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Prime Time, is a bi-weekly office hours about Documentation, Questions and Tutorials.

Here are the notes from the 29th June 2021.

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime.

They are written largely in first person which might channel for future sessions. I in this case usually refers to ProbablePrime.


A recording will be available soon.


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:


Anonymous: I heard that there are "Non-Frooxius Devs" who cannot do development or cannot access the code base and that's why things take a long time. Why is this?

  • This is incorrect. Many of the Neos team have access to the code and if they have interest and a defined goal we can usually set it up.
  • Everyone is equal on the team and we value their input
  • Just because someone has access to the code base does not mean that they can suddenly work on giant features or fix your problems. Learning Neos' engine takes time.

There were a few notes on Prime's face he had dental surgery but he's fine :)

Earthmark: Q: Given the extra source of knowledge you now have, what is something that you see commonly used incorrectly or in a brittle way?

  • Use Button Events, PLEASE USE BUTTON EVENTS for any button interactions.
  • I'll be doing a Tutorial soon on "All things Boops" which will cover a lot of the ways I see this happening.
  • There's also the new article Things to Avoid which I just finished which covers some.

Nammi: Q: So you use both then, button events and ispressed if you're doing both like playing a sound and driving a blend shape then? Or just one or the other?

  • IsPressed on many buttons is just meant for visual things about the button, A light turning on while the button is held etc.
  • For events such as playing sounds, setting values etc. Use common ui events or the Button Events node.

GunGyphon: Q: The Wiki does not have an entry for the VirtualHapticPointSampler, do you have any notes/offhand knowledge about it?

  • I don't, but I do have a haptics vest coming soon and once it is here I will be doing a tutorial series on haptics.

Enverex: Q: Feels like Updating Relays should be on the Things to Avoid page given how much / how easily they seem to affect performance.

  • Yes, in some cases they're needed and that's fine. My advice is to use it while your Logix is in development and then to try removing it at the end to see if your problem is solved.
  • Remember to use Dynamic Variable Input to avoid the need for updating relays in dynamic variable scenarios.

Earthmark: Q: Is it possible for us non-devs to propose architecture perspectives or pondering? It can feel strange for me to post my mental meanderings, when it feels like it may be imposing on dev-domain, but my thought is that the conversation may highlight something that wasn't considered, or help me understand the plans for how things should be best designed.

  • Sure, comment on issues. Open issues, suggest things but do note that the final architecture is up to the Neos Team. We appreciate your insight and ideas though.

Sloppy McFloppy: Q: Does froox ever plan on doing an office hours?

  • Perhaps, we've talked to him about it. We need to find a way to assist Froox to do this.

GunGyphon: Q: Where would one begin in creating device level drivers that are recognized by Neos? What information is available?

Medra: Q: Can plugins be built in a way(or format) that would make it more likely to be integrated into the core codebase?

  • See my previous answer. We're not sure on the details of this at the moment but there are quite a few popular plugins that might seem cool.

There was a good discussion about the state of LogiX Interfaces, These are brittle and annoying right now but this is a bug! It will be fixed when LogiX Interfaces are re-written and re-worked.

Earthmark: Q: Given the prevalence of some security questionable techniques like ref hacking, are there any plans to prevent techniques like that (such as removing the core cast involved), Or are those considered valid behaviours?

  • If ref hacking leads you to find security issues report them on our moderation system.
  • Do note that ref hacking may break in the future at any time.
  • If you find a common scenario you'd like to use with Ref Hacking consider opening a GitHub Issue requesting that path as a feature.
  • Remember to double check the new article Things to Avoid.

xLinka: Q: this is a weird use-case on my end but boolean latch on android will crash due to a weird memory leak, is their a reason why this node is so heavy on ram resource ?

  • Please open a GitHub Issue about this. I'm not aware of this or how the Android/Quest version works too much.

Teh_BucketQ: What's the status on the FBT hips issue?

  • This is a work in progress, it is a hard issue to solve as it involves a team member tweaking values and repeatedly entering and exiting Neos and dancing around.
  • Please double check the issue
  • Frooxius is looking for video footage, examples and things that can help.

Enverex: Q: Are tooltips (sorry, "hover tips") deferred until the entire UI re-do? This has always been a big concern considering lots of buttons in Neos irreparably break things (i.e. can't undo) but you don't know what they do until you click them.

  • Unfourtunately Yes
  • There's a bunch of things that we could do now but it might lead to problems in the future as some of the UI is brittle.

Earthmark: Q: Given the number of odd behaviours that occur when importing an avatar or model, many of which at least feel like they should be handle-able by the neos process itself (such as transform bones or too large / too small scale issues). Are there any plans to make the importing and avatar creation process more straightforward and hand-held? For instance being able to strip out transform slots on import, or scale the vertices themselves to make the model humanoid height with a scale of 1.

  • Yes there are items on the roadmap for this and I have some cool ideas.
  • Check this card.

There was some mention, of the "Needs More Information" Label. I encouraged users to work with us to provide the information needed. Users were also curious on how to get the label removed. Ping myself or Shifty or Froox if you feel you've added the appropriate information.'