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The Neos Moderation Team's Weekly office hours.

Here are the notes from 09 January 2022.

These are rough notes typed by CanadianGit, shamelessly stealing ProbablePrime's formatting. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please make tickets! We love tickets!.

The next Moderation Team Office hours will be on 16 January 2022


Kyoukikuuki Q: My question will there be a lighter version of the client for lower PC specs?

  • Neos is not, to the knowledge of the Moderation Team, currently planning a lower PC spec version of the client. Neos performance is heavily influenced by the content created by its users which may not make this possible, but there is a continued interest in general optimizations.

Lexevo Q: How quickly does the moderation team usually act for copyright infringements? Like from getting the notification of the issue, to talking with the person who's not supposed to have the content, to then having the person take it down or the moderation team taking it down?

  • Assuming a DMCA report is submitted with the required information to track the assets and proof of ownership, they can be processed immediately and have generally been handled within a week.
  • If the moderation team is required to reach out for more information this processes can take longer.

Earthmark Q: To 180 the vibe of my questions: Given complex topics like child predators and grooming, parents not knowing VR spaces can result in serious problems as seem in Roblox or vrchat. Moderation in these platforms have often been slow, how will neos be better if these issues come up?

  • Neos has a dedicated subteam, the Safeguarding team, within moderation to deal with these tickets. This subteam makes these tickets top priority. More broadly, the Moderation Team uses volunteers, not just paid staff, which allows us to have more hands available to spot these tickets and escalate them quickly.

Duff Q: What have been some of the most recent (i.e within the last 2 weeks) updates made on behalf of the moderation/mentor side of things?

  • The Neos Moderation Team is working on guideline revisions concerning depictions of gambling on platform and producing a public facing application to join the team.

Earthmark Q: With the crypto space increasing, phishing attacks and impersonation attacks on social media. How can people report these attacks and what can be done about them?

  • Issues present on our discord server can be handled with a direct ping to the @Discord Moderators role. Issues on other platforms should be directed to the moderation ticket system.

Xekri Q: I assume being on the moderation team exposes you to the worst of humanity. How is your mental health doing?

  • The Safeguarding team mentioned above is also available to speak with mod volunteers in need of assistance at any time.

Earthmark Q: What is your least favorite moderation guideline

  • Obscene content/adult content were listed due to the difficulty in providing and enforcing clear guidelines.

Kyoukikuuki Q: Have the mod team ever think of making server droids that scan instants and the over all health of the users? And offers tea or a hamburger?

  • No.

Xekri Q: Any interesting directions that user-blocking options are going?

  • User-blocking remains a top priority for the Moderation Team and has been a topic at all of our recent meetings.

JellyOsaurus Q: When are mentor applications being taken care of or are they? I have been trying to become mentor for a while, and it is taking unusually long to get a response back.

  • The backlog of recent applications is still being worked through, and the holidays provided a slight delay.

GreyFoxen Q: Is my mentor application being looked at?

  • Yes.

Flamez Q: What does the team think of implementing open source systems in regards to taking user privacy into consideration?

  • Privacy concerns will need to be discussed when Neos is closer to a point where going open source is feasible.

Duff Q: (This is just coming from word through the grapevine so it’s subject to possibly be false but…) Some users have expressed concerns over communication between other team members due to recent events, if you believe there are communication complications, how will the moderation/mentors move forward and improve this aspect?

  • Communication within the moderator and mentors teams have seen significant recent improvements. The mentor program saw restructuring and new leadership, and the moderation team now hosts internal office hours to increase lead availability.

Kyoukikuuki Q: Sorry I know this I knocking the same door, but is there adult content rules on building strip bars, lewd shops, or anything 18+? Limit rules to public and private instants?

  • Neos does not have guidelines against creating adult content, but we do have guidelines on when and how it can be used on platform, restricting it to private and hidden sessions. More details can be found in the Neos Usage Guidelines.

Alps Splash Q: Is there off hours for moderators just in case there is an issue that is urgant?

Alps Splash Q: could you set up a spawn room to verify 18+ similar to how some websites ask if your 18+ or not? and would that be a decent solution for making a world public?

Xekri Q: Audio volumes: What can be done about worlds with users being able to individually lower the volume of painfully loud audio, but still allowing voice audio to be heard? I'm particularly concerned about those of our community on the autism spectrum.

  • In game options exist to reduce multimedia and sound volumes, and other users can be changed individually within the session tab.

Earthmark Q: How do you avoid instances where if a moderator comes in to judge if something is too lude, how do you avoid bias?

  • Moderators are not generally responding to potential adult content without a submitted ticket prior, and consensus among the mod team will be sought before a warning is issued for a ticket.

Duff Q: Has the team (moderation/mentor alike) thought of expanding in terms of body count on hand in higher positions for personal downtime/mental rest for each member lead? (I just like hangin with y’all) :D

  • We are preparing for the need to expand by producing a public facing moderator application, but the team is appropriately staffed at present for the workload we have.

GreyFoxen Q: Business wants me to ask if mentors get any perks besides just the badge/role, which I hadn't even considered.

  • They have access to a mentor chat group, but otherwise do not receive perks.