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The Neos Moderation Team's Weekly office hours.

Here are the notes from 27 March 2022.

These are rough notes typed by CanadianGit, shamelessly stealing ProbablePrime's formatting. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please make tickets! We love tickets!.

Recording available here:

The next Moderation Team Office hours will be back next week!


RaviidDidsdale what if hosts set out rules which could be dividing or against EULA?

  • Hosts are welcome to set out rules for their sessions that impose restrictions above and beyond the EULA and Neos Usage Guidelines - they could ban political talk, for instance - but they cannot remove Neos Usage Guidelines/EULA regulations.

Duff i only ask based on the current situation having stressed out some folks as of recently, but do the moderation leads keep in contact with there mods or at least have a means to occasionally check in on them? im just a bit concerned on the impact this has had on them mental/emotionally

  • Yes. Immediately following the community office hours, the mod leads have a second internal office hours for just the moderation volunteer team to show up and ask questions or raise concerns.
  • We are always available through direct messages, but having this open door availability once a week gives the team an avenue to talk in voice, if it's prefered to text.

Zheko Sorry this is my first time doing this but so far love neos Q Could there be a system like vrchat where to mark avatars nsfw in a way im nervous about it so sorry for the stupid question

  • This, among other features, has been raised by the Moderation Team to the Development Team.
  • We do not have a concrete plan on how adult content may be labeled in the future, but a number of possible systems have been discussed previously. You can find more information on some relevant features on the Github under ContentID and User Blocking.

Zari Tenjin has there been consequences after reactants uhh flashy exit to prevent moderators from acting out or is this kind of unmitigatable?

  • The Moderation Team leads are currently exploring options that may help reduce instances of this in the future.
  • Presently, our strategy is prevention - only selecting members to join the moderation team with backgrounds showing integrity. Issues like this have so far been exceedingly rare, and we hope they will continue to be so in the future.

RaviidDidsdale More of a personnel question. Do you believe adult content should have its place in VR applications?

  • I do not want to speak for the Neos Team as a whole. The Neos Team has made it's position on adult content clear in how and where it can be used on platform in the Neos Usage Guidelines.
  • I personally am interested in continuing to craft guidelines that allow that content to be experienced by users who consent to it, while minimizing opportunities for it to cause discomfort in users who do not wish to see it.

xLinka(Unoffical Android Help) I know its a bit far off but will the :moderationbage_pride: or also known as the progress badge, be showing up again this year during june or due to last time it was only mods and caused some confusion will this be applied to Team too ?

  • Nothing to be announced at this time. The team will discuss the issue when we approach the month this year.

Zheko Q When neos does get popular like vrchat down the line understanding that neos is more peer to peer where vrchat is client to host do you think that there is more security to users where people might be malicious aka ddosing users or doxing ips understanding that I'm getting it clearly on how neos operates network wide

  • Neos has a number of features to help keep users safe already, including session moderation tools. We hope to continue to expand this going forward with work on User Blocking, Content ID, and Hard Permissions.

RaviidDidsdale I'm just curious, and no ill intended. What is your field of expertise?

  • This is in regards to answers I provide here. Moderation Team Office Hours is best suited to questions relating to the Moderation Team, the Mentor Program, and the Neos Usage Guidelines.

Fellenz are there any examples of the use of event ticket NFTs - are there any existing integrations with NEOSVR?

  • Neos does not currently support NFTs. A number of community members may have produced independent projects that involve them.

Duff does the moderation folder also have a facet button that just is a link to the moderation ticket system or is it just the spawnable object instead?

  • Not currently. We have the spawnable object available in Neos Essentials, though continuing to make reporting issues easier for users is a goal of the Moderation Team.

LaughingHyenna Is there a way to implement external code to Neos Worlds and Avatars (ex. Python, c#, java, etc) or is it only posible to develop them with logiX at the moment?

  • On platform LogiX is the primary system, though a number of users have developed plugins and made use of websockets in creative ways to expand options available.

runtime After looking over the current guidelines, I observe there isn't a direct reference to the Mod & Plugin Policy. A reader would have to follow a link to 🔌plugin-development, then read the pins to find

1. Do you have a gauge on how much of the playerbase is aware the Mod & Plugin Policy exists?

2. Is Neos modding intended to be kept "on the down-low"? I've recently been asked by a few people if it's acceptable to link to bug workaround mods from Neos GitHub issues.

3. Does the lack of reference to the Mod & Plugin Policy in the guidelines mean that it is irrelevant from a guidelines enforcement perspective?

  • 1. We do not have concrete numbers of how well our messaging has succeed in spreading awareness at this time.
  • 2. No - we spread word of it in office hours, discord announcements, and stream announcements. We want you to share it as widely as you can.
  • 3. No - that is a deficiency of the Neos Usage Guidelines. Enforcement of the policy is handled by the Moderation Team, and as the Neos Usage Guidelines continues to be revise, it will reflect that more directly.

Duff has the moderation team thought about just having an offical one (the facet button as previously discussed) just for the sake of diversity/ an alternative means or just a faster approch of submitting a moderation ticket?

  • Increase ease of reporting remains a high priority for the Moderation Team, and this is one of the options that may be used in the future.

LaughingHyenna In case of a quarrel starting and making the other users uncomfortable, are both or all the parties involved to be kicked out in case of not stopping their fight?

  • Yes, though the function of how depends on what is done to report the issue.
  • World hosts are welcome to kick users who engage in arguments they do not want present in their world.
  • If Moderation received a ticket about users who wouldn't stop an argument in a world, they would recommend session moderation, but if the arguing users persisted in the face of the world host asking them to not, it could become treated as harassment.

rampa_3 (UTC +1, DST UTC +2) Btw, will there be an EULA rewrite, or will Neos modding keep being in conflict with it? Right now, the mod programmer is doing "illegal" stuff.

  • It is planned, but no ETA at the moment.