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The Neos Moderation Team's Weekly office hours.

Here are the notes from 16 January 2022.

These are rough notes typed by CanadianGit, shamelessly stealing ProbablePrime's formatting. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please make tickets! We love tickets!.

The next Moderation Team Office hours will be back next week!


Gawdl3y Q: Out of curiosity, how is the mentor team organized nowadays? I know that there were some recent changes that were made, in terms of both personnel and goals, so just interested in its current status

ShellNotSpeak Q: What this about mods? What’s going on is it going to become as bad as the other platform with crashers and stuff.

  • We have a new policy clarifying how mods and plugins can be used in Neos. You can details on it here:
  • Harassment or crashing users remains against the guidelines and should be treated as a moderation issue. Please submit a ticket at if you encounter anyone doing so.

ShellNotSpeak Q: What is the age requirement for to be a mentor? I am not finding it on the wiki.

  • Yes, all Mentors must be 18 years of age.

Zari Tenjin Q: One thing that often comes up with other places that are silent on mods or dont vocally acknowledge their existance is the concept of "sanctioned mods" while thats a tricky thing and is most of the time a lie spread by modusers themselves neos is going a different route. will there be a way for people to easiky find non malicious mods they could employ sicn some cant really differeniate well between "good" and "bad" mods?

  • Neos is not currently planning to host a list of vetted mods or plugins.
  • We've set out policy for what sort of mod is acceptable, and would direct users to submit a moderation ticket if they encounter any that violate thoat policy.
  • We always recommend users treat mods or plugins as they would any other download - be sure you're pulling them from a trusted source and be careful what you add to your computer. The #plugin-development channel could serve as a good community resource.

Jam10o Q: If my world is public, has no adult content in it, but I put a world orb in it that belongs to someone else's unlisted world, and that world gets adult content added to it, is my world now violating the guidelines?

  • Worlds are handled on an individual level, but if the intention of the world orb is to present adult content you may receive a warning from moderation if the session is public.

Jam10o Q: what about if that 2nd world was a directory world and added a world with adult content in it to the directory?

  • This system has been used to meet the criteria for hidden adult sessions previously.
  • The rule of thumb for adult sessions is to 1) Ensure the session is not publicly visible, visible to minors, or visible to users who do not consent to see that content, and 2) no minors are present in the session.

DannyLasagna Q: What got me into discovering NEOS was that VRChat does not support more than 6 point tracking. Is NEOS run only on the Blockchain?

  • No. Neos does not run on the blockchain and all NCR in Neos is held in an internal ledger separate from the blockchain.

Gawdl3y Q: Re: Adult content - I know it's been discussed at various points in the past, and I think there were some vague intentions - but is there any solidified plan on allowing specifically marking sessions or worlds as NSFW, so as to provide a built-in mechanism to prevent access by those unsuitable (i.e. a simple age gate), while still allowing more open access instead of invite-only?

  • This remains a topic being discussed by the Neos team, but we have no announcements for intended implementation at this time.

FuzzyFoxe Q: Hmm.. Is office hours audio recorded for posterity?

  • No, but notes are taken.

Earthmark Q: Given cloud variables, would it be acceptable to make a sub-list of unlisted worlds where age verification has been done and set a cloud variable? Effectively delegating the age verification to the assignee of the cloud variable

  • This system has been used to meet the criteria for keeping adult sessions hidden previously.

FuzzyFoxe Q: How about systems that don't load the assets until a consent button has been pressed?

  • This question was asked in relation to adult avatars, and this sytem is not acceptable in public sessions.
  • Avatars are not allowed to contain adult content in public sessions and the Neos Moderation Team does not vet systems for adequately hiding potential adult content - none are allowed.

xLinka[Neos Android Help] Q: talking bout nsfw while this is still on is curious if anyone of the moderation team knows the context behind this thing long ago karel tweeted about a nsfw universe existing just curious

  • This relates to a tweet were Karel mentions a NSFW Neos universe. It remains a potential solution to the adult content worlds being discussed by the Neos team, but is not confirmed at this stage.

Duff Q: would it go against the Neos guidelines if i were to add something in my private collection/world (In this case: the vehicle known as the General Lee from the dukes of hazard tv show in the US) for historical/cannon accurate purposes? i ask due to the flag that is on top of the vehicle from the show, i do not stand for its common symbolism, but i would like to keep it as accurate as it was from the show though im afraid some might be offended.

  • Context is evaluated for hateful content. The use of such content in the presentation of historical, artistic, and educational contexts is generally allowed, though the Neos Moderation Team will evaluate reports individually and offer recommendations or warnings as appropriate.

kazu0617 Neos:kazu Q: I've asked this question internally before. I'll ask the same question here to remain as a transcript. Neos often uses both the Neos and NeosVR names, are there certain rules such as which should be used when?

  • The Neos Moderation Team is not generally the best source for up to date information on brand guidelines, and we recommend directing those questions to Chroma when he hosts brand office hours. However, we are not aware of any current requirements concerning name use.