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Prime Time, ProbablePrime's Weekly office hours for Questions, Tutorials and Documentation and anything else that doesn't really fit.

Here are the notes from 14th September 2021.

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:


Toni Kat: I've been working on the Finnish translation for Neos and there are some translations that are the same word in English as they are in Finnish. Should I still be filling those in or leave them as "missing" since Neos will use the English translations as a fallback?

  • I think you should still provide them. Providing them signals that you are aware of the string and that you've validated that the same word is used in finish.

Spex: Recently I did a little work with Stencil Shaders. I was successful but I noticed there's very little documentation or resources about them. Do you have recommendations or a planned tutorial?

  • Before we do a tutorial/info on stencil shaders, I think we need more information on render queues and their offsets, ZTest etc. Its a complicated issue.

Spex: Some general info about render queue would be a great place to start imo. It's mysterious to many people but I think a concise explanation would go a long way.

kazu: According GitHub Major Roadmap, nothing about "MR" implement. but the Top page in neos is mentioned about that. so just only much more future, or just forgot to write it?

  • I double checked and there doesn't appear to be a card for this. It is on the main roadmap though on
  • It most likely just is not a priority right now.

Khosumi: Is the worlds panel going to receive another overhaul eventually, such as having lists rather than square previews for them, or any other kind of planned changes?

  • There is no planned major changes here.
  • We might tweak things a bit to align with new features but it is quite customizable as it stands.
  • The world browser is composed of 4 facets: the filter list on the left, the thumbnails on the middle, the search bar and the paginationator.
  • Try customizing them.

Spex: There's new features for sampling pixels on textures. That makes sense to me. But there's also sampling for animation tracks. I'm confused on how that might be used and its application. Could you elaborate a little on this?

  • This is a complicated feature that allows you to sample arbitrary animation files and their values.
  • I'm not quite sure how it works or how to use it just yet but for maximum customization check the wiki page:
  • Other users commented with various examples but look out for more information later.
  • you can use this to create lots of cool effects and custom curves etc.

Spex: Follow up: Can AnimJ JSON files be exported from Neos? Imported models bring in animation tracks and I assume this is their format. Would be helpful to learn from or modify.

  • They cannot be exported, I'd recommend looking at the wiki page to see how they work though.

SeventhVoid: will neos support .anim files? and will there be a way of creating a so called "emote" to get triggered using like a button ?

  • There's two items here: Thanks to a few people in chat, we saw we can try to import anim files. However these would most likely need to be hooked up to blendshapes manually.
  • I strongly encourage users to check out existing blendshape systems rather than using animations for the moment. but do dig in if you'd like.
  • I plan to make some tutorials on these eventually.

SeventhVoid': i have friends from vrc and they always ask me the same thing but i would like to ask this anyway would there be any way of importing a unity scene into neos and or converting it to neos ? no just like if they have an avitar setup in unity and to convert it to neos forget the scripts and that.

  • Some conversion might be possible in the future, check our roadmaps for some items that may help there.
  • I don't think its ever going to be 1-1 with Unity or VRC though.
  • I do encourage users to try our methods as these take between 20 minutes and 3 hours to get an avatar sorted depending on complexity. This is a lot shorter than the timeline for any conversion.

Jam10o: speaking of face tracking and the g2 omnicept (which I use :sweat_smile:) - are there any resources anywhere on getting specific fiddly hardware bits working with Neos? or do I continue figuring it out on my own (eye tracking worked out of the box! no face, and haven't checked heart rate yet though..)

  • I'm not sure what's supported here.
  • It should just work though
  • Try things out and let us know on the Github if there are any issues.

Nicolas Cage: Have you heard about the bug where you import an avatar and it gets stuck on "Processing Rigged Meshes"? I've tried asking around 100 people and nobody has any answer or has even seen the bug before.

  • Please open a GitHub Issue about this.

Khosumi:Last i've heard of steam audio, it worked for a day and immediately broke, and then never heard a word on it. can we expect a return at any point?

Earthmark: I feel like the directions inside of neos have been neos solving a problem with an internal solution that's very specifically implemented in c#, instead of providing the ways for users to solve their own problems, see the world picker and how many components need to be used in unofficial capacities, and tools like the avatar creator. Are there any internal forces advocating for neos to provide defined components and letting users come to their own solutions around those generic components? I'm thinking like neos is providing model level components, and people can make the views and controllers between those model services.

  • This is happening kinda slowly.
  • Whenever we make a new component or system, we're trying to make it as generic as possible and applicable for all.
  • Take a look at the new world browser, some items here are usable elsewhere such as the paginator. Its quite cool!

ScarsTRF: Q: This might be something out of your terms of knowing, but have you yet to know anything about any sort of local blocking system for users and how its handled via the inspector and and a users hierarchy?

Earthmark: Can I use that pagination control as a user inside of neos?

  • Yes

Jam10o: I've found solutions to the usecase I needed it for already (discord search :heart:) but is there any specific historical reason why we can't add and remove components from slots via Logix? or is it just a matter of its easy enough to work around that it's never been a priority?

Zari Tenjin Maybe a different question: Have you had special speech training to be so well and clear spoken especially in the context of explaining or are you just a natuaral explainer? I'm very new to Neos but your youtube tutorials helped me a lot to learn basics including logix to build my own vrc style gesture system for my avatar :D

  • No training, No tuition. I guess I'm just a natural. It does take a lot though.
  • I stumble, stutter, slur and mispronounce all the time. I Just don't let it phase me.
  • One thing to do when doing this kind of content is to just not worry too much abou the reception. When I started making tutorials I didn't really care who saw them or what they thought. While I still value and apply feedback now, I still operate with that attitude. It helps to prevent over thinking etc.
  • I used to be a streamer for Twitch and Mixer and that probably helped.

ScarsTRF: Q: There is one big thing, Will there be a component sometime to prevent users except the owner to edit/move slots and components as well will this tie into the simple avatar protector?

  • Yes but this is in two parts.
  • Part 1 is the license ID system this is what some users actually want when they talk in this area. It will prevent and provide stronger protections against avatar theft.
  • Part 2 is hard permissions which is preventing stuff from being edited.
  • Stand by for more updates on our roadmap which may help you to understand the difference and our prioritization.

SeventhVoid: if something is being driven using logix or a componant is there a way we can find out what is driving it or have something take you to whats driving it .?

  • No, this might be improved by some inspector changes in our UI overhaul but right now you can:
  • Look around the driven field for components that might be driving it
  • Unpack nearby logix to look for Arrows, these might indicate drives.
  • check this video: