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Prime's weekly office hours for Documentation, Tutorials and Questions.

Here are the notes from 20th July 2021.

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime. If there are errors please edit away!




Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:


Alex from alaska: Q: How much has having code access affected the way you make tutorials? As an example, your most recent video covering the nodes you personally wrote.

  • This has greatly affected most things that I do.
  • Sometimes it is great and makes making things faster, I can look up what fields and properties mean.
  • Sometimes it is frustrating though as it is not a Magic Ticket, I can't fix everything. I can't make magic happen. Sometimes problems open up and become really complicated.

GunGryphon:Q: When referencing items on an avatar import (specifically materials) their reference mentions an 'assets' parent, but I cannot find it, nor the materials on their own. Where would find the actual materials attached to an object/avatar? (Not just the reference to it).

  • The Asset systems are a Look Up Table which stores references to Assets.
  • Its located in the root of your world on within the 'assets' folder.
  • Most of the time you should strive to leave the assets system alone but in some cases such as driving material properties you'll need to seize control from it.

Medra:Q: Does instancing assets help with performance much?

Medra:Q: Would there be a way to make a world that would act as a benchmark for different hardware and it's relation to performance?

  • Yes, but I'm not sure what would be a good benchmark right now. This isn't my area of expertise.

Medra:Q: When you use "duplicate" on a material tool, does it make a second material in the assets folder?

  • If you use the hand context menu No.
  • If you use the Green Square in the inspector...maybe.
  • Generically take a look at: for information on the assets system.

Medra:Q:Are there any problems if you use asset optimization wizard?

  • Yes sometimes It can nuke assets you need. If you're using References or Reference Multiplexers it might break.
  • Use AssetMultiplexer, AssetProvider, AssetLoader etc to avoid this.

GunGryphon:Q: Can you explain the asset multiplexer more?

More information on the assets system is now on Prime's "TO DOCUMENT" list

Medra:Q: If you could magically have one thing in Neos be instantly completed what would that be?

Security Questions

German Gunner joined the conversation, and asked a number of questions:

  • How does withdrawing NCR work?
  • How secure is NCR/ETH?
  • How does ETH work?
  • How secure is Neos' Avatar Protection?


Withdrawing NCR to an on BlockChain wallet is a manually validated process that Karel looks after. Please contact Karel with as many details as possible and they can then look up your transaction to see what's going on.

NCR/ETH Security

  • Any on Blockchain(Not in Neos) currency is on the BlockChain. The Blockchain is fairly secure and is not controlled entirely by Solirax/Neos. It is as secure as any other ETH based currency.
  • NCR stored inside your Neos account is handled and managed by Solirax and Neos.
  • If any security issues or problems occur, they will be usually stopped at the withdrawal process.
    • For example if a malicious user steals your NCR on Neos and tries to withdraw it then the manual withdraw process is likely to find this and prevent it from happening.
  • For In Neos Funds, Neos and Solirax as a company are responsible for making sure the funds are secure.

How ETH/Block Chains work?

Try this video: it talks about all sorts of things including "Ledger Stones" which were large stone circles whose owners were inscribed upon them. They were an early form of "consensus based currency" which is essentially what any cryptocurrency is(

Avatar Protection

Neos' Avatar protection is "Simple" right now, That's why its called "Simple Avatar Protection". It doesn't cover all cases of issues or problems and it is not really designed to. A later item on our roadmap called "Object ID / License System" will address this. We'll be looking into not only additional security but also additional ways to track an Asset's use and existence within Neos. For example we may be able to find all cases where a "Stolen" avatar has appeared in someone elses Inventory and remove those manually from our end. This will be a moderation matter.

If you come across methods to get around SimpleAvatarProtection, please still let us know by filing a Moderation Ticket on our ticket system:

General Comment on Security

When it comes to security, please remember to work with us. If you find an issue please report it at: We won't ban you or moderate against you for reporting security issues so please let us know about them. Try to include as many details as possible.

Depending on the report we will then work with you to get it factored into our backlog and prioritized for resolution.