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LogiX is a custom, node-based visual scripting language which currently only exists inside Neos. As such, it can be difficult to think about how to distribute your creations or common setups for others to use. This article presents options that you can try to use to distribute your setups.

Enhancements to the core of LogiX

Since LogiX is part of Neos, which is closed source software, adding new or customized nodes for general use can only be done by the development team. Please see below for information on adding new nodes and creating custom nodes.

Custom Nodes

Neos doesn't currently have an official way to create custom nodes. There are some community tools which exist which can make the appearance of custom nodes but these may break in the future.

If you'd like custom nodes there are items open on the Neos GitHub requesting this feature for later down the line in Neos' Roadmap:

Requesting new LogiX Nodes

If you'd like new nodes to be added to LogiX you have two options:

  1. Create an Official Feature Request for this new Node. Users can comment and vote on the node for the Neos Team to add it.
  2. Write a neos Plugin which gives you access to the functionality you desire. However, it's important to be aware there are significant limitations as detailed on the Plugins page.

Sharing Setups / Snippets

If you have a LogiX Setup / Snippet / Blueprint that contains a common setup that you find yourself using a lot, you may want to share or save it for future user by yourself or other users. There are a number of ways to do this.

Using Public Folders

You can create this setup/snippet on a Blueprint or other object and save it to a Neos Public Folder. Distributing this folder will then allow users to access that folder and spawn the setup.

Using Discord or Other Social Media

You can take a photo of the setup and share that with Discord or other social media.

Using the Neos Wiki or other website

Feel free to create pages on the Neos Wiki that detail your setup. You can include pictures, videos and descriptions of the setup. You can also include a direct "neosrec" link to the folder or object for users to be able to spawn it directly

Using a Neos World

You can place unpacked LogiX within a Neos world for others to visit and experiment with.