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Prime Time, ProbablePrime's Weekly office hours for Questions, Tutorials and Documentation and anything else that doesn't really fit.

Here are the notes from 28th September 2021

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime. If there are errors please edit away! These notes were also a little late, so may be missing details. Feel free to ask questions whenever you want or at additional office hours.


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:


Duff: what is the next immediate update/future update addition to Neos you personally are looking forward to?

  • Honestly, this is a tricky one as sometimes what I'm interested in doesn't align to what the team or product needs.
  • I'm always onboard with what the product and team needs and will support that.
  • Personally, I'm more interested in the features that let us do more with what we've got. These are usually smaller items that are super powerful.
  • Currently, I'm not really sure.

AccidentalOP: do the discord mods also have moderation powers in neos?

  • Yes, all Discord mods are usually also Neos Mods.

Shadow Panther: The Universe When? (translating without a reference becomes harder with every locale string)

  • Soon, The Content team are just tidying it up so that's its ready for release.
  • Its really cool.

Duff: Do we have a timeframe for the SynthX audio framework feature that will later be added in?

  • I don't think this is a major priority right now but Thumbs Up the issue on Github or vote on it using your patreon vote.
  • Do check out our procedural audio components for some fun you can have today though
  • See: this card for more info.

BAT54: any plan on adding additional maps like a HeightMap on the PBS triplanar material?

  • Please take this to the Graphics office hours for a full answer.
  • But for here: We do plan on revisiting the PBS family of Materials to maybe condense or collate these down a little bit. This should provide some consistency.

SeventhVoid: we have viseme drivers but will there ever be like a frequency driver to see what frequency's are being used in a audio stream for example to set just bass to for lighting intensity ?

Alex rainbowdashie: Will full body tracking be fixed i made a video showing a fix and it works well using logix but can it be a official full body fix?

  • This is a tricky one to answer. Most likely not though.
  • Remember that when it comes to this specific issue, the problem isn't that we need a fix. Its that we need information and time to research and work on it.
  • We know its an issue and we want to work on it. Until we do though, we're not sure what the fix is.

BAT54: Would a form of audio synthesis within neos be considered?

  • See the answer above to Duff's question.
  • We do have audio generation components. These are in the Assets/Procedural Audio Clips folder of components.

AccidentalOP: is there a faster way to scroll than grabbing and dragging, like thumbstick scrolling?

  • Not currently, We do plan to address this in our UI Update to the inspectors and various other areas though.

Jam10o: entirely hypothetically - do you think the team would prefer support and contributions to come from Patreon, or ETH? what helps more? badges seem to imply Patreon but it could just be a matter of it being difficult to attribute crypto supporters

Duff: again new to GitHub, where would i go to see the priority list of what is being tackled/being the dev teams main focus as of right now?

Alex rainbowdashie: I have a question though what's Neos stance on mods?

  • Check out our EULA and Guidelines for now please.

BlueBoyBlitz: Everyone has talked about "Collections" and I was wondering what are collections?

  • Collections refers to anything within logix and components that can have an unlimited amount of items.
  • Think about a bottomless bag of potatoes, it could contain 0, 1 or 9001 potatoes.
  • Now think about a logix node that processes and sorts those potatoes.
    • How does it know how many are in the bag?
    • How can I process each item in the bag?
    • How can I remove items from the bag?
    • How can I add items to the bag?
  • In case that didn't help here's some additional things that might help.
  • Formal documentation on Collections within C#, which Neos is written in:
  • A list of features that might occur during/after collections:
    • JSON Parsing
    • Storing a list of objects such as users, slots, strings, numbers within a scene.
    • Better particle system handling of things like, fades, curves, colors etc.
    • Parsing storing and handling lists, bags, containers full of items and events.

Medra:If you ever had free time what would you like work on for fun?

  • I want to make better building tools, its the small things that make building more fun. Not the big ticket items.
  • Beyond Neos I want to make experiences and puzzle games.

SeventhVoid: what is the most common or universal dynamic variable for like world color or intensity? ive heard alot about not using World/ but instead use Data/ what is the best one?

  • I actually have no idea how this system works, it has a [[Dynamic Variable Naming Standard |wiki page] though. Check that out :)

Custom Logix nodes etc.

Alex asked the following question which lead to a bunch of dicussion: "Alex rainbowdashie: Community made logix nodes?"

  • Essentially we have a couple of items here:
    • Custom Logix Functions - Allows the combination of multiple nodes into a single node for a single purpose.
    • Web Assembly Scripting - This is commonly known as "Text Based Scripting" as it would allow users to write regular programming code that would work within Neos.