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The Neos Moderation Team's Weekly office hours.

Here are the notes from 28 Aug 2022.

These are rough notes typed by CanadianGit, shamelessly stealing ProbablePrime's formatting. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please make tickets! We love tickets!.

The next Moderation Team Office hours will be back next week!


Spex — Today at 16:04 Any recent community issues or concerns regarding moderation that you would like to bring attention to? I haven't heard anything but I know from time to time bad habits can crop up and PSAs can be helpful.

  • No standing PSA's currently on the docket. We will lead Office Hours with new ones when they're added.

Blitzen2848 — Today at 16:06 Only played the game for a short while, is running speed limited by scale? Once I set my scale as small as possible and i was super slow in speed, even in noclip and flight.

  • Yes, speed is limited by user scale.

聖なる人 (Holy) — Today at 16:06 I heard that blocking is a thing that the team is thinking of adding once updates return. Would this be user or avatar blocking?

  • The exact form of user blocking is still being discussed in the Github, and we invite users with strong suggestions to join the conversation on it over there. More attention will be directed to this once development resumes.

t̸h̸e̸c̸r̸o̸w̸d̸e̸v̸i̸l̸s̸b̸k̸ — Today at 16:07 Out of curiosity, what is the moderation teams stance on mods?

Luna Ravenwolf — Today at 16:07 Is there a way to stream line avatar creation within the game?

  • Cleaning up the model in blender beforehand can resolve many issues that might occur in Neos.

Pythos — Today at 16:07 Ah i got one, Would it be possible for having instances made by an individual, to black list particular video sites? such as things that might be very sensitive?

  • Not at present, but this could be a good suggestion for the Github. We do recommend employing session rules for what type of content you'd prefer in worlds you host, of course.

Blitzen2848 — Today at 16:16 Are there other ways or apps to create an avatar besides blender? Or is blender the best and most simple option?

  • There's a number of good tools online, and several worlds that facilitate avatar creation in Neos.

Ember — Today at 16:18 is there any easy way for me to mute/lower my local volume of other users without having to cross reference their name with the user list in session? i tend to get overstimulated by certain noises, and it can be hard to read weird fonts or honestly just read in general when overstimulated.

  • Mute bubbles will dampen voices generally, the settings have an option for voices overall parsed out from media and sound effects, and the session tab allows you to fine tune selection by user. You can also manipulate the voice fall off distance within a world, though this requires some knowledge of components.

rampa_3 (UTC +1, DST UTC +2) — Today at 16:20 Hard to read... Shouldn't there be a rule to have a button to show default nameplate/disallow unreadable ones then?

  • Not currently enforced by the guidelines, but we encourage users to implement a session rule requiring this if they should like.

Spex — Today at 16:23 A small suggestion I have to improve the template guideline board: A UIX text box that makes it easier to change the written session guidelines.

I made use of the board recently and it's great but editing text in the tiny text box in an inspector is a bit painful for most and unintuitive for new users.

  • Passed onto the content creation team.

Blitzen2848 — Today at 16:24 Just gotta say, this whole question and answer thing is amazing. How often do you people do this?

  • Once a week for moderation. ProbablePrime currently also hosts a session on Tuesdays. Schedules for both and any additional office hours can be found here:

Luna Ravenwolf — Today at 16:25 Silly question, but are you at all hiring and if so, what positions?

  • Not at the moment, but if so, we'll ensure that information is made available in announcements and more broadly.

NoUserFound — Today at 16:26 After the user creation market is released, will Neos be in development again and updates being released? Or is there still no eta in that regard

  • For the market to be released updates will need to have resumed, so yes. No ETA at the moment, more information on that will be available in the announcements channel when we have details to share.