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The Neos Moderation Team's Weekly office hours.

Here are the notes from 11 Sept 2022.

These are rough notes typed by CanadianGit, shamelessly stealing ProbablePrime's formatting. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please make tickets! We love tickets!.

The next Moderation Team Office hours will be back next week!


Owl (SnowedInOwl) — Today at 16:03 Is Moding against the terms of service

  • No! We have a mod and plugin policy that can be found on this very wiki you're reading. It is, in all likelihood, in the preamble at the top of this notes page. Go check there.

Firr — Today at 16:08 Is the moderation team available to help with enforcing world specific (but not neos specific) guidelines?

  • The moderation team does not explicitly enforce the session rules users set for their own sessions. However, if users are plainly ignoring rules set or requested by the host, or evading bans issued by a session host with alternate accounts, you can submit a report for harassment.

runtime — Today at 16:11 Here's a wacky one: If a user is banned from a session open to all users, what's the ramification if they just... log out of Neos and connect anonymously? What if they weren't even aware they were banned, because the ban message is very ambiguous?

  • Deliberately evading a session ban counts as harassment - if you somehow accidentally due manage to evade a ban, you may appeal your account restrictions if they are applied.

Firr — Today at 16:12 What's the wording if you've been banned from a world?

  • 'Access Denied'.

xLinka — Today at 16:19 how are tickets handled from plugin sessions

  • The same as any other - Neos Usage Guidelines continue to apply.

Tail — Today at 16:30 Hi I'm new here. Is there an easy way to learn development here in neos from someone brand new to development

  • Yes - through the #questions-help channel and the mentors. There are also a number of helpful community events would checking out, such as the creator jam or mentor workshops.