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Prime Time, is a bi-weekly Office Hours about Documentation, Questions and Tutorials.

Here are the notes from the 21st June 2021.

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime with help from Canadian Git but you also might be interested in the audio recording, this will be linked here soon

They are written largely in first person which might channel for future sessions. I in this case usually refers to ProbablePrime.


A recording will be available soon.


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:


3x1t_5tyl3: Q (in absentia): I've seen a bit of progress of you implementing things. I want to know exactly how you feel this could impact the further development that we're potentially gonna see in the future of you? Ergo: Are you gonna stick to just smaller bugs or do you intend to make larger additions?

  • Prime is still learning how Neos Works. You may see future features or updates from them but still don't expect larger features such as physics from them. This will change as the team scales and grows.

amcomma: Q: Is there is going to be any tutorial/documentation in-game about nodes?

  • Yes, this will be covered by some items on our Documentation Roadmap. Please see this for more information.

Earthmark: Are there any particular focuses you would like people to extend wiki wise? Particular sections? I recall examples were brought up before.

  • For now, look for missing Logix Nodes or Components that need documentation. When doing this make sure to use the files from the pinned message in the wiki channel of the discord from Epsilion these files provide a scaffolding for new items to be added.
  • For existing components/nodes include examples. Beyond what the node does, how can it be used.

Mentalish Q: With you taking over the Role of Documentation will we see a fleshed out list of the components in a text format of how they work? May it being a small Quip or a full documentation of the component :open_mouth: I know you have video guides and I know you mentioned in the past about Transcribing so Im not too sure if this is a repeat Question.

  • Yes, see the wiki. This is a community effort and we're all working on it.
  • See the following links, for listings:
  • There are some wiki tools that exist which Prime will be organizing and moving around for easy access. Stand by!

epicEaston197: Q: are we going to get more documentation on how to edit the desktop camera visual?

  • Yes, Prime personally is working on a tutorial series for Desktop but it keeps failing.
  • For the wiki we'll add a set of documents on the customizable things such as Keyboards, Cameras and View Visuals.

Razphire: Moving forward when you're hopefully deep into implementing in-game documentation and descriptions for nodes and components, I fear that it would strain your available time to continue producing those helpful videos. Is there any plan on going forward with that?

  • Essentially, community contributions and team contributions. We want everyone to be contributing documentation when they can. It shouldn't just be me or just be certain groups. Anyone can edit the wiki.

MattyK: In regards to snappers; there really needs to be clarification on the necessity of putting the desired snappable into the object's hierarchy first so it adopts the overall model scale and doesn't get the 'oh god why is it not snappi- the snapper is tiny/HUGE' response from new users.(edited)

  • There does need to be more documentation on Snappers, Prime will check the wiki page and make some updates

Mysticporo: I do wonder if there is documentation on the way for the logix nodes will there be a simplified description of it in Neos later down the pipeline?

  • Yes see the prior question answer above from amcomma.

epicEaston197: Q: are we going to get documentation for components in game?

  • Yes see the prior question answer above from amcomma.

Nammi Q: Will you be organising any of the Unorganised components?

  • In some cases yes, but we don't want to do really large scale changes here as this may break muscle memory. We may do a mass re-categorization later when the UI is changed so that components are easier to find.
  • It may seem weird but we want to limit the number of times we have to make a change like this and when the UI is changed is a good time to do it.

Earthmark Q: I feel a big concern is finding a component that you don't know exists, are there any plans to provide paths for users to better find a component for a purpose?

  • Yes, see the UI Roadmap. Things on this list like searching and facetization will help.

General Comments on Non-Uniform Scale/Object Pivots

  • Make sure to avoid non-uniform scale and be sure to make use of the the "Create Pivot at Center" option on slots. Also consider briefly check models in blender.

Mysticporo: oh talking about components will there be some sort of more clear organised UI down the line as well

  • See the prior question answer to Nammi's question.

epicEaston197: Q: will ValueMultiDriver be put into transform drivers?

  • See above question from Nammi.

Alex from Alaska Q: can yall not multicatigorize components like you can in logix nodes? (e.g. the + node is in strings and operators)

  • I'm not sure this is possible, again we'd want to wait till the UI update for larger changes here.

Enverex Q: Is there concern that trying to cater to muscle memory now could lead to things staying in nonsensical (or "less than ideal") locations in the long run? (thus for new users they won't make sense). This is mainly regarding Logix nodes and component categories.

  • For the short term yes but not in the long run. Once the UI update arrives these will be re-categorized. Once again we don't want to frustrate users multiple times if we can avoid it.

GunGryphonQ: Is there plans for a personal Logix node favourites list?

Earthmark: Are there plans to unify the processes of developing with components and developing with logix? Or making components and logix operate on common principles so they are more similar making it easier to explain, document, and use?

  • This might happen in the future with some conversation but more ideas and discussion are needed.
  • Do remember that functionally components and logix nodes can act the same way. If the result is what you want then go for it. They're both ok to use in Neos.

Mr_Squarepeg: Q: Hey - I am just tuning in but with the ongoing physics rework in NeosVR are there any plans for double floating point precision in NeosVR?

  • Prime was not the best person to answer to this question. Please ask via the GitHub or via another source.

AshtonSparx: Q: Doesn't logix have a different update tick than components?

  • I'm not sure, but do remember that if a setup/component/node has an issue either performance related or technical please open an issue on the Issue Tracker.