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Prime Time, ProbablePrime's Weekly office hours for Questions, Tutorials and Documentation and anything else that doesn't really fit.

Here are the notes from 10th August 2021

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:


Earthmark: Q: May I advocate for the addition of fixes to common usage of components to the wiki? As an example my additions to go over some common issues and how to fix them?

  • Sure, go for it!
  • If you're aware of fixes or tips for components then please add your own thoughts to the wiki!

LeglessLizard: Q: Question: will we ever get stream/discord streaming support directly from neos? (there already might be and i just haven't seen them myself)

  • We support watching many types of streams including Twitch, Youtube, etc. from within Neos. Just copy and paste the link into your world
  • As for broadcasting, its unlikely that Neos would support outputting video directly to streaming providers.
  • We do have native broadcasting/camera controls that allow a wide range of cinematographic techniques. This also includes OBS-Websocket support which allows you to start/stop OBS from in game.
  • Check my video on this here:

Shadow Panther: Q: Any new funny discoveries in the land of Neos's DateTime handling? :slight_smile:

  • Yes, lots. It turns out we might have to review many areas of DateTime handling as well as some other more complex data types like Uri.

furfroQ: Question: so how about external api integration aka like the twitch chat tool but for external streaming sites ? i heard it has to do with web sockets

LexevoQ: Since I'm not the best at formatting wiki pages, if I happen to find a page that's not available, what would be the best way to get a page up and running?

NammiQ: Are you currently working on updating or adding functionality to Neos, if so, what 'cha working on?

  • Some updates to DateTime, Uri and other data types handling.
  • Some internal documentation for things like Logix Node updates/Component changes in order to provide backwards compatibility.
  • Some policy/external documentation updates in the area of security reporting.

LexevoQ: And follow up, if I know how the thing works, should I write down the info somewhere to help someone for writing a wiki page?

  • Yes! always write down stuff you find on the wiki. Don't worry if its not 100% correct or if its messy. We can tidy it up later.
  • Edit the wiki :)!

LeglessLizard:Q: Part 2: would we ever get live video players in neos? for watching things from twitch/discord (again, might exist and im dumb lol)

  • We support watching many types of streams including Twitch, Youtube, etc. from within Neos. Just copy and paste the link into your world.

FuzzyFoxe:Q: What aspect of neos would you like our questions to be geared towards? (so I can narrow my thought process properly)

  • Anything really, I may redirect you to other places though.

Earthmark: Q: Do you have suggestions or guides for wiki pages so they can more easily be parsed, maintained, and translated?

  • Check out Wiki Contributions & Translations page.
  • Make sure you're familiar with how to format Wiki pages.
  • Keep things concise, use headings, bullet pointed lists etc.
  • Make sure you keep in mind your audience.

We then spoke for a bit about DebugCrash(We're aware of this) and Microworld controller in the context that there are many components that you can add to a world to explore and learn but to please do this in your own worlds.

GunGryphon:Q: Q: Would a flat-mode Android version be viable to run? This could be useful to connect on-the-go.

  • Android isn't currently a focus right now, but you can check our roadmap and GitHub and vote these issues up if you'd like to see support.
  • Some users have had success running Neos on android devices.

Lexevo:Q: How does the dev team deal with feature creep?

  • We use the Up voting features(both GitHub thumbs up and Priority issue voting) to help us prioritize our work.
  • We discuss new features in Neos Team meetings.
  • We use our Roadmaps(featured above) to plan our work.

EarthmarkQ: I'm curious how the document on testing and possible bug bounties, any updates on that front?

  • None currently, I'm working on some changes in the area of security reporting but there are no bug bounties right now. Further updates will be shared if there ever are any.

FuzzyFoxeQ: don't know if this is a good place to mention; the twitch command for !speen, seems to function correctly if the chat is saved in the world, but not if you freshly spawn it.. I'm not sure what's going on with that

  • Please open a GitHub issue and make sure you mention the content team should take a look.
  • The content team do check the GitHub too and we can label issues for them.

XekriQ: Can there be documentation added on the wiki for the Driver components ( I know @ProbablePrime | Docs made some tutorials about a few of them.

  • Yes, its on my list to document them but feel free to do it yourself. I have videos on the Driver components which should make them easy to document on the wiki.
  • Feel free to word for word copy my content. It is not protected or copyrighted. Make more documentation and content!

ScarsTRFQ: So would there be a possibility that the Wiki would have a tie into the game such as a panel in Neos essentials or on the inspectors/node panels for components and/or logiX?

ScarsTRFQ: Question, how does the voting system for GitHub issues exactly work? I've notice that small issues with small amounts of votes are higher than others with more votes, how does that work and how fair is that based on for users with more votes?

  • If you're referring to the priority issue voting then this is weighted by the length and amount of patronage on Patreon.
  • For Thumbs Ups on GitHub this should line up. Depending on if you have the appropriate sort orders and filters set.

XekriQ: You did a tutorial on ObjectScroller? TextureSizeDriver?

  • I haven't done either of these yet.
  • TextureSizeDriver is quite simple, just drives the value of a float2 to the size of a Texture.
  • ObjectScroller, I've looked into but I dont have a defined scenario to use it with. So haven't made a tutorial for it yet.

Sloppy McFloppyQ: steering wheel support when?