Duplicate Slot (LogiX node)

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Duplicate Slot
'Duplicate Slot' LogiX node
  Impulse DoDuplicate
  Slot Template
  Impulse OnDuplicated
  Slot Duplicate

The Duplicate Slot node creates a copy of the Template input slot when an impulse is received at DoDuplicate.

As usual, precautions related to the duplication and reparenting of dynamic variables apply, as described on the Dynamic Variables page.


The OnDuplicated output fires an impulse when the Template slot has been successfully duplicated. No impulse is fired if there is no valid Template.

The Duplicate output provides the newly created slot. This data is only available for the duration of the impulse chain started from OnDuplicated.

The Duplicate slot shares the same parent slot as the Template.


This node is commonly used when one wants to spawn an item when an event occurs. Place a template object under an inactive parent slot and duplicate the template. Often one needs to reparent the duplicate immediately using a Set Parent (LogiX node). If the Template slot is itself set as active, but it is inactive due to a parent slot being inactive, the duplicate will be active after reparenting under another active slot.

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