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The Neos Moderation Team's Weekly office hours.

Here are the notes from 19th December 2021.

These are rough notes typed by CanadianGit, shamelessly stealing ProbablePrime's formatting. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please make tickets!, We love tickets!.

Office hours next week fall on Boxing Day and are not yet confirmed to be scheduled. At the very least we will be back on January 2nd.


Pre-baked Form Q: This has probably been asked before, but, when is blocking coming? The issue for it has been inactive for quite some time ( I really want this as people may want to block people for things that might not necessarily report to moderation. An example given was an abusive relationship with an ex.

  • We do not provide ETAs on upcoming features.
  • However, I'll note that the community interest in blocking has been heard by the dev team on numerous occasions, and blocking is high on the priority list.

Xekri Q: Are you well?

  • I do well.

Earthmark Q: Hello git, how are you?

  • I do well.

Earthmark Q: What can we do to make your life easier?

  • The best ways you can help the moderation team is by notifying new users of the moderation ticket system and exploit reporting security document.

koh Q: When will we be able to sideload into/onto the quest 2. I mean I just moved not to long ago so my gaming room isn’t set up and running yet.

  • We do not provide ETAs for upcoming hardware integration, but our devs are often available on the Friday stream where they can provide their thoughts on future development.

Gray Q: it was asked in the mentor server as related to underage users in Neos. Is the process when encountering or suspecting a user to be underage (under 13) to raise a moderation ticket?

  • Yes, please notify the moderation team if you encounter a user under the age of 13.

Xekri Q: Is there be a feature to block sessions from underage users (=under 18)? Provided they're truthful about their age?

  • Neos does not verify or track user age by account or have a process to formally identify a world as only for adult users. You can, however, make use of session moderation features to remove underage users from your world.

Khosumi Q: Would an adult only "universe" with bare avatars be acceptable, or would that be in violation of the guidelines?

  • Adult content on avatars is only allowed in sessions that are not visible to the public and contain no minors. Is the universe system achieves that, it's within the guidelines.

Earthmark Q: What guidelines do you have for moderation on the discord? It seems like since channels have gotten a bit heated as of late, is there anything we as users should try to avoid discord comms wise?

  • Our discord guidelines can be viewed in the #guidelines channel. They are looser than our on platform guidelines, but follow the same values.

Earthmark Q: Can we get a Canadian git audiobook of the guidelines?

  • No.

SupremeBeing5 Q: How do we prevent the anti crypto users from fudding NCR?

  • Politely. If users grow hostile, please feel free to ping moderation to step in.

Khosumi Q: I have noticed a lot of gaslighting happening between two community. It doesn't exactly fall on either harassment or anything actionable, but it is quite evidently in bad faith sometimes. What recourse is there for this?

  • Similar to the above, we encourage users to make use of moderation pings if users are violating guidelines or otherwise making the discord a hostile environment.

Xekri Q: Are there guidelines prohibiting misinformation in worlds (i.e. antivax, climate change denial, Qanon, election conspiracies, and so on)?

  • Not at present. The Neos Usage Guidelines does have a section of Hateful Content and Obscene Content, but otherwise we do not currently have guidelines against misinformation.
  • If you would like to see guidelines added in that direction, I encourage you to submit the feedback to the anonymous feedback form.

Super_ray Q: What about slander?

  • Same as above.

Earthmark Q: It's come to my attention a user was asked not to have an advertisement on their avatar visible to steam users for their services, I believe because it was priced in ncr. I'm not quite sure if this goes against the guidelines, but I'm curious if it's allowed to show or reference crypto or ncr things to users on steam platform?

As an example showing prices for things in a world in USD and ncr, for steam could it only list the USD price? Similar with systems that try to provide crypto asset access through non platform locked features (like checking the price of something through a http node)

  • The Neos Usage Guidelines do not currently prohibit advertising services or assets for NCR. If Steam regularly insist we alter this at some point in the future, we will notify the community.

Zari Tenjin Q: Is theres way to phrase a thank you as a question? I'd like to thank the mods for the ability to ask to get removed from accessing the NCR channel for my own piece of mind.

  • I'll pass on the thanks to the mod team.

Khosumi Q: Why aren't these called office half hours, since they run for 30 minutes?

  • They actually run for a full hour, these are just so fun to host and attend it scarcely feels like 30 minutes have gone by. Disregard your clocks.

Earthmark Q: If I understand then, there is no current guidelines applying to this, so to my knowledge this should be perfectly fine to do?

  • Correct.

Xekri Q: Can you post a picture of your cat?

  • Done.

Xekri Q: How many moderators are there? And is there an easy way to find one in game?

  • We have about two dozen mods. It's a mix between volunteers and a staff members helping out.
  • There is no way to submit a report in game, but you can find links to the moderation ticket system in Neos Essentials and in most Neos Team worlds, such as the MTC.
  • Mods on platform can be identified by a badge. It can be found on the moderation page of the Neos Wiki.

Earthmark Q: I recall there was some discussion of changing the logos for minnion-mods and mentors, how's that going?

  • Continuing, but with no progress updates on my end. Good question for Chroma's next office hours.

Khosumi Q: If i was to create a world with intense flashing lights, but not tag it as such, can it be actioned upon?

  • The guidelines do not currently require content warnings be listing in the names of worlds, but a maliciously designed world could run into issues with moderation.