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The Neos Moderation Team's Weekly office hours.

Here are the notes from 20 Feb 2022.

These are rough notes typed by CanadianGit, shamelessly stealing ProbablePrime's formatting. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please make tickets! We love tickets!.

The next Moderation Team Office hours will be back next week!


Jack All right, since noone else is asking a question: Anything one can do besides dropping in an application if one wants to join the mentor program?

  • Users are welcome to check in directly with Mentor leads to ensure their application did not fail to submit, but applications are processed in order of submission.
  • Of course, users are welcome to continue to help new users without joining the program - plenty of folks do, it's what keeps Neos a friendly community.

AyeNash Any updates on android/quest development?

  • No updates I'm currently aware of. It's still on the dev team's radar.

Earthmark One topic that came up in one of the channels here was the topic of mature content on an avatar and using systems to swap urls or such. It was brought up this was not allowed, and the counter felt to me to be similar to "Who's going to check anyways?" I recall this came up before in one of these office hours, but I'm curious if there are ways this can be enforced besides users snitching on eachother?

  • The Neos Moderation Team is not currently, nor plans, to actively search users or their avatar's via inspector for potentially guideline breaking systems.
  • The Moderation Team hopes to help enforce this beyond responding to the tickets by pushing PSA's and encouraging the community to create social norms where this behaviour is frowned upon.

Sloppy McFloppy I wasn't paying much attention to the situation over the last few days. Did the neos team meeting thing happen on wednesday?

  • It did. News concerning Neos can be found in the #announcements channel, I have nothing to pass on at the moment.

Duff While the moderators are volunteers who are well acquainted/enforce with the community guidelines, would you say that they are an extension of the overall image of neos/extension of the neos team?

  • Yes, there is an undeniable association with Neos as the moderators work closely with the staff and are committed community members.
  • However, we do not limit their ability to be critical of the platform as a requirement to continue being a volunteer for it.

Jack Okay, maybe a little more serious question here, because I've unfortunately seen it coming up a lot in recent days. I've heard multiple voices raised about moderators applying the moderation rules quite selectively at times. I heard many reports of that in the context of crypto conversations, so I'm aware there are a lot opposing views and biases there, however I take claims about moderators muting / banning one side of the community for offences that another part of the community is simply warned for quite seriously. Now, I am not wanting to cast any doubt on any individuals here, however, I want to ask if there an active system in place that vets the actions of moderators and makes sure noone is applying rules in a non-neutral / biased way

  • We have two primary systems in place to keep the application of moderator actions unbiased.
  • First, all actions taken by a mod in the discord are kept in an audit log that is visible to all other mods, allowing biased or unreasonable mod actions to be readily viewed by the rest of the team. We hope to cut off the majority of issues with this transparent log of who has done what.
  • Secondly, the mod ticket system has an option for submitting complaints about mentors, mods, and Neos staff. It is sent directly to the mod leads, and we encourage users to submit issues they observe with moderation there.

rampa_3 (UTC +1, DST UTC +2) What is your view on all the calling for censorship on Discord from certain groups of people over the last few days Git? It's starting to get tiring to hear those groups yell "Censor this convo! NOW!"... Would it be possible to maybe put up somewhere an official announcement, that this won't happen?

  • Barring hateful content, there is no guideline banning a particular topic from our discord. We allow users to discuss whatever they would like, though mods will redirect users to appropriate channels as needed.

Duff the current internal situation with the platform has people slightly divided and concerned in terms of its future as well as the community both on the user and moderation side of things. How (in your opinion) will the moderation side of things proceed with the way things are right now with the social divide?

  • The Moderation Team will continue to try to keep the conversations civil.
  • There is no obligation for any user to be friends or like every other person in the community, and we anticipate disagreements between subcultures on Neos. We do, however, ask people to keep their disagreements within the scope of the guidelines.
  • Be civil, no harassment, no witch hunts or calls out.

Earthmark To kick you out of the hammoc

It feels like the current NCR channel solution is to fracture the channel, which I feel moves the conversations to out-of-sight-out-of-mind, I think I quickly saw links to telegrams or other chats popping up where user discussion would be fully un moderated. I get that the NCR channel was quite spicy, but I am concerned that forcing the spice to another venue prevents any moderation, leading to more clique style things. I'm curious what the moderation team thoughts are around fracturing that channel into threads?

  • This change did reduce the moderation issues in the channel when things were growing difficult to keep civil and on topic, but the concerns you've raised are correct. This is currently only intended as a temporary measure, and as the need passes it will be reverted to avoid those issues you raise.

jin question for mods: do you do it for free?

  • The mod team has historically been almost exclusively volunteers with a small number of paid contractors. Yes, the vast majority of mods you meet will be doing it for free.

M0mmy_5tyl3 Q: Are there any planned changes to the guidelines anytime soon? If yes; What are they?

  • The gambling/depiction of gambling guidelines are complete, just awaiting publishing with other smaller changes.

M0mmy_5tyl3 My last Q: Since there's a lot of issues with NSFW content; were there thoughts of splitting up the Neos services?

Ergo allowing it on one service where the servers are more geared towards it?

  • This idea has been part of the broader dev discussion on handling adult content going forward, but the team is still early in the planning stages and not committed to any single approach.

Electronus I keep hearing about all the juicy secret info mentors get, when do i get my daily newsletter about what Froox had for breakfast?

  • All information shared to the mentors is public. We occasionally have had lapses in messaging, where the team did not pass on public information at the same time, but we take steps to correct this when it is brought to our attention.

Enverex Q: Do you feel there's a distinct lack of moderators in public sessions? It seems there's very rarely any outside of private sessions for the most part.

  • The volunteer work the mods do is handling tickets through an online reporting system. We do not, at present, have mods for the purpose of policing public sessions.
  • If you encounter mods in Neos, they are similar to any other user enjoying their free time, and sometimes they choose to take that time in private sessions.

M0mmy_5tyl3 Q: So why bother with the mod badge then?

  • The mod badge is primarily intended as recognition for individuals who volunteer time to assist. If this changes in the future, we will take steps to make it clear when some one is a mod who helps with tickets and when a mod may be actively working as a session moderator.

NatBard How would ya'll feel about adding the moderation link to the dash as a default facet?

  • We plan to bring reporting issues directly into Neos, though we don't have an ETA for this feature at this time.