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The Neos Moderation Team's Weekly office hours.

Here are the notes from 13 March 2022.

These are rough notes typed by CanadianGit, shamelessly stealing ProbablePrime's formatting. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please make tickets! We love tickets!.

The next Moderation Team Office hours will be back next week!

Recording available here:

Credit and thanks due to Lexevo for recording the session!


Lexevo Q: Who deals with violations of the EULA?

  • The Moderation Team will handle reports of individuals violating the EULA.

Derpicidal Is this a generic meeting for questions and such or are there points / mentions of things you have planned to talk about?

  • The Moderation Team office hours are focused on questions about the Moderation Team, Mentor Program, and Neos Usage Guidelines. We will field broader questions, but often with the caveat we may not be the best resource for that area.

Derpicidal Kicking / removing individuals without warning from the world you're hosting doesn't go against anything, correct?

  • No, session hosts are welcome to make use of the in game moderation tools provided to them without concern of violating Neos Usage Guidelines.

Lexevo Speaking of which, what is your opinion of requiring to start a new private session as well and only inviting people who consented to adult content to that session? I definitely think it's a better catch all to make sure everyone is consenting

  • In relation to the PSA on getting consent of all users in a world before bringing out adult content, even when the session is set to private.
  • This method is certainly more secure - getting verbal consent from all present folks is the minimum required.

Earthmark Is session signage the goal there? Having indicator icons like a mature content or building or whatever else using picture graphs instead of text list or something and exposing that in session list

  • This has been discussed, though we don't have firm plans on what will be implemented or ETAs on when they'll arrive.

Duskitten Im sure it's been mentioned at one point, or was, are you guys still looking into age verification methods

  • Similar to above, they have been discussed, but we don't have a firm plan on whether they will be used, or which if so. We'll announce more details if we get closer to implementing a system of this nature.

Lexevo There seems to be no way of accepting the terms of the EULA when downloading the standalone launcher. Is the EULA that's available on Steam also overarching to the standalone launcher?

  • Yes, our guidelines require users follow the EULA regardless of how Neos is accessed.

Derpicidal If Neos doesn't cater specifically to the lewd conduct community, why does it seem so many things seem to revolve around it and or so many specifically use the platform for such?

  • It's an important topic, we want to ensure we don't get it wrong, and so it is discussed heavily.

Lexevo The guidelines do not state anywhere to comply to the EULA. The only thing the guidelines state about the EULA is that it is "additional legal and regulatory info", and that you shouldn't modify the game.

  • Thank you for the notice, I'll raise the issue to the Chief Moderation Office and get the wording revised so it is clearer that it is required to be compliant with the EULA.

Earthmark How do we know when the eula updates, and how do we know what updated in it?

  • Major changes to the EULA and guidelines will be in the announcements channel here in discord, more minor changes will be discussed at office hours (and possibly listed in #devlog).

Duskitten Have you guys found any avenues yet for how content ID will be moderated in the future, perhaps an in-browser manual moderating system for uploaded content, or will you still be doing a more hands-off report based system, as recently ive heard alot of talk about people being unsure of wanting to use the platform, since well, protections and such basically is non-existant outside of the report system

  • We're still discussing how those systems will be implemented, which limits the specifics I can provide, but we're broadly interested in making assets both more secure and reporting issues easier.

Duskitten Out of curiousity, have you guys come up with a facet or something for reporting within the game, or not yet, as that's something that I do think needs to be addressed, as it's not exactly optimal to open a new webpage and stuff, especially if we can take screenshots in the game, and they can be put on the cloud for review

  • You can find a link to the moderation page in Neos Essentials and a number of facets have been made, but they do the same - provide a link to a webpage. More direct integration of reporting is planned, but we do not have an ETA at this time.

Turk Q) Any thoughts on the recent context behind people doing adult things public? While it's not always reported, wanted your thoughts on what the typical common decency standard is. It was a bit refreshing to have these talked publicly, but it's been a tricky topic for many due to bias, evidence or otherwise.

  • Shifting the social norms of Neos towards ones that promote a greater degree of comfort for all users is something the Moderation Team is interested in, but we understand it is a difficult topic. We're in discussions presently on better ways to handle this issue.

Earthmark With the current announcement queue, It seems rather spicy with the new PDF link that was added, I'm curious how that affects moderation? Is there any advice you would suggest around discussion of those topics?

  • Little impact on moderation beyond occasionally making the conversations in our discord more lively. Our advice is as it always is; keep your discussions civil, do not attack people or groups.

Duskitten I agree, as there's not much of a lower limit for public deicency, and some avatars are so questionable, but they dont technically break any rules, so would you say if you think it's too bad, then report it?

  • If you are ever uncertain on whether to report something - report it! Worst case the mod team will simply inform you the case does not violate guidelines, and we're always happy to clarify issues like that.

Lexevo When creating personal rules for a world, I'm guessing there's reasonable lines drawn if things go too far. An example is a rule being "no moving whatsoever", and if someone moves, a host reports them to moderation for harassment due to breaking one of their host rules.

  • All tickets submitted to the moderation team are answered by an actual person - situations where a user is reported for a rule they had no chance of following are likely only going to receive a reminder that the host is allowed to set rules, however absurd, and recommend they avoid sessions of hosts doing so.

Derpicidal Does a shock collar worn irl, and controlled irl to make an individual squeal / squirm vocally, fall into the category of lewd conduct or behavior within public lobbies even without any lewd conduct or content going on within a public world? And or is there ANY way I can prevent myself from being reported again for said action?

  • If you are engaging in adult content, even with some one not on Neos, but audibly broadcasting it in a public session, you could be violating the Neos Usage Guidelines. You are recommended to take it to a session that is private or otherwise removed from public view.

Derpicidal But being shocked by a loved one / significant other / owner in a way that's supposed to be a teaching / training method that I personally see and do nothing lewd with, even on the outside of neos. I just think it's bullshit for any and everyone to assume lewd conduct is going on simply because I've made a squeal that OTHER PEOPLE take in a sexual way even when every single person I know, knows I don't use the collar in that method. It's not my fault OTHERS take automatically in it that way. Just because someone makes funny noises shouldn't give anyone just cause to report them for lewd behavior.

  • If you are not engaged in adult content, merely actions that are frequently misinterpreted as adult content, you will likely receive reports. The Neos Moderation Team is not going to issue account restrictions for misunderstandings, but you may receive warnings delivered through the Neosbot clarifying what content is against the guidelines. You may appeal even this warnings through the moderation ticket system if you feel they are unfairly issued, though warnings do not count as a mark against a user's account.
  • If you would like to avoid reports of this nature, we encourage employing a cautious strategy to where you engage in behaviours frequently misunderstood. Consider running sessions in contacts/hidden so it is exclusively to friends who understand what is going on and do not generate frivolous reports.

Joe Sylva Are these office hours recorded, I'm super interested in the answered here but cannot listen live right now.

  • Not consistently, though you can find written notes on the topics discussed right here. You are reading them right now.