach or in space.
  • I don't need to refer this back to any book or other verbage. It's just a term.
  • Reality is everything you can see and experience right now.
  • Virtual Reality is another reality where you can fly, be a dragon and have a lot of fun.

APnda: So if I save materials and textures on slots will it save with the asset system or deduplicate?

  • I have a tutorial on this coming up soon as its kind of a pet peeve. Please wait for that, this is super difficult to explain.

AshtonSparx: Can we remove the AprilFoolsExplosion component? :wheeze:

  • People really like this component.
  • Hard permissions may allow you to block it from your worlds which will remove its affect.

There was a lot of talk about using/examining/storing .7zbson/lz4bson files outside of the Neos installation and the Neos cloud. PLEASE DON'T DO THIS, its on our Things to Avoid list as it may break at any time and is not a guarenteed way to "Backup" or share things right now.

jeana: Q there have been some old issues/bugs in neos that have been reported on on the github for some time. one that comes up is the font bug for a commen japanese character. what should we do?

Zandario: Talking about File types, is Lz4bson used somewhat the same as 7zbson?

  • the difference here is the prefix.
  • "bson" means Binary JSON.
  • The prefix: lz4 or 7z refers to the compression algorithm used.
  • You should see mostly 7z these days but we might use other compression algorithms in the future.
  • The prefix just singnals to our code what the compression algorithm is.