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MMC 2020 was a competition that ran from September 1st 2020 to October 1st 2020

Official Results

You can find the official results on the Neos Announcement. They are copied here for completeness sake. There were 3 placements(1st,2nd,3rd) available in each of the 3 categories.


World/Creation Team Placement
NeoRoid Creator mohu_yan & orange 1st
Meta Goddess Avatar PurpleJuice 2nd
Dynamic Avatar Animator GuheheP 3rd


World/Creation Team Placement
Edge of Reality Ryuvi & Engi 1st
Mogu-pani GONT_3 & Komashiba 2nd
Lindermayer island guillefix & A Monsoon of Babies 3rd


World/Creation Team Placement
MMC Vibes Concept Team VibeZ 1st
Freeze Tag Beaned & Shorty0w0 2nd
Tobbs - The Tale of Two Worlds Jax, Zane, Earthmark and Cautious Imber 3rd

Honourable Mentions

  • "Eco" by Anomalous, Dys, UltraYanto
  • "Parkour Park Redux" by MattyK, MrDanver, Lorgenz, Ravid Didsdale, Endy, H3BO3, Kal, Nammi, 3x1t_5yl3, Napo, Kulza, May, Cyro, ukilop, Enverex and Zane
  • "Reflections (WIP)" by reddragon, jeff07734 and jaxonbat2821
  • "常世 (tokoyo)" by GAWAWA, mohu_yan and Jphonix
  • "Brainfuck PC" by Psychopsyo and Goodvibes
  • "Gunnar0’s Throwing Knife" by Gunnar0
  • "DiscordViewer" by Dante
  • "Hot Potato by mcham3 and GalexY
  • "Iron Scavengers" by Ukilop, Earthmark, Archonim, QueenHidi, Dawky and Ryuvi
  • "Blueberry Smoothie Club" by Enverex and Napo
  • "Werewolf V0.2" by KierDran and Electronus97

Voting Results

The MMC was the first Neos competition to run a User Voting system which allowed users to vote for their favourite entries.

  • Audience Voting Began: October 2, 2020 14:00 EST(UTC 18:00)
  • Audience Voting Ended: October 5, 2020 14:00 EST(UTC 18:00)

Some voting information reminders:

  • Users could vote once per category, for a total of 3 votes per user
  • Some entries may have been entered in multiple categories, this may be changed for subsequent competitions
  • Voting was worth 49% of the final score for a world and judging were worth 51%
    • This may lead to vote totals NOT matching the winners, this is normal
  • Some entries may have been disqualified after voting, this is not public information. Please contact Medra for more information

Tabulated Results

Results here were tabulated manually and are not officiated or an indicator of official voting results. A raw file is available below which was delivered and validated by the MMC Judging Team. If you notice a miss-tabulation, please edit it :)


World/Creation Username Votes
Neoroid Orange 70
Meta Goddess avatar PurpleJuice 35
Dynamic Avatar Animator GuheheP 22
Hand n Heads Avatar Gunnar0 7
Vroid Fashion Frick 6
はこっぽいど (Hako ppoido) υμβραν 3
Snow-kun Orange 2


World/Creation Username Votes
MMC Vibes Rukio 20
Viking Climb Outpost Nammi 18
Tale of two Worlds Jax 13
Jump Polylogix 11
Iron Scavengers ukilop 9
Blueberry Smoothie Club Enverex 9
Reflections reddragon 8
Leaf: Glider N-Jelly 8
Lindenmayer Island guillefix 7
Freezetag Beaned 6
Eco Disparate-Collection 6
Neatsaber TheRoxDen 6
Werewolf KierDran 5
常世 (tokoyo) GAWAWA 4
Vroid Fashion Shop Frick 3
The Cube Reborn 3
Laser Beam ProbablePrime 3
Neos JP Random Dungeon Shared Project: rhenium 3
It's a Scale World Rhenium 2
Rkgk Museum rkgk_ac 2
Golems Gauntlet Turk 2
Parkour Park Mattyk 2
Sparing Program Groxxy 2
Domes AtomicWave 1
Hot Potato Galexy 1
Starrylookout Wolfyears101 1
Messenger-pigeon cross world chat Nightmarepup 1
MMC Circus Dannyy59 1
Night and Day Endkhi 1
The Ranch Dimension Toxic_Cookie 1

Gadget/Tools +

World/Creation Username Votes
Edge of Reality Ryuvi 44
Nroid Avatars Orange 18
Avatar Animation guheheP 14
Battle Corgis GearBell 12
Mogu-Pani GONT_3 8
Lindenmayer island Guillefix 7
Brainfuck Computer Psychpsyo 7
Discord Viewer Dante 5
Anywhere Door Badhaloninja 5
Dragon Radar Tylor 5
Signpost Arx 4
Messenger-pigeon cross world chat Nightmarepup 4
WeatherSocket GUI Kodufan 4
The Entry Gareth48 3
Gunnar0’s Throwing Knife Gunnar0 3
UIX Calculator Badhaloninja 2
Shake to Friend dfgHiatus 2
Reference Clipboard Alex From Alaska 2
Infinity Machine Curious VR 2
Sign Search Gadget benaclejames 2
Quest and Game Manager Innocent Thief 1
Mini DJ Mixer Dori 1
Blaster Minigame H3BO3 1