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A Material is an asset type used for rendering visuals in Neos. The type of material and its properties determine the look of the object and how it interacts with lighting in the scene.

Materials can be represented as physical objects called Material Orbs, which can be loaded into the Material Gun, dropped over inspector or placed into various virtual devices. Material Orbs are only a visual representation and aren't necessary for the Material to function.

Each Material acts like any other Component but is driven by an underlying Shader. Each material contains a unique shader and a list of properties that can be modified. By editing a Material's properties, you can change the look and feel of your objects within Neos. Neos has a large variety of Material types which are listed below.

Custom Materials / Shaders

Neos currently does not support custom Shaders. This feature is on Neos' Roadmap and can be tracked on GitHub. While you're waiting for custom Shaders, try out Neos' existing Shaders which can achieve most visual effects when combined with Components and LogiX.

Material Documentation

For most setups Neos uses a lot of standard shaders with some custom ones requested by the community, if you want any sort of documentation, using this here would be ideal until a more custom renderer is fleshed out.

Material Specific Information

Creating New Materials

List of Materials

For a list of material types see Category:Materials

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