Magnitude (LogiX node)

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Get distance by float from center(Coordinate 0.0.0) of parent object with root(√) calculate.

Inputs & Outputs

Color Label Default type Usable type
A float2 float2, float3, float4, int2, int3, int4, uint2, uint3, uint4
Color Label Type
* (float) Follow input parameter types



Get actual distance value from center(0.0.0) point if parent object is world.


Defference of Magnitude squared and Magnitude and Distance
What is defferent of |V|² and |V| and Distance.

Node Menu

Back Bool Vectors Nullable Parsing - ! !=
% & ?: ?? ^ | |V|
|V|² + +/- +1 < << ==
> >> × ×dT ÷ ÷dT
° · 0 1 -1 1/x
1-x A^-1 Cross Determinant Distance Filter Invalid Get Type
IsInfinity IsNaN IsNull Mask Matrix Element -n NAND
NOR Normalized NotNull Pack Columns Pack rgba Pack Rows Pack xy
Pack xyz Pack xyzw Project Reflect ROL ROR To String
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