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Developer Tooltip eqipped in an avatar's hand

The developer Tooltip is one of the most powerful tooltips in Neos, allowing you to access control gizmos for any object in Neos, edit and interact with them, create new objects and invoke the scene inspector.

Where To Get The Tooltip

The Developer Tooltip may be found in the Essentials Tools public folder that every user has in their inventory.

Using The Tooltip

The Developer Tooltip is an equipped like any standard tooltip.

While equipped your secondary action button will select objects.

While selected, objects can be edited using the gizmos.

The developer tooltip context menu

Your context menu will gain a number of functions:

  • Undo: Undoes the previous action (steps back one in history).
  • Redo: Redoes the previous undone action (moves forward one in history).
  • Dequip: Dequips the tooltip. Since only one tooltip at a time can be equipped in one hand, equipping a different tooltip automatically dequips this tooltip.
  • Create New: Brings up a menu for creating a new object.
  • Open Inspector: Opens an inspector for the most recently selected object. If no objects are selected, an inspector for the Root object is opened.
  • Selection: Sets the selection mode for the tool (select by using the secondary action):
    • Single: Select single object. Selecting an unselected object deselects any other selected object. Selecting a selected object unselects that object.
    • Multi: Select multiple objects. Selecting an unselected object adds that object to the selected objects. Selecting a selected object unselects that object.
  • Deselect All: Deselects all selected objects.
  • Destroy Selected: Destroys all selected objects.


Description of Tooltip function and radial context menu options: