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The Neos Moderation Team's Weekly office hours.

Here are the notes from 28th November 2021.

These are rough notes typed by CanadianGit, shamelessly stealing ProbablePrime's formatting. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please make tickets!, We love tickets!.

We're back next week!


rampa_3 (UTC +1, DST UTC +2) Q: Why did the livestreamed office hours from Neos concept got binned? It was really nice...

  • Some office hours may still be livestreamed in the future, placing the office hours on twitch or discord has been left to the discretion of the hosts.
  • Livestreaming may be useful for office hours that can make use of visuals, such as those on branding or graphics updates when new material is available to be shown.

Scraner Q: I was recently recruited/accepted on the Mentors team. Is there anything I need to do on my end? Or is this another waiting time period before the mentors role is given to me in Neos?

  • The Mentor Program now comes with a training period where new members will be added to the volunteer server and provided resources to improve their skills.

Electronus Q: is this being recorded?

  • You are reading the notes right now, reader. You tell me.
  • An audio recording was not make of the office hours, but notes will be regularly released.
  • a community provided recording is avalible here (courtacy of Shadow Panther)

Mysticporo Q: how is the Team ?

  • Drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee, but otherwise survive the recent increase in activity well.

Duff Q: with the recent financial boom that's currently going underway and the possibility with the expansion of the player base from it, does the moderation team feel as though its ready to handle the amount of new players that are about to pour in?

  • The moderation team has always employed a strategy of having more mods than the current userbase required in order to be better prepared for spikes in population. We are currently well staffed to deal with the recent influx in new users, though we will begin recruit of additional mods as the population increases.

digen Q: How can one apply to be moderator? First time attending this meeting.

  • There is no formal method to apply to the moderation team at present, but we are currently developing one. The application, once completed, will be available to the entire community in posted in public spaces (discord, wiki, moderation page).

Zari Tenjin Q:Does the JP side of the community have a mentor/moderator team as well? If not, how are things handled on that side of the community?

  • There is not a separate team for the JP community, but the moderation team does have JP members who assist with tickets from that half of the userbase.

rampa_3 (UTC +1, DST UTC +2) Just wanted to ask about the toxic memesters situation... XDD You just were ahead from me.

  • Concern about the influx of new and potentially toxic users is being handled by the current mod team members and expanding the team is planned.

Little Helper Q: Unsure if this is the right place to ask, but would an in-neos system for submitting crash/bug logs/reports be plausible?

  • An on platform method for submitting reports is planned and certainly plausible, more information on the implementation can be found on the Github.

Alex rainbowdashie Q: Are mentors more likely to become moderators because they already are trusted?

  • While being a mentor is not a path to moderation, it is being a very active member in the community - this would reflect well on a moderation application. We simply emphasize it's not special in this regard. Helping with the QC team, or running (or helping out at) community events such as creator jam would be rated as highly.

Earthmark Q: How are y'all in moderation land doing today?

  • Still drinking coffee.

Alex rainbowdashie Q: Would someone like me have a chance of becomig a moderator

  • The moderation application is still in development, but will likely be predicated around experience in a similar setting and activity in the community.

Little Helper Q: What has been the biggest challenge you've faced so far during your time in Neos?

  • Picking out an avatar.

Earthmark Q: Given the rise of ncr, are there any plans to improve the community understanding of how to secure their wallets and prevent loss? This is a domain that's often lacking, in curious if there's any info sessions planned or such

  • Information on NCR is being steadily added to the Neos Wiki, but the suggestion for other forms of media such as videos or stream presentations has been raised to the dev team.

Jam10o Q: kind of philosophical, but is there any kind of strategy for when there will inevitably be folks in the community who are actively hostile to the very concept of moderation (but aren't necessarily actively breaking guidelines)

  • Moderation training and the ticket system were designed to help the moderation team work with community members who may be not fond of the team as a whole, and further training is planned to build the team’s de-escalation skillset.

Duff Q: does the mentor / moderation team have any concerns about approaching new users on which avatar to use while engaging with them for help or advice (I.E. being in a furry/unusual avatar that some might find different.)?

  • The moderation team is expected to be wearing avatars that comply with the Neos Usage Guidelines at all time, but are otherwise not restricted in use.
  • The Mentors Program does not impose a further limit on avatar use, encouraging its members to represent themselves how they would in the community more broadly.

Jam10o Q: mods aren't supposed to be beat cops, but do they still have discretionary banhammers?

  • Mods do not have discretionary banhammers, they are expected to only issue account restrictions for actions unambiguously breaking the Neos Usage Guidelines.
  • In the rare event a moderation observes behaviour unambiguously breaking guidelines, they are allowed to issue brief account restrictions in the moment, but are required to submit an internal ticket explaining the situation and their actions in it following this. Once the ticket is made, the moderation team will collaboratively decide on whether to reduce, keep, or increase the account restrictions.

Alex rainbowdashie Q: Is it a moderaterable thing when someone talks bad about Neos in a world?

  • No. Offering an opinion on Neos on platform or on any form of social media is not restricted by the Neos Usage Guidelines.
  • The only restriction on platform is hateful content, which can be read about in the Neos Usage Guidelines.

Duff Q: just curious, for being a discord moderator for the main Neos server, does that require the prerequisite of being an actual moderator in Neos first? are the these rolls separate from each other?

  • The discord, twitch, and main Neos Moderator teams are distinct, in that joining one does not immediately mean you join the others, but there is considerable overlap between the teams.

Alex rainbowdashie Q: Are mods allowed to use mods or is that illegal?

  • No. Being a moderator does not make the user except from any guidelines.

Zari Tenjin Q: Given then freedom to build in Neos has there been problems with crashers being created or similiar things you might find in other big unnamed platforms?

  • The moderation team has not found the unique building capabilities in Neos a problem so far – this is largely attributed to the community, who have been markedly friendly overall.
  • Policy so far has been to write guidelines on behavior, not functionality of items. You may build a gun that respawns users, as there are situations where players could use those for game worlds or between consenting users, but employing them to harass other users would still be against the guidelines.

Duff Q: i may have asked this in the past, but has there been any development on the program for older mentors guiding new mentors?

  • Yes, the trainee system is currently undergoing its first mass deployment for new mentors, and is in the process of being refined based on feedback from them.

Duff Q: is the program that matty posted being considered by the moderation team as well? (older moderator guiding new moderator)

  • No, the moderation team makes use of a more structured and standardized training process than the mentor team, and plans to expand that training are similarly structured.

LtMost Q: So as i see this right when someone wants to report a moderator for misbehaving there is no way to keep it anonymous AND provide sufficient evidence. Is there a plan to change that?

  • You can submit tickets to the moderation team anonymously, and the anonymous tickets have no restrictions on the type of evidence submitted.
  • Some evidence may identify the user, such as a recording where the user is clearly visible in a mirror. Moderation cannot sanitize this for you, but there is no restriction in what you submit.

Hodufan Q: Can you submit a ticket reporting copyrighted material even if you're not the rights holder if you know the person in question using them doesn't have the rights to do so?

  • No, DMCA take down requests must come from the rights holder. You are welcome to encourage and assist the rights holder in making a claim.

Duff Q: can you please have a good day and know that both teams are appreciated by the community?

  • No.