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The Neos Moderation Team's Weekly office hours.

Here are the notes from 07 Aug 2022.

These are rough notes typed by CanadianGit, shamelessly stealing ProbablePrime's formatting. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please make tickets! We love tickets!.

Recording here:

The next Moderation Team Office hours will be back next week!


Whip — Today at 16:08 Since I have no idea what this is actually about (I just saw an @ everyone and hopped in), here's a generic question if nobody else asks any:

Q: Do you like the Neos moderation team?

  • Absolutely. The mod team are some of the oldest and most dedicated folks on Neos, and I'm happy to call them friends.

Rakkun — Today at 16:10 facets can be considered mods, no? Need to be careful around those tho.

  • They are different, but I understand folks may colloquially refer to them as similar. As with mods, you should only install facets from trusted sources.

Olaf — Today at 16:10 Q: Any updates regarding the NFT fiasco? I was wondering when we could expect game updates again.

  • Updates will be posted to the announcements channel, unfortunately I have no additional details to provide at this time.

ᚻᛁᛣᚪᚱᛁᚾᚩ ᛋᚩᚱᚪ — Today at 16:11 (Sora) Q: what the skill required and other setting to join mentors team ? and do it need time required? like example 3 month of playing

  • No major time requirement and the Mentor team is interested in helping train folks to the skill level required to help out new users.

Diakun — Today at 16:12 Q: Has there been a lot of enforcement / bad user with the influx of new users?

  • Not disproportionately so. We saw an increase, but it roughly matched the increase in new users.

Yellow — Today at 16:14 Are there any reasons not to join mentor team?

  • Folks will occasionally approach you while wearing the badge. If you want to help folks, but don't necessarily want to have folks approach you, you're certainly welcome to do so outside the mentors team.

Mabus Tiefsee — Today at 16:14 maybe unrelated question; i heard in an art AI office hours (Midjurney) they plan to develop ai generated 3D art. Neos got a lot of potential data for training the AI.

Is there a chance of working together?

If that works, people could write the AI a desceiption and the object could apear directly in Neos.

This could become an interesting project for both companys.

  • From a business perspective they'd need to reach out through more formal avenues, either sending an inquiry to a business e-mail or through the ticket system - moderation would direct it to the appropriate devs.

Nadia Mayer — Today at 16:15 with all the new VRC members do you think there is any downsides

  • It has kept the volunteers busy, but we're very happy to see all the new faces.

EggRollForce — Today at 16:15 How are public folders and items decided/moderated. I overheard a discussion about "broken" items and was just wondering how things get added to "starter pack" and "neos essentials" folders

  • The Starter Pack is a community run folder managed by Turk and Dawky, you would need to reach out to them directly. Neos Essentials informally collects valuable assets for the community when they arise, feedback could be submitted to the anonymous feedback form.

NoUserFound — Today at 16:18 When the user creation market is released will you do policies that protect users work being stolen and resold?

  • We will! We also plan to involve the community in how we create those guidelines, presenting drafts as the feature is being developed, and incoporating suggestions and criticisms as it goes live.

Whip — Today at 16:20 Q: Will there be any future @ everyone pings for events like this, or will it be limited to the @Office-Hours role?

  • Community stages always @ everyone, but the @office-hours roles will receive pings for more information on new office hours, changes to schedules, and other questions.

Nadia Mayer — Today at 16:20 how will you make the UI/tutoral more user firendly new commer as i see it major firction for neew users and h

  • Futher development is planned and you can see some details on the Github.

Rakkun — Today at 16:21 Do you know if there's some inventory overhaul being worked on? I ask because I've had new users ask why they can't simply move items inside their inventory without having to spawn them in a world and re-save them.

Also, it would be nice if the buttons had a label saying what they do, in the scene inspector as well.

  • Improvements are planned, no ETA at the moment.

ᚻᛁᛣᚪᚱᛁᚾᚩ ᛋᚩᚱᚪ — Today at 16:21 -Sora- other Q: did neos got the physics engine yet? or is already exist or is been planing down the line to come with new render engine?

( i'm looking forward to building aeroplane in neos so that thing is quite handy if it exits in game )

  • This is what Neos use for its physics (so far for colliders, raycasts, character movement for example) More implementations for features like rigidbodies, etc. Other features may take priority during development.

LegoCreator768 — Today at 16:22 is there an RSS link to the moderator office hours recordings?

  • We post notes and recordings in the #office-hours channel, they are listed on the wiki. You are presently reading them.

gote — Today at 16:22 Q: currently there don't seem to very little restrictions in how logix can affect other players, and in how people can edit other people or their objects with the dev tooltip. obviously, this is less than ideal since it's ripe for abuse, something that's quite worrying with this influx of users also possibly bringing with it people that have less than good intentions, as we see with e.g. cvr already receiving its fair share of trolls and developers of malicious content. are there any plans on the roadmap to add a permissions system, akin to how second life restricts editing to people you have given explicit permission to, and scripts having to request permissions for many actions?

  • Absolutely. We do have a permission system presently - you can limit other users to spectator role which presents spawning in items and interacting with items already in the world, and you could further restriction new users to a world to a default avatar. However, additions are planned to add more control in the future. Hard Permissions, Content Tagging, and User Blocking on Github can provide more information on future plans.

Mabus Tiefsee — Today at 16:23 could the tutorial include a note "close worlds you are not in anymore" i jumped to much worlds and ended up lagging without knowing why

  • Passed on to the content creation team.

KoboldCrusader — Today at 16:24 I've seen a few people make base models and worlds for them, but since Neos doesn't really have a built-in "save avatar" function and more of a save asset one instead, as an avatar creator myself, it worries me it worries me that if I make something for the community to use, the asset will just get stolen, is there a way to prevent this currently?

  • The current system is limited to Simple Avatar Protection, which will help prevent others from saving your avatars, but future plans including content id and licencing will assist in making this more robust.

Whip — Today at 16:25 Q: Will Neos in the future support more VR "gadgets" such as 360 degree treadmills or VR gloves with feedback? Or will supporting such peripherals fall back to modders?

  • Neos has added a number of hardware options previously and certainly will do so in the future, but no ETAs at this time.

Mathijs — Today at 16:32 I know there is some stuff going on with the dev team & ceo, I'm new so don't know the complete story, but is neos still actually worked on? the last update seems to be a while ago

  • Work is still being done behind the scenes, when information is available it will be passed out through #announcements.

Cyberwisp — Today at 16:34 Q: are there any plans/intension to add an npc system? It would be perfect for testing props without using other players as lab rats! Or for more games in neos!

  • Future features may assist in developing them, and we're open to feature requests on Github.