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Prime Time, ProbablePrime's Weekly office hours for Questions, Tutorials and Documentation and anything else that doesn't really fit.

Here are the notes from 21st September.

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Being a Team Member

Alex from Alaska asked: "do you find that having a 'neos team' badge next to your name prevents you from doing / saying things you otherwise would have said?"

Shifty's Answer

Shifty had a great answer and Prime agrees with a lot of what she says:

I'm not Prime, but I can still take this for my own perspective. No, it doesn't, but I do believe the opposite is true.

I've had many people that have mentioned they 'didn't want to bother me because they thought I might be busy'. I appreciate the consideration, but what it tends to mean is that a majority of people only ever reach out to me if they need something work-related.

In public sessions the atmosphere tends to shift sometimes when I join, and sometimes it feels like others feel like they need to walk on eggshells.

It's one of my biggest fears that people see us as being separate from the Neos community rather than just being a part of it- because we're all Neos users too.

When I released my context menu mute helper, I had a few people grilling me on its existence/feeling that I was somehow 'taking something from the community' by making a 'Neos' version of it, when I was just trying to fix a problem I saw with the old versions, and release something nice for my community.

Actually- I can think of a case where your Q applies too. I had been considering an MMC project, but fear of judgement of the quality of the end result has kept me from getting back into it after I started one night because I fear it'd be viewed as something other than just another MMC entry/worry people would ask "that's it?"

Prime's Answer

Prime meandered and rambled for quite some time and is very tired so here are some abridged notes:

  • Yes, It certainly does but I am used to it. Through my day job I have training in it etc. But it is sometimes difficult.
  • I don't sometimes agree with the decisions we make as a Team personally, but for the Team I do agree with them. What I think personally isn't always the best answer. So I balance that with what the Team needs and wants. For example I might disagree on the order of our roadmap or our feature priorities but that's still just a personal opinion.
  • People expect a lot too and I need your help with this, when you see me in a session:
    • Ask about my day, tell me about your day
    • Ask about food, tell me what you ate
  • Do not, show me your Multi-Tool or your latest neos creation. Its not that I don't care its more that I don't need to see it. I'm just trying to chill out :)
  • Submit Issues to our GitHub issues page for feature requests and bugs. Its where they end up regardless of what you do.
    • I can help to replicate or discuss an item but don't expect me to remember it or to fix it for you without a Github Issue.
  • Don't grumble or complain about Neos, WORK WITH US on your issues.
  • Ask questions before you do things:
    • Hey prime can you help me with x?
    • Hey Prime, can I ask a question right now?

Ultimately its a cultural problem that we as a community need to work on. Prime is just prime sometimes. Read the room but also read Prime!

Other Questions

Shadow Panther': Q: Could the Office Hours schedule be more normalised with the proper indication of on/off-week for bi-weekly Hours and regular announcements before the Hours?

  • I'll be following up with all Office Hours people on this.
  • We'll get the wiki up to date.
  • Including Veer's :)

Zari Tenjin: Q: With the vast library of tutorials youve done on all the topics, have you thought of embedding those in the wiki for easy topical access? If that's already there, I didn't notice yet, sorry

  • This is happening passively, there's a Tutorials page full of tutorial links including mine
  • some of the newer component or logix pages include links to my tutorials or others.
  • You can help if you'd like too!

AshtonSparxQ: Will any of the really old tutorials be re-done with new UI and interactions? (Such as ones with the old menu belt thingy)

  • I do have a large "Re-record" list, Its just hard to prioritize them when more UI changes are scheduled.
  • Most should be pairable to the new UI.
  • If there are any that are not comparable or that aren't making anymore sense do let me know.

Shadow Panther: Q: Is/would The Universe that Froox is working on currently be available for us? That would also benefit the translation effort as translating strings without in-world context does not guarantee the correct translation.

  • Yes, we're tidying up the UI and experience as much as we can now.
  • Again as a reminder these strings are still optional. Translate them if you'd like we don't require it though.
    • We're also going to look into splitting the strings file up into multiple files as we grow to help.
  • Another issues is that this experience has a voice over. We have a Czech voice over and there's an English voice over in the works.
  • Check the Devlog channel or: if you have no idea what we're talking about.

SHFR_HQ: Are you planning to release your cool heart rate interface to the community?

Shadow Panther: Q: would it be possible to add Yur.Fit support (I have a python script for that) to your heart rate utility?

  • I'm not sure. I don't want to feature creep a small fun thing i'm trying to do for fun.
  • Of course if you wanted NATIVE support in Neos you'd need to open up a GitHub Request.

AshtonSparx: Would we be able to add plugins to it, too add support for things you don't natively have in it? (edited)

  • The app is open source because of its original license, so go for it??

Engi: Q: So, as I understand the difference between valuecopy and valuedriver is that the latter will perform constant checks, is this also the case for ValueMultiDriver? Would you recommend multiple value copies over a single value drive?

  • I had to look this one up.
  • when it comes to these 3 components there isn't much performance gain between them but if you're targeting extreme optimization use this order:
    • If you have more than one value to drive with the same value use ValueMultiDriver.
    • If you have one value to drive use ValueCopy.
    • Don't use ValueDriver.
      • Its technically less performant but not in a way that's usually worth it to worry about. This is more a semantics thing. ValueCopy makes more sense and has a slight performance improvement.