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The Neos Moderation Team's Weekly office hours.

Here are the notes from 13 Feb 2022.

These are rough notes typed by CanadianGit, shamelessly stealing ProbablePrime's formatting. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please make tickets! We love tickets!.

The next Moderation Team Office hours will be back next week!


miniman Is all content moderation done manually?

  • All tickets, ban appeals, and inquiries are viewed by real human beings, we have no automation in ticket review.
  • Essentially, anything you submit to us in text will be read by a person.
  • Ban evasion for individuals who have received permanent account restrictions does have an automated component.

DigiDuncan What are the policies on NSFW content more clearly, as it seems to have changed throughout the lifetime of the game?

  • We revise our guidelines based on feedback.
  • You can find the most recent version of the Neos Usage Guidelines in the #guidelines channel in the main discord.

BlaXun | Ingo Also, I heard gamerips are not allowed to be used in Neos. How does this work if neos has native Minecraft Map Import? It uses Minecraft assets

  • The Minecraft assets appear to be open source
  • More broadly, we respond to DMCA requests as they're issued, but we do not proactively search out potential copyright issues.

Earthmark Some channels on here have gotten rather spicy, do you have any recommendations for those who feel a bit uneasy by the spice levels? Is that something they should bring up moderation wise depending on their level of interaction?

  • We encourage users to reach out to mods active in the channel for suggestions on increasing the slow mode timer.
  • Individually, if you're experience stress or anxiety from certain channels, I would recommend muting them and staying away.

Earthmark The minecraft one does get interesting, is the world generation algorithm a protected asset?

  • No idea.

Mysticporo Is there anything you're working on considering moderation?

  • Gambling guidelines are finalized, and the Moderator application is being prepared pending a need for additional mods.

Derpicidal Is it difficult to request something be added to the guidelines?

  • No! You can drop suggestions in the anonymous feedback form or the moderation ticket system.

Earthmark Has Elysium been notified about the guidelines being in progress? They've felt left out if guildelines before and it's left them frustrated, are they involved this time?

  • Canadian Git - They were consulted as part of the drafting process. I spoke to their leadership on platform and in DMs. They saw early drafts were provided revisions.
  • Canadian Git - Sir Lucient provided valuable insight with his feedback and was professional throughout, I'd be happy to work with him again.

Sox (Spectator Banned) I have a spectator ban currently active, would you be able to verify what restrictions i should be having while spectator banned?

  • All account restrictions are explained on the 'Moderation' page of the Neos wiki.
  • Spectator bans should default to user to the spectator role when joining new worlds. Their permission level can then be changed by the host.

TheBasementNerd (she/her) What is the view on worlds that are fully vetted on who is allowed and with limited access to only 18+ users and prevents viewing in world activity, but is still visible in the world browser, for hosting adult content? (Tired so my wording is weird atm)

  • Worlds containing adult content cannot be publicly listed at this time, even if they possess functioning systems to limit who can access them and curate preview thumbnails.

FlourBland As a learning creator for vr models and assets I'm curious if you know much about any copy protection of certain assets. I've noticed in some worlds there's item you can't copy of course but I'm still not sure how this really works with artists making custom models

  • Simple Avatar Protect and basic permissions exist to limit asset theft, though more advanced systems are planned on the roadmap.

Sox (Spectator Banned) So being spectator banned shouldnt force me to be in hidden worlds?

  • It should not.

Jack You can change thumbnails of sessions? o.o

  • Yes.

Sox (Spectator Banned) i made a github issue 4 days ago but it hasnt been responded to.

  • We apologize it hasn't been reached yet, hopefully the development will reach it soon.

Duskitten How are you guys today?

  • We do well.

hack13 But if a session is in contacts only mode and hidden, that means wouldn’t even contacts only see “In a hidden contacts world”?

  • Correct.

Earthmark If you have a session that contains adult content, that session needs to be unlisted, but could you have a gateway session that does not contain adult content, but links to the adult session in the public list?

  • Assuming the gateway session has a vetting process that only allows users who are adults and have consented to view adult content through, this would meet our guidelines.

Derpicidal Can the community come together and reduce the hermit level to under 50% for a week?

  • We hope so, but acknowledge MMC months tend to be particularly problematic in this regard.

Jack Okay, so, interesting question while we're on that topic. What if you have a public world and create a system in-world (using LogiX etc) that prevents unlisted people from accessing the NSFW area in the world? (For example completely culling it out)

  • No. Worlds containing adult content cannot be publicly listed.

Mysticporo how's the mentor program doing in terms of training new mentors?

  • MattyK - Good, a recent wave of mentors graduated and the program appears to be progressing well.

Sloppy McFloppy just curious, but would a simple checkbox that reads "I agree that I am over 18 and consent to see nsfw content" in a public world, and if checked, made a world/session orb available which lead to said Spicy World™️ suffice?

  • Unlikely to succeed. If a minor gets into a world the host is in violation of the guidelines, even if the minor clicked the box. We recommend hosts running worlds with adult content to be certain the users who join are not minors.

Revi is a boop tracker against the guidelines?, got it from a friend a while ago and it basically tracks Hight score for each individual user.

  • Depends on the system. There's several exeptions to the user data tracking rule listed in the guidelines, and assuming the boop tracker design meets their criteria, it is fine.

epicEaston197 Q: is ID verification planned? to prove you're over 18

  • It is being discussed for future development, but there's no concrete plan or ETA to report.

Derpicidal I understand that people have to go through a test / training period for mentor position and all, and are "new" users allowed to become mentors if they meet qualifications? I'm also very curious about what the base requirements are for becoming a mentor. Like how much do you actually have to know how to do within Neos to qualify as a mentor because it's seemed quite lenient in my honest opinion.

  • The Mentor Program requires users to be 18+ and generally want you to have been in the game over a month before applying.
  • The Mentor Program has shifted away from only recruiting vets to a process where they train up interested applicants.

Drazion A question from me since it is my first time attending the office hours:

In the event of an incident where Neos Guidelines were not followed or Consent is not given to show NSFW content in private worlds or worse public worlds what is your procedure for administering the consequences and how far does it go all the way up.

i.e is it a day ban or a week ban or more?

  • We hand out account restrictions on a case by case basis. More egregious and intentional breaks of guidelines receive longer and harsher account restrictions.
  • Users repeatedly breaking guidelines will see account restrictions escalate until they receive permanent account restrictions. Some particularly egregious offences may start here, and other harmful actions could escalate quickly.

Duskitten Is there a way to suggest items and things for usage in the default folders?

  • Anonymous feedback form.