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The Neos Moderation Team's Weekly office hours.

Here are the notes from 12th December 2021.

These are rough notes typed by CanadianGit, shamelessly stealing ProbablePrime's formatting. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please make tickets!, We love tickets!.

We're back next week!


ProbablePrime | Docs Q: What should a user do if they have a problem with their NCR or crypto transaction?

  • Users can submit tickets to the moderation ticket system with general inquiries. We'll track them and get through the issues ASAP.

Suichi Q: Have you modded other communities in the past, and if so how does your experience modding the Neos community compare?

  • Yes, and generally Neos compares quite favourably. Neos has retained that 'small town' feel over the time I've spent moderating it, and I've enjoyed my time here immensely.

Mysticporo Q: hello Git, have there been any notable changes to moderation since the last meeting?

  • Nothing substantial in the last week. Major changes to the guidelines or moderation are announced, and you can see the last date of major revisions in the guideline document title.

ProbablePrime | Docs Q: Do you like egg Nog? Is it better than your spine than regular milk?

  • Yes and probably not. Egg nog is tasty, but I have my doubts on its health benefits.

AshtonSparx Q: Have you heard about Veronica? Who plays the harmonica?

  • No.

Mysticporo Q: are you having some egg nog at chirstmas?

  • Yes.

Max | Mentor | Moderator Q: Do you exspect more tickets being made the more the new updates come out and user's find and need fixing?

  • Absolutely. As both the userbase increases and we move reporting options to the in-game UI, we anticipate more tickets. There may be a dip as we provide users better tools to deal with in game issues, but we're planning on expanding the moderation team to work with the increased workload.

Mysticporo Q: how do you feel the onboarding of mentors is going?

  • New program is going really well over all.
  • Tweaks to the program have been made based on feedback as new people go through it.

Lollerobot Q: How much would a moderator moderate if the moderator had to moderate moderately? Would a mentor know what the moderate amount of moderation be?

  • Moderate amounts, we can only assume.

ChromaSlip Q: how long does it usualy take to find out if we were accepted into the mentorship program or not? will we be informed even if we arnt accepted

  • The mentor team was dealing with a significant backlog at the time of applications being reopened. The entire backlog has been worked through at this stage, and most folks were responded to within a couple weeks.
  • In the future it's expected the turnaround time will be considerably shorter than this - it was most produced by needing to clear up all the outstanding applications.

Jam10o Q: oh genuine Q - I see no reference to drug or substance use in the guidelines - I like that, but what is the consensus on going into VR under the influence of something?

  • There is no practical way to assess whether some one is under the influence in VR, and no plans to add that to the guidelines.
  • Of note, the guidelines are generally written around behaviour, and being under the influence of a substance is not a defense of that behaviour. If you harass a user, justifying it as 'being drunk at the time' will not prevent account restrictions.

Suichi Q: What has been your favorite moment modding Neos (that you can reveal publicly)?

  • Helping community members! Specifically crafting guidelines in conjunction with community members.

Max | Mentor | Moderator Q: Would you recommend people who are curious or scared to still make a moderation ticket who have questions anonymously or reaching out to a member?

  • If you're thinking about whether an incident or question is worth submitting a ticket, do so. There is no penalty for submitting a ticket, and if it wasn't required, we'll just politely explain the situation and close it.
  • If you're worried about submitting a ticket, you can do so entirely anonymously through the ticket system. We will not be able to reply to you for questions, but do act on reports of broken guidelines that way.

CoffeeKei Q: How do you think hard perms will affect the moderation teams overall workload?

  • Yes - I generally anticipate hard perms and the blocking feature will reduce the overall workload as we empower users to better handle difficult situations on platform themselves.

rampa_3 (UTC +1, DST UTC +2) Q: Suggestion: How about making a moderation workshop once per some time, for those who want to learn good self moderation/moderate bigger sessions?

  • Sounds like a good idea, I'll bump it up to the team. More broadly, when new features come out for self moderation (blocking/harm perms), anticipate messaging around how to use them.

AshtonSparx Q: Can I use the ticket system to ask for specific moderators I can't normally get a hold of? For opinions or misc of the sort?

  • It's a poor method to speak with a single mod. New tickets notify the whole team, so the person you're looking for can see it, but it will not specifically ping a single mod. Direct methods of communication such as DMs will likely be more effective.

Ikani Q: How many joke tickets do you get?

  • Few. Please do not make this answer a lie.

🐙Musashi13 Q: how much stress testing has Neos undergone? How many people can hang out in an avg world?

  • The devs will profile Neos to find the best avenues for further optimizations, and stress testing has been carried out by curious community members following most of the major improvements. Neos does not have a set recommended number of players in a world, as this can vary sharply by user hardware.

Jam10o Q: what does it look like in-world when content is taken down via dmca claim?

  • The DMCA process is currently manual - items will not just suddenly disappear in world at any point. The Moderation Team reaches out to users who have assets under claim and walk through their removal or adjustment directly.

Suichi Q: What are the limits of fair use in Neos? Say I make an avatar that looks like Batman. Then say I put some text on it that says "I am batman". Then say I have it randomly recite quotes from batman movies. Etc, etc, how far is too far?

  • Neos does not directly investigate fair use issues without a corresponding DMCA take down request, and that process is conducted manually by the Moderation Team.