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Prime Time, ProbablePrime's Weekly office hours for Questions, Tutorials and Documentation and anything else that doesn't really fit.

Here are the notes from the 27th July 2021.

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Specific Topics


Prime made a quick comment to check the UI Roadmap. It includes things like:

  1. Dark Mode
  2. UI updates.


A quick note was mentioned and discussed about the Physics update. It is important to note that the physics update is in TWO parts:

  1. The update of the physics engine itself.
  2. Rigid Bodies as in actual "Physics". "Throwing a Ball" etc.

Part 1, will include optimizations and fixes which should enhance your overall experience of Neos in this area but we won't know how drastic or great these changes are until we've finished implemented it and tested it.


burn2thegroundQ: Would you believe that mesh networking would help improve performance? I'm not sure where the greatest cpu bottleneck is in larger rooms.

  • Prime is not an expert but this is a separate feature that is not considered at this time.
  • It will be interesting to handle as right now the world host is the "Authority" for any changes.

MedraQ: Are you part of the Metaverse Maker Competition team :wink:?

  • Prime is
  • More info on the MMC will follow. I gave an explanation in the office hours block but won't be typing it here as the MMC announcement will supersede it.

EarthmarkQ: Are there any systems you would like to see used more, or documentation expanded more?

  • I'm more interested in patterns and combinations of systems.
  • How nodes and components are used together to create systems that sometimes users do manually.
  • As an example: Random Event Generator + Random Audio Clip Player creates a great atmospheric sound system.
  • This kind of thing is commonly called "Design Patterns" in computing.

sief1Q: any updates on collections that you can say? (I think its part of the logix road-map iirc, but its also not just logix)

  • Keep an eye out on the roadmap there are no updates currently as we're focused on BEPU right now.
  • Do note that when you see "Collections" it is more complicated than just providing nodes that access arrays.
  • Every component, node and system that uses Arrays and Lists is part of the "Collections" update in some way.

EarthmarkQ: What would you suggest for improving visibility on features that are currently requested but are backlogged?

  • Make sure you've Thumbs Up the issue on GH and voted on it as a Priority Issue if you can.

sefi1Q: What would your recommendation be if we think a github post was possibly "lost" in traffic?

  • Make sure you've Thumbs Up the issue on GH and voted on it as a Priority Issue if you can.
  • Double check your issue doesn't have the "Needs More Information" label.
  • Encourage other users to vote on it or to provide additional information or data such as log files that might help us look at the issue in a new way.

EarthmarkQ: Can the community help categorize these requests at all?

  • I'm not entirely sure how best to do this but perhaps include your idea of good labels when you make the issue.
  • More information should be coming soon.

Kunai CheeSnepQ: How goes dev for the standalone quest version?

  • this isn't a Priority right now.
  • Double check our Roadmaps.
  • Vote up on the issues on GH and using the priority issues system.

seif1Q: Will the headless build be made available for nonpatron users eventually? if so, is there a idea of when?

  • Yes, once its smoother and more stable.
  • There's also the concepts of actual servers coming down the pipe at some point during our roadmap.

burn2thegroundQ: Has anyone on the team tried neos on the M1 macs?

  • Not that I'm aware of.

EarthmarkQ: Would the team find it useful for us to report smells we find like excessive thread counts under some conditions? I feel it may be hedging into engine internals

  • Be careful with this.
  • Please report performance issues but don't overindex too much over the numbers changing or obsess over them too much.
  • There may be other issues at play that aren't being reflected in these metrics.

Kunai CheeSnepQ: Something I’m worried about though I’m not sure how problematic it will be for neos but the cloud server systems are being attacked by the same people who are DDOSing TF|2 has neos addressed the possibility of moving away from the cloud if it becomes unstable like the Stryker engine?

  • Neos' cloud is hosted in the Azure cloud which scales well.
  • Neos is still worried about DDOS and other cloud security attacks but we're working to optimize and strengthen our cloud all the time.
  • The recent SignalR update is an example of one such optimisation.

EarthmarkQ: You mentioned templates for the the wiki, are there any changes we should keep an eye out for changed there?

  • These can be found pinned in the wiki and allow you to speed up your wiki editing experience.
  • Any updates to them are usually announced by Epsilion in the wiki channel of the Discord.

EarthmarkQ: This is going to be a rough topic, but given neos has one primary dev, are there any fallbacks right now if something happened to froox? Would the project be able to continue?

  • This is Known as the Bus Factor
  • Right now it is a concern but we are working on it. Geenz, myself etc are learning parts of Neos as quickly as we can.
  • If Froox was somehow made unavailable it would be very problematic but I don't think it would be 100% catastrophic.
  • Development might slow down or halt for awhile but Neos as a company would continue and the rest of the team would work on a solution which may include hiring more developers or allowing existing devs to step up to the plate and the challenge.

Kunai CheeSnepQ: Is there at this time a way to use shaders? I was told making them emissions but I’m kind of smooth brain about emissions verses shaders

  • Shaders are a complex topic please check the Graphics Roadmap for more info or attend the Thursday Graphics Office hours.

DovahDoVolomQ: Has there been any kind of training for the core programming of Neos? Not just for a bus situation but for faster development

  • Yes, the programmers speak to Froox and each other regularly to exchange knowledge and methodology.
  • Part of my job is also internal documentation so I'm thinking about this.