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Prime Time, ProbablePrime's Weekly office hours for Questions, Tutorials and Documentation and anything else that doesn't really fit.

Here are the notes from August 17th 2021.

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Additionally, do remember that the Physics Update is actually composed of two parts:

  1. The BEPU 2 Update - This updates the internal Neos Physics Engine to BEPU 2, It does NOT include Rigid Bodies
  2. Rigid Bodies - This will be things like Gravity for objects etc.

Additionally, make sure that if you're having trouble with something you consider opening an issue. In some cases we may be able to help you out with fixes, improvements or information. Thank you!


runtime: Will we be allowing Discord's new thread feature? It sounds incredibly useful, particularly for channels like #❓questions-help

  • That's a decision for the Moderation team to decide.
  • We're just a little apprehensive of it maybe impacting our ability to moderate etc.

Nammi:So we have the ability to vote for priority issues as patreon by messaging the bot in-game. There are 3 different categories, Lifetime, Active and Votes. What's the difference between these and which ones are prioritised as a base for the Neos Team to consider 'priority'?

  • Votes just counts the raw total. The People who Voted, irrespective of their patron amount.
  • Active totals the total "Active" patron amount.
    • Active refers to the amount of patronage contributed to the project for the users current patron status.
  • Lifetime totals the total "Lifetime" patron amount.
    • Lifetime refers to the total amount EVER of patronage contributed to the project. This includes patron contributions from users who have had pauses/gaps in their patronage.
  • 100 is then divided by these numbers to create a "ratio".
  • Look for more information on these numbers on the Patron article soon.

KeenatronQ: Is there or will there be an in-depth guide to each logix node for us beginner code writers?

  • Beginner content for general LogiX is planned both on my YouTube channel AND from the Neos Team Officially.
  • However, we can't provide Beginner style content for every node as some nodes are really subjective and are not that easy to make "beginner" content for.
  • Once you have a handle on how LogiX works you can usually get quite far with just a raw description of each node.

amduffmanQ: will the new physics update affect the current library of user creations as is? if so how?

  • We're testing as much content as we can to make sure there is as little "breaking" changes as possible.
  • During public testing periods please ensure that you take the opportunity to test these yourself.
  • If there are any changes it should be performance improvements.

BlueBoyBlitzQ: Any big changes planned before MMC?

  • We have two big ticket items that are being worked on. I'm not sure if they will launch before the MMC but we'll keep an eye on them, they are:
    • The BEPUv2 Updates
    • Color Management

GunGryphonQ: How does one locate what component is driving a specific field?

  • There aren't any "native" ways to do this, so its a little tricky. Most of the time you can search near or around the field and find components that might be driving it.
  • If you can't find it you can sometimes use the "Drive" logix node and the "Stop Driving" impulse to disconnect the drive. this doesn't help you find the driver but does help you stop the drive.

notzer0Q: Just out of curiosity, what happens to my storage space if I stop being a Patreon supporter? If I exceed the standard 1 GB what would happen?

  • We won't delete any content but you won't be able to save any new content.
  • Due to this your account becomes a little difficult to use so I would try to avoid this state.

jonnyawesom3Q: Will there be an official way to search for LogiX nodes and components?

MedraQ: What will be your favorite thing to do once the first BEPU2 pass is implemented?

  • Ideally, nothing should change for me. So I'll be just doing my current favorite thing and playing Neos.

KeenatronQ: In regards to saved inventory items( files, objects, creations etc.) does that save to the players computer or is it strictly tied to in game and in the cloud. And I so can we move items back and forth from that inventory to a backup folder on the user's hard-drive?

  • There's no native way to backup content from the Neos Cloud.
  • You can however save stuff to your "Local Home" which will save it locally to your computer.
  • Check our roadmaps for issues or cards and consider making an issue if you can't find one.

ElectronusQ: Where does something like cache management sit in terms of priority?

  • I'm not sure, we haven't really talked about it recently and I haven't checked the priority voting or thumbs up list.

Seif1Q: Is there any "plans" or ideas going around in the Neos Team about the ability for items/worlds to store data locally? essentially cookies (like a "config" for your item being saved locally)

  • There isn't any feature like this right now. Please see the GitHub to see if there are any issues logged for this and consider making one.
  • You could try to use Cloud Variables for this kind of issue for now.

BlueBoyBlitzQ: whats a lesser know trick you have that affects vr gameplay for neos? either in game or out

  • I'm not quite sure, I'd have to think a bit. There's probably a lot of things I do that I'm not aware of that i'm doing. Off the top of my head:
    • Toolshelves are fantastic. They're faster than most multi-tools.
    • Additionally, typing. Practice it and get fast and you'll be able to do a lot more faster.

MedraQ: Is there specific debug visualization that will be available with this BEPU2 pass?

  • I'm not sure if there will be any.
  • There are some debug visualizations that Froox added while testing but I'm not sure if they're still be available on the final BEPU2 build.

YohoheyhoQ:do you know why the render distens 2.3 miles. and will it be changeable?

  • Please bring this to Geenz's office hours about graphics.
  • I think we might be able to change this but I'm not sure why you'd need to.

BlueBoyBlitzQ:What's a feature you find underutilized?

  • Toolshelves!!

AshtonSparxQ: Will text fields such as Content in TextRenderer ever be able to auto expand? To avoid situations like this.. Or will that have to wait for Inspector redesign..

  • That will have to wait for the inspector redesign.
  • Remember that the inspector redesign will cover the whole inspector and may enable some of the inspector to be composeable with facets that you'd be able to customize.

KeenatronQ: I sometimes crash and need to restart when someone deletes a video player that hasn't loaded for me. Is there a way to avoid this or is it just me?

  • That's a bug that a lot of people report.
  • The team are looking into an upgrade/re-work of the libvlc library which may help with this.

EarthmarkQ: Are tools in tool shelves migrating between worlds an intended behaviour? I'm curious under what conditions it's supposed to copy tools

  • That's intended, it uses an older component called "Children Synchronizer" or something but I'm not sure how it works or what the rules about it working are.
  • Please don't try to use this component yourself, its not intended for users at this time.

jonnnyawesom3Q: I wanted to ask if the generate link option in the inventory makes that folder public too, such as visible on item searches (You might not know the latter)

  • The folder becomes public yes, but there's no way that I know of to "find" or search for those folders unless they're in an existing larger shared public folder.
  • Do remember you can use the purple "hand" button to un share a folder later.

epicEaston197Q: will people be able to make paid avatars public without giving away the assets?

  • This will probably be a part of the license id/marketplace system on our roadmap that will allow users to control what you can do to an avatar/item on a much more granular level.
  • check the roadmap for more details as this feature is not being worked on yet, we're not entirely sure on all the details.

jonnyawesom3Q: Questions may have closed now, but as a follow up I was going to ask what happens if I un share a folder someone saved (If it just disappears or they now have a copy)

  • I'm not quite sure, the folder may still appear inside other user's inventory BUT users will not be able to read the contents.