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The Neos Moderation Team's Weekly office hours.

Here are the notes from 10 April 2022.

These are rough notes typed by CanadianGit, shamelessly stealing ProbablePrime's formatting. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please make tickets! We love tickets!.

Recording available here:

The next Moderation Team Office hours will be back next week!


moonlion.eth How did office hours start as a thing?

  • As a way to provide the community an opportunity to speak directly with the devs on a variety of issues and received unfiltered feedback on their responses.

moonlion.eth Are moderators devs?

  • No, the moderation team is predominantly made up of volunteers from the community. Some Neos Team members lead the moderation team, but the majority of mods are not.

Toni Kat Filler question. What headset do you use and are you looking to change to any of the currently available ones?

  • Interested in seeing what Valve has in store for the future.

moonlion.eth How big is moderation team?

  • 28 volunteers at present.

Skywind Kitsune | USFN Presiden Got a question regarding the new TOS Karel released via their website are you guys now faced with having to enforce two different TOS or are you sticking with the original TOS?

  • We did not previously have a TOS, and are not associated with enforcing the TOS posted by Karel.

Player Kode What would be the best way of creating a community build of a future project or event, eg. Like the Convention that happened last month? Was looking to creating an event for Oktoberfest in Germany, but am not in that country area.

  • If you're interested in working with the Neos Team, you could reach out to any of the team actively involved in assisting the community, such as ProbablePrime, Shifty, Veer, or any of the other moderation team leads - or send a message to the anonymous feedback form.

Dionamus Not 100% related to moderation, but are there any developer positions open? I would like to help out with some of the pain points, such as (to keep this somewhat on-topic) in-game moderation tools as well as streamlining other processes.

  • We do not currently have position open to the public.

xLinka(Unoffical Android Help) so in the past due to safeguarding no public representative is actually listed to go to for a safeguarding issue as had a few in the past and only just recently known who is in charge/ should this be added to the wiki ? (also no safeguarding option was on the ticket system when i submitted a ticket)

  • Safeguarding is a subteam within the moderation team, all tickets should still be sent through the moderation ticket system - we will categorize them appropriately as they come in.

moonlion.eth Is there a dev office hours?

  • Other Neos Team members host office hours. ProbablePrime hosts a weekly office hours on documentation, and periodically other staff members will host Q&A sessions relating to their work. You can find more information and schedule on the wiki.

Revi who created the new website?

  • Karel has had it developed, but we only have limited information on who the designer was.

moonlion.eth What is safeguarding?

  • Raith: Safeguarding is a term used to denote measures to protect the health, well-being and human rights of individuals, which allow people — especially children, young people and vulnerable adults — to live free from abuse, harm and neglect.

Player Kode I am sure someone might have asked this before, but what is the recommended process of going from kicking someone to banning to sending a moderation ticket? I imagine doing the First warning, Second warning concept would be a good start.

  • There is no requirement for submitting a moderation ticket. We will often encourage users to make use of session moderation tools, but if at any point you would like the Moderation Team to assist with handling a violation of the Neos Usage Guidelines on platform, feel free to reach out through a ticket.

xLinka(Unoffical Android Help) i just wish people should note that recoil guns/ crash guns / a tool that sends people to local home are not Self-Moderation tools ;-; as many times as people try to argue they are

  • Users are allowed to develop systems that may prevent unwanted interactions, but these systems are still subject to the Neos Usage Guidelines - using a system that would count as harassment does not get a pass because it was deployed in retaliation to prior harassment.

Electronus What about retaliatory systems? for example scaling someones arm to 0 (good bye movement control btw), or other deleting the offending user ect

  • See above - even if deployed to counter harassment, both users could receive account restrictions.