Find Child By Name (LogiX node)

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Find Child By Name
'Find Child By Name' LogiX node
  Slot Instance
  String Name
  Bool MatchSubstring
  Int SearchDepth
  Bool IgnoreCase
  Slot FoundChild

The Find Child By Name node attempts to find a slot which is a child of the Instance input slot which has a name matching the input Name.


The default for Instance is null, which will not match anything.

The default for Name is null, which will not match anything.

The MatchSubstring input determines whether slots whose names contain the input Name will be considered valid matches. True by default.

The SearchDepth input determines how many levels of the slot hierarchy the node will search for child slots. A depth of 0 searches only the Instance slot's direct children. A positive depth searches only that many levels of children below the direct children. A negative depth searches through all children without limit. 0 by default.

The IgnoreCase input determines whether slot names which do not exactly match the upper/lower case of the Name input will be considered valid. True by default.

The FoundChild output is the first slot found whose name matches the input Name. Output is null if no valid match is found.

The search proceeds first from the Instance input slot's direct children (in increasing index order), then to the next level or children if allowed by the SearchDepth input, and so on. A SearchDepth of 0 (default) searches only the Instance input slot's direct children, a depth of 1 allows searching of the Instance slot's children's children etc. A SearchDepth value of -1 allows searching to unlimited depth.

Note: finding slots using this node is more demanding than simply getting a child slot via its index using Get Child (LogiX node), so consider whether it is absolutely required.


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