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The Neos Moderation Team's Weekly office hours.

Here are the notes from 30 January 2022.

These are rough notes typed by CanadianGit, shamelessly stealing ProbablePrime's formatting. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please make tickets! We love tickets!.

The next Moderation Team Office hours will be back next week!


Aragubas Why neos doesn't have graphics options?

  • Planned feature for the future, please check out Github for more information.

1amNick How long is the queue for the Mentorship applications at the moment?

  • Couple dozen applicants. Despite clearing the backlog at the end of November, we had a small build-up over the holiday season.

Palladium346 Has any additional things for Desktop Users been added, or is it still limited

  • A number of additional features have been added to the desktop mode over 2021.

Jam10o There was a pretty in depth discussion today about blocking/kicking and session management,

in a future world where folks can block each other in Neos, should it be possible for folks to enter sessions of hosts they have blocked, or should blocking someone automatically preclude you from accessing their sessions?

  • Session moderation tools allow hosts to kick or remove users from their world, including users that have blocked the host.
  • Discussion was had on a world setting denying access to users that block the host.

epicEaston197 maybe instead of blocking them you could have a hide Avatar functionality?

  • Discussion on how the blocking system should function is still being had in Github for the feature, recommendations and suggestions are welcome there.

Nammi I'm curious about a thing. Moderation specifically. If people are banned from Neos. I am aware that information isn't allowed to be disclosed by a Neos Moderator to third parties. If this has happened, would action be taken to prevent this? How serious are infractions from Neos Moderators taken by the team?

  • There is a single instance where Moderation will disclose account restrictions - to the reporting user of egregious cases where the offender was permanently suspended.
  • Moderation has sometimes spoken about restrictions in error, such as in a public world or within earshot of non-moderators. We treat these situations as a policy violation and it leads to retraining the mod in question on the policy. If a mod repetitively did this, it could be grounds for removal from the team, though no mods have been removed on this basis so far.

rampa_3 (UTC +1, DST UTC +2) To clarify, our discussion was that "What if someone blocks host/moderators or both, because they don't agree to the rules the host set up, and they cannot be then moderated by such host. Should there be some solution, e.g. if blocking for session, you cannot block host and mods of the session?"

  • For simple sessions, we leave it to the discretion of the host to kick or ban users that block the host/moderators. At this stage I can't speak to the specific implementation of the blocking system, as it's still being designed.

Palladium346 Could there ever be like a "Casual" mode? To put it simply what VRChat already has for it's features. All the complex stuff would be it's own mode for those who like to mess around and handle more advanced settings and gizmos, while casual is for those who is just looking around and doing casual socializations.

  • As a design option this has been considered by the development team, but the current focus is on the creation of a UI that works for all users.

epicEaston197 what is your opinion on users creating their own "blocking" systems?

  • Allowed, assuming the blocking system does not harass other users. Please keep the guidelines in mind when developing a system to keep yourself safe.

Enverex How can someone moderate a session if they can't see the person they're supposed to be moderating? Especially if there aren't other users in the immediate vicinity to alert the host to the "bad thing" the blocked user is doing? Someone being able to block a host but still be in their session seems like an administration nightmare.

  • This was acknowledged as a difficult situation. We are currently allowing hosts to have blocked users in their sessions, though the implementation of a world setting to stop them from joining is being considered as part of implementing the blocking feature.
  • For now, session hosts/moderators are welcome to kick/ban all users that join that are blocking them.

rampa_3 (UTC +1, DST UTC +2) Essentially, the reason we discussed this was, that one person I won't name brought up that they for example take as toxic from session hosts to say "No crypto talk in my session!", and they said something about wanting to block such hosts, but still use their sessions... Which sounds wrong, since essentially you use that host's computer.

  • The specific implementation of the blocking feature is still being discussed, though it's implementation may come with options to prevent blocked users from joining or easily identify them to the hosts/moderators.

ThomFox Could blocked users not just simply be banned from sessions if they are blocking the host?

  • The specific implementation of the blocking feature is still being discussed.

Kulza How does the moderation team feel about the current trend of removing name tags

  • The Moderation team does not currently plan to write a guideline on name tags in Neos, though we encourage users to make use of session moderation tools if they would like to enforce a requirement in sessions they run.

ThomFox What is the stance on automatic moderation systems ran by the host themselves?

  • Similar to pseudo-blocking systems, automatic moderation systems are allowed assuming they do not violate the Neos Usage Guidelines.

rampa_3 (UTC +1, DST UTC +2) To add to that, the last workshop Wednesday shown how to make auto-hide nametags, and it spiked quite a controversy discussion... What is your stance on such system?

  • The Moderation team does not currently plan to write a guideline on name tags in Neos, though we encourage users to make use of session moderation tools if they would like to enforce a requirement in sessions they run.

Kulza I just feel like hiding your name tag goes against the convention of having a setting to show name tags or not locally I could see how it could be useful in certain role play situations but not as default on your avatar all the time

  • The use of logix systems to avoid local settings other users have set does not, on its own, constitute harassment, as valid uses in certain worlds may exist. If the use of those systems is to harass users, we encourage players to submit a ticket.

Nammi Hiding your own name tag, hiding your self, and self injecting badges I've always felt was something that should be a policy on.

  • We'll note the interest in this as a new guideline, and encourage users to submit similar feedback to the Anonymous Feedback Form.

Kulza Is there a way to find the name of a hidden user or a user without a name tag in a session where you do not have inspector permissions if I need to kick or ban someone and I cannot figure out what their name is it's going to be difficult especially if I don't have those permissions on the map.

  • Discussion happened with Kulza and Enervex on the difficulty in moderating published maps that cannot grant builder access to their hosts/moderators to avoid hosts being able to copy all assets.
  • This was noted as a novel concern and being raised to the dev team. \
  • Hard permissions was noted as likely required to give users the ability to find users via inspector but not be able to copy the entire map at the same time.

Kulza I'd like to see hiding your name tag at least go on the list things not to do so I can point to it when I start banning people for doing it because otherwise I think I'm going to get backlash against me

  • We'll note the interest in this as a new guideline, and encourage users to submit similar feedback to the Anonymous Feedback Form.
  • If users harass a host for enforcing local session rules, we encourage users to submit a ticket to moderation.

GreyFoxen Did you cover future moderation signups?

  • The Neos Moderation Team is preparing an application that will be open to the entire community. It will be released when there is a need for further mods, though currently we're appropriately staffed. Announcements will go out as the application goes live.